Program Committee Minutes 9/11


Program Committee


September 13, 2011


Present—Jenka Soderberg, Chris Merrick, Becky Chiao notetaker,  Per Fagereng and Rabia Yeaman, Roger  Warner, Mel Reslor, Rebecca Ney


We reviewed the minutes, Jenka made one clarification.  We talked about absences and excused Roger and Mel’s since we changed the date.  The minutes were approved.  Kathleen abstained from approving them because she wasn’t here.  Mel announced that he brought a bunch of plums that he picked this afternoon.


Joe Azevedo came as a guest with a proposal.  Jenka congratulated him for a write up in on a website out of Austin  Soundtap.  Joe said other Kboo shows were also featured. And that we should make more connections between them and programmers here.  He hadn’t heard about them before,  they found him.  They link to live shows.


Kurt Lauer passed by and said he missed this committee, it was his favorite and he would return.


Joe’s suggestion is that rather than having new music coming in to the station logged in a a physical book that they should be entered onto a blog.  Rabia said that the new releases are being typed into a computer, she is currently putting the information on her personal blog—she doesn’t have access to make a bigger blog.  Jenka said that she thinks VJ can create a new blog.


Chris said there is a volunteer who is currently working on incoming releases, but he doesn’t type in everything—what he sends Rabia is just a portion of all of the music that comes in.  Joe said that it makes sense to just enter the information once.  Chris said that he will look into this.  He and Brandon currently label by Artist Title Label and Genre and record it in a book.


Becky said that when starting a new you have to make sure you use the right system.  Jenka said that if you want the information available for the public then a blog, then she suggested adding it as a playlist called something like New Releases.  Rabia likes that idea too, you can highlight special things.  It would be a list and a way to promote the library, searchable and accessible.  Chris will give a progress report next month.




Kathleen had a good vacation.  She has been starting to work on Membership Drive books, specials and budget issues.


Jenka,  October 14th tentative News and Public Affairs days.  She is contacting filmmakers to get some DVDs as drive specials.  We’re trying not to pay for any thank you gifts.  She did two specials last week, the Village Building Convergence Special was 6 hours, live and prerecorded.  It got good feedback.  The second special was the 911 special that came off well, Jenka thanked the volunteers who helped.  There were some glitches with the feed from Canada, but it wasn’t that noticeable on the air.  We’re still playing Hard Knock Radio, there are a couple of proposals for that slot that she is still working with Programmers


Chris--Drive  Thursday October 6-Sat. October 22nd.  He is lining up Marvin Gaye and Jim Pepper specials  It is the 40th Anniversary of Jim Pepper’s first record coming out.  There is a live Remote at the Q Center next Tuesday, a one-hour show on the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  Jenka mentioned a contest to fill helium ballons to lift Chris into the air.  He is working on copyrights with Erin Yanke for the audio archive and a copyright class.  He is planning to get it done by the end of September.


There was a complaint about indecency for a program that is on after 10 pm.  There was some pre-editing of the show before it was aired.  A complaint was filed with the FCC, Chris told the person there is a First Amendment privilege after 10 pm.  The complainant is an attorney who said he will then file an obscenity charge (for which there is no 1st Amendment protection.).     So far we haven’t gotten anything from the FCC yet.  Chris is confident that the language is lawful, but it is annoying to deal with.  Chris is working with Tom on something.  He is going through evaluations of the Folk Espresso shows, there are some new programmers and a lot of different people on the air during the month at that time slot Monday-Friday.


Per asked about the 5X5 email he sent out from  NFCB.  He said it is about listener based interactive programming  and avenues for shared content like the site that featured the Melting Pot, the Yiddish Hour etc.


Chris informed us that Friday Midnight-3 am is now open.  Daniel quit KBOO gave up his show.  He will be auditioning people for the next couple of months.  There are already people interested.  He’ll try a variety of things, is not interested in just having it be an extension of Daniel’s show.  Kathleen asked how do you post that, Chris said an email and post it on the bulletin board.  The email will go out to all volunteers.  Becky C. said what about opening it up to the Portland Music Community?  Does someone have to already be a trained volunteer to audition for the slot?  Becky N. said that people who have put their time in should have a preference for having put their time in, a factor.     There was a discussion about whether there is some pre-requisite for coming in to audition for a show (there haven’t been that many music openings up over the years.)  A DJ can come in and join a collective and then go through volunteer orientation etc.   Becky C. asked is it better for listeners and the community to have wider publicity about the opening.  People were concerned that we currently tell people who want to get on the air that they have to sign up as a volunteer and go through the training programs.


Roger agrees that there should be auditions over the next couple of months and that it shouldn’t  just be given to “the friends of Daniel.”  


Rabia said we should set the genre—keep it the same as the Outside World which is eclectic, she would like to see the genre remain the same.  Chris said he hadn’t been thinking of that at all.  He wasn’t going to try to replicate The Outside World.  He was going to give people a shot to try something new.  He is not concerned about losing the current audience.  He would like people to have a chance to experiment.


Chris asked if people would prefer and eclectic or single format?  Kathleen talked about how you have to go with what you get to a certain extent.  She said it can be difficult to do a mixed format.  Becky C. asked if it has to be 3 hours.  Rabia said that the schedule was formatted to be consistent.  Chris said the shows all start at midnight but don’t all end at 3.


Chris said that he wishes we could talk about drive time programming because there are many fewer listerners in the middle of the night.  Rabia pointed out that it is drive time in Japan in the middle of night here.  Chris said he will post it and put it online.


NEEDS ASSESMENT MEETING—Thursday September 22 for Programmers 7-9?    Part of Strategic Plan Implementation.  There could be up to 50 people.  Not sure if there is space, there is a pitching training that night as well.  Chris handed out a rough drat of questions to be discussed at the meeting.


The questions are not just brainstorming, they take proposals from the Strategic Plan and highlight potential barriers  to making change.  


Jenka said that the way the questions are written, they invite controversy.  She pointed out that the Strategic Plan says to have meeting that gets Programmer input on community needs.  How about asking less loaded questions:  What do you as a programmer see as the greatest needs for programming in the next 5 years?  What are your top priorities?  


We might need some prompts .   Are needs equipment or other things?


Becky N. suggests  “How can we increase listenership while staying true to our Program Charter?”  The Strategic Plan assumes that programming must be consistent with the mission of the organization.


Roger said that there can be a backlash when we change the schedule. 


Kathleen said that we could as a group come up with questions. She worries about the timeline.  If we want significant attendance and prep time.  Chris did send out an email last week.  With the pitch trainings and the annual meeting, it could get lost.


Rabia said there is a timeline goal in the plan.   She said the Program Charter could change and there is a conflict between continued growth, existence and the charter.  The charter is in conflict with the ability of the station to get listeners.  This committee could discuss that.


Becky N. said the question “Can we grow the listenership with the current Program Charter?” is debateable and should be asked.


Rabia said some people might say there are things outside of Programming that could be done to increase listenership—promotion.  She proposes the question  “What would you need to do to increase listenership?”


Per asked, do we know how many people in Portland have never heard of KBOO?  Can we get that information?  What do people out there want?  What are they worried about?  What are their concerns?


Chris said, OK we can just ask a couple of basic questions and not anticipate the answers.


Rabia said that you could do an initial survey monkey with multiple choices—Sunset programs—never, every 2 years?


Becky suggested we come up with questions for an online survey to go out before 9/22 but not have the meeting until after the drive.


Rabia suggested:


1.        Should we eliminate increase decrease or keep the same Spanish-language programming?


Becky  said what about just asking increase decrease or keep the same (not say eliminate)  Kathleen asked about  foreign language programming in general.


How should KBOO’s programming be used to serve non-english speaking communities?


What communities are not served by KBOO that should be served?


2.        Should programs sunset  at 1 year, 2 years 5 years or never?  Attrition policy 


Per said sunsetting sounds like term limits.  It is a lot of work to review all the shows annually or bi-annually and problem shows can be identified by listening.  Jenka pointed out that unlike elected positions, programmers don’t have to run for reelection.


   Jenka suggested:


3.        How can KBOO connect to new audiences?  Locally, nationally and internationally?  New programs, promotion of new programs?


What do you need to attract more listeners to your show?  Training? Equipment?  Other types of help?


What are the three strongest shows or types of programs on KBOO, other than your own?  Based on the standards of Programming Excellence.



What are the three weakest shows or types of shows on KBOO?


What are the types of shows that you think will increase KBOO’s listenership?


What are the three types of shows that you think are not effective in meeting community needs?


What are the types of shows that you think won’t increase listenership but that KBOO still needs to do?


We are currently at 70% music 30% news and public affairs—would you keep that proportion the same or change it—increase music, decrease keep the same?  


What commitments are you willing to make to increase KBOO’s audience? 


Should the format of KBOO be more mainstream  if it would increase listenership? 


Should the format of KBOO be more uniform/target a niche if it would increase listenership?  Should KBOO switch to a single format if it would increase listenership?


Would a different format increase KBOO’s listenership?


How can KBOO utilize digital technology to increase listenership?


How can we address the current social issues in the broader world?  Why is the world going crazy?  Should we join them or resist? 


Is there any music that KBOO plays that calms you down or drives you crazy?


Would you be willing to let someone sit in on your show or have coffee with you as a Membership Drive premium?


Per said we should also do a market survey of the general population of Portland to find out how we can reach people who don’t know about KBOO.


Becky will send out these notes,  Chris and Rabia will set up a survey.  Chris will send out an email cancelling the meeting and asking people to fill out the survey by the end of the week.   Chris will send out the list of finalized questions before sending out the survey.  Kathleen asked if there is a way to make sure that people only fill out the survey one time.  Jenka said she thinks that you can keep a list of the email address of each person who fills out the survey.


What volunteer requirements should be required of programmers?


Should programmers be required to be volunteers for a specific length of time to get on-air?


If you are on the air, you have to volunteer.  If you volunteer you don’t necessarily get on air?


What can KBOO do to make more opportunities to get more people on-the air?


Becky C. said that the staff should think about the answer to the question—what is needed to make more opportunities for volunteers to get on the air?


Next meeting—Roger asked during the drive  will the meeting be rescheduled or postponed? 

Jenka proposes 4th Tuesday October 25th.