Last Year's Elections- 2008

Our Annual Membership Meeting took place on Sunday September 28, 2008 at Liberty Hall. We had a lively meeting of members and volunteers with great discussion on the goings on at our station. Ice cream sundaes were enjoyed and of course the results of the election were announced.

Congratulations to new Board Members: Backy Chiao, Joe Azavedo, Genevieve Matthews,   Erin Brand, Eric Robinson, Anthony Petchel and Scott Forrester. They will be joining Jamilah Bourdon, Ivonne Rivera, Mark Allyn, Jay Theimeyer, and Judy Arielle Fiestal to form the 12 member KBOO Board of Directors. In addition both bylaws were passed by the membership.

Here is the breakdown on the election:
Total Ballots Cast-          591

Board Candidates Elected to 3 Year Term
Backy Chiao                      486
Joe Azavedo                      435
Genevieve Matthews          411
Erin Brand                         388

Board Candidates Elected to 1 Year Term
Eric Robinson                      356
Anthony Petchel                  344
Scott Forrester                    310

Other Votes
Jeff Cook                             211
Jenny Weinstein                   324   (withdrew candidacy)

Bylaws  (Need 2/3 Vote Yes to Pass)
Bylaw 1  Allow interim board appointments to serve complete term.       

Passed              Yes- 484
                        No- 85

Bylaw 2  Clarify timing of board elections, mailings and special meetings.      

Passed               Yes- 543
                         No- 26