Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/05/23***draft

Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors May 23, 2011


Present: Mimi, Maire, Keller, Paula, Kurt, Becky, Judy, Nia, Hadrian, Pete, Chris A.

Absent: Erin

Staff Reps: Ani, Zale

Staff/Public: Tom Hood, Mike Dee, Tim Flanagan, Per Fagereng, Tom Hood, Louis Sowa, Yvette Marinowski, Glen Owen, J. Brush, Sekoynia Wright,


Check-In & Dinner: Thanks to Judy for bringing dinner!


Becky reads public comment guidelines (see attached document)


Public Comment:

Mike Dee: recommends that we take public comment before each vote

Tim Flanagan: have been a volunteer for 8 years and have never attended a board meeting, figured it was about time.


Keller moves to go into closed session to discuss staff and board personnel issues.

Kurt seconds

Unanimous vote

Closed Session#1


Judy moves to continue the 10 additional hours per week for the web coordinator position until Sept 30, 2010.

Keller seconds

Public comment:Mike Dee doesn't understand why this discussion had to be had in closed session.

7 For

3 Opposed



Keller: I plan on doing some traveling this summer, stressed out, would be helpful if others could take on note taking for the next couple of months. May help others understand the challenges of trying to participate and scribe, especially when ppl are talking over each other.


Becky will do June

Pete will do it for July

Paula will be back up for Aug.


Annual Membership Meeting/Election

Paula: Mark Ecklund is retiring, we need to decide on the of counting ballots

Becky: new accountant could do it, and if not Louis Sowa may also be available

Zale: it has been suggested that we can get a PO Box

Ani: we had different ways of handling it, we need to have all ballots accounted for, the certified PA is the receiver

Maire: did Mark make any recommendations?

Kurt: Mark said that I could continue doing it, so it's up to us to decide whether we want to keep it in-house.

Paula: we will check with Mark to see if he has some guidelines, will check with Linda Barkaus if they can receive ballots there.

Becky: The annual meeting needs to be scheduled at the June meeting. Nominating committee will follow up on election date.

Chris: it would be helpful to have a list of events that we are involved with over the summer

Committee Reports

Development-Mimi: discussed Square Dance, about 20 people attended. We lost $50 on the event. There was mention of using a different venue, The Eagle's Lodge. There was an idea proposed by Sun to combine the boo bash and square dance. Also wanted to make it family friendly not at a 21+ location. Committee wants to focus on fewer but bigger events. Upcoming events: raffle August 10 after Pickathon so that we can sell tickets at Pickathon and Blues Fest. Discussed the possibility for on-air auction, lawn signs, KBOO community coffee.

Engineering: Keller: committee did not meet but Tom's report is extensive and complete

Personnel/Governance-Chris A: working on revising/building engineering and IT positions/ petitioning other stations for info about these departments.

Web: Judy: detailed report submitted by VJ

Programming: Becky: did not meet.


Keller: feels strongly that square dance should not be combined with Boo Bash, the events have vastly different audiences would limit the Boo Bash's potential broad appeal, the committee had discussed making sure the square dance was more family friendly, but it was scheduled on a school night at a 21+ venue; was surprised there was no event or even informal gathering around the beer promo. The Facebook “event” was unclear

Chris: was there any promotion done for the beer? concerned about going forward with the coffee without talking about what happened with the beer

Maire: agrees that the Boo Bash has a reputation and thinks that these events can stand alone, I would like to be involved with the promotions, important for the square dance to be family friendly, could look into doing it more than once a year to build our own community, the band is really important if they have a following they will bring their own people.

Judy: KBOO has hosted a successful square dancing event in the past, so we should look at that.

Judy:visual promotions in the station


Staff Report: was submitted via email.

Judy: some people do pages, some give very little. Is there any kind of guideline that has been given?

Ani: we talked about giving the board a basic overview , people have different views of what that looks like.

Judy: what's happened, what's on the horizon, what are the challenges,

Maire: also to include general concerns

Nia: I like the variety, and allowing for that autonomy for people do do what they want, also like to add how the board can support.

Becky: Andrew saying that the membership drive took all of his time was not sufficient a report.

Ani: To sum up it seems that folks are asking for successes, challenges, what is on the horizon, and how the board can provide support.


Board Retreat

Tentative date set June 19 1p-5p at @ Squirrel Farm (Chris A's house) Agenda will be set via email.


Closed Session#2


Becky moves that Chris M be authorized to negotiate a contract with Radio Vietnam for the settlement of amount past due and from now until the end of September.

Paula Seconds

Discussion: Mike Dee- in the spirit of consensus, i'd be interested to know why people voted.

6 Approved

1 Abstain


Mid-Year Budget -discussion tabled.


Final Public Comment

Mike Dee-wanted to thank for the opportunity for public comment, had questions about booth costs for Earth Day.

Brush- wanted to thank everyone, has been an organizer for many years in Portland, involved with the Cascadia Center, promotes effectiveness within organizations. Facilitator/Mediator/Consensus trainer for the last 5-6 years, have worked with worker collectives, long term culture building.


Meeting Ends