Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors, 2010/01/25

Meeting of the KBOO Board of Directors, January 25, 2010 6 pm 

Board members present:

Becky Chiao, Joe Azavedo, Nia Lewis (left around 12am), Erin Brand, Mark Allyn (left at 8pm), Ivonne Rivero (left at 9:30pm), Maire Cullen, Louis Sowa, Marty Soehrman, Judy Fiestal

Public members and Staff present:

Jamilah Bourdon, Glen Owen, Lyn Moelich, Zale Chadwick, Paula Small, Keller Henry, SW Conser, Fish, Rabia Yeaman, Thomas Hood, Alicia Olson, Danielle, Chris Merrick, Celeste Cary, John Mackey, Brian, Jim Craven, Yvette Maranowski, Scott Forrester, Jeff Kippleman, Daniel Flessas, Michael Papadopolous, Debbie Rabidue, Brian Ridder, Ani Haines, Jim Dancing Trout, David Daly

Maire and friends provided a special meal of haggis in honor of Robert Burns' birthday. Thank you Maire!

December and Special Meeting Minutes review- Minutes approved by consensus.

Ani did a presentation regarding KBOO House Rules, and KBOO guidelines for nonviolent communication.

Public Comments

Daniel Flessas: presented petition to the KBOO Board of Directors signed by 35 volunteers and 4 staff.

Paula Small: comment regarding that she felt that the Board is violating policies.

Jim Dancing Trout: loves website but missed seeing the location of the board meeting be more clearly listed.

Zale Chadwick : read a statement (See below.)

Rabia Yeaman: read a statement.

John Mackey: commented regarding a person who is continually attacking members of the community. He requests to talk to the board.

Yvette Maranowski concerned regarding censorship on the blog.

Michael Papadopolous- takes issue at closed session for selecting appointed board members.

Scott Forrester- he is glad to see what is happening at the meeting. He agrees that there should not be a closed session to discuss appointment of board members.

Deena Barnwell- the people here represent a small percentage of the people who care.

Celeste Carey- took objection to closed meetings, there should be an independent investigation of the harassment charge.

Becky Chiao- feels offended that there is an assumption of incompetence and bias when no one has spoken with her directly.

New Board Member Appointment

The following members presented their candidacy for board appointment: Deena Barnwell, Jim Craven

Board members and the public asked questions.

Two candidates were not present. The board tabled this decision until next month.

Commitment: Erin will follow up with board candidates to see what they agree to post on the website.

Conflict of Interest Law- Becky reviewed the law and there was general discussion regarding issues of conflict of interest that may arise. Judy suggested that anyone who is interested in crafting a policy to address conflict of interest issue bring it to the governance/personnel committee.

Volunteers for the Conflict Resolution Committee - presented by Ani. Steve Buchert and Matt Burns are interested in being volunteers on the conflict resolution committee. Ani will present a slate of 3 people or more to fill the volunteer slots for the Conflict Resolution Committee.

Engineering Committee Responsibilities - presented by Louis. The document will be presented for review by the Governance/Personnel Committee.

Board liaison policy- It became apparent that there is a conflict between the proposed board liaison policy and the programming committee policy. The board recommended that the programming committee policy becomes aligned with the proposed board liaison policy, and all needs to be aligned with the KBOO bylaws. Referred back to the governance/personnel committee.

Three Words- branding for KBOO. There was a general discussion regarding how best to develop a branding for the station. Nia agreed to bring this issue to the Development Committee and bring it back to the board.


Web coordinator is leaving- looking to hiring for new web coordinator.

Hand-out given out on good organizations to support for Haiti.

Meeting adjourned at 9:19pm.

Closed Session around 9:30pm.

Session re-opened at 12:30am.

Board members present: Becky, Erin, Louis, Joe, Maire, Marty, Judy

The board accepts the recommendation from Arthur to lay him off, in order to effect budgetary savings to decrease the deficit, and in light of the unsustainable nature of the station manager position in its current form. His final date of employment is yet to be set but will occur some time in mid February. The decision of the interim station manager will be made at a later date, and a permanent replacement will not be sought until after a process of organizational evaluation and restructuring has occurred.

We hope that Arthur will continue with the radio station by volunteering in the areas of strategic planning, fundraising, and finance in the future. The board appreciates the service that Arthur has provided the station over the years.

Consensus was not achieved so a vote was taken. 6 in favor, Maire voted against. Resolution was passed.

In response to a complaint from Nia Lewis against Arthur Davis, the Board of Directors conducted an internal investigation and did not find evidence to sustain the allegations that Arthur violated KBOO rules and policies. Resolution was passed with consensus by the Board.

The board authorizes the board president to enter into a contract with an employment discrimination attorney for the purpose of an independent review on the manner in which the complaint by Nia against Arthur was handled by the KBOO Board of Directors. Nia will be consulted regarding which attorney will be hired. At such time the review is completed, a report will be made to the board and appropriate action will be taken. Consensus was not achieved. 5 in support, Joe stood aside, Maire blocked. This resolution was not passed.

Maire proposed that an independent investigation be conducted in regards to Nia Lewis' complaint. Consensus was not achieved. Maire called for a vote. There was no second. Resolution did not go for a vote. This resolution was not passed.


Public Comments Written Statement

Zale Comments:

In response to the actions and inaction of the station manager and board members, KBOO staff and volunteers continue to express their concern for the future of our radio station. KBOO is our haven in an increasingly difficult world of corporate control, abuses of power and general malaise. It’s our community. Without regard for our personal futures at the station, we will stand up and fight for our community. From what I see, the board president, former board president and station manager see our community’s actions as personal attacks upon them—or whomever might be in their positions. For some reason, they don’t seem to recognize that their actions—and again, inaction—are cause for such uproar. Their response includes continued clandestine maneuvering and attempts to silence those willing to speak out, as if the problem will just magically go away once certain individuals have lost all of their power to act on their beliefs. If the board sees as their main function the protection—or support—of the station manager, to the detriment of the radio station, the reaction from the community will only get louder, and, I’m afraid, uglier. I’ve seen some ugly responses from many of the prime actors on all sides of this struggle, and none of it makes me very happy. As we move forward to resolve our current crisis, I would encourage all parties to take a deep breath, take a step back, and remember their love of community which brought us together here at KBOO. Before acting, let’s consider the consequences of our actions. Are we really solving any problems, or are we simply fanning the fire, causing it to flame out of control and engulf us all and our beloved radio station.


Thank you,


Zale Chadwick