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Press**Watch: smash secret police.


presswatch  9-30-10

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BEIJING, Sep.30 (Xinhuanet) -- As thousands of demonstrators marched in European capitals on Wednesday to protest recent austerity measures, officials in EU proposed stiffening sanctions for governments that fail to cut their budget deficits and debt swiftly enough.


In Madrid


PressWatch: foreclosure fightback

I'm finding more data on how people are fighting to retain their rights to housing....currently I'm also looking into how to fight bottom-feeders who sue after buying old credit card debts. 

It's your duty to the society to fight the super-rich and their pauperization schemes!

Here is some information from  If you're in default or facing default, you should pull up that site and bookmark it!  The paragraphs below are the latest on the 'produce-the-note' movement.  It could save your home.


PressWatch: destroying corporate mind control

          The local bus service is, like many municipal services across the US, facing loss of revenue.  It's interesting to me to see how the shortfall is handled—so far, service is being reduced at the same time that prices are raised.  The bus service is an essential element of the economy, so one might think that if there was a Federal effort to 'prime the pump,' buses would be one of the first things to receive Federal aid.  But we do not live in an era of such rationality, and instead, trillions of dollars have been created to shore up the banking industry.  They're doing g

Press**Watch: Seafloor explosions, USS Washington at Pusan


Oil and methane are bursting from the seabed near BP's well.

Be sure to bookmark the live BP feed at the bottom of this post.


Press**Watch update: Oil is not Well in the Gulf


BP is defying Admiral Thad Allen to keep the pipe closed at their oil catastrophe site.  They are proudly announcing that the oil disaster is over, and that the 'seeps' nearby are not expressing oil.  Their own live feed looks ominous this morning, however, with dark clouds moving occasionally from left to right across the camera image; the image as a whole is much murkier than in the past.  See for yourself:


Press**Watch: Capitalism vs. Anarchy


Press**Watch for July 15, 2010


Once again it's time to clarify what the word Capitalism means and what it does not mean. Capitalism is a system of oppression. When I say that, I am simply using words accurately; without oppression there is no profit, so anyone wishing to accumulate money under the system of Capitalism has to understand that point. But I will explain.


press**watch: npr mind control



Here's some typical reporting from NPR about the war in Afghanistan. Note the use of the word “counterinsurgency” and the concern over whether a certain strategy will “succeed,” that is, whether it will subject Afghans to the will of the Pentagon.

June 30, 2010

Gen. David Petraeus' nomination as top U.S. commander in Afghanistan comes at a critical time. June has been the deadliest month for the U.S.-led coalition in the nearly nine-year-old war: More than 90 foreign troops have been killed.

Press**Watch: Castro war warning


I'll be back broadcasting this Thursday; I've been following the naval buildups versus Tehran and Pyongyang.  The war rhetoric is cranking up as well.  With the hurricane season threatening to wash oil all over the US Gulf Coast, the oligarchy is no doubt crying for a diversion. 


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