CPA Audited / Reviewed Financial Statements

Per KBOO's By-laws, the Foundation requires an audit or review, which is a professional examination of the financial transactions of the Foundation by a CPA.


FY 2011 CPA Review of Financial Statements

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Independant CPA Review of the fiscal year 2011 financial statements

FY2011-CPA Reviewed Financial Statements.pdf597.72 KB

FY 2008 Audited Financials

For FY 2008, KBOO's bylaws required an audit. Attached is the result of that audit for FY2008.

FY2008 - KBOO Foundation Audit.pdf67.13 KB

FY 2009 & 2010 Audited Financials

For FYs 2009 & 2010, KBOO's bylaws required an audit. Attached are the results of that audit for both FY 2009 & FY2010.

- Management Letter

- Audit Letters

- Audited Financial Statements


KBOO Final Management Letter 9.30.2010 COLOR.pdf232.38 KB
KBOO Final Audit Letters 9.30.2010 COLOR.pdf2.6 MB
KBOO Final Financial Statement 9.30.2010 COLOR.pdf2.58 MB