Interview with Cascade AIDS Project

Out Loud
program date: 
Mon, 10/08/2007

Carla interviews guests from Cascade AIDS Project - Michael, from the Prevention Services Dept, and Cree, from the Teen 2 Teen Project and Brother to Brother.

18:45 minutes (17.17 MB)

Interview with Bitch Magazine

Out Loud
program date: 
Sun, 08/12/2007

Carla interviews Debbie, publisher, and Amy, development coordinator, from Bitch Magazine.

26:04 minutes (10.44 MB)

Upcoming Topics

We reserve the right to change our minds, but just in case you're wondering, we are probably going to cover these topics in the next few months... and this is not in order by date or anything.

--Grace Paley Birthday Celebration and Memorial Party

--The Native American Occupation of Alcatraz

--Border Issues and other Immigration issues

--PFLAG History

--Radical Therapy


PSU Domestic Violence Conference

Evening News
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Mon, 07/16/2007

Portland State University, in collaboration with the Bradley Angle House and Healing Roots Village, is expanding and reprioritizing the domestic violence dialogue and awareness.

Yvette Maranowski attended this weekend's annual conference and has the details.


3:59 minutes (1.37 MB)

SissyBoys Interview


SissyBoy is a group of Portland-based performance artists. They refer to themselves as “drag terrorists” or “gender terrorists.” Their over-the-top shows in bars and clubs are both political and comedic. Last year, they were part of the Time Based Art Festival and they recently returned from their first west coast tour. KBOO producer Julie Sabatier caught up with SissyBoys Zebra and Jeffrey Darling at a photo shoot for Outlook Magazine in May and she put together this excerpt for the OutLoud show.

23:03 minutes (21.11 MB)

APA Compass

Short Description: 
A forum for dialogue, exploration, and dissemination of issues pertinent to APA communities
with Kushlani de Soyza, Sarika, Andrew Yeh, Luann Algoso, Marie Lo, Liz Rogers and Anonymous

APA Compass is a collectively produced public affairs program.  Our mission is to provide a forum for dialogue, exploration, and dissemination of issues pertinent to Asian Pacific American (APA) communities; to unite, politicize and empower APAs; to raise awareness of social and economic justice issues; to highlight the parallels and intersections between APA experiences and the experiences of other groups; to provide media access, mentorship and training to APAs; to promote APA art and culture; to challenge racist representations and to enable APAs to define themselves. 

Prog Audio

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News & Public Affairs


Short Description: 
News You're Not Supposed to Know
with Theresa Mitchell

PressWatch is a weekly counterpropaganda and Left opinion program hosted by Theresa Mitchell; expect analysis, alternative news, humor, and transgender politics.  


Prog Audio


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