Programming Advisory Committee

The Programming Advisory Committee is made up of the Program Director, Program staff, a Board representative and volunteer members.  The Committee is tasked with advising the Program Director on programming changes, schedule and evaluations.

Click here for a May 2010 update on the Programming Excellence project

Click here for information about the current schedule and process for programming changes.

The committee is trying to update the posting of our past monthly minutes online, and will try to post the future meeting minutes in a timely manner once they are approved by the committee.

The Programming Advisory Committee meets at KBOO 's studios on the second Tuesday of every month from 7 - 9 pm.  Meetings are open to all members and volunteers in good standing.




Minutes 2014

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14 December 2010 Program Committee Meeting Minutes

Programming Committee Minutes – December 14, 2010

Present: Roger Warner (Acting Chair) Chris Merrick (Minutes) , Rebecca Nay, John Mackey, Kurt Lauer, Paula Small, Per Fagereng, Vicki Creel (Redwillow), Becky Chiao, Daniel Flessas.

Absent: Jay Bozich, Samantha King, Ed Kraus.

Excused absence: Rabia Yeaman, Kathleen Stephenson.

Guests: Sekoynia Wright, Terrel Lowery, Cashis Game, Antone Jarrell, Mel Reslor, Shusli Baseler, Eugene Johnson, Bill Flood, Josh Harper.


Chris: working on MLK Day, Winter Drive specials, finishing the PRETC grant report, updating quarterly PTFT grant report, some work on management policy revisions, will be out of town end of December.

Rebecca: New recruits in training for Friday news, hoping for a weekly half-hour of “deep investigative pieces.”

Becky: Board meeting on December 20, the board would like to review the program committee schedule of renewing all programs only once every two years, is that enough?

John: Digital Editing Room is finished, back online, Studio Two next in January. Some public affairs such as talk shows can continue in the room but the mixing deck will be out of service for several weeks.

Program Proposals

Josh (returning from November) presented written proposal and demo CDs. Proposal for a 16-part series of mixtapes. Questions about timeline, weekly? monthly? Language problems before 10:00 pm? Josh says edited content if necessary, he would aim at 7:00 – 8:00 pm for example. Would he continue the show after 16 weeks? Maybe yes, maybe no. Could put together a “mix” collective for a future proposal. Podcasting a definite goal.

Mel - proposal for “hot issues” at midnight, news, interviews, commentary, some rebroadcasting of daytime public affairs. Questions about late nights, would listeners tune in for P.A. at midnight? Maybe yes, maybe no. Mel hopes to stimulate a collective to produce more content in the future, though he has a lot of archive material. Mel also has a website entry called “The Language Room,” check it out.

Proposal by Sekonia, Paula, Keller Henry, and Nia Lewis for a new show to replace “Hard Knock Radio.” A new collective for African American news and interviews. Paula suggests every other Thursday to start, as a lead-in to her music show. If successful, maybe expand to weekly. “In the Kitchen” is tentative title.

Terrel, Cashis, and Antone presented their proposal for a weekly show (7:00 – 8:00 pm as well), for local, as well as international interviews of relevance.“Community Round Table” is working name. Possibly every evening? Weekly okay. They suggest a 50/50 mix of public affairs and music, à la “Hard Knock Radio.”

At this point Rebecca pointed out that “Hard Knock Radio” is on the Pacifica chopping block, so we are definitely looking for local replacement programming.

Strategic Planning

Bill Flood outlined the process and goals of the strategic planning committee. Some concern about whether all meetings are closed to the public, Bill suggests that the committee has specific things it meets about, but will have open meetings over the next twelve months, and will be interviewing staff and volunteers about how KBOO works. Will also produce a big honkin’ survey about all KBOO programming in 2011.

Free Speech Radio News

Rebecca states FSRN will cease as of December 23. They will offer “best of” reruns. What? We will need immediate replacement news at 5:30 – 6:00 pm each evening. Suggestions include:

  1. An hour-long local newscast
  2. More “Counterspin” type shows
  3. Other Pacifica syndicated news shows
  4. “War News,” (weekly) produced at Dartmouth(?)
  5. A Vancouver (Washington) – specific newscast
  6. State legislative report once a week
  7. Spanish newscast once a week (maybe on Tuesday?)

News department will be meeting this week and work out a schedule. Jenka Soderberg may be in town, will join in if possible.

Thursday Indian Program Decision

Update on proposals for “Mitakuye Oyasin” with Jim Craven and Dean Lookinghawk, and “Tillicum Wawa” with Shusli, Eugene, and Redwillow. Analysis of the two shows, note for record that MO was on probation as of the August program committee meeting, and that we asked TW for a pilot program, which turned into three pilot programs.

M/S/P to have “Tillicum Wawa” on every week, 6:00 – 7:00 pm. Rebecca and Chris will work out the schedule and talk to Jim and Dean.


Monday, January 17, 11:30 am – 6:00 pm. No producer as yet, everything else is pretty much the same. Paula asked about board members being there for outreach, why not? said the committee.

Winter Drive

January 27 – February 5. Several music specials, a News and P.A. Day on February 4th. Goal is fifty big ones.

Program Committee Listening Party

We all forgot that we scheduled a listening party on Sunday, January 9, to listen to a bunch of airchecks and get the ball rolling on critical listening and program renewals. Rebecca volunteered her house. Chris will e-mail the committee to get the schedule and list of shows together.

Adjourned at 9:13 pm.

8 June 2010 Program Committee Meeting Minutes

Program committee meeting

Present: Chris, Kathleen, Jenka, Ed Kraus, Roger Warner, Rabia Yeaman, Kurt Lauer, SW Conser (late)
Absent (without excuse): Bill Resnick, Daniel Flessas, Deena Barnwell, Maura Cullen, John Mackey, Samantha King, Red Willow, Per Fagering
Jenka reports on Programming excellence grant – there will be a community gathering this summer as part of the grant to get feedback from programmers and community on this process –
Rabia and Ed Kraus – how will this be different from the last 9 months of program committee meetings? What will it entail?
Chris – This is part of the grant, with a detailed survey and detailed criteria – in an online survey, you only get a certain level of detail
Rabia – would like to see a technical quality survey online all the time to get feedback to volunteer hosts
-would like to get arbitron numbers, and an ongoing survey to measure listenership
Chris – There will be a survey as part of this grant, and not just one, but several surveys. Arbitron switched to a new system called the ‘people meter’, which increased the cost from $1200 to $7000
Kathleen – Are the goals of Programming excellence grant the same goals reflected in Programming Excellence grant – they may be different goals.
Roger – There should be things in the survey to ask people about the programs they listen to – some of the questions on the past survey are questions that should remain on a future survey. Could there be program-specific questions?
Rabia – for the survey, should be limited to five questions.
Jenka – which 5 questions do you suggest?
Roger – maybe 5 questions, then something at the bottom for a longer form – also, use an on-air spot.
Kurt – Not sure of role as Board member – should I participate in discussion, or just listen?
--response from several people: participate in discussion, bring summary back to Board
What is the purpose of survey? To determine who is listening to what?
Chris – We have a survey for the grant which is about the technical presentation of programs – we’d also like to do a survey on how many people are listening, and to which programs.
Kurt – The survey should include on-air spots and it should be on the front page of the website. Also, should include a list of all programs, and people can pick which programs they listen to.
Ed – Drive numbers came in for the winter drive, did we get numbers like that for the spring drive? (Not yet)   Also, can we get a printout of webcast numbers? That would help in measuring audience. What is currently on the plate for program committee to address? Sundays? Afternoons?
Chris – Monday 2-4, Friday 1:30 – 4 currently open for proposals. After we get through program evaluations for Sunday afternoons, we will address Sundays as well.
Jenka – The timeline says we should have a decision on the afternoon music programming by the end of June.
Chris – won’t happen by then, should be able to do it in July. There are people auditioning on Monday and Friday afternoons – Matt Clark - Monday Sampler on Monday, Samantha and Red Willow – Indian Country on Fridays.
Roger – Matt Clark’s show is consistent when it’s a music program, but he often does a hybrid show with movie reviews, news, stories, interviews, which is not as compelling. Also, Roger did minute-by-minute eval of Indian Country – music selection weak…..the show could be compelling as a hybrid/public affairs show on a shorter time slot. Would like to listen to it more.
SW Conser – John Talley used to have native musicians live on the air, this is something that’s lacking.
Rabia – noted quality issues with Indian Country
Kathleen – would be interested to know how connected this show and Mitakuye Oyasin are with the local native community.
Chris – hasn’t received any feedback from native community – on the show, the hosts take callers from people who say they like the show, but without any significant content
Rabia – thinks it’s a good idea for new proposals to submit a cd along with their written proposal
Kurt – thinks there should be three recorded shows recorded as an audition
Ed – What shows are requesting the Friday slot?
Chris – two people have proposals for folk/bluegrass hybrids – one person proposing for Friday could be on Monday but prefers Friday. Would be better to have 12 – 2 and 2 – 4 slots.
SW Conser – doesn’t think it matters as much whether a show ends at 1:30 or 2, but whether it’s compatible with what comes next.
Ed – There is a tension between a program that serves a specific community (like the Yiddish Hour) and one meant to draw in listeners.
Rabia – A good program can do both. Question – can people be required to submit a demo before they go on the air?
Jenka – asks Chris whether the people who have proposals in now have submitted pilot programs.
Chris – no, the current proposals are written only – there is a question of whether someone who prepares a good demo could do ok on the air, and they should be tested on the air.
Jenka – there are some hosts who simply can’t prepare a good demo, so at least they could be weeded out at that stage. Also, could there be a late night slot for on-air auditions?
Chris – We could use the 5th week of the month, when there are no shows scheduled for certain time slots – like Friday 10 to midnight.
Roger – there’s a 5th Friday in July, and one in October.
Chris – tries to fit the show with the timeslot – should fit the genre of what’s already on.

May 2010 Program Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes of 5-12-10 Programming Committee Meeting
In Attendence:
Redwillow, Jenka, Samantha, Deena, Kathleen, Chris, Conch, Per, Rodger, and Ed

Drive report from Chris
Have received 78K toward a goal of 95K
Raffle tickets will possibly provide a net 48k. First time we have legally been able to do a raffle.
Lawsuit update
The suit was dropped. Legal fees of 48K to defend the against the suit.

PTFP grant update
Grant was applied for in order to replace for mixers and other equipment  by John Mackey and ? Was approved and equipment will be in July.

Kathleen’s report
Has been working on drive and doesn’t have a report.
Jenka has been awarded a ? fellowship from Stanford and will be in Palo Alto in the summer.
Programming Excellence grant money has to be spent by the end of the year.
John reported that the remote control signal has down for about 2 hours this last week and he investigated the cause. No error messages were transmitted. Harris Field rep was checked with.
Remote control circuit may need to be replaced at a cost of 5k to 5500.

Live remotes
June 26th No Fest experimental music
Blues Festival
July 31st Hawthorne Bridge Festival Live on the Bridge
Pickathon Bluegrass Show August
Jenka suggested that we do some fundraising at the live remotes.
New equipment: have a new device a “tie line”. Used for bringing in audio for remote broadcasts.
A memorandum of understanding regarding the remotes.

Monday and Friday Schedule

Monday afternoon 2-4
All that airtime is up in the air
Auditions will be coming on at those times
DJ Keiz
Redwillow and Samantha have a proposal in for a Native American show.
Folks will be putting in demos in through May.
Rabia suggested that we use drive pledge numbers from the last 3 pledges for the suggested shows and the arbitron numbers to guide decisions for the programs.
Proposals from Flower Elliot, Nick Walker and Matthew Clark and Feliz Pinquil were distributed.

Discussion about podcasting
Rabia talked to Lucia programming for the Italian Hour regarding being a model for biliqual shows and she has done an essay regarding this type of show. How she raises money through her show and this could possibly become a standard. Jenka asked for a copy of the essay for use for the station.
Chris said he would send Samantha and Redwillow’s proposal to the committee.
Marian?  Wants to do a German show. Kathleen suggested that she submit a demo in June.
Question about Flower Elliot’s proposal. Was it complete or sent to Chris by e-mail.
Two two hour slot or 1 and ½ hour slots?
Discussion about blocks and strips.
Discussion about the website not being user friendly. Can’t find the entire programming grid easily.
Rabia discussed the programmer centric and whether it is listener focused.
Wants to have some decisions  for Mondays and Fridays schedules maybe made by the end of June and the next programming committee meeting. Chris will send out e-mails about the proposed shows so that we can listen and evaluate the show.

Discussion about evaluation of programs and a four week review and critique done by Kathleen, Jenka and Chris so that programs could improve.
The committee members could do a minute by minute evaluation new program goes on 30 days after starting.
Chris wants the committee to consider compatible programming and would maybe like 3 shows as opposed to two hour ones.
For the June meeting we will invite the current Monday or Friday programmers to come to the meeting and speak for a short time to promote their show. Chris will send e-mail to the committee members to remind them to listen to those proposed shows.
Goal is to get the weekend time slots filled before Jenka leaves for her fellowship.
It was decided that Rabia would serve as chair of the committee, will take over for Jenka until she returns.

Web page database discussion.
Replacement for instant replay is operational. It’s the Booplayer and may be marketable to other stations.

Submitted by Redwillow

April 2010 Program Committee Minutes


Program Committee Meeting 041310
Attending: Roger Warner, SW Conser, Samantha King, Don Jacobson, Per Fagereng, Bill Resnick, Brianne Hughes, Robert Barncord, Kathleen S minutes. Rabia Y is sick. Chris is ? Red Willow (9Pm)
Staff Reports
Jenka reports on Drive starts Apr 29th. Goal 95 thousand. Specials include News PA Day on 5/7. Stevie Wonder Day on 5/6. Sun Lee is designing a flyer for the specials. Mother’s Day special starting at 8 PM-6AM on May 7th. Don J doing a Pete Seeger on May 14th – he doesn’t know if it is going long.
Also Earthday specials on April 22. Tomorrow Wed 4/14 at 5:30 there is a planning meeting for Earthday. 12 hours of PA and 12 hours environmental sounds. We will offer the KBOO flashdrive as a thank you gift of PA Audio.
Kathleen – Membership Drive prep, Earthday prep, Strategic Planning meetings, Anti-oppression training.
Public Comment:
Don Jacobson discusses his proposal for “The Long and Dusty Road” 2 hours/week. Proposing this for the 1:30-3PM slot on Friday.
Jenka says she has a proposal for a weekly economics show from Jim Craven.
Jenka says we need Chris for the afternoon update.
Committee Responsibilities:
 What does the Committee do? The last goals were for last year. Improve quality and scheduling to better serve the community and improve sound. Community Excellence Grant.
What do we see as the Committee’s Responsibility. Roger says we advise staff on what to do. Who is our board liaison? Not here tonight. What is the Comm currently doing? We are finishing the afternoon schedule changes, looking at Sundays and re-evaluating evening schedule. Jenka needs more people to fill out minute by minute log for any shows. If you have time, talk to J and she will give you info or a CD for listening. So another role for the Comm is evals. Are we fulfilling our by-law directive? Daniel suggests that we solicit more info from the community. Different ways to do that…Ask on air for calls, do another survey, check the website for a survey. There are so many communities to reach that we need to get programmers to go out in the community. Daniel says there is concern in the African American community about a loss of presence on the station.
Jenka says working with the outreach and development committees would be good. How to survey non-listeners??
Is there a need for the committee to change the by-laws to do better work. Outreach? Meeting schedule? Roger asks how do you schedule a meeting for people not working 9-5 schedule.
Jenka asks if we could figure out a way to provide child-care. We might get more parents.
After the drive we hope to schedule another community meeting to get feedback on how we are doing.
Bill says we are barely able to evaluate shows. In fact we don’t do a good enough job to provide feedback on a consistent basis where they would be able to keep up and improve.
If you hear something on a show, pass it on to the staff person overseeing that show ASAP.
We are starting to have listening sessions, but it’s hard to get people to come to them.
We used to have sun-setting of shows. Everyone reapplies every year with the submission of an air check.
Also each new show should have an eval after 3 months. We are not doing that.
General agreement on improvement that has happened since we started the excellence trainings and evals. People say they learned a lot from Marilyn Pittman trainings.
Jenka suggests a self-evaluation and filling out of minute by minute form by shows each year.
Bill says we have to keep repeating the fundamentals. Like coaching the football team.
Kathleen sees the need for a system of follow-up after the initial evaluations of programs. This means a regular procedure to keep listening and evaluating.
Roger suggests some kind of feedback system on the website – here is a survey to complete on a show you are listening to.
Samantha asks about website comments – how does the programmer tell people to access the comment function on the website?
Jenka says there was a workshop at NFCB last year given by another pd who gives lots of feedback to programmers. Maybe he doesn’t do anything else?
Listening Session
There was a suggestion that we listen to samples of proposed programs…Jenka brings in a sample of “Monday Sampler.” The Committee listens.
Comments include: Beginning should be tighter, lay-out what you are going to do, don’t narrate your process. Does his hybrid show work? Do people who want music only stay tuned through the talk?
Conch says we seem to have lost two of the best odd-ball shows – Occidental Tourist and Lisa Loving’s show. Would Kathy alternate with Matt?
Matt trying to play material that has wide appeal, feel-good music, says Daniel.
Indian Country – opens with AIM theme song – perhaps microphones not on? Level on Samantha is too loud. Does Louis have headphones on? “Okay” – Beware of saying this everytime you go on microphone. Calendar listings with drumming in the background. Weak preparation. They seemed surprised by each segue. Music selection was trite or played out. Try to play different music. Broaden the music selection. Good community outreach – inclusion of events, voices, not just friends and family etc.
Need to work on introduction to the show – what do you want to do – lay it out there.
Movin On with Don Jacobson – Gives show and legal ID. Beginning of show includes standard beginning with Will Geer reciting Woody Guthrie and then goes into instrumental. Don reads underwriting. Intro to Dan Hicks new Cd – level too loud at the beginning. Dan h does Bob Dylan. Then goes to theme after set and re-ID’s tracks – interesting asides. Back to theme before next set. Good back announcing and good variety. Next tune is too loud at first.
Don says he is interested in doing live music…themes Earthday, MLK, etc.. Tries to be inclusive. How is Long and Dusty Road different from MO…Probably have slightly more traditional music. Would give up spot on Movin On. Wants to be on every week so he can build audience. Don reads “Sing Out” magazine regularly. Tries to go between new and archived material. Wants to get live musicians twice a month. Like they are performing in your living room.
Samantha will do another Indian Country this Friday from 1:30-3PM. Don says Chris has CDs of Don’s shows for people to listen, if needed.
We do not know when a decision will be made about this open slot.

9 Feb 2010 Program Committee Minutes


Feb 9 2010   Program Committee Minutes
7:10 come to order Attendees:
Jenka Soderberg, Rabia Yeaman, Chris Merrick, Ed Kraus, John Mackey (seated tonight), Kathleen Stephenson, Samantha King, Roger Warner, Carmen Martin-Stiles, Bill Resnick
Partial attendees: SW Conser(Conch), Daniel Flessas, Joe Azevedo
Public attendees: Matt Clark(Monday 2pm), Robert Barncord(taking notes), Edith Molina,.Don Jacobson, Shaheed Haamid, Ruth Parra(Tonalli)
Absent: Red Willow (excused), Genevieve (quit)
Board Chair Jenka addresses consensus process at meetings, using printed handouts.
 2-page handout describing possible methods of decision making at meetings.
1-page of Committee policies.
Vote taken on how to indicate strength of agreement on any proposal – method adopted is a show of hands with number of fingers showing degree of approval. Members approve the method with average
Jenka asks for public comment or proposal.
Moving on host wants to continue, feeling satisfied with time slot, could program another hour if needed. 
Matt Clark wants to continue Monday afternoon and Gremlin Time – maybe move radio theater to an earlier time in the day.
Ruth Parra indicates satisfaction with her show – Tonalli, Tue 2:30 – 4pm.
Kathleen Stephenson has been busy doing evaluations and planning for International Womens Day programming and all the usual daytime news/public business and specials. No proposals.
                Ed Kraus questions how the evaluation process is going. Kathleen is positive about the evaluations being useful in helping show hosts to see in detail how they could improve their presentations.
Jenka announces that Arthur Davis was laid off. Chris Merrick will be the acting point of contact for Station Manager, while the station undergoes a process of administrative restructuring.
Chris announces the next pledge drive for May.   Program notes: 
                Open slots – Jamilah Bourdon is gone. Tinman Alley is going to be ending, leaving an open slot. Alternating slots of Afrotainment will be open at the end of Feb.    Saturday evening possible changes discussed. Saturday morning Swing&Country host needs replacement – not known if temporary or permanent.
                Jenka says Haiti fundraiser will be next Thursday (Feb 18), and presents numerous details of the day-long event. It will be done in the same manner as a pledge drive, for one day, all proceeds going to the people of Haiti. Samantha expresses concern about reliability of sending cash to Haiti. 
                Jenka announces new training sessions for host training – Program Excellence –
Jenka establishes process for making a list of who is next to speak during discussions. Asks attendees to raise hand if they have a comment.
Jenka announces annual certification process for all programmers.
Ed Kraus approves of staff communicating to all KBOO peopl e through the website policies of behavior.
FIRST agenda item
Chris gives handout of daytime weekday afternoon suggestions from himself and another from Jenka.
All proposals are for music programming, with changes in times and days.
                Chris handout contains three proposals for daily show shedule changes noon to 4pm slot.
                Chris explains thinking behind his proposals, in detail. Listenership is down. Will changing shows bring listener number up? It is unclear. Consensus tonight on these proposals is crucial.
Tom Hartman has sent info about his syndicated program for consideration by the station……..
Discussion begins. Comments and questions:
 Rabia suggests that keeping music from noon to 4pm is not a real change, it is just reshuffling the same shows. KBOO could contemplate a more radical change in this timeslot (daytime afternoons).
Daniel asks why the suggestions involve moving Espanol to Friday. Chris responds that this is the result of a lot of discussion with all parties involved, and he explains in detail. Jenka agrees.
Conch suggests a different option of moving shows to include World Music on Friday. Then says Tom Hartman could be considered as a show host.
Ed K. says Tom Hartman idea should be addressed at a later time in detail, seriously considering the proposal. Also prefers keeping noon-4 as music.
 Don says Moving On changing to Monday or Tuesdaywould alter the entire nature of the show, to probably not include live music anymore.
Daniel says Moving on could accommodate the change and survive.
Matt says interaction on-air with listeners is a good idea to determine what the audience thinks.   Has ideas about Tom Hartman, or another political comment call-in show host.
Edith says Spanish language shows connect with a large audience, and KBOO shows are the only ones who address community news and public affairs, and the KBOO mission statement includes this policy of outreach to the underserved communities.
John Mackey says Espanol KBOO shows are well known in Portland by his experience. Tom Hartman, once again, sounds good, but should be addressed soon in a special meeting, to get resolution.
Kathleen asks how Friday Espanol would work, in detail. Chris responds, in detail, about why the suggestions are what they are.
Ruth asks about proposed changes to Espanol shows.    Defends current timeslot and format, indicates reluctance to change.
Carmen supports Friday for Espanol.
.Comments done
Jenka asks for straw poll for the 4 sets of proposed changes to indicate general consensus.
General discussion ensues, discussing details of each proposal. 
Option 1 – 3 hands; Option 2 – 0; Option 3 – 6; Option 4 – 1…………………………..
Second show of hands is the same Option 3 gets 6 votes. 
Option 1 supporters asked for comments by Jenka –
Carmen supports keeping her show on Friday; Samantha supports proposals that include open slots; Bill says KBOO tradition is important – Chris explains proposals in detail;
 Jenka says she has confidence that show hosts can accommodate changes successfully; Ed K asks Carmen about how KBOO as a community can help her keep her show successful if it is moved to a different day – Carmen states what the difficulties would be for her;
Chris says lets go with Option 3, it could work. Samantha asks about the monthly open slot on Monday at 2pm. Yes, there will be an opening.
 Jenka mentions Spanish language openings on Sunday.
Rabia asks about website issues for programmers. Technical discussion, no resolution
SECOND agenda item: Host Requirements…………..
Handout of 3 pages for show hosts, including Requirements. 
Jenka says take it home and read it, review it, bring it back to the next meeting.

12 January 2010 Program Committee Minutes

1. Agenda: Roll Call and Minutes
13 members were counted:
 Chris Merrick - Staff
 Kathleen Stephenson-Staff
 Jenka /soderberg-Staff
Ed Kraus
Rabia Yamin
rogr Warner
Carmen Martin
Joe Esavato
Bill Resnick
Daniel Flessas
Samantha King
John Mackey-guest
Robert Vargar-guest
Robert Hamilton-guest
Bridget Sullivan-guest
Ryan Arshad-absent
Kathleen Report:
-Gone for a week and a half over Xmas.-Participated in some of the trainings in Dec, 09.-Continuing evaluationsand meetings with programmers.-Planning for Membership Drive. Guest, than you gifts, New and PA on Jan29, THeme is one year later-What do progressives do? And What does Oboma do next?-Quarterly reports for the FCC done on time.
Jenka- Working on :Membership drive. Special 12/30/09 1 year later-The Anniversery of the Isreali invasion of the Gaza strip. Make up classes coming up. Ongoing evaluation f programs. Producer grants-once a year. Asked if enough money will hopefully to go to training for M-P training.
Chris-Pledge Drive. MLK Day Amin producer. We have 3 hours of Portland Music Awards broadcasting.
Mark Dasure- quiting KBOO. Possible on air complaint for" inapropriate content."
Erin Yanke is working on training. Last chance to do MP training - to be announced.
"Tammy and Alicia sounded good".
"Dicision Making Materials" -study , review and discuss at next meeting.
And the "Program Committee Reposebilities"
Goals are similar to 2009. Next meeting  know if ok for one  to participate only partially at Program meetings and still be counted as attending.
Minutes approved.
2.Election of New Officers:
Meeting approved rotating Secretary to take minutes. Samantha King took this meetings minutes 1/12/10.
Rabia and Conch were nominated for chair . Conch declined. Genevive and Jenka were nominated for Chair. Jenka was elected.
Rabia and Roger Warren were nominated for Vice Chair. Rabia was elected.
Joe and Genevive are board leasons.
3.Discussion for  Program scheduals:
Four new program proposals- American Indian. Indy ,(add two others at next meeting).
Complaints about 3 rotating hosts on "Movin' On" show. Define idenity of each show regardless of host.
We use outside evaluators. We voted on Wed and Thursday as is listed on the board and voted for.
Tues; Noon to 1:00pm  to pilot shows. Dates to be announced.
Monday: Noontime Jamboree to be followed by new programs
Friday: next meeting, mostly for Spanish programs.
Monday: 2-4 pm next meeting.
Talk of a possible retreat to hash out new programing
Meeting adjorned 9:00 pm

Program Committee 6/2011

KBOO Program Committee

Minutes 6/14/2011




Rebecca Ney-pm news

Per Fagareng

Rabia Yeaman--chair

Roger Warner

Kathleen Stevenson-am news

Chris Merrick-program director

Mel Reslor

Becky Chiao—notetaker

Reggae Bob

Kris Thomas


We started about 7:15 and met in the hallway because there was a volunteer orientation in the big room in the back.


Becky distributed the minutes from the April meeting.  The May meeting was cancelled because of the drive.




Kathleen--AM public affairs shows update and new programs


Old Mole Variety Hour completed, careful listening by volunteers and staff identified things that could be improved technological and content-wise.  The hosts got the feedback.


The Dirtbag has been completed, the host also filled out the forms so there was some consensus about possible improvements.  Kathleen may have found a volunteer to help some with the shows.


The Food Show is in flux, there is some feedback but completing it is is on hold


Voices from the Edge - 0 forms received
Presswatch - 1 form received
Between the Covers – Marianne Barisonek - 1 form received
Words and Pictures - 1 form received
Behind the Screen - 1 form received
Black Book Talk - 1 form received
Positively Revolting Talk - 1 form received
APA Compass - 0 forms received
One Land Many Voices - 2 forms received, evaluation in progress
It Takes a Village - 0 forms received
Community Grooves - 0 forms received
Digital Divide - 0 forms received

Most of the evaluation forms were completed by Per and Roger, one form was from Daniel.

It would be great if people would do more listening and fill out more forms for Kathleen.


Ed Goldberg is leaving he works at the classical station, so his Movie Talk slot will be open.  Kathleen is thinking of having people apply/audition for any type of arts show.  Rabia suggested something like reviews of websites.


PM News Report


This is Rebecca’s last meeting as the PM news rep for the committee but she will still stay on the committee as a volunteer and work on the program evaluation teams.


Ruth Kovach is moving back to Chicago and has been working to recruit new volunteers to host Prison Pipeline.  There will be a meeting next Monday night at 6 pm of several people who will audition for shows with the goal of having a collective to take over this important show.  We have 3 years of old show archives that we could also cull.


Reggae Bob said that he had been thinking about proposing a show for the Hard Knock slot but he will work on Prison Pipeline too to keep it on the air.


Roger agreed this is an important show.  Chris and Rebecca talked about recruiting people who had been in prison.


Rebecca suggested letting Labor Radio expand back to an hour on Monday nights.  Rabia said she has some reasons why she doesn’t support that, she thinks it is tighter now at 30 minutes.  Kathleen said that is a good thing to consult with Jenka about


Program Director Report


Chris is working on closing out the equipment grant, PTFP last step is filing a lien in Mult. County  on the equipment which is owned for 10 years by the govt.  We have to file a report once a year for 10 years until 2021.  Zale keeps track of the calendar/deadlines/reporting periods etc.


Jeff Lovell is contracted for 20-100 hours to evaluate our IT situation.  Rabia said that he is brilliant.


We’re flooded with requests for live remotes—No Fest and Blues Fest coming up, 1 day at Cathedral Park Jazz, 1 day of Pdx Pop.  Tom Hood is training people to do this.


There are also requests to go to shows, Rabia saw a show by the Sexy Water Spiders at a Record Store and said they were great.


We could use more volunteers who can do it, Tom can’t do them all himself.


Bob asked how many people do you need?  1 on site and 1 in the studio?  People said 2 on site minimum because of the mics and equipment and an operator here at the station.


Tom, VJ and Chris met with the Oregon Food Bank about the Blues Festival and they were starting to talk about next summer which is the 25th anniversary and how to make it really special.  The bottom line is that it is benefit for feeding hungry people.  We will integrate that into promoting the event.  We could also collect food here and get interviews from people who use the food bank and are hungry and play those on the radio-Kathleen said they are somewhat protective about identifying people who use the food bank’s services.  Maybe it could keep people’s identities anonymous.


Bob asked about the 3 day Reggae Festival.


We’ll do some live broadcasts from the Pickathon.


New shows Monday 2-4 alternating Matt and Randall—Chris would like it if people would evaluate them.  There is a new person Wednesday 3 am—Chris if anyone is up then.  They’ll be preempted on the Monday of the 4th of July so there are only 3 weeks before our next meeting.


Per has listened Mondays a couple of times, Per and Rabia had some comments, Chris asked them to put them in writing.


Rebecca said another new show Evesdrop on Thursday night could be evaluated.  Rabia said she thinks it worked when she listened to that they were talking about race, a tough topic in an informal way which was still substantive which she liked. 


Rabia said she is looking for contributors for The Digital Divide.  There is a flyer up and she has had one person contribute a 20 minute portion.  It is anything about technology.


Staff has been talking about membership drive specials—music or public affairs, and Erin Yanke is working on a guide on what makes a successful special.  She will take input from the program committee or anyone.  Certain things don’t work and there is no reason to preempt a successful show with something that doesn’t work.


Rabia asked Chris what does work—he said is should be more special than what it preempts.  If is it long there should be a group or team all working together on it, more people together doing segments keeps it lively and makes it seem more special.  With music people like boot-legs interviews things that aren’t available regularly.  The Bob Dylan 70th birthday special brought in more than it’s goal.  Rabia suggested that it works having a familiar artist than when it is a more obscure artist.  Name recognition helps.


If you do something like a history or a movement, you have to do a lot of promotion to educate the audience before hand.  Last minute specials don’t work very well.


Bob said, how about having the late night shows doing a special during prime time?


Roger suggests that live music works well-bluegrass example.  Artist theme which people don’t listen to much.


Rebecca experimented with public affairs special 7-8.  She said the Water Special was the star of the experiment in terms of raising money.  Going above and beyond what you ordinarily do—lots of extra work going into the special can be noticed by the listeners—getting more field recordings, big names.


Strategic Plan


Chris handed out parts that apply to Programming.

No one on the Program Committee  is on the Strategic Planning Committee so we didn’t really know if the board is looking for feedback from Committees.  If the board isn’t going to approve this right away, it would be helpful to have someone from the board or the Strategic Plan committee to let our committee know if we have time to look at it at the next meeting, maybe have a presentation.  He will talk to someone and let us know if there is time.


Becky said that as an individual board member she isn’t looking to approve the plan right away and asked if the committee wants time to review the plan and have input and if the Committee wants to do that she will take that back to the board.


Chris said he would like for the Committee to provide feedback to the board about what roadblocks to implementation there might be.


Roger referred to Action Step 2 on page 34 about once a year Programmer work sessions.  He felt it would be impossible to get everyone to come to a meeting.  Becky said maybe there could be an annual meeting that was not mandatory.


Kathleen and Rebecca think it would be useful if we had someone from the Strategic Planning committee to come to our next meeting.


Per referred to the Action Step 3 on pg 31 about Hood River and Corvallis which is controversial.  He says why not do mentoring to other communities, including Corvallis like with Pendleton—a network of local stations so that they can be self-sustaining.  Kathleen said we need more information, since a translator can’t be an independent station—you need a different license and different equipment.  Per said we should look into it because they have a spot on the dial.


Rabia expressed concerns about the grievance/appeal process mentioned on page 36.  She thinks it is very wrongheaded and that the Program Director should have the authority to decide what is on the air.  Kathleen said it could help if there was some way to direct controversies about cancelled shows that doesn’t take up a lot of Committee or Board time.


Becky said it would be good if the committee agreed with what will work or not work and them submit it to the board—that it doesn’t make sense to adopt a plan if the people who are going to be expected to implement the plan don’t have buy-in.


Chris talked about road testing—looking at some of the action plans and seeing how it might work or not work.


Roger said look at Action step 11 on page 36 about production teams. 


Currently there are 125 different shows per month so to create the teams we’d have to recruit 250 more volunteers to be on teams as peers.  Rebecca said there already are shows that have teams.  Kathleen said that the teams can include someone to help with things like uploading the audio which some hosts do need.


Rebecca said that every public affairs show should have a production team, but that music shows might not always need that.  She said it would help to have defined roles for people within a group.  How do you get a peer group for a music show?  Rabia said that it more for public affairs, to relieve staff.


Becky said since there is a lot of interest in people doing music shows, having teams would be a way to get more people involved and noted that this version of the plan is less specific than the draft which specified 4 people teams.  This seems more flexible.


Rebecca said we need to delineate roles for shows and that if a show can’t get the roles filled it might say something about the show.  Rabia said we could channel new volunteers in to roles.  Rebecca said we could have a board where people could sign up.


Per suggested teams for boarder time slots, not just individual show.


Rabia said she likes the idea of a collective rather than individual ownership about shows, with rotating roles.  But there can be difficulties.  Becky said if you just have a board with sign-ups what if someone signs up to help with a show and the host doesn’t like that person. Rabia said that might help with people who have too much of a sense of individual ownership over a show.  There could be benefits to the forced cooperation/collegiality so while it sounds impossible she is not opposed to it.


Bob said it is good for bringing in new people.


Rabia said it wouldn’t be one person’s show, it would be “the” show not “my” show and people collaborate and rotate through the roles.


Kathleen said that having a personality associated with a show can help to raise money.   Becky said there are also situations in which it is more the show than the host like the Grateful Dead and Bluegrass shows.


Becky will ask the Board for clarity and say that the Program Committee would like more information and to have input.  Bob suggested an on air discussion/debate about the plan.


Bob asked are you taking program proposals for the Hard Knock slot?  Yes—he  presented for someone who couldn’t come to the meeting because he is sick—Larry Collins an African American man who had a show called Collins Corner about 10 years ago.  He is on the Youth Gang Task Force, he has been on Lisa’s show.  He has some problems before in calling in when he couldn’t do his show and there was dead air.  Bob said he can and will apologize to Chris.  The proposal is a call in show for the African American community.  7-8 pm.  He has his pulse on the community.  Bob said he’d help.


The next steps for Larry would be to go through volunteer orientation, make sure he has been trained.  The form shows the training path.  If he goes through that, Rebecca said an audition would probably be possible.  By then Jenka will be back and she will be involved.


Kris said it is his second time coming to the meeting, it will take him some time to get a proposal together for a different kind of music show.  He has substituted on Afrotainment and got a lot of calls.  He interviewed someone.  He wonders where there would be a music slot like that.  He would like to add in live remotes.  He’s taken all classes.  There might not be open slots.  Rabia suggested buddying up with someone like Celeste.  Becky said maybe that is why we need to create the teams. 

Rebecca said fill out an actual program proposal.   Half the people who come in want their own music show.  Ani tells them you can be on a waiting list and suggests other ways people to volunteer in news or other things.  We want to be realistic with people currently we say there are no openings but people can go on a substitution list.


Bob said there should be a way for new volunteers to get involved.  Uploading shows, editing, engineering  etc.  Rabia said getting a lot of experience helps prepare someone to host a show.


Next meeting July 12


Program Committee 8/2011

Program Committee


August 16, 2011


Present—Jenka Soderberg, Chris Merrick, Becky Chiao notetaker,  Per Fagereng and Rabia Yeaman


Absent—Daniel Flessas is out of town, Kathleen Stevenson is on vacation, Mel Reslor is in finance committee meeting in the other room.




We changed the date this month.  All members acknowledged the change.  Jenka said one programmer took off work last week to come to the meeting, and can’t be present tonight.  She had a question about a leave of absence that Chris addressed.  Rabia asked who is subbing.


Rabia said the Hooligans may be available to sub when she is gone.  Chris said he would talk to Toni.


Issue:  Committee chair.  Rabia took over for Jenka while she was gone.  Chris nominated Jenka to be chair.  Rabia seconded it.  Discussion  Becky said does Jenka want to do it?  Jenka said depending on what happens with the budget, if she has enough time she will.  Rabia said that she thinks chairing a meeting is different from giving a staff report.  Becky said that the organization has to make sure that people are making more than minimum wage.  Chris withdrew his motion.  Rabia said we will talk about it next month.  She’ll chair until then.  There was a suggestion that Roger Warner may do it.


Mel gave Rabia some items—special programs 9/11?  Program committee packet for new committee members?  Chris said he will give Mel a copy tomorrow.


Jenka said she hasn’t made any decisions on Hard Rock Radio’s slot.  Sequoinia withdrew her proposal because she is moving back to Salt Lake City.  She is working with Craig on his submission.  Board candidate forum will be August 30 and 31 7-8pm.  Jenka is organizing a Village Building Convergence program on August 31 from 8-2.  There is an all-day September 11th special on Friday September 9th from 8-8  there is a meeting about that tomorrow at 7.  She is also thinking about Racism in Portland post-drive.  Prison Pipeline has a collective of about 8 people.  Jenka met with them.  They have all been training.  They are on Monday at 6:30 pm.  Membership drive October 6-21st.  She’ll be planning specials during that time.


 Becky asked some questions about the candidate forum and the drive.


Chris’s report—he has been working on the budget and the collective management proposal.  He and Erin Y are updating copyrights for a copyright class, and guidelines for what makes a good membership drive special, a checklist for live remotes which is different from the memorandum of agreement.  Beginning work on the drive, notifying people and trying to get some music specials.  He is revising the legal class with updated information from our attorney.  He is also trying to catch up with programmers to make sure they have signed Programmer Contracts.  Roger Leigh came in today to talk to the staff to explain what he has been doing, he gave a fairly detailed report including  accomplishments and obstacles.  He talked about hardware and software design and the future of the web.  The sense was that he puts a lot more time in than he gets paid for.  He did a four-page report.  Some of the obstacles had to do with staff continuity and communication, they will be working with him.


July Minutes—Chris brought copies.  Chris moves to approve the July minutes, Jenka seconded.  No one objects to approve the minutes.  Chris posts them on the bulletin board.  Becky asked if we are posting them on the web.  Rabia asked about the Programming blog, she would post them there and not just on her blog.


Jenka brought a proposal for Organic City Sounds from Evan Tenenbaum 7 minute-long pieces he is already producing on his website.  She said this should probably go to Kathleen since it is for a daytime program.  Rabia said she would try to listen.


Becky made some proposals via email—1st was to replace Spanish Language programming with AAA music over time and to offer assistance in developing an HD radio station or give them the second webstream.  She said she talked to Larry Kleinman about Radio Movemiento in Woodburn and they are doing better than the commercial Spanish stations there.  They are 24 hours and recently upgraded their frequency.  We could work with them if we had a plan and could organize the latino community here.


Jenka said that in the next couple of years there will be multiple low power fm frequencies opening up and she has been talking to groups who are interested in getting a full-time low power Spanish language station.  She said that Sunday’s programming isn’t much different from what is on El Rey.  She also has the idea of doing live remotes from Saturday Market.  She said if we just cut Spanish Programming there will be some resentment.


Rabia suggested a larger program change which is counter programming to OPB—6-9 news and public affairs  9-12  music and 12-7 news and public affairs in the afternoon  and 7-night music.  She said it isn’t working to keep doing the same thing.  We could fill a music gap in the mornings.


Jenka disagrees that changing one day a week won’t make a difference.  When we changed Saturday’s format we did get more listenership.  Morning public affairs are currently the second biggest membership draws.  We could do damage to that strength if we changed.


Chris said the NFCB sent out the question—are you a community access station or a community service station?  Community access lets anyone in.  Community service looks at what the majority of listeners want.  The issue of Spanish programming raises the issue of whether we are community access or community service oriented. 


If we get to having a second web stream for internet programming, then we should focus the fm programming to more popular programming and have the more controversial/fringe programming would focus on the web, podcasting.  FM could be the middle of the bell curve, he presented that to the staff and they weren’t that interested.  Web on one end.   Jenka said that they way he presented it wasn’t very appealing.


We want to be true to the mission statement which is to serve underserved communities, social justice environmentalism.  Per mentioned that there are a lot of political issues in Latin America that our listeners would be interested in hearing in English.   He mentioned Carlos Chavez has done some good shows.  Rabia said she heard a show Armando did with a political guest. 


Becky said she was not suggesting an abrupt change, but she feels we should do something to reinvigorate our connection to the Latino community in Portland and she would continue to talk to people about it.


Strategic Plan follow-up—Plan mentions a Programmer meeting annually in September.  We should start planning this.  Part of this would be a survey—we can ask for ideas about how to use one fm signal, 2 HD stations, two web streams and podcasts on the web.   Looking at a 5 year plan—we can start now to get input on how to increase listenership.    We can address issues like Spanish language programming.    Another example is WILL a classical music station that put all world music on it’s HD band.


Per asked what are the numbers on radio vs. internet.  Jenka said that online is steadily surpassing the other media.    Chris said people who like the radio will listen on their phone or computer if it is available.


Chris said the next step will be to get programmers together to start talking about these issues as detailed in the Strategic Plan.


Rabia talked about the difference between the Programming Charter and the Mission Statement and wants to the Program Committee to make the Charter more concrete and less vague. 


Chris said some people think we should be more like Portland Cable access, where  the mission is just to train people and let them put on whatever they want.  Currently the public access model is contrary to the Program Charter.   Jenka said she thinks the Charter and mission of KBOO are pretty clear.  Becky said she would like to expand access to more people, but keep the mission of being an alternative to the status quo with the goal of making the world a better place.


Jenka said we could have the news as video.


We need to pick a day to have the Programmer worksession.  The annual meeting is Saturday September 17th.  What about Thursday night 7-9 or a Sunday 12-2?  Rabia suggests 2 ½ hour meeting. 

We can ask people to review ideas before the meeting.  Rabia said she can set up a Survey Monkey and compile the results before hand.   We will work on this via email in the next couple of weeks. 


Chris suggested Sunday 18th.  But Becky thought it would be too much for the staff to go to both in the same weekend.  Sunday September 25 12-2:30.  We will figure out where.


For consideration—Strategic Plan #5 Create and internal protocol to create a continuous feedback loop. Programmers have to respond to the feedback —what does that mean?  We have 6 months to work on that.   Does this mean online surveys?  Does this mean using facebook, email/websites or formal evaluations?   If there was a survey you’d then provide the information to the programmer.  A small percentage of people would answer the questions.


#6 rewrite the Programmer Contract, add things like web posting


#9 programmer’s bill of rights and appeals committee—we already have policies.  Is this necessary?

We don’t need another appeals committee when we already have the conflict resolution committee.  Chris and Becky will raise this issue with the Strategic Plan follow-up group.


Meeting adjourned at 8:53.




Strategic Plan Discussion




Program Committee Minutes 3/2011

KBOO Program Committee

Minutes 3/8/2011




Rebecca Ney

Per Fagareng

John Mackey

Rabia Yeaman--chair

Roger Warner

Kathleen Stevenson

Kris Thomas

Chris Merrick

Daniel Flessas

Mel Reslor

Paula Small

Terrel Lowery

Tone Jerrell

Becky Chiao--notetaker






New Show Proposals

Renewal Schedule and Process


No minutes from January—meeting was “snowed” out




Ed Kraus and Vicki Creel have both resigned from the committee.  Mel is a new member.


Committee heard reports from staff.


German Stunde is running as a pilot 9 am Wednesday 3/30

Beyond Normal is a pilot on Fridays  not sure if they are being uploaded.


John Mackey asked if KBOO is going to move to the KPDX tower.  According to Chris, we have a contract through 2016.  This was deemed not to be a program committee issue.



New Show Proposals


Terrel and Tone brought back a show proposal they talked about in December.  It is for a replacement of HKR.  Hiphop in Portland and beyond, interviews with local people and basketball people around the world.  They have been doing some subbing on music shows.  They were asked to preproduce a 55 minute show, give a CD to Rebecca and she’ll air a pilot.


Josh (last name?)  came to suggest a show called Psychic Juke box.  This would be for a late night slot.  It’s not clear if there are any openings but he has done a substitute show.  The committee asked for a cd of a sound check from that show.


Program review process—how will we review each program at least once every two years?


Tentative process—at 3 month intervals  approximately ¼ of the approximately 120 non-syndicated shows would be reviewed.   Roger asked if we would work during membership drives.  To have a continual process, we probably would.


1st step (first month) –programmers in review group notified they have to apply for renewal.  They will be asked to fill out renewal form and do a self-evaluation. 


2nd step—people (members of the program committee?  Special listening squad recruited from volunteers?  Other programmers required to listen?) will listen to shows and fill out detailed review sheets (Chris handed out 3 different types).  Rebecca has volunteered to start recruiting and training volunteers to listen to shows.  We also talked about making it a requirement that programmers submit reviews for a certain amount of of other shows, but didn’t come to a consensus or vote about this. 


We will announce to listeners that the specific shows are being reviewed and seek their input using forms and perhaps online surveys.  Rabia volunteered to look into some sort of online form that would compile automatically.


3rd step  (completed by third month)—Program reviews will be assembled, summarized (by whom?) and program staff will give programmers feedback.  Three possible outcomes—1) program renewed all is good, 2) program has some issues to be discussed given time to correct, 3)  program cancelled.


We didn’t set how groups of shows would be scheduled for review—it could be done in blocks of similar types of shows or not. 


Kathleen has a list of shows that never had their full review in the Pittman grant process.  We will test this review process on them.  She handed out a list of shows.  Per listens to Old Mole, Paula will listen to the Thurs. shows.  Daniel, Becky and Roger will all listen to some shows.  Kathleen will inform the group and ask for self-evals and new forms if needed.  Rebecca will start organizing volunteers. We will see next month what progress has been made.


Program Committee Minutes 9/11


Program Committee


September 13, 2011


Present—Jenka Soderberg, Chris Merrick, Becky Chiao notetaker,  Per Fagereng and Rabia Yeaman, Roger  Warner, Mel Reslor, Rebecca Ney


We reviewed the minutes, Jenka made one clarification.  We talked about absences and excused Roger and Mel’s since we changed the date.  The minutes were approved.  Kathleen abstained from approving them because she wasn’t here.  Mel announced that he brought a bunch of plums that he picked this afternoon.


Joe Azevedo came as a guest with a proposal.  Jenka congratulated him for a write up in on a website out of Austin  Soundtap.  Joe said other Kboo shows were also featured. And that we should make more connections between them and programmers here.  He hadn’t heard about them before,  they found him.  They link to live shows.


Kurt Lauer passed by and said he missed this committee, it was his favorite and he would return.


Joe’s suggestion is that rather than having new music coming in to the station logged in a a physical book that they should be entered onto a blog.  Rabia said that the new releases are being typed into a computer, she is currently putting the information on her personal blog—she doesn’t have access to make a bigger blog.  Jenka said that she thinks VJ can create a new blog.


Chris said there is a volunteer who is currently working on incoming releases, but he doesn’t type in everything—what he sends Rabia is just a portion of all of the music that comes in.  Joe said that it makes sense to just enter the information once.  Chris said that he will look into this.  He and Brandon currently label by Artist Title Label and Genre and record it in a book.


Becky said that when starting a new you have to make sure you use the right system.  Jenka said that if you want the information available for the public then a blog, then she suggested adding it as a playlist called something like New Releases.  Rabia likes that idea too, you can highlight special things.  It would be a list and a way to promote the library, searchable and accessible.  Chris will give a progress report next month.




Kathleen had a good vacation.  She has been starting to work on Membership Drive books, specials and budget issues.


Jenka,  October 14th tentative News and Public Affairs days.  She is contacting filmmakers to get some DVDs as drive specials.  We’re trying not to pay for any thank you gifts.  She did two specials last week, the Village Building Convergence Special was 6 hours, live and prerecorded.  It got good feedback.  The second special was the 911 special that came off well, Jenka thanked the volunteers who helped.  There were some glitches with the feed from Canada, but it wasn’t that noticeable on the air.  We’re still playing Hard Knock Radio, there are a couple of proposals for that slot that she is still working with Programmers


Chris--Drive  Thursday October 6-Sat. October 22nd.  He is lining up Marvin Gaye and Jim Pepper specials  It is the 40th Anniversary of Jim Pepper’s first record coming out.  There is a live Remote at the Q Center next Tuesday, a one-hour show on the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  Jenka mentioned a contest to fill helium ballons to lift Chris into the air.  He is working on copyrights with Erin Yanke for the audio archive and a copyright class.  He is planning to get it done by the end of September.


There was a complaint about indecency for a program that is on after 10 pm.  There was some pre-editing of the show before it was aired.  A complaint was filed with the FCC, Chris told the person there is a First Amendment privilege after 10 pm.  The complainant is an attorney who said he will then file an obscenity charge (for which there is no 1st Amendment protection.).     So far we haven’t gotten anything from the FCC yet.  Chris is confident that the language is lawful, but it is annoying to deal with.  Chris is working with Tom on something.  He is going through evaluations of the Folk Espresso shows, there are some new programmers and a lot of different people on the air during the month at that time slot Monday-Friday.


Per asked about the 5X5 email he sent out from  NFCB.  He said it is about listener based interactive programming  and avenues for shared content like the site that featured the Melting Pot, the Yiddish Hour etc.


Chris informed us that Friday Midnight-3 am is now open.  Daniel quit KBOO gave up his show.  He will be auditioning people for the next couple of months.  There are already people interested.  He’ll try a variety of things, is not interested in just having it be an extension of Daniel’s show.  Kathleen asked how do you post that, Chris said an email and post it on the bulletin board.  The email will go out to all volunteers.  Becky C. said what about opening it up to the Portland Music Community?  Does someone have to already be a trained volunteer to audition for the slot?  Becky N. said that people who have put their time in should have a preference for having put their time in, a factor.     There was a discussion about whether there is some pre-requisite for coming in to audition for a show (there haven’t been that many music openings up over the years.)  A DJ can come in and join a collective and then go through volunteer orientation etc.   Becky C. asked is it better for listeners and the community to have wider publicity about the opening.  People were concerned that we currently tell people who want to get on the air that they have to sign up as a volunteer and go through the training programs.


Roger agrees that there should be auditions over the next couple of months and that it shouldn’t  just be given to “the friends of Daniel.”  


Rabia said we should set the genre—keep it the same as the Outside World which is eclectic, she would like to see the genre remain the same.  Chris said he hadn’t been thinking of that at all.  He wasn’t going to try to replicate The Outside World.  He was going to give people a shot to try something new.  He is not concerned about losing the current audience.  He would like people to have a chance to experiment.


Chris asked if people would prefer and eclectic or single format?  Kathleen talked about how you have to go with what you get to a certain extent.  She said it can be difficult to do a mixed format.  Becky C. asked if it has to be 3 hours.  Rabia said that the schedule was formatted to be consistent.  Chris said the shows all start at midnight but don’t all end at 3.


Chris said that he wishes we could talk about drive time programming because there are many fewer listerners in the middle of the night.  Rabia pointed out that it is drive time in Japan in the middle of night here.  Chris said he will post it and put it online.


NEEDS ASSESMENT MEETING—Thursday September 22 for Programmers 7-9?    Part of Strategic Plan Implementation.  There could be up to 50 people.  Not sure if there is space, there is a pitching training that night as well.  Chris handed out a rough drat of questions to be discussed at the meeting.


The questions are not just brainstorming, they take proposals from the Strategic Plan and highlight potential barriers  to making change.  


Jenka said that the way the questions are written, they invite controversy.  She pointed out that the Strategic Plan says to have meeting that gets Programmer input on community needs.  How about asking less loaded questions:  What do you as a programmer see as the greatest needs for programming in the next 5 years?  What are your top priorities?  


We might need some prompts .   Are needs equipment or other things?


Becky N. suggests  “How can we increase listenership while staying true to our Program Charter?”  The Strategic Plan assumes that programming must be consistent with the mission of the organization.


Roger said that there can be a backlash when we change the schedule. 


Kathleen said that we could as a group come up with questions. She worries about the timeline.  If we want significant attendance and prep time.  Chris did send out an email last week.  With the pitch trainings and the annual meeting, it could get lost.


Rabia said there is a timeline goal in the plan.   She said the Program Charter could change and there is a conflict between continued growth, existence and the charter.  The charter is in conflict with the ability of the station to get listeners.  This committee could discuss that.


Becky N. said the question “Can we grow the listenership with the current Program Charter?” is debateable and should be asked.


Rabia said some people might say there are things outside of Programming that could be done to increase listenership—promotion.  She proposes the question  “What would you need to do to increase listenership?”


Per asked, do we know how many people in Portland have never heard of KBOO?  Can we get that information?  What do people out there want?  What are they worried about?  What are their concerns?


Chris said, OK we can just ask a couple of basic questions and not anticipate the answers.


Rabia said that you could do an initial survey monkey with multiple choices—Sunset programs—never, every 2 years?


Becky suggested we come up with questions for an online survey to go out before 9/22 but not have the meeting until after the drive.


Rabia suggested:


1.        Should we eliminate increase decrease or keep the same Spanish-language programming?


Becky  said what about just asking increase decrease or keep the same (not say eliminate)  Kathleen asked about  foreign language programming in general.


How should KBOO’s programming be used to serve non-english speaking communities?


What communities are not served by KBOO that should be served?


2.        Should programs sunset  at 1 year, 2 years 5 years or never?  Attrition policy 


Per said sunsetting sounds like term limits.  It is a lot of work to review all the shows annually or bi-annually and problem shows can be identified by listening.  Jenka pointed out that unlike elected positions, programmers don’t have to run for reelection.


   Jenka suggested:


3.        How can KBOO connect to new audiences?  Locally, nationally and internationally?  New programs, promotion of new programs?


What do you need to attract more listeners to your show?  Training? Equipment?  Other types of help?


What are the three strongest shows or types of programs on KBOO, other than your own?  Based on the standards of Programming Excellence.



What are the three weakest shows or types of shows on KBOO?


What are the types of shows that you think will increase KBOO’s listenership?


What are the three types of shows that you think are not effective in meeting community needs?


What are the types of shows that you think won’t increase listenership but that KBOO still needs to do?


We are currently at 70% music 30% news and public affairs—would you keep that proportion the same or change it—increase music, decrease keep the same?  


What commitments are you willing to make to increase KBOO’s audience? 


Should the format of KBOO be more mainstream  if it would increase listenership? 


Should the format of KBOO be more uniform/target a niche if it would increase listenership?  Should KBOO switch to a single format if it would increase listenership?


Would a different format increase KBOO’s listenership?


How can KBOO utilize digital technology to increase listenership?


How can we address the current social issues in the broader world?  Why is the world going crazy?  Should we join them or resist? 


Is there any music that KBOO plays that calms you down or drives you crazy?


Would you be willing to let someone sit in on your show or have coffee with you as a Membership Drive premium?


Per said we should also do a market survey of the general population of Portland to find out how we can reach people who don’t know about KBOO.


Becky will send out these notes,  Chris and Rabia will set up a survey.  Chris will send out an email cancelling the meeting and asking people to fill out the survey by the end of the week.   Chris will send out the list of finalized questions before sending out the survey.  Kathleen asked if there is a way to make sure that people only fill out the survey one time.  Jenka said she thinks that you can keep a list of the email address of each person who fills out the survey.


What volunteer requirements should be required of programmers?


Should programmers be required to be volunteers for a specific length of time to get on-air?


If you are on the air, you have to volunteer.  If you volunteer you don’t necessarily get on air?


What can KBOO do to make more opportunities to get more people on-the air?


Becky C. said that the staff should think about the answer to the question—what is needed to make more opportunities for volunteers to get on the air?


Next meeting—Roger asked during the drive  will the meeting be rescheduled or postponed? 

Jenka proposes 4th Tuesday October 25th.


Program Committtee Minutes 4/2011

KBOO Program Committee Minutes 4/12/2011




Rabia Yeaman Chair

Becky Chiao-notetaker

Rebecca Ney

Per Fagareng

Roger Warner

Kathleen Stevenson

Chris Merrick

Mel Reslor

Reggae Bob





Public Comments

Mel had a great idea

Strategic Plan

Program Evaluations/Renewals





Kathleen’s report—attached in writing.  Quarterly Reports, drive specials, food show maternity leave.  The host/coordinator of the show is going on hiatus because she is having a baby.  There are contributors, but none of them want to do the work of coordinating the whole show.  Becky and Rabia suggested making an announcement looking for substitute producer for the food show.


Rebecca Ney—Right to Survive, Will Munger primary producer suspended for profanity there are still other people contributing to the show.  Trillium will take lead responsibility for the show.  Rebecca has been listening to the Eavesdrop and feedback.  They are getting a lot of calls to the show.  Recommendation is that that be a permanent every other Thursday night show.  Needs something to alternate.  Becky asked about Terrell’s show, Chris said they did a late night music sub show and there were some complaints about misogynistic lyrics.  That is the progress on replacing Hard Knock Radio with something local.  Rabia said it would be great if we could get something like that 5 nights a week.  Rebecca said it is very hard to recruit for public affairs hosts.  Rabia said how about starting up a mentorship program that brings in new people to produce shows by giving them mentors who are experienced.


Hard Knock radio will be preempted during the membership drive.  Rebecca is going to let people create shows locally.  Kboo news may expand into an hour just for the drive.  Those are ideas to bring in more money, sometimes Evening News doesn’t bring much money in.


Chris Merrick—Membership Drive specials a bunch of music specials.  Rabia is doing one about Muppets.  Reggae Bob is doing one on Blacks to Britain.   Chris has been working on some personnel issues and PRETC grant materials and strategic planning.   Working with Tom.  Lots of requests for live remotes.  Tom is going to set up a training class to get people ready for the summer. 


Public Comments


Reggae Bob came to visit and say hi.


Mel’s Suggestion


Mel has a suggestion that we have materials or a packet for newcomers to the Program Committee and some tasks for people to do with the committee even if they aren’t members.  Rabia agrees that this is a good idea.  Mel thinks the committee’s authority could be altered under the collective management.    It is common for people to come from the public.  Kathleen thinks it a good idea to have a sheet.  Chris said that there is a packet for new members.  It might be a little out of date.  Becky suggested that Mel look at the packet and then try to boil down the information into one page and post it on the internet where the information about the Program Committee is.  Mel said he would give it a try and pass it around for review. 


Rebecca said often people make proposals and don’t know what the process is for either getting a show or not.  She gave Josh as an example of someone who is actively volunteering has made proposals.  We could review proposals and make a decision at each meeting.  Chris said he does talk to people about whether or not there is an opening and lets them be on a substitute list.  We could tell people that whether or not they’ll get a show it will depend on if there is an available slot.  Rebecca asked if we should tell people a definitive yes or no, or maybe only accept proposals when there is an opening.  Chris says he doesn’t tell people to come to the committee unless they ask about it and then it doesn’t hurt for them to come to the committee and meet people.  When people ask how do I get a show, Chris says submit something in writing, not come to the meeting.  Roger says why don’t you just put someone like Josh into the Hard Knock Radio slot.  Rebecca said there are lots of people who want to do music But it is difficult to find people to do public affairs, it would be a format change to replace a public affairs show with a music show.   


Are we communicating clearly with all the people who would like to do music shows?  Chris says we don’t want to shine people on we need to be honest with them when there is not an opening.  Rabia recommends hanging around and networking with other music programmers around the station.  Becky said if music spots are so coveted, what about an Open Mic type slot to let people get involved.  We did have something like that in the past Friday nights and it ended up being just a few people signing up for slots people.  Most wanted a permanent slot.  Many people who come in the door do so to get on the air.  We let new volunteers know that it is hard to get on the air, there is a lot of competition.  People do have to get trained and involved first. 


Strategic Plan


Becky asked if this committee is going to work on the things in the Strategic Plan that relate to Programming.   She said it would be useful for the board if staff or the committee reviews the section about Programming and give feedback about what won’t get done and commitments for what people will do.    Rabia suggested a work group.   Chris said the plan suggests major changes to things and would want to hear from the board that the direction should change.  For example, the plan says there will be a survey and then program changes in 5 months.  Ani said today that there is so much cynicism that people don’t buy in to making any positive steps.  Per asked what the group thought about the survey the Genevieve did a couple of years ago.  He thinks that was a good survey.  There were some programming changes that followed that survey.  Becky says that it the kind input that is needed and it seems like the committee structure is what should work.  2009 changes were made.  Per said there can be several surveys, internal and external.


Rabia and Becky are both interested in a work group.  Becky said she would do it as a work group or in the committee.  Per will volunteer for the subgroup too.   We’ll meet in the next three weeks and arrange the meeting by email including all of the committee.


Program Evaluations/Renewals


Rebecca  and Daniel have recruited about a dozen volunteers to join the PET—Program Evaluation Team.  The next step is to round people up and get a few classes scheduled.  Per and Roger did a lot of evaluations.  Old Mole, One Land Many Voices and Dirt Bag have more than one.  Some just have one--  Some don’t have any--.  Kathleen will send out on email the programs that still need them.  She won’t have time to meeting with all of them before the pledge drive.  One who has submitted a new proposal.  Other shows on the list still have to submit new proposals.  Rabia asked if there is a penalty for not submitting the renew.  Becky said that these am shows weren’t told that they have to renew the program but in the 2 year renewal process that we sketched out before would have submitting the renewal form as the first step of renewing a show and at the end of the 3 month process some shows might “fail” the review.


Roger provided some feedback on various shows he was listening to.  The shows that he heard seemed like they could have kept going on for longer. 


There was a discussion of the issues of preaching to the choir, hosting debates and what type of points of view the audience likes.  Should hosts be partial or impartial.  Kathleen said this is an issue of controversy in our community.


9 June 2009 Programming Committee Meeting Minutes


Rabia Yeaman (chair), jamilah bourdon (secretary), Chris Merrick, Rich Lindsay, Daniel Flessas, Per Fagereng, Jenka Soderberg, Linda Olson-Osterlund, Jade Pekkala, Kathleen Stephenson, Roger Warner, Bill Resnick, Ivonne Rivero, S.W. Conser

Ivan Green, Trillium Shannon, Judy Fiestal, Jay Thiemeyer, Mimi Villarqui, Chris Andrae, Dmae Roberts, Kevin Card, Ed Kraus, Goudarz Eghtedari

The meeting begins at 7:00 pm.

jamilah made a motion to approve the May minutes.  Jade seconded.  All approved.  Trillium Shannon is the substitute for Kathleen while she is gone. 

Kathleen was going to a meeting on website design.  There was also a decision-making training.  She met with half the programmers, and met with more for descriptions.  She was organizing a collective of people for a focus on Friday talk radio.  Fridays could be looked at as a possibility for people to try out for the talk radio spot.  People with proposals could also be looked at.  This would be a time for 'substitute status'.

Jenka said that the drive met 75% of the goal.  There was also a bequest of $60,000; with this there is a look at budget considerations for next year's drive.  Because of the bequeath we went over budget on the goal.  There was a capital campaign major event which occurred on the 8th of June.  On the 21st of June the 'Touch Of Portland' happened; it was a fundraiser for KBOO, to help with studio upgrades.  She also mentioned that there was leftover money from the field recording grant for the laptop comrex system for the blues festival.  In June, the specials were on 'Israel and the misuse of anti-semitism', and the U.S. Liberty.  In July there was a Village Building Convergence special. 

Chris mentioned that on June 27 there was a live remote for 'No Fest', from noon-10, and that we committed to the entire blues festival, which was on 2-5 July.  Pickathon was on the first week-end in August.  If we could afford it there would be an ISDN hookup for the Blues festival.  We could negotiate with Free Geek.  The (sound) engineering team would do live set-up and audio at sites.  people ideally would be mentored for this, as there is a desire to get more people involved.  Tom Hood was the person heading the Blues Festival.  From the 15th to the 19th of June, Chris and Ani were out of town. 

There was also a discussion of having a management analysis consultation.  This analyzes a business' work and goals.  This person is working pro-bono, looking at the primary, secondary and tertiary work and goals- the roles of paid staff and volunteers. 

Jenka mentioned that the listening session has been moved, as not enough people have signed up.  Chris mentioned that staff have been working on the trainings, incorporating more critical listenings, using the Marilyn Pittman trainings, the legal class.  The Spanish speaking programmers' meeting happened as well.  He was looking at how the schedules were put together.  How does it serve people, and where has it been placed?  There was a plan for someone to appear at the July meeting. 

Kathleen thought of doing pre-emptions for the talk radio strip, but Chris and Jenka advised her against it since it would have been too much, as she was getting ready to leave.  The issue will be re-addressed when she returns.  Linda wanted to know how much the hosts are supporting the rest of the station.  Jenka presented a current grid for genres, and not specific programs.  That could be viewed for advertising purposes, to capture listeners.

The question was asked, how shows fit in terms of scheduling?  Will programs on the air be taken off the air?  The committee has been attemting to finish the schedule due to Kathleen leaving, and meeting with the board.  Jenka's suggestion was to have a music block in the afternoon, moving the Native American programming to the evening.  Also, there was discussion of possibly moving the Friday Spanish programming to Tuesday, as the Friday programming has been an 'orphan'.  Ivonne suggested that Spanish programming be in two chunks of two hours, and possibly from 7am to the pm.  She was worried about the time being reduced for programming. 

Goudarz mentioned that his show was once a month, so it has been hard to get listenership.  He puts the show online as a response to this.  When KBOO was able to put programs online, he ended up putting programs on the site.  Chris Andrae  mentioned that people like listening at a certain time; they find this type of scheduling easier, as there is thematic consistency.  She thought the blocks were good.

Dmae said the grid was 'a long time coming'.  She could figure out what's going on, and how we are measuring the success of these changes.  She mentioned that there has been a shift of listeners calling in.  When we don't know information it can hold us back.  Are we doing marketing and cross-promotion to increase the visibility of the station?  How does this play out into how we are connected to one another?  With the grid, there is the possibility of people supporting one another. 

Chris mentioned of arbitron, that we could get a sense of drive time in the morning.  Arbitron is just a tool, not a deciding factor.  it takes 2-3 membership drives to know that a show has moved.  We also don't have the money to do a mass advertising campaign.  With three drives there is no window to see how we do.  What exactly is a radical change?  There will be a moving around of the schedule to see what shows connect with other shows.  Dmae responded by asking how we measure what is or isn't successful now.  Jenka mentioned that there was the follow-up community survey back in January that has been looked at.  She also mentioned that there is a website re-design happening, and was coming in July. 

Conch (S.W.) was interested in the idea of promotions:  a larger structure to get plugged into larger promotions.  Daniel mentioned that the free music archive is helping with promotions as well.  KBOO has been getting more notoriety.  Dmae added that polls are a good way of getting in touch with listeners.  Judy added that Marc De Giere was doing a web group on the first Thursday in July.  There was also a mention that there were mock-ups on the bulletin board (of the site's design) at the station. 

Judy suggested a Spanish-speaking talk show.

Bill mentioned that the grid permits program improvements and reaching out to the community.  He also said he was uncomfortable with not having 'Voices Of The Middle East','Africa On Fire' and 'Radio Free Ireland' on the air. 

Rabia mentioned that the web presents an opportunity to broadcast information.  Jenka mentioned that part of the capital campaign's goal was to have a web-only second stream. 

Ed asked what the process was for new program proposals.  Jenka responded that with the timeline proposed by the committee, in the context of what is being proposed for the Fall drive, the shows should be on by then.  Linda said she would like to have more training for programmers on the use of technologies. 

This was the last chance for the committee to make reccomendations for the scheduling to Chris, jenka and kathleen.  Monday, July 6 was when it was said there would be a new schedule.  There could be an announcement of a survey during 'Hard Knock Radio'.  There was a suggestion to think of social and economic dynamics, as well as mode of listening.

With talk radio, the only thing open was Friday, for auditions.  Rabia asked if there was a timeline for the new schedule. 

Chris made a motion to end the meeting at 10 pm; Roger seconded. 

(note:  at this point a schedule has been decided).

14 April 2009 Program Committee Minutes

Program Committee Minutes, 14 April 2009

Present: Rabia Yeaman (chair), jamilah bourdon (secretary), Jay Bozich, S.W. Conser (Conch), Rich Lindsay, Per Fagering, Bill Resnick, Chris Merrick, Roger Warner, Bill Zimmerman, Kathleen Stephenson, Linda Olson-Osterlund

Absent: Daniel Flessas, Tony Alabi, Jade Pekkala, Reggae Bob Hamilton

Guest: ani haines

Kathleen:  At the staff meeting, information was shared about the NFCB conference.  She is also getting ready for the membership drive, which begins on the 1st of May.  There will be a May Day special on that day.

ani:  The spring membership drive pitching trainings are happening in the next thirteen days; there is a need for program hosts to sign up.  The 'how to pledge' thing has changed.  It begins on the 16th, for two hours.  On Thursday it will be from 7-9 pm, on Saturday from 12:30 to 2:30 pm and Sunday from 2-4.  On Monday it will be from Noon to 2 pm.  On Wednesday it will be from 3-5 pm.  The staff will send out information about this. 

Jenka:  She had a good time at the NFCB conference.  $4000 was raised at the Amy Goodman event this past week-end.  Next Friday there is a special on Political Prisoners in the U.S.  There is help needed for the May Day special on the 1st of May.  The theme for the drive is 'Spring Into Action'. 

Chris:  There needs to be some sort of standardizing, in order to show a checklist to programmers, to improve upon programming.  He is also working on specials for the drive.He is working with Andrew on thank-you gifts for the drive.  The deadline for the guide is this Friday.  The goal for each day of the drive is $8,000 a day.  He stated that the programmers need to work with pitchers to generate a response from listeners. He stated that at the NFCB conference it was stated that some stations hold programmers accountable, in terms of requiring commitments.  There is a mid-year budget review; this year, there is a fairly large deficit.  Chris stated that he is also dealing with personnel issues.  This takes up a portion of his time. 

Jay Bozich discussed the turntables in the air room being altered; neither John Mackey nor Toby (Dr. Zomb) Hardman were there to present proposals or ideas.  The both of them are also involved with the changes in the air room.  John is looking to move the first microphone in the air room; that microphone will be moved to where the turntables are.  Toby wrote a narrative of what is going on in the air room.  The turntables will ultimately move higher. 

John Mackey wanted to state that there are possible failures in the wires when the turntables are moved; if a wire breaks, there will be a buzz.  His concern also is if the turntables are moved constantly they will be out of balance.  Chris added that a microphone is being moved in front of turntables, so a deejay could just announce while at the turntables.  A fourth microphone may be added later.  He mentioned that the money is in the budget; the committee is just be asked to approve. 

Jay continued:  Toby is building the structure.  Once everything is structured, it should take a couple of days during the off-hours (during public affairs, 'democracy now', etc.).  John will be working on microphones.  Jay and Toby are working on turntables.  This change will not be happening during the drive.  This change is also not going to affect the board.  All the boxes and shelves on the wall will be moved to the back.

CONSENSUS:  The committee has approved this project.

Bill Zimmerman asked if there was any real way to contact the board operator/engineer during public affairs.  Steve Nassar has been looking into chatting with hosts on the computer.

In the Marilyn Pittman training, there was a question of the ability as a talk show host to drop a call.  If there is a possibility of putting in a line selector unit, the host needs to be aware of what line is on.

Regarding the timeline for the programming changes this year:
Kathleen's sabbatical begins around June.  We need to help her with any changes with the schedule by the first of June. 

Should there be more or less public affairs programming, between noon and 4:00 pm?  Arthur has asked to look at the talk strip from 8:00 - 9:00 am.  Kathleen has gotten some new proposals.  By the next meeting (after the spring drive) we may finally see how the changes have worked.  Linda asked if there will be any Arbitron reports on how Democracy Now is doing.  There is information from last quarter.  At this point the committee made a request from Andrew to obtain Arbitron reports on the changes from last quarter, in particular Democracy Now. 
The finance committee is getting freaked out by the deficit.  There is the question of if the programming committee is going to prioritize anything by July.  The response to the finance committee is that we are following the timeline.  Chris also stated that during this drive, the morning shows may have problems due to the newest changes because people may not know when the shows are on.  There was a question of the state of the economy, in relation to people being able to contribute to the drive.  Jenka responded that the state of the economy was addressed at the NFCB conference, and it was stated that the economy usually does not effect how people give their money. 

Kathleen mentioned that the configuration from 9:00 - noon should be given a chance to solidify.  She does not have an easy answer to improve it, even though she knows it is not perfect.  She would start with one show at a time.  She asked if people want talk radio at all?  Do they want it without calls, or fewer calls?  Should there be syndicated programming instead?  Rabia stated that the evening programming has significantly improved, now we need to look at the morning programming.  She acknowledged how hard that was for Kathleen.  The schedule improvements help listeners find us, bud bad radio makes people turn the whole thing off.  Jenka stated that we should go over what the new proposals are, and that it's a question of individual shows at this point, before June 1.

Linda stated that we should address Kathleen's general questions now, and then deal with Jenka's proposal/suggestion.  She also said that she liked talk radio in general.

Roger wished for more opposing callers to the hosts.  Bill Z. mentioned that call-ins disrupt the show sometimes.  He stated that callers should be on point. jamilah said it should be up to the host to encourage opposing views, and to keep folks to the point.  Conch said that the topic should be interesting, but the guest cannot give the base arguments of what the point is.  Both the host and guest(s) should be knowledgeable of the subject.  Rich said that the host could compel people to overcome their shyness to call.  Per wished for more debate and discussion.  Bill R. wished the hosts would stay on topic.  He felt that screening the calls was good.  It is also a good idea to set up calls by people in order to stick to the subject. 

Chris mentioned that there were technical issues, and the quality of the host needed to be worked on and solved by the first of June. Look at the individual hosts and look at how the content should be presented.  He mentioned that listeners also like produced material.  Rabia asked that working on a show takes a lot of time, but if you want a radio show why not work on it?  The host needs:
-objectivity/neutrality, plus knowledge.
-the ability to control and steer conversations.

Jenka opined that talk radio is not working in her opinion.  She does not know if we have the resources to make changes.  She also mentioned that a lot of people listening to radio are getting ready for work, and for this reason talk radio is on at the wrong time. She suggested that Flashpoints could be on at 8:00 am, and produced public affairs could be on at 9:00 am. She also suggested with that, there be no calls; the hosts could just do interviews.  This could be better.

Chris suggested we keep talk radio on.  There are systemic issues: professional and personally.  Is there something else that will improve what already exists?  He suggested looking at how many people call in, and how often people call in during the drive.  Also, next month, do we look at presentation and quality for all of the talk shows? 

Kathleen led a list of options, in terms of the possibilities of the morning schedule.  Some of these were rife with issues and suggestions:
-call-in talk radio (alternative hosts?)
-newscasts (vibrant team)
-debate (production team)
-lectures/readings (field recording crew/scheduling)

Jenka mentioned that the strength of talk radio is that it could be flexible.  Linda mentioned that screening could help with encouraging new callers.. 

Chris then led a list of 'immediate emotional responses', in terms of listening to talk radio:
GOOD:                                                                            BAD:
-energy                                                                            -no topic
-prepared for topic                                                             -rudeness
-guests (live/phone)                                                           -axe to grind
-computer as a tool                                                           -punditry
-radical political perspectives                                             -filler
-materials available as needed
-directing the show
-community connection

In terms of collectives, Jay responded that with them, you can't get a steady expectation of what's going to happen, but at the same time when they exist you de-personalize the time slot.

Conch mentioned that the point of all this should be about increasing numbers of listeners- those people just arriving in Portland.
We are scheduling another Retreat at Linda's house on Tuesday, April 28, we will send agenda and directions to the committee later.


The next programming meeting is on the 12th of May.


Jay made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:29 pm; Roger seconded.


March 10 2009 Program Committee Minutes

Programming Committee Minutes – March 10, 2009

Present: Rabia Yeaman (chair), jamilah bourdon (secretary), Per Fagerang, Bill Resnick, Chris Merrick, Jenka Soderberg, Kathleen Stephenson, Roger Warner, Jade Pekkala, Linda Olson-Osterlund, Daniel Flessas, Jay Bozich, Rich Lindsay, S.W. Conser

Absent: Ivonne Rivero, Bill Zimmerman, Kevin Card (all excused)

The meeting began at 7:07 pm.

jamilah motioned to table the February minutes until next month; Roger seconded.  The committee will make a commitment to read the minutes (either through e-mail or the web) before the meetings; at the meetings there will only be one copy.

Kathleen talked about the training and equipment grant.  People to receive the grant were finally chosen.  She has been meeting with programmers about the process of the program changes.  She has also been meeting with Toni about the MacKenzie River Gathering, in terms of recording their members for oral history: facilitating short interviews for memories from key people.  Meetings with 'talk show' people is ongoing.  The staff also had a retreat..

Jenka mentioned that over 200 people attended the training which Marilyn Pittman facilitated.  The staff then discussed how to carry forward and follow-up on the training.  The NFCB Conference is from April 1-4.  An open house is on the 2nd at the Holocene- there will be a shuttle between KBOO and the Holocene.  On April 24 there will be a political prisoner special.  It is also worth re-visiting the 'Davey D-like' hip hop promo.  There has not been talk about developing this local content.  There has been mostly positive feedback about Hard Knock Radio, and the few negative comments were about the music in the background.

Chris mentioned that the Spring Drive was coming up, in six weeks.  There is a plan to apply Marilyn Pittman's training to how we pitch.  There is a possible plan to look at more programmer involvement in pitching.

The 9:00 am to 12:00 noon program changes were implemented on the 2nd of March. There are more attempts to work on the flow of the programming.  The changes that happened are as followed:
  -9:00 –10:00  am (this is a strip oriented around the political)
  -Monday- Old Mole Variety Hour
  -Tuesday- To Be Announced
  -Wednesday- Alternative Radio
  -Thursday- Presswatch
  -Friday- APA Compass/Veterans' Voice/One Land, Many Voices
  -At 10:00  am, Air Cascadia comes on, instead of 11:00.
The idea is to connect arts and performance on the same day, in order to have less patchwork, and more categorical scheduling.

In terms of the Marilyn Pittman training, there were mostly good things to say about the experiences from the committee.  Conch (S.W.) mentioned that it helped him make more conscious listening in terms of what does and does not work.  He found through this experience that things can be problematic in even good work.  Bill said that the second half of the training (listening to air checks) was helpful.  There was a point made that there were tips to be stronger, and more critical and constructive- be more direct!

Linda mentioned that the most interesting aspect was the critical listening part.  Be friendly about critiques.  There is always something good in an air check; the point is to get better, and to "be in it together to produce better radio".  These trainings have also made her re-think the detailed checklist that's been developed.  She asked if there will be a follow-up questionnaire/feedback at the end of the training; questions such as if people would do it again, and what they got out of it.  Chris responded that there will be a critique of Marilyn's performance.

A few of the critiques:
Bill mentioned that in some ways her training was asking everyone to be like her.  Daniel countered that, mentioning that she wanted more coming from us; not necessarily wanting us to be like her.  She wanted us to be more aggressive.  She emphasized that we should let go of the outcome.  Per mentioned that there was an issue of form v. content.  If you prepare a set of questions, what happens when the interview takes another turn?  Conch responded that the training discussed the freedom to 'riff' on the questions; the questions are a base, and should not be set in stone.  Rabia said that the trainings were beneficial for all of the programmers. It also shows that KBOO is serious about improving the quality and sound of the programming.

Kathleen made a suggestion that there be revisions to the form, now that we have had these trainings.

Chris asked if there was going to be a list next month of compelling/non-compelling shows.  There will be a retreat on the 24th of this month- it will be an evaluation meeting.  Rabia mentioned it will be a self-critiquing of the current evaluative method, as well as listening to new proposals.  Kathleen volunteered to make a checklist based on things that were dominant in Marilyn's discussions. She also mentioned that she learned a lot how to listen to people through the trainings.  We could use this as a guideline.  Rabia asked if all the programmers have been counseled; and Linda asked if all the programmers have been spoken to in terms of the changes.  Kathleen responded that programmers have been informed, but some are more receptive than others.

Per suggested that for the evaluations, instead of doing them minute by minute, just look at what 'jumps out' at you, then do a general evaluation.  Linda said that this session is to train ourselves to listen; the best thing is to only evaluate about 10 shows for quality, not necessarily listening in order to cut shows.  Kathleen mentioned that the priority should be on shows that are on more often:  once a week (or once a day).  Bill said that we should make a 'semi-informed choice' on which shows are chosen for the evaluations.  Rabia suggested that two of the most recent recordings of the shows be evaluated, in order to be fair to everyone.

Committee members will listen to one show, and bring the evaluation of that show to the meeting on the 24th.

In the conversation on getting more proposals, there was a suggestion to utilize the web (Myspace, etc.) to get new proposals.  jamilah will make an announcement to be aired.  Per asked which community we are speaking to for these proposals?  What do people need to do to go out and get proposals?  One suggestion that was made was to make flyers; Jenka already made some in relation to getting a local 'Hard Knock'-type show on the air.  Chris said that he gets 1-2 cold proposals per week, but it is usually a proposal for something that already exists on the air.  Exactly which community needs are not being addressed?  What are we looking for?  Kathleen mentioned that there used to be an 'internship program': a place on the radio where people could try out their skills.  With this, there is a development of people from a general level, in order to train people for the air.

Kathleen will also be gone on a sabbatical for three months beginning in May; there needs to be a temporary replacement for her.

Chris stated that the Spring Drive was from May 1-16. If we are going to catch up on the deficit, we must go over the goal (which is $115, 000 this time).  Andrew and ani are looking at re-training programmers for pitching for their own shows.  This is different from simply getting 'people who pitch good'.  There is an action to look into getting an on-air coordinator: a supervisor for the pitchers and hosts; and a 'table person' who deals with the phones and paperwork.  Linda then mentioned that we ought to do a better job with the table.  We should make it consistent with getting the money in.  We should get the focus to be more on the show, as opposed to gossiping around the table.  Bill responded that in these lulls around the table, he's had experiences in contacting lapsed members. Chris then responded that more work needs to be done in order to make the drive successful.  Various distractions (such as the NFCB conference) exist, therefore that the
 drive cannot get the complete attention it should.  Chris also asked about specials that should air during the drive.  Bill suggested there be a May Day special, with an emphasis on the economy.  He also suggested there be marching bands, guests who are international workers, and a street party, with mass singing of songs from a 'radical songbook'.
Chris mentioned that there are programmers who think that the segues/community calendar/etc. get in the way of their shows.  Jay made the suggestion of seeing if the listeners need the calendar; in terms of this evaluation we could also do this with the calendar.  Rabia stated that we should enforce the policy of 'less personality' in the community calendar, and more announcing.  Jenka suggested we do training on how to do promos and the community calendar.  Chris then suggested there be a 'tip sheet' for training, on how to get in and out of shows.

The board, during the staff/board retreat, made a request for all the committees to follow the 'decision making process proposal'.  There will be a decision made at the April board meeting after feedback from the committees about the process and decisions to follow this process of consensus, which basically follows 'Robert's Rules'.

Chris made a motion to end the meeting at 9:28 pm; Roger seconded.

10 February 2009 Program Committee Minutes

Program Committee Minutes, 10 February 2009

Present: Roger Warner (vice chair), jamilah bourdon (secretary), Rich Lindsay, Bill Zimmerman, Jade Pekkala, Kathleen Stephenson, Per Fagereng, Kevin Card, Chris Merrick, S.W. Conser, Daniel Flessas, Jay Bozich

Absent: Jenka Soderberg (excused), Rabia Yeaman (excused), Tony Alabi, Ivonne Rivero, Linda Olson-Osterlund, Bill Resnick, Bob Hamilton

Guests:  Stephanie Potter, Scott Forrester, Chris Andrae

The meeting began at 7:04. 

Chris stated that he is working on a number of big projects.  The board is giving the committee projects to follow up on, such as a re-training on how to do radio.  On Sunday, the 8th of March there is going to be a 24-hour special for International Women's Day.  For 4-5 days in April the NFCB conference is happening.  There is a 30-40% discount by February 20th (the 'early bird discount'). The Winter pledge drive reached $34,000.  Most days did well.  There is a slightly higher percentage of new members, as well as the highest percentage of online pledges.  From April 30- May 16, there is going to be an 18-day drive.  The goal is for $115-125,000.

Kathleen stated that the time was filled with dealing with the membership drive.  Chris did a lot more for the MLK and inauguration specials.  She also took the last week and a day off.  The upcoming specials are the homelessness marathon (4pm February 23rd to 6 am on the 24th).  The focus is on people of the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, namely, the people still reeling from hurricane Katrina.  There is work to do a better job of pre-emptions, in terms of specials like this.  There is another challenge in terms of International Women's day; there was lateness around organizing for that day.  This is also the day Marilyn Pittman is here. 

Chris stated that a focus for the program changes deadline is for July-December.  The hope is that things will be smoothed out by then.  We also have to work around the membership drives for the program changes.  If the drive is in May, we have to have new programs on by June the 1st, so the new programs an be known by the September drive.  We also have ot get work done by the time Kathleen takes her sabbatical. 

There is a $20,000 grant in order for Marilyn Pittman to do a training for 175 people in 5 days.  Some of the funds from this grant also go to administrative overhead.  During this training there is a party on the 7th of March.  The basis for the training is: Techniques on how to produce and present radio. There was a question asking why Ms. Pittman was the one chosen to do the training.  The response is that she has been highly reccomended and is experienced with community radio.  Chris will discuss with Arthur about getting Marilyn's programming on the website, so the membership could hear.  Ms. Pittman will also hear some of the programming on KBOO.  Chris' suggestion is to talk the training up and make it a positive thing; to learn radio from somebody outside of KBOO.  The trainings will most likely be first come, first served.  It may not be at the station, in order to accommodate everyone.  Information will come soon about volunteers signing up. 

Kathleen presented a 'Logic for the proposed grid for Public Affairs'.  She looked at a 'focus group' asking how thy listened to radio.  People relied on the political//public affairs programming, then tuned out when there was 'arts & culture' programming.  The 'radio zine' by default, is what we have today, and there is not much thought behind it.  Kathleen said that it would be of benefit for listeners to have a 'political strip'.  'Community' or 'how-to' programming would be later in the day, around 11 a.m.   She also stated that the goal is to look at what we have.  The next step is to evaluate it.  The deadline in March is the first step. 

Chris has also been speaking to programmers about the changes, and those who have responded have essentially supported Kathleen's proposal.  Stephanie and Chris Andrae (who attended the meeting) supported Kathleen as well. Chris Andrae was also looking at ways to obtain money to look at market trends and content.  She is looking at KBOO to lead, as opposed to following trends.  Kathleen responded that part of the grant money requires Chris, Jenka and herself staying home and listening to the programming.  $20,000 is the full amount of the grant, and not the full amount going to Ms. Pittman. 

jamilah made a motion to support Kathleen in implementing the proposal she has set.  Kevin seconded.  All were in favor.  The true work of the proposal begins in March, and we have until April 30th to heavily promote it. 

In a discussion about pre-emptions, Chris asked that if a person has not been notified of a pre-emption within a certain amount of time, does a programmer still have the right to still be on the air as originally planned?  He also noted that specials should be announced within a month in advance, and most definitely, immediately after the program guide lists the special.  Conch (S.W.) makes a mention of common courtesy- notifying others about the changes.  Scott made a suggestion to have notation on recurring specials that require pre-emption, as well as a location to list future pre-emptions; and a contact for programmers. 

Chris noted that there was a staff meeting where they discussed improving the process with on-air staff about who confirms pre-emptions.  Kathleen mentioned she was hoping to make a calendar of regular pre-emption times, as a reminder for staff.  Chris noted that membership drives were also opportunities for pre-emptions.  Scott suggested that comments and ideas be taken from members for special programming; keep the communication open between staff, programmers and members.

Kevin suggested the committee listen to one particular program in order for there to be a consensus.  The committee will bring this back to Jenka in the next meeting.  Kathleen agreed, emphasizing that it is important that a 'common group of shows that everyone has listened to' be discussed.  Scott reiterated Daniel's point of placing the shows on the web page to discuss which ones are being discussed, to promote transparency.  Kathleen and others mentioned the difficulty to get all the content on the web, due to copyright issues with music. 

The committee looks for all of this to be implemented by next month.  Kathleen and Chris will bring all of this back to Jenka. 

Roger made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:51 p.m.; Per seconded. 

13 January 2009 Program Committee Minutes

13 January 2009, Programming Committee Minutes

Present: Rabia Yeaman (chair), jamilah bourdon (secretary), Chris Merrick, Jay Bozich, Linda Olson-Osterlund, Per Fagereng, Ivonne Rivero, Jade Pekkala, Kathleen Stephenson, Roger Warner, Tony Alabi, Bill Resnick, Bill Zimmerman, Rich Lindsay, Jenka Soderberg, S.W. Conser

Absent: Kevin Card (excused), Daniel Flessas (excused), Bob Hamilton

Guests: Scott Forrester, Shireen Farrahi, Bobbie Carrie

The meeting began at 7:04 pm.

Chris stated that the MLK special is coming up; production will be from 11-7pm on Monday.  The Winter drive will be from January 26-31.  The goal is $50,000- about $8,000  a day.  This is to make up for some of the loss from the Fall drive, and to look to the Spring drive.  With the Winter drive, the Spring and Fall drives will be shorter.  There will also be fewer specials and thank you gifts, and more emphasis on programmers.  The goal of the Spring drive will be 14-17 days long.  There will be more training for pitchers for the Spring drive.  There are sign up sheets for volunteering for the drive out front in the hallway.

The NFCB conference will be from April 1-4.  There will be various workshops on management, engineering, etc.  There is an expectation of 200-250 people at the conference.  There will be an live electronica special at the Holocene.    The deadline for the February guide is Friday, the 16th of January.  There will be some public affairs and music specials for 'BLack History Month'.  International Womens' Day is in March, as well as the Homelessness marathon. 

Jenka stated that from 7 am to 7 pm, Tuesday the 20th is the 'inauguration special'. On January the 26th is a teach-in on the economic crisis, and alternatives.  There are still spaces to contribute to specials.  On the 28th, there is a special on 'shifting gears for a carbon-free future'.  On Friday the 30th from 8 am to noon: Sustainable Cities.  The drive specials are tentatively themed 'new beginnings'.  The board/staff retreat next month (on the 21st of February) will happen to see whether things can be more effective for everyone. 

In April there will be a mandatory training for on-air programming excellence.  This is part of a grant for evaluations of programming.  An action item for jamilah was to speak with Marc about getting the programming notes on the web.

Linda made a motion to approve the minutes; Per seconded.  Ivonne abstained amongst an otherwise unanimous vote.  Rabia mentioned that new proposals were accepted all the time.

In the public comments, Scott Forrester stated that one of his platforms for running for the KBOO board was to stop programming changes until we figure out where we are going as a station.  He stated that we do not have a vision, and mentioned that we are tossing older people "to the curb".  He stated that the changes we are doing are not intelligent.  We are changing the parts without realizing the vision/strategy.  He stated that we should "consider no new changes."  We should also stimulate conversation of our process on the radio.  He also noted that people in Pendleton gathered together $5500 in less than a week, so they could have access to KBOO.

Bobbie Carrie and Shireen Farrahi represented the Cascade Festival of African Films.  KBOO will be a sponsor for the 10th year.  There will be film-makers coming to Portland; they are here in the States, and will be available for interviews.  They stated that there was complete contact information, etc., on the organization's website. 

Conch (S.W.) asked about getting information about documents from NFCB and other sources like listener responses, in response to Scott's concerns. 

There was a reiteration of the difficulty in describing why a show is good.  We have identified as a group the criteria of what makes a show sound good.  What is the difference between a host sounding prepared, and not?  Jenka developed a spreadsheet with a scoring criteria.  It was stated that aside from the criteria listed, there should also be a category for program proposals on the spreadsheet.  Rabia stated that we needed to further define the meanings of of the criteria, e.g. 'preparedness':  What specifically does that mean? 

CRITERIA: Public Affairs
   *Host knows guest name and organization. 
   *Questions>topic & specific- not all broad and open-ended- knowledgeable on opposing points of view
   *Emergency back-up content
   *On time for show, and ends on time: arrive 15 minutes early. 
   *Prepared introduction
   *Host gives contacts and references

   *Host announces show following theirs; mentions website/'join now'

                              Inform              Reference/Contact Information 
          Problem        Challenge>Solutions
          Topic             Define            Ideas
   *Host gives guest time- satisfying listener curiosity
   *Host- listening and responding continuously
   *Frequent reintroduction, every 10 minutes
   *Outro- reintroduce/contact information
   *Animated-avoid repetitive comments/noises

Chris also asked the question of if a person is on every week, or are they part of a collective- Do they know what other people are presenting, that are part of this collective.  This could be part of the criteria of presentation.  Chris also made a note that:
   -Readings/essays (fiction/non-fiction)
   -Performance (actor, speaker)
   -Sound scape
are all elements that make a program more compelling (aka 'the spice'). 

-Compelling Guest and Topic
   *Guest SOUNDS knowledgeable on topic- comfortable and audible; not ranting or rambling
       *Current events
       *Variety in topic/guests
       *Hidden stories/under-reported stories
       *Find one surprise (aka 'curveball') for listeners

   *Don't mention equipment breakdown
   *Deal with snafus so listener doesn't know
   *Smooth transitions between segments and shows
   *No dead air
   *Avoid background noise/squeaks/paper
   *Fade ins/outs
   *Good levels between guests/music/carts/voice
   *Preview in cue/carts/microphones
   *Play carts on time: Be timely for show transition
   *Turn off microphones when not on the air

-Connection to the community
         *Having guests from related organizations/local people
         *Attend workshop on outreach, plus follow up
         *Familiar with topics and organizations-local & global
         *Events and calendars: Promote and participate
         *Make local connections, and look at global issues

The programming retreat will be on the 3rd of February, at 6 pm.

For the closing comments, Scott stated that a retreat is a violation of Oregon law and that for the committee to hold a retreat is an act of cowardice.  Scott asked Rabia to reconsider and she stated we would hold the retreat, for program committee members only, Scott responded that he would take action by starting an e-mail and letter writing campaign.  Rabia cut off response by several committee members and asked for a motion to adjourn.

Chris made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:35 pm; Bill Zimmerman seconded.

10 June 2008 Programming Committee Minutes


10 June 2008
Program Committee Meeting
Chair: Rabia Yeaman
Note-taker: Jenka Soderberg
Present: Roger Warner, S.W. Conser, Jade Pekkala, Kathleen Stephenson, Chris Merrick, Per Fagering, Bill Resnick, Tony Alabi, Daniel Flessas, Ivonne Rivero
Guests: Jack Bohl, Rich Lindsay, Crystal Leighty, Linda Olson-Osterlund, Bridget, Scott Forrester, Genevieve Matthews, Clemy, Reggae Bob Hamilton, Jay Bozick, Pablo I, Sister E
Minutes from May: M/S/P
Bill Resnick suggests agenda item: develop a list of best practices and an effort to involve all programmers in outreach to the populations they serve
-Rabia responds that we need a fuller discussion, not enough time tonight
-Per suggests that this be addressed during a retreat – Per, Jenka, Kathleen, Bob, Jade, Bill, Rabia – all interested in participating
-Chris points out that some of this has been addressed already
Kathleen – talks about NFCB station assessment, meetings among staff about program changes, peer evaluations – some have been handed in, some have not
Jenka – talks about peer evaluations – hopefully this process will be something done every year, Food System special on June 2, Grassroots Radio Conference, GRC coming up in July – special programming connected to GRC and KBOO 40th anniversary, archive special every evening next week
Chris: Program renewal forms and notices went out last week for 6 – midnight programmers – some late night programmers interested in moving their shows, GRC – KBOO volunteers can register, June 21 – NOFEST live remote, Blues Fest July 3 – 6, NFCB station assessment – we will lobby CPB to extend our funding through 2009 on the basis of a business plan that is currently being developed, Pink Martini – novelty check $15,000 from fundraiser last week, noticiero news collective no longer exists – will meet later this month to rebuild – possibly with KPCN, Radio Bilingue connection, John Talley had a fall – Bruce Crespin is subbing for now
Program format ideas/changes:
Question from Bridget about how this process came about – Per: declining listenership, Jenka: the last time there were program changes on KBOO was 10 years ago – hopefully program renewals can begin to be done on a regular basis, Chris – Board gave a goal last December for program changes to increase listenership – first set of changes by Aug. 1, 2nd set by Jan. 1st, Everyone on the air will be asked to renew their shows (how do you do outreach to your community, what kind of guests do you bring in, how do you use the web, etc)
Democracy Now:
Chris: Democracy Now may move from 11 to 7 or 8 am, which would affect the morning public affairs; shuffling and evaluating all of the public affairs couldn’t happen by August 1st
-Kathleen: If the goal is to increase listenership – according to the experts, the most important time is morning drive time – say 6 – 9 am; morning drive time should match evening drive time; drive time transition should begin before 8 am; what would increase listeners? Democracy Now or bluegrass.
-Conch: Is this issue so urgent that it needs to be addressed before the 6 – 6 format change in January?
-Rabia: this change could influence CPB funding
-Jade, Jack and Per like the idea of 7 am
-Linda: what audience would we be losing if we move it to 7 am?
-Daniel: when the station first put Democracy Now! on at 11, people thought the time was a strange choice, but people found it and listen to it
-Scott: suggests Democracy Now at 6 am – KPOJ is bad from 6 – 9 am, we should do hard-hitting local programming at that time
Discussion on Chris’ proposed schedule for six – midnight (Evening Schedule 2.0)
-Chris introduces schedule – how to get younger listeners – younger hosts, minority outreach, moving late-night programming
-Daniel: what we do well is still here on the schedule
-Per: results of the survey should be brought into the decision – our main competition is OPB – they do no music weekday evenings
-Rabia: 4 – 7 public affairs, with Democracy Now at 4 – broadcast quality is an issue for other shows, at 7 we should start with music – maybe jazz, urban format later
-Conch: likes Deena’s proposal for more hip-hop – would require lots of outreach
-Bill: concern – we don’t want to be a monoculture radio station, but how do we compete with those stations
Rabia: process of getting these changes done as a committee – focus on new programs, genres – what is most effective? – horizontal or vertical grid?
-Daniel: makes more sense to go the other way – start with our programming strengths
-Chris: let’s take more chances with the schedule – rather than just having a specific genre for each night of the week – compelling vs. non-compelling – compelling: dynamic, use of web, community interaction; non-compelling: repetitive, technical errors
-risk: open airtime – what if no one shows up to fill that space
-Daniel: sunsetting – process for programmers to ask “Why am I on the air? How am I serving the community?”
-Conch: we have to remember that we are in crisis – OPB has a new show with blogs, chats, emails on the air, competent host; while we have talk radio where the phones don’t even work
-Ivonne: what will be the process for making this happen – should we have more meetings?
            -Chris: has suggested that we probably will not have a whole brand new schedule by August 1st – outreach for some of these options could take months – probably we will have pilot shows, audition shows, transitions, adults supervising kids on the air
Program committee retreat:
-Daniel suggests maybe a meeting June 24, then every two weeks until August
            -will these meetings count for people to become members? Yes
Chris: suggests June 28th for retreat – day after proposals are due, Rabia suggests Sunday July 6th 10 – 4 – Jade offers her house
-Daniel asks if non-members can come? Chris explains why not
Public comment:
Scott Forrester – can KBOO staff vote at Program committee?
When is retreat scheduled? Is it open? 
-Chris suggested June 28th – no, not open to public, added that retreat is not formal, it is only informal discussion
-Scott responded: Board members have a right to go to meetings, public should, as well
-Scott: would like to see the survey results
-then asked why the Doug Fir was mentioned? 
-Chris: there has been some informal discussion already with the Doug Fir
-Scott: critical of Doug Fir, which is too hip to even know KBOO is here
-also asked: will the guest deejays be required to get full training?
-Chris: no, there will be a host to take responsibility for the content
Scott also commented that there are too many staff with the amount of money that is coming in
-also commented that between 6 -8 on KPOJ, there is terrible programming – why not do talk on KBOO at that time?
Sister E – how is the station, not just programmers, going to go out in the community to promote KBOO?
-with the focus on youth, if you’re over 35, should you bother applying?
Pablo – look at the wall to see what KBOO used to do in the community, BOO Ball – when we got away from this type of event, then listenership started to go down
-Ivonne agrees: why not do a Boo Ball this year? – the world is changing, KBOO needs to change too
-Underwriting: how will they respond to program changes?
-Chris: underwriters choose a genre, program, host – all of these will be dealt with by the underwriting coordinator
            -Scott: why not have the members be honored on the air, rather than underwriters?
Reggae Bob – we are moving too fast with the changes, are we going to change the KBOO charter? –it used to be avant garde to have black people on the air daily – are we now at a point that we don’t need to have black people on the air on a daily basis?
-what about a trial or probationary period for shows?
            -with the renewal, we will look at a number of things
-if someone designs their own block, will it even be considered?
            -Chris: everyone is free to put in a grid, they will all be considered
Linda: concern about guest teenagers – needs to be past ten – that’s when teenagers listen, indecency issues won’t be a problem; older generation is listening earlier in the evening; programmers should be given a chance to improve; outreach by putting upcoming interviews, public affairs in local newspapers
Genevieve: Development committee – meets 1st Monday of the month – block party is still a possibility, also first Fridays art walk in this neighborhood; survey results will be released as soon as Arthur finalizes the results