Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors 2011/01/24

Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors January 24, 2011


Present: Marty, Paula, Kurt, Judy, Erin, Keller, Chris A

Absent: Becky, Nia, Maire

Staff/Public-VJ Beauchamp, John Mackey, Ani Haines, Andrew Geller, Zale Chadwick, Alicia Olsen , Louis Sowa, Crystal Elinski, Chris Merrick


Thanks to Kurt for dinner. And Chris A for extra snacks.

6:18 Board Meeting Begins without quorum/Check-in.

Public Comment-

Andrew: speaking as a volunteer not the membership director, concerned that the board is voting on items tonight that will increase the deficit, wants the board to give serious consideration to where the funds will be coming from and not just assume that the staff will “just take care of it.”
Ani: made announcement that longtime KBOO host “Firefly”,Tony Alabi, has passed; staff received message from Ras Danny. KBOO has lost a family member. We are in touch with his family and will keep folks posted on memorial information.

Staff Report-report on file

Board Appointment Candidates
- Mimi Villarqui has been a volunteer since March 09. Had mentioned to Ani that she was interested in Development and was able to start participating right away. Has board op'd and been involved with the development committee. Has looked for opportunities to be involved more since she started working.

Kurt: does your schedule allow you to be available for the meetings.

Erin: there are now two seats available.

Mimi: don't have preference of terms, worked as a teacher for several years, leadership , studied marketing.

Judy:What do you see as a challenge for KBOO.

Mimi: outreach, reaching new listeners.

Louis: Being on the board requires more than one Monday and can be very challenging. Are you ready to take on the responsibility and time? Wants Mimi to be aware of the challenges that can come up


Erin Moves to appoint Mimi to the Board of Directors.

Paula seconds.

Keller: feels that it would be remiss to appoint someone that has never attended a board meeting. I feel that we should allow Mimi the opportunity to attend a meeting, gives candidates a better idea of what to expect

Judy: support if we voted to approve with the start date to be determined. Mimi can then rescind if she changes her mind.

Paula: agrees that candidates should attend a meeting

Ani: concerned about where it falls into bylaws to appoint and not seat. Mimi can be included in tonight's meeting as if she were a board member but if she is appointed she is seated

Erin: feels that having an opportunity to be included in the email would be beneficial in getting Mimi up to speed.

Marty: we need to look at what we can do to change the fact that people don't finish their terms.

Ani: reads section 7

Erin rescinds motion.


Committee Reports.

Finance: Erin:We are still in a deficit, but membership income has been over budget so there is some good news. Finance recommended that we adjust the web coordinator's job to increase pay and time per proposal.

Paula: also included in the discussion in finance was where these funds would come from.

Erin: feels that we can take it on as the board to fund raise, if we feel that the web is a priority we should demonstrate that by making a commitment to raise money as a board, they are separate issues but we should be keeping it mind that

Chris: do we have a specific goal in mind of what we'd expect by increasing the hours
Kurt: wanted to clarify that according to finance this would still be a 20 hour position, with approval for overtime in recognition of the work that VJ had done to catch us up.

Erin: the plan is temporary with the understanding that it will be re-evaluated.

Ani: the benefit to extending this to the end of the fiscal year, mid-year budget review is happening, the strategic plan.

Paula: we felt that setting it until the end of the year places a larger fiscal responsibility on the board to pay for it, especially in light of the unexpected equipment issues that have arisen.

Ani: update of engineering equipment needs, the STL is not needing to be replaced.

Judy: the reality is the web is the future and we shouldn't just focus on catching up, wanted to clarify that the staff supported the increase until the end of the fiscal year. Supports extending the increase to the end of the fiscal year so that VJ can really focus.

Nia: are you getting training from Roger? I was under the impression that the plan was for roger to train the Web Coordinator as he did not plan to do it indefinitely.

Paula: the 90 days gives opportunity.

Nia: who will do the review after three months

Kurt: the board will vote to extend, the finance committee will be tracking.


Erin moves that the board allocates 10 more hours per week of pay for the web position effective February 1 for 90 days.

Paula seconds.

Unanimous vote.


Personnel- Personnel committee changed the verbiage in all job descriptions to reflect "regular” membership drives rather than a particular number

Comm also recommends compensating the underwriting coordinator for a discrepancy calculating paid time off benefits.

Paula: Has he been recording the actual hours and no one's caught it.

Ani: Justin has been recording it and mentioned it in his last performance review

Personnel recommended Justin be granted retroactive time.

Kurt: request amendment that include having Justin sign saying that it has been resolved.

Erin moves to approve the action items presented by the personnel committee.

Chris seconded

Unanimous vote.


Ani: will communicate with Debbie to and Zale to make changes

Development-Paula: Blazers night went well, sold at least 50 tickets, square dance is coming up, fundraiser coming up next week, has increased community partnerships,

Judy: went to a film and we heard KBOO. And that's all they said. Not even community radio.

Programming committee did not meet due to inclement weather.

Engineering- John: STL has been fixed. Still recommends planning to buy a new one, but it is not as urgent. There is an antenna pole on the roof that needs to be replaced.

Pendleton Update - Gary Lee Betts was not able to make it.

Policy# 3 Ani: as part of the collective management transition felt that we did not need to reinvent the wheel but need to be updated to reflect current, institutes the change that there will be an evaluation committee, that includes 2 staff and at least 1 board member. Performance criteria primarily remains the same with a minor formatting change.

Judy: evaluations and evaluators will be confidential, wants to know how that's happening since they have names on them.

Ani: the person being evaluated gets s summary of comments without knowing who said what. The concern was that people could not be candid in their evaluations for fear of reprisal

Judy:concerned if it were volunteers are part of the CRC that would be problematic

Erin: their could be a potential conflict if the same people are on the CRC as are on the evaluation team, as long as we are aware of that

Paula: legally there is a concern about volunteers having access to confidential personnel information

Kurt: what other options beside the CRC

Ani: the board

Chris: advocated to keep it in the CRC, people are chosen for the CRC based on their experience or qualifications, the decision would just be if the eval was done fairly not just as a way for the employee to register disapproval , feels that there is less likely to be a biased decision with having a 3 person eval team.

Keller: we are volunteers, we choose CRC members according to their skills and qualifications

Paula: we are volunteers but we are legally obligated to the organization, so any decisions that they made would need to be upheld by the board.
Keller: if the concern is that we as the board would not know if a since we have a board member on the CRC, could we just include wording that the notification of challenge to the eval that the board and the CRC would be notified

Ani: add changed wording

Judy: wanted to clarify that the members of the evaluation team will be changing.

Ani: the staff agreed that it will rotate through the staff so as to share the fun

Keller moves to approve policy #3, Employee Evaluation as presented by the Personnel Committee with the following changes: in section 10 , adding “the CRC will then notify the Board that they have received an appeal.”

Erin Seconds

6 to approve

1 opposed

Housecleaning (physical).-Kurt: the entire building is in need of cleaning, dead storage is overrun

Keller: I think that we should be cautious about issuing mandates to staff, however there is an issue with a lack of inventory

Paula: it is a much more urgent issue in that our insurance is not current because of a lack of a assets inventory. Debbie has been trying to get this made into a priority.
Ani: there are a couple of issues. There was a request made by the board last spring to get an inventory together. Dead storage has long been an issue, it has been an issue for several departments. It's also a place where we keep spare equipment. There are competing needs for a limited about of space.

Marty: wants to know what kind of inventory do we have.

John: several times a year, Debbie and I go through.

Nia: do you track it yourself, it seems that it wouldn't be very effective for the finance person to track.

Erin: will contact Debbie about insurance and inventory


Nia moves that each staff person complete department inventory within 3 months.

Keller seconds.



Erin moves to go into closed session.

Unanimous vote.

9:19p Closed Session