Promotion and Outreach for Programmers

Thanks for promoting your program! Folks seemed to get a lot out of it so we'll definitely do it again in the coming months.

Here are the topics we covered:


Getting guests / an audience

1. Flyer
2. Community events & collaborating with venues. 
3. Create an online presence
4. Create an on-air presence
5. Invite guests to your show.

6. Get tickets for shows.

B) Announcing an upcoming show

1. Press releases / calendar announcements
2. Post online
3. Networking with guests
4. KBOO Listener Guide

C) On the air

1. Announce ways to contact your show in general
2. Announce how people can find out more info


1. Posting playlists & audio on
2. Posting playlists & audio elsewhere
3. Follow up with guests to have them do post promotion, give them the link to
your show / audio
4. The “viral effect”

E) Further reading
1. Resources on the KBOO website 

F) Questions / Other ideas?


Attached below you will find two templates that were shown in the training:

flyer template (powerpoint version)
flyer template (word version)

If you have specific questions about outreach or web promotions contact Toni or Marc.


flyer template.ppt55 KB
flyer template.doc42.5 KB