2010-02-22 Agenda


KBOO Board Meeting February 2010
Intro--6 pm-6:15
·        Food--brought by Nia
·        Sign ups for the rest of the months
·        Check-in
·        Public Comments
·        Minutes Approval
Conflict Resolution—6:15-6:30
  • Presentation by Chris—Commitment to Conflict Resolution
  • Nominations to Committee—Ani
Board Position Vacancy Appointments  6:30-7:15
Board Member Assignments--7:15-7:40
  • Role of Board Members Clarification—act as board in meetings or through delegated authority
  • Officers
  • Committee Reps
  • Work Assignments--Strategic Planning, Conflict Resolution, Exit Interviews
Break—7:40-7:50 pm
Transition issues 7:50-8:10 pm
  • Report on Staff Assignments—Ani
  • Board approval of interim delegation of Station Manager Duties
Strategic Planning Proposal--8:30-8:45 pm 
  • Proposal by Canoe Group, Finance Committee Recommendation
Report on Pendleton—8:10-8:30 pm
  • Maire
Closed Session 8:30-9:15 pm
  • Lawsuit—request of Maire
  • Staff Issues—requests by Judy and Maire and Erin
Reconvene Open Session 9:15-9:30 pm
Adjourn-9:30 pm
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