Meeting of the KBOO Board Of Directors, 2009/06/22



Monday June 22, 2009

amended 7/24/2009

Board Members Present: 
Judy Fiestal--President

Becky Chiao-note taker

Joe Azevedo

Erin Brand

Mark Allyn

Marty Soehrman

Louis Sowa

Genevieve Mathews  (late) 


Ivonne Rivero--family meeting  but she brought food from La Sirenita

Nia Lewis--training in Eugene

jamilah bourdon--sick 

Staff and Public Attendees:

Arthur Davis

Sun Lee

John Mackey

Jim Ayala


Meeting Called to Order at 6:06 --we started with introductions and check-in  

Judy showed us a picture of her granddaughter and son and said what a great time she had at A Touch of Portland organized superbly by Joe Azevedo.  Mark had a close brush with a car on his bike.  Sun said that an attendee asked whether the Touch Event was broadcast live, it wasn't.  Joe said he did get some audio, not the whole thing.  The artists said they'd be willing to sign releases.  The guy who graciously hosted us said he'd do it again.  Joe said he'd do more publicity and is interested in putting together materials for street teams to use. 

Becky said we need a second stream so we can broadcast live remotes without having to cancel shows and complained about her personal life.  Lewis had good news and bad news--the good, he got his amateur radio license the bad, Indian World is cancelled.  Marty said he is still the new guy.  He said if we are talking about a second stream he'll talk to us about HD.  Erin had a good solstice and weekend without working.  Becky made a pitch again for the second stream as a goal.  Arthur said he's been feeling a little out of sorts, but he enjoyed the event yesterday.  He talked about the benefits of a second stream too. 

Genevieve came late because work was crazy. 

Public Comments--none 

Capital Campaign Update--by Sun Lee 

He talked about the overall campaign and the Amplify event at Bay 13.   We have $19,050 in pledges and have $13,950 in already.  He is thinking of a deadline of the end of August for the campaign.  There is grant pending for money to help fundraise.  The goal is $50,000.  Sun identified the main lesson he learned is that he could have invited more people to an event, because the expected rate of people coming to an event like this is 1 in 10 invitees.  We had some questions and comments about the remaining strategy for the campaign.  Board members should email Sun with ideas that we have. 

Review of Commitments--  

  1. Someone, Arthur maybe, has to change Sun and Andrew's positions on the website--done
  2. Becky as chair of nominating committee will call a meeting--done
  3. Committee chairs should forward their results to Erin--mostly done finance is outstanding
  4. People should work on their individual capital campaign fundraising goals--ongoing
  5. Marty needs a mailbox and to be added to the access list.  He already has a board notebook.--he doesn't know yet

Staff and Management Analysis Project- Jim Ayala                   

Jim gave us a bit of his background, he is a volunteer with experience as an organizational consultant who analyzes dynamic systems.  He has been working with Arthur, Ani, Chris M. and Judy.  He described the purpose of his analysis which is to look at the organization (figure out who does what) and find what is good and what could be improved.   

Jim passed out a visual map of 6 KBOO Work Groups (still under construction)--Programming, On-Air Operations, Volunteer Engagement, Website, Off-Air Operations, Development Outreach and the main functions of each work group.  Jim will continue working on this, ideally it would be an ongoing process for the station.  He is going to get most of his information from the staff but the Board will be updated and included. 

Joe got a thanks and a round of applause and gave us a short poem as an encore.  Rumi--Who makes these changes?   Which got another round of applause.  Which got us a short coyote story about getting red berries.  And more applause. 

Program Changes--  Jenka Soderberg 

She passed out a report dated June 2008 that describes the changes that have been made so far--Evening Music, Morning Public Affairs schedules have had significant changes.   There are more strips, the overall goal is to have the schedule be more predictable and coherent.    

This Summer there will be changes in Public Affairs Programs.  There will be slots on Talk Radio on Fridays and Wednesdays for people to audition.  Most of the new shows will be in the morning.   

There is an ongoing programming excellence evaluation program. 

In the fall we will be looking at the afternoon music blocks and the Spanish language programming. 

Jenka handed out cards she made to put into cds we make of shows.  There will be amendments made to it. 

Genevieve expressed her appreciation for the work the Program Committee has been doing. 

Finance and Budget Update--Genevieve and Arthur 

Our membership income is on budget for the year as of this month, but the Spring Drive money came in early and then will fall short next month.  Our accounting expenses are lower, due to hiring Debbie.  But we have additional expenses due to the lawsuit.  And overall, expenses are higher than budgeted in some areas--transmitter side, medical coverage, music licensing etc. 

Membership is still trending down. 

The prediction is that we'll have a $50K deficit.  (The budget was for a higher deficit, the difference was made up from a large unexpected bequest that we got.) 

Our overall cash position is still strong. 

Erin noted that the direct mail campaigns are bringing in less than budgeted and that we need to look at the cost of the mailings with respect to the income brought in by them. 

There is some work being done on next year's budget.  The committee is starting with questionnaires about where would people make cuts.  We are entering budget season and will have to make some choices--there should be a discussion at next month's budget. 

Renting out the Dalles Translator--information on the last page of the engineering report.  Our Hood River transmitter has been moved to a better location.   Arthur gave us a history of the getting the translator in the Dalles up.  KBPS had been using our translator, now they aren't but they might be interested in renting it out again.  If they get some things worked out they might take it over for about $3000/year on a month to month basis while they get all the permissions etc. and then have a 5 year lease.  They would like a decision from the board.  Staff got a consensus minus one on renting it out.  It's a 13 watt translator. 

Arthur sketched out the pros and cons.  There this translator has better coverage on the highway and in town.  He said he probably wouldn't bring this to the board if we weren't looking at budget shortfalls.  Keeping it up will cost $250 of rent.  John pointed out that a prior board had made a priority to replace lost coverage in the area. 

Mark made a proposal that we authorize Arthur to go ahead and negotiate a 5 year lease of the Dalles translator.  

There were mostly fours and some threes--meaning fairly strong support.  So the proposal was approved. 

Station Manager Evaluation Protocol--The proposal is to make it mandatory for staff and board members to fill out the evaluation questionnaires.  Arthur handles staff reviews, the board is responsible or the review of the station manager. 

Louis said that he thinks it should be mandatory for the board to send in evaluations for all staff, but we don't always work with all of the staff. We recently got the forms via email from Arthur.   

We talked about the issue of anonymity for the reviews.   We tabled this issue.  Another issue is the timing of the review.  We've been doing it in November, but Arthur's anniversary date is in the summer.   

Election Update--Erin talked about the Annual Meeting and Election--after meeting, the Nominating Committee--Becky, Joe Genevieve and Erin are proposing Saturday September 26.  Liberty Hall is open until 5 pm.  We've updated a link on the front of the website.  Erin and Ani are contacts for interested people and to submit applications.  Erin will send language to Joe for a cart.  Erin posted something on Craigs List.  Candidates have to fill out their statements by August 7th.   Judy will have to give a state of the station report at the annual meeting.  We have a printing schedule.  We will have to organize an on-air forum with Jenka. 

Judy says we should encourage interested people to come to observe the July meeting.  Mark also reminded us that any bylaws changes will have to be decided in July.  We talked about when people can get the membership list.    We might want to run that by the lawyer. 

Bylaw Changes Updates--Judy Fiestal 

There are some things that are just typos.  Judy and Erin are working on more substantive matters.  They will present any suggestions to the Personnel/Governance committee on July 14.   Rabia may want to propose something too. 

Board Liaisons to Committees--Judy  

Rabia raised the question of what are the expectations for board liaisons to committees.  The general rule is that people are members of committees after attending 3 meetings. But Board Members are appointed and become members right away. 

Louis said we should discuss this at next meeting. 

Consent Agenda--May Board Minutes Approval--approved as amended by consensus. 


  1. Joe asked Erin to send him the Development Committee's survey since he is now chair of the committee
  1. Genevieve will get the Finance Committee's survey to Erin
  1. Mark is signed up to bring food for the July Meeting.
  1. Erin and Joe--election cart
  1. Becky will contact Mark Ecklund about the election
  1. Erin will contact Jenka about the on air forums and  the lawyer about the membership list timing.
  1. Judy will follow up on the bylaws review and get proposals to the Personnel Committee by July 14.
  1. Members should submit the finance survey handed out--Genevieve put copies in Nia, jamilah and Ivonne's boxes.

Public Meeting adjourned at 9:08 pm. 

We entered into a closed session at 9:15 pm. 

Meeting adjourned at  10:30 pm  

Next Meeting July 27 


June 22, 2009 Agenda- PROPOSED  

Check-in                                                                                                                10 min.

Public comment                                                                                                      10 min.

Review commitments                                                                                              10 min.

Staff and Management Analysis Project- Jim Ayala                   

Information                                               15 min.

Capital Campaign Update                                                                      Information/discussion                    15 min.

Budget and Finance Update                                                        Information/discussion

Year to Date, Projections, Potential Cuts, Retirement contribution issues                            45 min.

Rent out Dalles Translator- Arthur              Discussion and action                       15 min.

Program update                                                                                    Information                                               10 min.

Station Manager Eval- protocol                                                         Discussion/action                                  15 min.             

Station Manager evaluation “season” is from November to March.

Goal is that there should be more participation in the evaluation process by board members and staff.

Possible resolution:All staff and board members are required to fill out the station manager evaluation.             

Election Update- Erin                                Discussion                                          15 min.

Commitments                                                                                                           10 min.

May minutes                                                                                                             5 min.

Resolution: The board approves May 18, 2009 board meeting minutes as amended.

Closed Session Volunteer issue                                                                                10 min.

Ivonne provides food for the meeting. Thank you Ivonne!    

From Jenka: 

July Program changes: 

In the Fall of 2007, KBOO began a process of gathering data from a variety of sources to help us determine what programming changes to make in order to increase listenership.  We held community meetings, solicited listener feedback, conducted a survey, and solicited the National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB) to conduct an assessment of the station.

Talk radio

The Program Committee and staff spent many long hours discussing talk radio, and determined that Talk Radio does serve an important function in serving the community and our values.  In the current schedule, Talk Radio is on from 8 - 9 am, which is the hour of highest listenership for radio, so it is, in some ways, the most important block on the schedule. 

To respond to some of the issues raised by the Committee, the Staff has come up with the following plan for Talk Radio:


-Melodie Silverwolf has retired from co-hosting Friday's Talk Radio.  Fridays are now open for auditions, which will be held throughout the summer 


-Barbara Bernstein will retire from her slot as Talk Radio host and move into a Public Affairs slot to produce a weekly local environmental show.  This would open up Wednesday Talk Radio as well for new hosts 

- Barbara has already scheduled shows through July for the current slot of Wednesday at 8AM, so she would continue her show at that time during the month of July.

-She would like to take August off, so Trillium would start filling her Talk Radio slot every week at that time. IFYTP would continue at 10:15 through August.

-Barbara would takeover the the IFYTP slot beginning on Monday, September 14th. 

The other three days of Talk Radio also had issues that the Program Committee brought up, but there seemed to be a consensus (or consensus minus one) that these problems could be addressed with coaching, a producer, and call screening.  We are recruiting volunteers to fill these positions (producer, coach, call screener), and will re-visit how it's working when we review the whole strip in September when Kathleen returns.  At that time, we will also review the proposals from new talk radio hosts.