Year in Review: 2007

KBOO is proud to share our Year in Review for 2007.  Our public affairs producers and music programers have assembled the following lists on what we should remember about the past year and look out for in '08.  Feel free to comment and add what you think is missing!  You can also check out the evening news year in review and our station manager's predictions for 2008.

Programmers can still submit their lists to the website assitant.  Make sure to include your name and your show.

Good News (Local)

Jenka Soderberg, Evening News Director
Fighting LNG terminals
Grannies win Good Friday trial
Measure 49 passage
Hammerskin nation - white supremacist group thwarted from holding event in Portland after extensive coverage on KBOO (and virtually no coverage anywhere else)
Brandon Mayfield case - set a precedent nationally by suing the government and getting the judge to declare key provisions of the PATRIOT Act unconstitutional.  Brandon was in the KBOO studio when the decision was
announced, and gave an emotional account of his family's grueling ordeal to reach this final victory, live on KBOO.

Marc de Giere, Evening News Producer
Portland City Council votes to go sweat-free
Oregon becomes the 20th state to ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.
Neo-nazi gathering shut down
Olympia residents resist military shipments


Disappointing News (Local)

Jenka Soderberg, Evening News Director
Measure 50 failure
Cesar Chavez Blvd

Marc de Giere, Evening News Producer
Operation Return To Sender Raids by Immigration Customs Enforcement
Governor Kulongoski signs executive order requiring a social security card or birth certificate for a drivers license
Sit - Lie Ordinance
Red and Black Cafe and City Repair kicked out of Division Street Building due to gentrification
Operation Noble Resolve

Jay Thiemeyer of Hole in the Bucket
The bursting of the housing bubble which left many subprime loan holders holding the bag with no way out. Home
foreclosures and prepayment penalties and no help at all from the Bush man.

Best Music (Album)

Gareth Jenkins of African Dance Party & Music From The True Vine
M'Bilia Bel:   Bel Canto, 1982-87   (Africa – Congo reissue)
Michael Brecker:   Pilgrimage  (jazz)
Manu Chao:   Radiolina  (France/Spain rock)
Vince Gill:   These Days  (country)
Patty Griffin:   Children Running Through   (Americana)
Levon Helm:   Dirt Farmer  (Americana)
Bassekou Kouyaté & Ngoni Ba:  Segu Blue    (Africa – Mali)
Madilu System:   La Bonne Humeur   (Africa – Congo)
Charles Mingus Sextet w/ Eric Dolphy:  Cornell 1964   (jazz reissue)
Wallace Roney:   Jazz  (jazz)
Tinariwen:   Aman Iman  (Africa – Mali)
Wild Magnolias:   The Wild Magnolias / They Call Us Wild  (NOLA – reissue)

Jack (Yankl) Falk of the Yiddish Hour
Ben Baruch              The Complete Recordings: 1949-1950 (Sub Rosa)
Budowitz                Live                 (Golden Horn)
Di Fidl Kapelye         Trumpets for Di Fidl Kapelye (Music + Words)
German Goldenshteyn     A Living Tradition   (Living Traditions)
Golem                   Fresh Off Boat       (JDub)
Irving Fields Trio      My Yiddishe Mama's Favorites (Tzadik)
Joel Rubin Ensemble     Midnight Prayer      (Traditional Crossroads)
Konsonans Retro         A Podolian Affair    (Oriente)
Michael Winograd        Bessarabian Hop
Pharoah's Daughter      Haran
Shtreiml and
  Ismail Fencioglu      Fenci's Blues
SoCalled                GhettoBlaster        (Label Bleu)


Chintzy Schmaltz of Lounge World
Flunk – Personal Radio (1st Man On Mars rmx)
Dalminjo – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
Lily Allen – LDN (Warbox rmx)
Madison Park – All About The Groove (Ielo’s Super Chill rmx)
Dephazz – Better World
Sunburn In Cyprus – Out Of Sight
Karmacoda – Delay The Sun
Natalie Walker – Right Here
Sigor Ros – Heysatan
Fiest – Past In Present
Zap Mama – 1000 Ways
4 Hero f. Ursula Rucker – The Awakening
Toddy Ivy – Sunday Afternoon
Sally Shapiro – I’ll Be By Your Side
Sophie & Ives – Awaken
Chilled By Nature f. Mozez – State Of Grace
Mo’ Horizons – Sunshine Today
Shine – In The Midlife Zone
Mazachigno – The Last Flight To Rome
AtJazz – Day 2001
Jazzamor – Beautiful Day

Jack Bohl of Folk Expresso
1. Josh Rouse- “Country Mouse, City House”. Terrific variety of moods and styles, carried off with class by his great band.
2. Josh Ritter- “The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter”. Superb songs, great band, great arrangements. I’d heard he was a great performer, but I wasn’t prepared for how good he was at the Aladdin Theater in October. After about 5 or 6 unbelievably great songs and performances I thought he’d run out of killer songs. But he played for 2 hours and never ran out of great songs. This CD rocks harder than previous recordings, but his band, augmented by soulful horns, are brilliant.
3. The Dimes- “The Silent Generation”.  Startlingly original songs, brilliant pop melodies and arrangements, and gorgeous harmonies from this up and coming Portland band. It’s fun to spot the influences (Beatles, Beach Boys, Death Cab, Arcade Fire). Hand claps were ubiquitous in Indie Rock in 2007, and are well utilized here. I first heard this on the great new show “In House” on KOPB, the local NPR station that used to only feature boring NPR music. Thanks, Jeremy, for some refreshing new music.
4. Ry Cooder- “My Name is Buddy”.  A dazzling tour de force. Based on a postcard Ry received with a photo of a cat in a suitcase on a Leadbelly postcard that cryptically stated you’ll know what to do with this, it’s a story of America told through the adventures of Buddy the Red Cat, Lefty Mouse, and the Reverend Tom Toad as they wander through the mythic Dust Bowl Era America, sort of Pogo sung by Woody Guthrie. The rootsy music evokes Ry’s brilliant first 3 albums, with excellent guest performances by Mike and Pete Seeger, bluegrass singer and mandolinist Roland White, and Paddy Maloney of the Chieftains. The CD comes in a hard cover book with lyrics, great illustrations, and storied fleshing out each of the songs.  There’s a couple odd
songs that don’t fit in well, but it’s still Brilliant.
5. Wilco- “Sky Blue Sky”.  Jeff Tweedy has finally gotten the experimental noise out of his system, at least for this album. There’s still an edge in Nels Cline’s guitar work- it’s exquisite on “Impossible Germany”. This is the finest band Tweedy has ever played with, and the songs are more straightforward and melodic. Their show at the Edgefield in August was fantastic.
6. Robert Plant and Alison Krause- “Raising Sand”. When I heard about this I thought it sounded like a gimmick and was ready to dismiss it as an absurd marketing ploy. Then I saw that it was on an independent label and was produced by T Bone Burnett. It’s a bit self conscious but T Bone and his band, and well chosen songs, make it all work.
7. Nick Lowe- “At My Age”.  This veers toward muzak, but the great band, subtle arrangements, and understated songwriting and singing make this great relaxing music. For boomers, mainly.
8. Laura Veirs- “Saltbreakers”. I love all the imagery of the sea. The band and arrangements are brilliant. More handclaps, the instrument of the year.
9. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova – “The Swell Season”. Haunting melodies, harmonies, and instrumentation. A better duet recording than “Raising Sand”.
10. Peter Mulvey- “The Knuckleball Suite” (2006). Peter opened for Willy Porter in February and blew me away. Like Willy Porter, he’s from my hometown of Milwaukee (Wisconsin, spelled with 2 es). He used to play in the subways of Boston, and recorded
an album there. Brilliant songwriter, great performer. Best opening act I’ve seen in a Loonng time.

Marc de Giere of Plugged In
Amon Tobin - "Foley Room"
Do Make Say Think - "You, You're a History in the Rust"
Explosions in the Sky - "All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone"
Copy - "Hair Guitar"
Feist - "The Reminder"
Chemical Brothers - "We Are the Night"
LCD Soundsystem - "Sound of Silver"
Stereo Total - "Paris Berlin"
New Young Pony Club - "Fantastic Playroom"
MGMT - "Oracular Spectacular"

Best Music (Live Performance)

Jack Bohl of Folk Expresso
1. Josh Ritter at the Aladdin Theater October 22. Possibly the best show of the many I’ve seen at the Aladdin. We stood in front of the stage, and it was comfortably uncrowded. The sound was the best I’ve heard at the Aladdin- fortunately, the lyrics were even understandable. Josh is the most sincerely enthusiastic performer I’ve
ever seen. He was just having the greatest time. His band is fantastic: a great piano/organist, and great bassist, who has an amazing handlebar mustache. Josh joked that they rent the ‘stash out for parties. After about 30 minutes of revelatory performances I was convinced these guys couldn’t keep this up for long. But they did, for 2 hours. During the evening Josh did 3 unplugged songs- he unplugged his acoustic and walked to the front of the stage. One song was a terrific version of Springsteen’s “The River”. He had the lights turned down during one
number for a genuinely intimate experience. The audience in front of the stage was mainly women, many of whom knew most of the lyrics. It was a delightfully engaged and enthusiastic audience. What an amazing evening.
2. Wilco at the Edgefield August 22. Jeff Tweedy’s best band by far sounded fabulous throughout a dazzling set featuring at least one song from every Wilco album and a few gems like “Bob Dylan’s Beard”. The band is
magnificent: Nels cline is fun to watch as he enthusiastically wrings amazing sounds from his various guitars;
there were at any given time up to 2 keyboards and 3 guitars, and the drummer is fantastic. The Edgefield has a lovely outdoor stage, with the best sound system I’ve ever heard, along with good food and beer. Can’t beat it on a gorgeous summer evening.
3. The Decemberists at the Edgefield, July 22.  My first Edgefield experience was on a gorgeous summer evening. I stood in front of the stage, where I felt pretty old amongst the youngsters who knew all the lyrics. Portland audiences have a reputation for sitting on their hands, but this crowd was nicely lively. The set was loose, starting with a string of their summer-y songs. The highlight was singer Colin Meloy taking the barrette from the head of an enraptured young woman just in front of me while singing “Culling of the Fold”.
4. The Decemberists at the Orpheum Theater in Madison, WI April 20. I saw that the Decemberists were playing in Madison and checked with my friend Brian in Wisconsin to see if he wanted to go to this show. He was enthusiastic and we went with his son Kevin, who has been in bands and is into music and lives in Madison,
and daughter Carrie, a student at U of Wisconsin in Madison and also a musicphile. The Orpheum is a cool, huge, funky old theater with a large balcony. The stage is raised, almost to the level of the balcony. We stayed in the balcony, although it was tempting to cram in front of the stage. The SRO crowd was far livelier than the Portland audience. The set was great, starting with “The Crane Wife” and “The Island”. It ended with “The Tain”, their 18 minute epic based on an old Irish folk tale. We parked next to the theater and we ran into organist Jennie Conlee
and bassist Nate Query outside the bus while on our way back to the car after some killer pizza. Jennie and Nate are both native Portlanders and very friendly. I mentioned I was from Milwaukee and Jenny said with stars in her eyes that her boyfriend had proposed to her in Milwaukee a few days earlier. A great evening,
5. Josh Rouse at the Pabst Theater, Milwaukee, WI April 15. After Brian and I got tix to the Decmeberists show in Madison we found out Brian and Kevin’s favorite Josh Rouse was playing at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee and got tickets to that. The Pabst is a gorgeous theater built in 1895 by the local beer maker, lovingly restored in 1976, and now centerpiece of Milwaukee’s downtown Performing Arts Center. The Pabst started having great music shows a few years back. I remember as a kid being up in the upper balcony, which was high up, steep and scary. The Josh Rouse show was main floor seating only, but I wanted to see if the balcony was as scary as I  emembered. I asked a concessionaire if I could go up in the balcony, and she directed me to an older fellow who happened to manage the place for 40 years. He gave me a personal tour, and the balcony really is way up there, steep, and somewhat scary. Josh Rouse is a singer songwriter from Nebraska who now lives in Spain after
a stint in Nashville. He has a crack band, with anespecially terrific bassist, and quite a few albums to draw from. Brian and Kevin had seen Josh before and they agreed that the set list left off too many of Josh’s best songs. Perhaps his set suffered because Josh had a bad case of chicken pox! It was a fun evening
6. Peter Mulvey and Willy Porter, March 24.  I’ve seen Milwaukee native Willy Porter 4 or 5 times, but this was the first time he had a great opening act. Peter Mulvey is also from Milwaukee, and his set was
terrific. I got a chance to have a nice chat with Peter during the intermission about Milwaukee, Portland, and music. Peter traveled between gigs on his fall Wisconsin tour on his bicycle. He used to busk in the Boston subways, and recorded an album there. Peter was one of the best opening acts I’ve ever seen.

Best Cinema

Ed Goldberg, Host of Movie Talk
There Will be Blood
The Bourne Ultimatum
3:10 to Yuma
Eastern Promises
Michael Clayton
No Country for Old Men
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
I'm Noth There
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
Sweeney Todd
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Youth Without Youth

Special Achievement

Awards for Special Achievement in 2007:

Best Reporting by KBOO
By Jenka Soderberg, Evening New Director
Martha Odom and Trillium Shannon: First to report on Delmonte ICE Raid, with comprehensive and contextualized
Linda Olson-Osterlund: First to report the new evidence from the 1970 Kent State Massacre showing that the national guard was ordered to fire on unarmed peace protesters.

Dubious Honors

Worst Reporting by Local Media
By Jenka Soderberg, Evening News Director
Cesar Chavez Blvd.
Delmonte ICE Raid

Fears for 2008

Steve Nassar, News and Public Affairs
The LNG terminals at the Oregon Coast, and the associated LNG Pipeline to California, continue to gain traction, despite the ecological devastation in Oregon, for sole the benefit of California gas customers. We're sacrificing our coast, farmlands and forests, and we don't even get to burn the gas.

Hopes for 2008

Marc de Giere, Evening News Producer
After the string of bicycle fatalities of 2007, and with a new city council, Portland becomes a safer city to bike and walk in.