Joe and Abe & Election Predictions

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Mon, 11/03/2008

 Host Abe Proctor invites listeners to predict the election results, and give their reasons why.


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Challenges for the Next President

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Sun, 11/02/2008

What are the challenges the new President will face?  How much can a president do to put the nation on a different course?  Ezra Klein, a policy analyst who writes for The American Prospect and many other publications, talks with the Old Mole's Bill Resnick. 

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The new poll tax

The great Rachel Maddow on the modern poll tax:

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End of the Republican era

 The always-excellent Sidney Blumenthal, writing in the Guardian:

Today's election is poised to end the Republican era in American politics - an era that began in reaction to Lyndon Johnson's Great Society, the Vietnam war and the civil rights revolution, was pioneered by Richard Nixon, consolidated by Ronald Reagan, and wrecked by George W Bush.

Almost every aspect of the Republican ascendancy has been discredited and lies in tatters - its policies, politics, and even its version of patriotism - down to the rock-bottom notion that progressive taxation itself, initiated by a Republican president, Theodore Roosevelt, who John McCain hails as his personal icon, is unpatriotic.


Now, certain factors that have dominated US politics for 40 years seem destined to recede to the far corners. In economics, supply-side panaceas and deregulation created the worst crisis since the Great Depression, requiring a conservative Republican administration to part-nationalise banks, something unimaginable under any Democratic administration. In foreign policy, neoconservatism led to the morass in Iraq and Afghanistan while undermining the western alliance. In social policy, the evangelical right battered science, the separation of church and state, and the right to privacy. Finally, the conservative principle of limited government has become a watchword for incompetence, cronyism, corruption, hypocrisy, and contempt for the rule of law.

Really, read the whole thing. It hits both the macro level of decades of history, and the micro level of the campaign itself.


Just voted!

 Just dropped off the ol' ballot. It feels pretty good.

It's hard to believe that this interminable election campaign (far, far too long) is nearly over. It's hard, too, to untie all the emotions that are bound up with it, at least for me.

For those of you who listen to the show, you've heard Joe and I pour out a lifetime's worth of angst over the last several years. So much has happened that one's sense of outrage (if one has been paying attention) blurs between this war and that Constitutional affront and this abuse of power ... It's like a background white noise of outrage.

War. Torture. Election theft. Disenfranchisement. Disappearing liberties. The abolition of science in the public sphere. The triumph of plutocracy. The reign of fear in electoral politics. The reign of cowardice in Congressional politics. And on and on.

Will an Obama win really signify the end of all this, a turning toward something better? I want to believe it so badly. I do believe it on some level. But I'm skeptical.

What if he's some kinda corporate Manchurian candidate. What if, behind the reasonable, progressive facade it's just business as usual in an Obama administration?

Whatever the outcome tomorrow, our work as progressives is not over. It's just begun. More on this later.


Naomi Wolf Live: Give Me Liberty: A Handbook For American Revolutionaries, PT 2

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Wed, 10/29/2008

Naomi Wolf, author of Give Me Liberty: A Handbook for American Revolutionaries is interviewd for We The People by contributor Linda Olson-Osterlund.  She talks about what she calls a coup by the Bush administration.

In Part 2 she answers calls from Kboo listeners and talks about actins taht can be taken to restore democracy in the United States.

For more information see http://naomiwolf.org


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Naomi Wolf Live: Give Me Liberty: A Handbook For American Revolutionaries, PT 1

program date: 
Wed, 10/29/2008

Author and Lecturer Naomi Wolf is interviewed  by We The People contributor Linda Olson-Osterlund and then opens up to listener calls. The dicussion includes her travels around the country warning of the rapidly closing democracy in the United States and what she believes has been a Coup by the Bush administration. She calls on the public to take immediate actions to fight for democracy.

For more info see, http://naomiwolf.org 

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Old Mole Variety Hour

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Mon, 11/03/2008 - 9:00am - 10:00am


Bill Resnick looks at the entrenched forces in the US policy making apparatus that will challenge the new President -- like the Federal Reserve,  the army, and the dominant role in Congress of conservative Democrats.  Denise Morris interviews an activist from Dicentra, a Portland  area collective that creates radical communities of care, networks of support, and  movements based on relationship building and collective narratives  from our lives. 

Hard Knock Radio

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Daily Hip Hop Talk Show
with Anita Johnson, Davey D, Tsadae Abeba Neway, Weyland Southon and quincyhoist

Anita Johnson and Davey D

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If You Love This Planet

Air date: 
Mon, 11/03/2008 - 11:15am - 12:00pm

In a speech given in California on October 12th Dr. Caldicott addresses the three major issues we need deal with in order to survive as a species.

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