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Interview with the Curators of Time Based Arts 2009

Art Focus
program date: 
Tue, 09/01/2009

Two days before the big opening reception for Time Based Arts Festival 2009, the "big three" curators of TBA joined guest host of Art Focus, Sean Ongley, for a special program discussing the event. Erin Boberg and Kristan Kennedy were live in the studio, while guest artistic director Cathy Edwards joined us from New Haven by telephone. Special guest and TBA '08 performer, Mike Daisey also joined us by phone.

29:33 minutes (27.06 MB)

Un|Herd #1: Hexlove, Everybody

program date: 
Mon, 05/25/2009

Un|Herd.May 25th 2009.Hexlove/Everybody/Chant Oh's

Produced by Sean Ongley

Engineering Assistance by Devon

42:28 minutes (38.88 MB)

Un|Herd #2: Moth/Abusive Consumer

program date: 
Mon, 09/07/2009

Un|Herd Archive Episode #2

Original Live Performance on September 7th, 2009

Produced and Engineered by Sean Ongley at KBOO Studios

Live Musical Guests: Moth and Abusive/Consumer

Morales left, sculpture by Moth right, photos by Moth

41:00 minutes (37.55 MB)

Fair Trade Music

program date: 
Mon, 09/28/2009

 Fair Trade Music is a movement to level the economic playing field at clubs, bars, and all venues for music in Portland. This is a program co-sponsored by the Musicians Union. Representatives are interviewed by avante-garde performer and host of KBOO's Un|Herd, Sean Ongley. For more information on the subject, visit

19:31 minutes (17.87 MB)

Un|Herd #3: Shimizu, Chang, Neikrasz, Theriault

program date: 
Thu, 10/16/2008

Welcome to Un|Herd Archive episode number three. This time you’ll be hearing one of my earliest programs, dated back to October 16th, 2008. This features an improvisation between two New York based players, Ed Chang on electric guitar, percussive and vocal sounds, with MoToko Shimizu using her voice and children’s toys, and two Portland based players, Doug Theriault on electric guitar and John Niekrasz on drums. This will be a consistent, hour-long improvisation with no edits.

Produced by Sean Ongley at KBOO

Engineering Assistance from Devin



52:59 minutes (48.52 MB)

Homemade Energy: Hydrogen

program date: 
Thu, 10/22/2009

This is a 30 minute discussion on the subject of homemade energy: hydrogen or HHO hybriding in cars and in the house. The possibilities of homemade hydrogen fuel are introduced in this discussion. The guest is "Tater Waynes", who has much to say about his own designs. We go in to what he has learned with two years of building and installing units, mostly for internal combustion. He produces a series of videos at The interviewer is Sean Ongley.

27:38 minutes (25.3 MB)

Un|Herd #5: Music Collection

program date: 
Mon, 10/26/2009

 View the playlist for this program at or just below. This was a special episode featuring the music of my collection. Thank you to all who gave me this music.


58:10 minutes (53.26 MB)

West Coast Premiere of Orphee, an Opera by Philip Glass

program date: 
Thu, 11/12/2009

Portland was honored with the privilege of hosting the West Coast premiere of Orphee, a relatively new opera composed by Philip Glass. Orphee is a 2 Act story of mysterious death in juxtaposition of two worlds --– driven by a score from Philip Glass. The music itself worthy of a concert, beautifully composed, demonstrating the characteristic hypnotism of polyrhythm mixed in a rich palette, patterned by blocks and cycles; the kind of stuff that Glass is venerated for. And the Portland Opera Orchestra performs the score by Glass beautifully.

2:12 minutes (3.02 MB)

Un|Herd #9: Jef Brown

program date: 
Mon, 02/02/2009

February 2nd, 2009

Un|Herd Archive #9 

Jefrey Leighton Brown


48:48 minutes (44.67 MB)

Un|Herd #6: Branic Howard

program date: 
Mon, 07/27/2009

Branic Howard is a Composer, so recognized by Portland State University upon recent completion of his Bachelor’s Degree. Currently, he attends Syracuse, where he is on track to a PHD. Most classical music lovers assume that to be recognized as a composer by a major university means traditional, standardized conceptions of sound. Not so! Branic is indeed part of a new generation of composers. In this “composition”, Branic electronically mixes live strings and clarinet simultaneously performing isolated rooms. Each performer is unaware of what the other is doing, but they each have a “score” based upon fragments of time described by squarish shapes.

54:14 minutes (49.65 MB)
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