Okay, I think we need to re-think the mechanics of how blogs work.  Lets take a look at the masters:

This blog for one of their highest-profile music shows has a custom header for that show (that lets you interact in other ways with the show)

I think the problem now is that the Drupal vanilla blog module is to concerned with individual user accounts and isn't built for needs like ours where the program is the more public face of our hosts.

One solution: create a new node type, or other category or something, that allows the person writing a blog entry to select what blog it will appear on (maybe with a check box or something).  That way, we create a blog for The Abe and Joe Show and that show's host can select his new blog entry to appear on that blog but not his other music blog.  Blogs really need to be their own entities, and not add-ons to profiles like they seem to be now, nor switched to add-ons of our programs because there may be some blogs that aren't associated with an on-air program.

* It would be helpful to have blogs more easily accessible.  Such as:

- a listing of the most recent blogs shown on the users profile page.
- a way to link to link to a person's blog from their program page (without having to type it into the body form)