Flashpoints on 01/27/11

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Thu, 01/27/2011 - 10:00am - 11:00am
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Investigative news radio with Dennis Bernstein

Air Cascadia is off today. Tune in for Flashpoints at 10AM.

A Profound and Jarring Disconnect

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Mon, 01/24/2011

Tom reads Dave Lindorff's "A Profound and Jarring Disconnect." This article documents the disconnect between what the American people want in terms of spending-cuts, program priorities and tax increases and what the Obama administration continues to do, in their name and otherwise.

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Why is the US Condemning Chinese Human Rights?

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Mon, 01/24/2011

 Bill and David Gespass talk about the hypocrisy of the Obama Administration condemning Chinese human-rights violations when doing so obfuscates US complicity (on structural-economic and militant-political levels) in those violations. They also consider the United States' own anti-democratic tendencies on the electoral level.

David is  President of the National Lawyer's Guild. The guild was formed in 1937 and fights for human rights in the US. 

18:44 minutes (8.57 MB)

Old Mole Variety Hour January 24th

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Mon, 01/24/2011

Tom Becker hosts today's Old Mole, which features: US and Chinese Human Rights; a review of the film Marwencol; a profound and jarring disconnect between the will of the American people and their administration; and climate justice.

54:11 minutes (24.81 MB)

Voices from the Edge on 01-20-11 Guest Jim Middaugh from Metro

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Thu, 01/20/2011

53:04 minutes (48.59 MB)

The Eavesdrop - Thursday, January 20th at 7 PM!

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Thu, 01/20/2011

Tune in THIS Thursday, January 20th at 7 pm for "The Eavesdrop". It will be a real conversation for real people. We are, the Kitchen Table Collective, four women committed to bringing issues out of the shadows and into the airwaves.

We invite you to join us in the discussion, because change begins with all of us!

Please listen to our promo to find out about this Thursday's conversation-inspiring episode!

0:53 minutes (1.02 MB)

Voices from the Edge: 01-13-11 Joint Terrorism Task Force

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Thu, 01/13/2011

Should the city of Portland re-join the Joint Terrorism Task Force?

Listeners called in and shared their views.

Jo Ann Bowman is a former state legislator, former executive director of Oregon Action, and a long-time leader in the struggle for racial and economic justice.

54:45 minutes (50.14 MB)

Positively Revolting on 01/07/11

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Fri, 01/07/2011

2011, a year in review..... Ani and Lyn review the last seven days.  We think it's been a weird, and busy, first week of the year.  What's taken your attention this week?  Our discussion of topics included, but was not limited to:

50:28 minutes (46.22 MB)
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