12 January 2010 Program Committee Minutes

1. Agenda: Roll Call and Minutes
13 members were counted:
 Chris Merrick - Staff
 Kathleen Stephenson-Staff
 Jenka /soderberg-Staff
Ed Kraus
Rabia Yamin
rogr Warner
Carmen Martin
Joe Esavato
Bill Resnick
Daniel Flessas
Samantha King
John Mackey-guest
Robert Vargar-guest
Robert Hamilton-guest
Bridget Sullivan-guest
Ryan Arshad-absent
Kathleen Report:
-Gone for a week and a half over Xmas.-Participated in some of the trainings in Dec, 09.-Continuing evaluationsand meetings with programmers.-Planning for Membership Drive. Guest, than you gifts, New and PA on Jan29, THeme is one year later-What do progressives do? And What does Oboma do next?-Quarterly reports for the FCC done on time.
Jenka- Working on :Membership drive. Special 12/30/09 1 year later-The Anniversery of the Isreali invasion of the Gaza strip. Make up classes coming up. Ongoing evaluation f programs. Producer grants-once a year. Asked if enough money will hopefully to go to training for M-P training.
Chris-Pledge Drive. MLK Day Amin producer. We have 3 hours of Portland Music Awards broadcasting.
Mark Dasure- quiting KBOO. Possible on air complaint for" inapropriate content."
Erin Yanke is working on training. Last chance to do MP training - to be announced.
"Tammy and Alicia sounded good".
"Dicision Making Materials" -study , review and discuss at next meeting.
And the "Program Committee Reposebilities"
Goals are similar to 2009. Next meeting  know if ok for one  to participate only partially at Program meetings and still be counted as attending.
Minutes approved.
2.Election of New Officers:
Meeting approved rotating Secretary to take minutes. Samantha King took this meetings minutes 1/12/10.
Rabia and Conch were nominated for chair . Conch declined. Genevive and Jenka were nominated for Chair. Jenka was elected.
Rabia and Roger Warren were nominated for Vice Chair. Rabia was elected.
Joe and Genevive are board leasons.
3.Discussion for  Program scheduals:
Four new program proposals- American Indian. Indy ,(add two others at next meeting).
Complaints about 3 rotating hosts on "Movin' On" show. Define idenity of each show regardless of host.
We use outside evaluators. We voted on Wed and Thursday as is listed on the board and voted for.
Tues; Noon to 1:00pm  to pilot shows. Dates to be announced.
Monday: Noontime Jamboree to be followed by new programs
Friday: next meeting, mostly for Spanish programs.
Monday: 2-4 pm next meeting.
Talk of a possible retreat to hash out new programing
Meeting adjorned 9:00 pm