Police abuse

Left & the Law: right of assembly in the occupy movement.

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Mon, 11/07/2011

Jan Haaken and Mike Snedecker talk about the right of assembly and how it comes into play for the Occupy movement. They consider the role of elected leaders to make discretionary calls in managing assemblies and the importance of protecting First Amendment rights, but also the potential limits on the place, time and manner of people's assemblies. 

15:34 minutes (14.25 MB)

Old Mole Variety Hour on 11/07/11

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Mon, 11/07/2011 - 9:00am - 10:00am
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Deficit commission, Left & the Law:right to assembly, movie moles: They Live, mentally ill occupiers

Joe Clement hosts and we hear:

Talk Radio on 10/28/11

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Fri, 10/28/2011 - 8:00am - 9:00am
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KBOO goes live to Occupy Portland for the voices of those on site. Joe Uris hosts.

KBOO goes live to Occupy Portland for the voices of those on site. Joe Uris hosts.

Also check out KBOO's OCCUPY PDX Stream at http://kboo.fm/occupyportland anytime.

KBOO Radio @Occupy Portland Encampment 2011


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From on-the-scene reporting, in-depth interviews, on-air broadcasts of needs during the encampment, music, and much more...KBOO was there, is there, and will continue to be there. So there!

 As the Occupy movement continues calling for the richest one percent to pay their fair share, KBOO News is committed to bringing you full coverage. And be sure to support KBOO to keep this people-powered radio station on the air - donate online by clicking here.


The following is the archive of the real-time updates to the KBOO website as the Portland Occupy movement evolved. Exciting times!


Friday February 10th: all-day special on Challenging Corporate Power

The Occupy Movement -- People Power vs. Hypocrisy!

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Thu, 10/13/2011

Theresa Mitchell with the "news you're not supposed to know" examines the hypocrisy in criticisms of the Occupy Movement, and the real power being expressed by the movement.  Plus, latest on increasing radiation around Fukushima.

16:58 minutes (7.77 MB)

The Abe and Joe Talk Radio Show on 10/11/11

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Tue, 10/11/2011 - 8:00am - 9:00am
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Occupy Wall Street comes to Portland -- and it's the real deal.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has come to Portland. Much has been made about what the movement is, what the occupiers want, and what their message is. It's really pretty simple -- it's about economic injustice. And it's the real deal.

What The Wall Street Protests Get Right

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Mon, 10/03/2011

Bill Resnick talks with Mark Engler about the Wall Street protests, contexualizing them in terms of the economic crisis and global protests, as well as underscoring what they're doing right.

Mark Engler is a writer and analyst at Foreign Policy. His website is www.democracyuprsing.com

19:01 minutes (3.27 MB)

Report from Wall Street protest

Evening News
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Mon, 10/03/2011

The “Occupy Wall Street’ protests in New York continue for the third straight week, despite over seven hundred arrests.  Protesters say they are confronting the corrupt financial system.
Despite the ongoing police crackdown, hundreds more people joined today’s marches, and cities around the country have begun their own occupations.
Ryme Katkhouda with the People's Media Center brings us this report from the street in New York. 6:38 minutes (6.07 MB)
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