Meeting of the Board of Directors 2012/04/23

 KBOO BOARD MINUTES-April 23, 2012


Board Members present: Paula, , Alicia, S.W. Conser (Conch), Lyn, Marc, Keller (at 7:00), Ben, Kate, Judy, Hadrian

Board Members absent: Michael, Chris

Staff Present: Ani

Public Present: Kurt Lauer


1.    Agenda Approval


Judy would like to get an update on membership drive strategies

Agenda approved unanimously


2.    Minutes Approval: March 26, 2012

Motion to approve the March minutes


7 In Favor

0 Opposed

1 Abstain


Minutes approved.

Marc will post


3.    Staff Management Workgroup


At a board/staff retreat, the group unofficially decided to form a board/staff workgroup to develop and recommend a plan for station management.  The group would be assisted by an outside consultant

Comment made that a decision needs to be made now and not punted down the road again

Concern voiced about the staff response to board proposal and its ability to manage

Concern voiced that a consultant would be a poor use of resources at this stage without a clear plan in place

Concern voiced about the fiscal impact of a third party consultant

Staff indicted a desire to collaborate with the board to govern and run the station


MOTION #1: To create a Staff Management Workgroup consisting of three directors and three staff members to work with an outside expert to develop and recommend a staff management proposal.



4 In Favor

1 Opposed

3 Abstain


Motion fails


Amended motion proposed to form the workgroup without the expert.



Motion to re-invite the staff to respond to the team proposal letting the staff respond

No second.


First motion reintroduced


6 In Favor

1 Opposed

3 Abstain


Motion passes.


MOTION #2: To nominate three directors to the Staff Management Workgroup. 



5 In Favor

0 Opposed

2 Abstain


Motion #3: Any new position created by the workgroup be subject to hiring process



2 In Favor

0 Opposed

5 Abstain


Kate, Marc, and Ben appointed to the committee by the board


4.    Chehalis Update


The attorney cost for filing the tolling document with FCC will be between $280-400.

When the frequency was granted to KBOO, we had three years to begin construction

Tolling agreement stops the clock for six months while appeal is pending

Must be filed every six months

Comment that the understanding of the board at the time the agreement with Common Frequency (CF) was that KBOO would turn over the frequency to CF

Comment that the boards decision was that limited money would be expended

To date, KBOO has invested $18,000


Motion made to approve a payment of no more than $400 for a six-month tolling agreement



0 In Favor

6 Opposed

2 Abstain

Motion fails


Motion to suspend the expenditure of any costs or fees related to the Chehalis frequency and require CF to cover all future costs and fees that may be incurred.



6 In Favor

0 Opposed

3 Abstain

Motion passes


5.    Policy 26 revision


Only a section of policy being updated


Motion to replace text in Subsection to Policy 26 Compensation and Benefits

with the following language (underlined text in new):


Most positions at KBOO are categorized as nonexempt under the federal and state wage and hour laws concerning overtime. Whether your position is exempt or nonexempt depends on your job duties and is established at the time you are hired or if significant changes in your position warrant. 


KBOO does not pay overtime wages to employees who are exempt from state and federal law. KBOO encourages exempt employees to maintain a healthy work/life balance, noting there are ebbs and flows in the work cycles, and to take advantage of slower periods by adjusting their work hours accordingly.


KBOO pays overtime to nonexempt and hourly employees who work more than 40 hours in any work week. Overtime will be paid at the rate of one and one-half times your

regular hourly rate. Holidays and vacations, even if paid, are not counted as overtime

hours and are not included in the calculation of overtime pay. 


Nonexempt employees (including hourly employees) shall not work overtime hours

without prior authorization from the Staff Collective. Hourly employees shall not work

more than budgeted hours.


Concern expressed over the text: The ebbs and flow concept is too vague


Friendly amendment change "staff collective" to "staff management


Vote on friendly amendment

8 In Favor

0 Opposed

1 Abstain

Amendment passes


Vote on motion as amended:


7 in favor

1 Opposed

1 Abstain

Motion, as amended, passes


6.    Removal of Chris Andreae as a Director


Chris has not attended board meetings in over three months

Comment that it should be noted that the removal is “for cause.”


Motion to remove Chris Andreae as a director due to her non-attendance at board meetings.



7 In Favor

0 Opposed

1 Abstain

Motion passes


7.    Strategic Plan update


Discussion regarding updates from the staff

Most directors voices the opinion that they would like to see the reports in table form

Clarification regarding the role, purpose, and scope of the strategic plan workgroup was sought

Will revisit in another meeting



8.    May meeting date


May meeting date falls on Memorial Day

Suggestion made that the board look for conflicts at the start of the year rather than on a piecemeal basis

May 21, 2012 proposed for the next board meeting

All approve

Marc will make a note on the website

Ani will change on the board


9.    Committee Updates



Committee is working through strategic plan items

Committee is also working on completion of the programmer survey



Committee spent time on policy 26

The combination finance/admin position is being worked on

Zale is working on gathering information on Engineers at similar stations

Committee is also working on the voluntary disciplinary code and Policy 21



Meeting will be this Wednesday so nothing new to report


Engineering Workgroup

Currently not meeting



Need to recruit new members to the committee

David Barsamian will be speaking as a fundraiser for KBOO

The committee should know something in the next few days regarding filling the Development Director position


10.  New Business


Finance Committee would like to appoint Ben as the second board member on the committee



Staff report-What is the purpose and what are directors supposed to do with the reports

The report was initiated during the transition period to update the board

Originally it was done by one person but now all department heads contribute


Motion for the staff to submit the monthly staff report on the Monday prior to the board meeting


6 for

0 opposed

3 abstain


Motion passes


Motion for the staff liaison to email the staff meeting minutes to the board weekly


7 for

1 opposed

1 abstain

Motion passes



Meeting Adjourned