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06/20/07 Get This
Chris Andreae

1. Need vs. Greed: Oregon’s Department of Human Services is getting 13 percent more money this year. Which won’t begin to restore all the assistance that got chopped back in the bad old days (‘Reichstag Blowback’, if you will. Breaking few eggs to make a cake and the eggs just happened to be the economy and a few thousand lives…). And the requests for Human Services money just keep pouring in from state agencies that help the needy…at least the ones who have managed to survive in the poisonous atmosphere of the last seven years. (Look, “Tax and Spend” is exactly and precisely what the government is supposed to do that is what it exists to do. That is the only way of preventing all the money from aggregating in the hands of the very few….)
2. Tiiiiiimber! More timber payments. (Plant industrial hemp. You’ve got plenty of space now that you’ve cut down all the trees…)
3. So Sue Me: Oregon lawmakers are voting on a bill today that is intended to hold manufacturers accountable for the life of their products, not for the current eight year statute of limitations. What it means is that if you buy oh, say, carpeting and twenty years later become ill as a result of two decades of toxic carpet fumes invading your dreams, then you can go after the manufacturer. This would have been a stronger law thirty years ago. Now most products and their components have changed hands so many times between factory and shop, who are you going to go after for damages?
4. Ishmael, Call My Lawyer: In Washington, San Juan County isn’t waiting for the Feds to provide protection for Orcas in the waters of the San Juan Islands. They went ahead and passed their own ordinances. Works okay for local whale watching boats, but rogue operators and foreign-flag vessels are going to continue to sail under the radar.
5. Paper Cuts Hurt, Even For Those With Bad Circulation: Now it’s the noteworthy San Jose Mercury News that is cutting its newsroom staff.
6. Bush is going to veto the controversial Hollow Microscopic Ball of Cells Called the Blastocyst Stem Cell Bill. Don’t call it ‘ Embryonic Stem Cell’ research, because it isn’t. The cells in question are derived from the blastocyst stage of development. (The guy who thought up the “Embryo” business is none other than Frank Luntz, the genius behind the terms, War on Terror, Clear Skies Act and every other seemingly harmless term the Bush administration has ever uttered…)
7. Connecticut’s Republican governor has vetoed a medical marijuana bill. (But that could change. Jodi Bell is ‘in remission’…)
8. America’s Drug Dealer: Rudy Giuliani’s campaign chairman, Thomas Ravenal has been indicted on federal cocaine charges. (Good thing for Tom that it wasn’t crack; He’d be in serious trouble …)
9. The ACLU is suing the government to prevent it from drugging immigrants before deporting them. (Doesn’t the ACLU realize that this is America! Immigrants are supposed to bring us the drugs with them when they enter the country: We aren’t supposed to be giving them the drugs when we are in the process of sending them out….)
10. If You Can Make It There, You’ll Make It Anywhere! Start spreading the news….New York’s billionaire Bureaucrat, Michael Bloomberg is switching sides again. Bloomberg was a lifelong Democrat until he decided to run for Mayor. Now that he (perhaps) is running for president, Bloomberg has decided that he is an Independent.….It’s….Showtime!
11. Wal-Mart is in the prepaid debit card business. You don’t need a credit check or even a bank account to pick up one of these babies. (They know more about you than your own mother anyway…) A whole new world of financial woes awaits you.
12. The gap between the rich and the poor ever widens. Globalization: It’s the economic version of ‘the two-state solution’
13. As if it were not bad enough that we’ve gone and pissed off the entire Muslim world, now we’ve gone and rubbed Antigua and Barbuda the wrong way (And, No. It isn’t because we’re killing the oceans, but we’ll get to that…). Trouble is, we owe them 3.4 billion dollars a year for failure to comply with a WTO ruling that US Internet gambling restrictions are illegal. (Unlike, oh, say, the Vancouver Stock Exchange….)
14. John Rizzo is Bush’s Chosen One for CIA Counsel. There was a strange, other-worldly hearing yesterday – rather like a séance - in which lawmakers asked Rizzo ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions to which Rizzo answered ‘yes and no’ on grounds that if he really answered the questions, he would jeopardize national security (If destroying the legally elected Hamas government and supporting Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people does not “jeopardize national security”, then I’m not sure what does…Digression there.. Sorry.). Many of the questions Rizzo was asked have been a matter of public record for years. Does America engage in the practice of extraordinary rendition to countries known to use torture? Does the Pope write Motoring Ten Commandments…
15. The Haditha Massacre trial drags on, slouching towards a slap on the wrist. (But look on the bright side: The Marines who murdered those people will in all probability go mad…)
16. It’s Surge-arific! Attacks on the Green Zone are on the rise. A mortar or possibly a rocket – I mean, who knows in all the chaos – narrowly missed the PX today.
17. Japan has extended its air force transport mission in Iraq by two years. (And Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe says that the Rape of Nanking never happened. Coincidence?)
18. In Nigeria, there is a general strike on right now that is lead by thee oil workers unions.
19. Jimmy Carter has pointed out to the rest of the world that what the US and the EU did to the Palestinians is a deliberate attempt to divide and thus destroy the Palestinian nation and people. (America, as always, fingers in the ears, eyes squeezed shut, muttering, ‘I can’t hear you I can’t hear you I can’t hear you…’)
20. Speak of the Devil: Israel launched major attacks on Gaza today. While Bush sat back, enjoying the ‘Rapture’ from a safe distance.
21. Israeli opposition leader and Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu is off to Washington to negotiate stricter economic sanctions on Iran – as long as we’re in the neighborhood. He is also getting together with Hillary Clinton, Fred Thompson and Dick Cheney. (Entertainment provided by a chorus line of naked AIPAC lobbyists, high-kicking their way through the evening’s show-stopper, ‘Presenting the Family Jewels…’)
22. And now the envelope please. The winner in the ‘World’s Worst Polluter’ in the CO2 emissions category is……………………….China!

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