Life During Wartime playlist for 04/16/2014

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Life During Wartime
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Life During Wartime (Music) with Erin Yanke 04/16/2014 10:00PM to 12:00AM

10:06PM-10:08PM (2:11) The Fall “Psycho Mafia” from It's the New Thing! (The Step Forward Years) (2003) on Sanctuary

10:08PM-10:12PM (3:27) Poison Girls “Crisis” from Hex on Xn Trix

10:12PM-10:15PM (3:12) F.U.A.L. “And the Birdie Said” from Fuck Up And Live on Meantime

10:15PM-10:18PM (2:44) Citizen Fish “Same Ol Starving Millions” from Wider Than a Postcard on Blurrg

10:18PM-10:19PM (1:29) Active Dog “Fun While It Lasts” from Vancouver Complicaton on Pinned Records ‎

10:19PM-10:21PM (2:12) Nip Drivers “Never Was” from Never Was on No Reality Records

10:21PM-10:23PM (2:15) Pylon “Weather Radio” from Gyrate Plus (2007) on DFA Records

10:25PM-10:29PM (3:57) Tank of Danzig “No More Chance” from Not Trendy (Expanded Edition) (Rock, 2013) on Musique á la Coque

10:29PM-10:32PM (3:02) Blurt “Empty Vessels” from Blurt + Singles (1982) on LTM Recordings

10:32PM-10:35PM (2:16) Lydia Lunch “Atomic Bongos” from Queen Of Siam (Rock, 1980) on Celluloid

10:35PM-10:37PM (2:38) The Cramps “Drug Train” from Off the Bone (Rock, 1989) on emi records

10:37PM-10:40PM (3:00) UV Race “LOW” from Homo (Rock, 2011) on In The Red

10:40PM-10:43PM (2:51) The Rings “I Wanna Be Free” from The Chiswick Story (Rock, 2013) on Ace Records

10:43PM-10:46PM (2:27) Hank IV “I'm Quitting” from Refuge In Genre (2008) on Siltbreeze

10:46PM-10:48PM (2:36) Neo Boys “BROKEN MIRROR” from Sooner Or Later (2013) on K Records

10:48PM-10:50PM (2:13) The Boys “I DON'T CARE” from The Boys (Deluxe Edition) (1977) on Fire Records

10:50PM-10:54PM (3:11) The Only Ones “Another Girl Another Planet” from The Big Sleep (Rock, 1993) on Jungle Records

10:54PM-10:57PM (3:25) The Cigarettes “You Were So Young” from Will Damage Your Health (Rock, 2008) on Detour Records

10:57PM-10:59PM (2:20) Missing Monuments “Dance All Nite” from Painted White (12 Inch, Album, 2011) on Douche Master

10:59PM-11:01PM (1:44) Psycho Surgeons “Wild Weekend” from Do the Pop (CD, Comp, Punk) on Shock

11:01PM-11:03PM (2:20) The Proxy “Nurnburg Nightmare” from bandcamp (Rock, 2009)

11:06PM-11:09PM (3:00) So mucH hATE “Blinded” from How we feel

11:09PM-11:12PM (3:00) Bad Brains “Big take over” from banned in dc

11:12PM-11:14PM (2:00) Napalm “skinhead” from it's a warning

11:14PM-11:17PM (3:00) Negative aproach “Ready to fight” from Total Recall on Touch and gp

11:17PM-11:20PM (3:00) Gas Rag “In the streets” from Demo EP on Not Normal (usa)

11:20PM-11:21PM (1:00) Gas Rag “war pervert” from Demo EP on Not Normal (usa)

11:21PM-11:22PM (1:00) Digital octopus “ANTI WAR” from Cream of the crop on Best before 84 (usa)

11:22PM-11:25PM (3:00) Crisis “Frustration” from Hymns of faith on ? (US)

11:25PM-11:27PM (2:00) Generacion Suicida “Metralleta” from 7" on Mata La Musica (usa)

11:27PM-11:30PM (3:00) Wipers “OVER THE EDGE” from Over the Edge - EP on zeno (USA)

11:30PM-11:33PM (3:00) Poison Idea “Getting the fear” from Ian mackaye ep on in your face (UK)

11:33PM-11:34PM (1:00) Cleansing Wave “Hive Minds” from demo

11:34PM-11:37PM (3:00) Bloodkrow butcher “Reject” from anti war on Side Two (US)

11:37PM-11:38PM (1:00) Lumpy and the dumnpers “Sex pit” from sex pit ep on ? (US)

11:38PM-11:41PM (3:00) Chaos UK “Kill your baby” from riot city vol 2 on Riot city (duh) (UK)

11:43PM-11:45PM (1:22) Clorox Girls “Walks The Streets” from Clorox Girls (Rock, 2004) on SmartGuy Records

11:45PM-11:47PM (2:10) The Tours “Language School” from Language School (Single)

11:47PM-11:49PM (1:48) The CRY! “Down In The City” from Introducing: The CRY! (Rock, 2011) on Top Shelf Records

11:49PM-11:51PM (2:10) The Plugz “Achin” from la bamba 7" on Fatima

11:51PM-11:53PM (2:09) Satan's Rats “You Make Me Sick” from What a Bunch of Rodents (1977) on Overground Records

11:53PM-11:55PM (1:30) Unknown Society “You Hippy” from Staring Down the Barrel on No One Label

11:55PM-11:57PM (2:17) Good Throb “Headache” from Culture Volture 7" on self released

11:57PM-12:00AM (3:00) Hardskin “Council Estate” from Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear on Feral Ward (USA)


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