DRAFT KBOO Strategic Plan CHAPTER 9: Resource Development Goals – A Plan of Action


In order to accommodate the goals of the strategic plan, KBOO has made a commitment to the following overarching priorities for resource development or capacity building. They include Marketing and Community Outreach; Media Center; and Secondary Product Development.

Goal #1 - Marketing and Community Outreach

KBOO board, staff and volunteers will actively participate in marketing and public relations activities to improve the visibility of the programming, services, projects and other events and issues of the organization. In the short-term, this effort will serve to identify the target constituency, and the long-term effort will sustain those relationships through an ongoing, coordinated and integrated plan to be revised, reviewed and renewed regularly by all parties within KBOO.


  • Increased and consistent marketing and outreach activities will help to fulfill the mission of KBOO and will bolster fundraising efforts while also creating unique and rewarding community partnerships for mutually beneficial results and impact.

Implementation Plan:

  1. Action Step: Board and collective management will participate in the development of an integrated and comprehensive marketing and community outreach plan that will consider the following elements:
    •  Visual impact of KBOO in print media, online, and within the community
    •  Broad, multi-faceted image of KBOO
    •  Targeting community outreach based on market segments and priorities
    •  Partnerships within the community that would be mutually beneficial
    •  Integration of Underwriting as a crux of any marketing efforts
    •  Fund Drive initiatives that advance the marketing and outreach goals of KBOO
    •  Streamline operations and develop grant funding strategy in order to support outcomes of the plan
    •  Incorporate the outcomes of the audience assessment work to be completed as part of this plan.
    •  The plan will consider long-range goals and activities.
    Timeline: June 2011 – December 2011
  2. Action Step: When marketing and community outreach plan is complete, KBOO will revise this strategic plan to incorporate key elements of the plan.
    Timeline: January 2012-March 2012.

Goal #2 – Media Center

To Be Discussed at Community Meeting:
Potential features of the Media Center could include the following:

  • Web presence – Increase web streams
  • Interactive web presence
  • Real time with “What’s Playing”
  • Podcasting
  • iPhone apps
  • Possible HD signal
  • Video on website
  • More visual stimulus

Goal #3 – Secondary Product Development

To Be Discussed at Community Meeting:
A priority for KBOO that emerged during this planning process was the need to diversify the forms through which KBOO transmits media content.
Shared royalty payments

  • Fee for service work (PSAs etc…)
  • Political ads
  • Audio stream
  • Website use
  • Archive access

Partnerships with other community radio stations for trainings
Secondary Product Development
Priorities over 1 –year; 2-year;3-5 years
Podcasts? How many? How often? What types? Who is responsible for these?
Archival resources
Remote broadcasts
Apps for iphones etc


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