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06/18/07 Get This
Chris Andreae

1. Want Some Action? Martha Odom – as she does every Monday morning – brings us the Activist Report. The weekend’s main event was, of course the Gay Pride Parade, bigger and better than ever. But that was then and this is now…Today at 2:00 pm, Peter Bergel, Director of Oregon Peaceworks and Robert Projansky of Veterans for Peace will go on trial at the Multnomah County Courthouse. They were arrested for the simple, citizen-y act of attempting to visit an elected public servant Gordon Smith in his office, on public property. When the whole world is private American property where does the public go to ask questions like these?
2. In Washington State, Puget Sound veterans’ hospitals failed every subject on their accreditation finals. But the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Health Care Organizations will be back for a surprise inspection in the next few months. And if there is one thing veterans don’t like its ‘surprises’ and if there is one thing hospitals don’t like, it’s inspections…
3. North Carolina can save soldiers the costly, time-consuming and terrifying experience of going to Iraq. Camp Lejeune offers ample opportunity to be permanently disabled or even killed thanks to its extremely contaminated drinking water. All the more reason to drink beer, avoid North Carolina and stay out of the military.
4. The drywallers and carpenters who have been on strike since June 1st are close to an agreement. It isn’t the best of all possible working worlds, but it’s better than a slap in the belly with a wet fish. Any victory for labor in Bush’s America is rarer than a sighting of Elvis…and Jesus? He shows up everywhere.
5. This time it’s Albany that is locked in a life and death struggle with Measure 37. Seems this woman wants to cut down an ancient white oak so she can develop her property. The City won’t let her do it so now it comes down to property law. (All you fans of Measure 37, please move back to where ever you came from and if you come from here, go to southern California…)
6. Which brings us to the eternal question: When is a stand of poplar trees a ‘crop’ and when is it a forest? You know you spend long nights pondering the question, but the Oregon legislature is here to help. We got into this situation back in the 80 when we still had laws on the books that protected the environment instead of words on paper which is what we have now…(And much of that paper would come from those poplar trees if we were not presently aggressively logging the last of our wilderness areas
7. How desperate is this water situation? Klamath County is considering a new reservoir that would be 20 times deeper than Upper Klamath Lake. It sounds like a lot, but think of all the lawns and golf courses that are going in down there in Southern Oregon ready to welcome the influx of retirees and their McMansions…
8. Just Add Water! Central Oregon’s Jefferson County is as far as one need go to see what happens when development becomes ‘devilment.’ People forget that the beautiful landscape they want to build on is only beautiful because they don’t live there…yet.
9. Common backyard birds are disappearing thanks to the pesticides that kill their food and cats that kill them. (Cat owners, here’s the story: Your cat is not a wild animal. It is a pet and you feed it pet food. Killing birds is natural for wild animals but not for domesticated pets. It is not “natural” any more than it would be “natural” for my German shepherd to kill and eat your cat…which I can arrange for…
10. Our Boy In Baghdad, General David Petraeus says that “stabilizing” Iraq is going to take about a decade because that’s just the way it is with these insurgencies…I mean look at the Battle of Algiers…(By “stabilized”, I presume Petraeus means that all the Iraqis are dead or fled.)
11. Bob’s Your Uncle: Robert Zoellick is about to sail straight to the top of the Free Trade Candy Mountain as head of the World Ban,. where he will oversee the privatization of every drop of water and every grain of rice, every kernel of corn…(Just be sure to keep the girlfriend business on the Down Low, Bob.
12. Congressional Democrats are fighting the executive privilege Goliath…at least until they are the executives and its their privilege…
13. Everything Old Is New Again: The Senate is debating a package of energy bill that are going to have long-term impact on the economy and the environment. (Let’s see…I wonder whether the former or the latter will have priority of place is the eventual sausage that they churn out…
14. Senators Claire McCaskill and Tom Carper were in Iraq recently on a sort of ‘Follow The Money’ tour. Trouble was, they couldn’t find it. Billions of dollars have vanished into the private world of contractors
15. G-Spot: Jay Garner says that what we have in Iraq is genocide. (If Garner thinks that crying ‘genocide’ in a burning building is going to draw the world’s attention to the abattoir that Iraq is fast becoming, I direct his attention to Darfur where it has been going on for years while the world closes its eyes and plugs its ears, yelling ‘Ican’thearyouIcan’thearyouIcan’thearyou…’. Garner led the initial American effort only to be superceded by Paul Bremer – ‘Viceroy’ Bremer to his friends in the Bush administration….and none of them ever mentioned the ‘G-word’)
16. A Kurdish rebel leader has warned Turkey that if its troops and tanks cross into Northern Iraq, fire will rain out of the sky, human skin will erupt with boil, there will be hemorrhaging from orifices, the rivers will flow with blood, all plant life will wither and die and animals will fall dead in the…Wait…That’s already happening…
17. US forces killed seven more Afghani children over the weekend. Even the US Stooge, Hamid Karzai is beginning to feel uncomfortable with the incessant stream of civilian bloodshed. And we put him there to explain just such tragedies tohis long-suffering people. This latest, the US claims that the Taliban was using the children as “human shields” when they bombed the madrassa. Hmmm, let’s see, children in a school…you see how crafty these terrorists are…
18. ‘ No More Democracy For Me Thanks; I’m Driving’: Now that he has drunkenly stumbled around in Palestinian politics, starving the state until he got election that he liked, now, finally, George Bush is considering lifting the embargo that caused the crisis in the first place. Yes, that’s Democracy Neocon-Style.

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