Kevin's Second Drafts

Here I'll discuss the pros and cons of the 2nd drafts of the header, as submitted by Kevin on Sunday night:


* More of a perspective with the look
* Best illustration of turnbalbe
* Plenty of free room in window to display text
* Nice microphone

* No top menu bar for the station navigational items
* No tip jar
* Picture frame a little unnecessary
* The pots on the mixing board are a little too small to have things written on them
* One of the higher ones, vertically


* Cleanest look, best version to draw people's eyes to the right places
* Only example to create an area for the top menu bar (although this does not display directly above the window)
* A successful way to combine the indoor and outdoor elements without confusing the viewer
* Best example to have KBOO letters in the upper left corner
* Best illustration of speech bubbles
* Listen is appropriately given prominence
* Tip jar!
* Great KBOO letters
* Nice hatching style
* Divides the header in half, which is simpler than the other versions, which essentially create left, middle, and right sections

* Not much room in the window, if the speech bubbles don't go away
* RSS not needed in header
* Membership does not need a visual element (donate is already there)
* "Donate" should be equally prominent or even more so than get involved. 
* No phone / contact
* On the air needs to be moved down (then the calendar could be placed on top)
* "Community Radio" text is less exciting than other examples
* No speakers, turntable, etc.


* Window has a good amount of space for things to appear inside of it
* One of the widest mixing boards, which we may need to fit all of the menu items we want on there
* Nice microphone illustration

* No top menu bar for the station navigational items
* A little too busy, difficult for my eyes to know where to go
* No tip jar
* Flat perspective
* One of the higher ones, vertically


* The only version that uses a glowing light for "on air"
* Fits in a turntable and records
* The shine effect on the window is absolutely great.  Could we do a rollover effect where the shine goes away / changes to reveal the sub-menus when our station menu is rolled-over?
* 2nd shortest in height

* No top menu bar for the station navigational items
* No phone
* No tip jar
* Too many things in front of the window so it will be difficult to display sub menu items there
* Flat perspective


* Best perspective, with wrap-around effect on the sides
* Clean, simple look
* Best version of an "on air" box
* Best phone illustration
* Community calendar very easy to find

* Window a bit too small and cluttered
* Mixing board too small
* Microphone less inviting (almost cowering?)
* "join" and "donate" text not needed
* Less obvious what the object is in the "listen" area


* The layout is the most horizontal, giving a good amount of room on each side for all the elements we need - it would be good for our final design to try and match this in height
* A turntable was fitted in, which is nice to see
* The speakers make nice borders in the corners, and having one interact with the listen live / on the air could be cool

* No top menu bar for the station navigational items
* On the air needs to be on the bottom right
* No phone
* Perspective is fairly flat, less engaging than other choices
* No donate jar


This is to list the elements we want one-click away from the user on every page AND above the fold.  While this doesn't necessarily mean they need to be in the header (they could be at the top of a sidebar) we will use the term "header" to describe them

Listen / Audio
- Live Audio Stream: (MP3 High)
- Music
- Public Affairs



What's On Now

Events Calendar