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Old Mole Variety Hour on 08/25/08

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Mon, 08/25/2008 - 9:00am - 10:00am

Cuba: Interview, film review and commentary.

Bill Resnick will interview Cuba expert Sam Farber. They will discuss Cuba in transition and the possibilities for development, self-determination and Socialist democracy. Movie Moles will review the 1964 film Soy Cuba! made by Russian film makers interested in telling the story of the Cuban revolution. Soy Cuba! was a breakthrough in filmmaking.

One Land, Many Voices: Remembering Mahmoud Darwish with Dr. Fady Joudah + the Free Gaza boats enroute to Gaza!

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Thu, 08/21/2008

Hosts Hala Gores and William Seaman talk with poet, translator and doctor, Fady Joudah, about the life and work of Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darwish.  Also on the program, live satellite phone conversations with Paul Larudee and Huwaida Arraf of the Free Gaza Movement as they sail, along with 43 other volunteers, from Cyprus to Gaza to break the Israeli blockade.

59:31 minutes (20.44 MB)

Proverbial Perspectives on 08/21/08

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Thu, 08/21/2008 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Judith Mowry and John Canda, of the Restorative Listening Project, share their experiences and insight on healing the harm of gentrification in Portland.  John and Judith also traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend the Race and Reconciliation Conference hosted by Janet Langhart Cohen and  her husband, former Secretary of Defense William Cohen, where they presented on the Restorative Listening project. Hosted by Celeste Carey

One Land Many Voices on 08/22/08

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Fri, 08/22/2008 - 9:00am - 10:00am

Topics include the life and work of the late Mahmoud Darwish, who was considered to be the most important contemporary Arab poet working today. In  the words of poet Naomi Shihab Nye. Mr. Darwish is “the Essential Breath of the Palestinian people, the eloquent witness of exile and belonging, exquisitely tuned singer of images that invoke, link, and shine a brilliant light into the world’s whole heart. What he speaks has been embraced by readers around the world – his in an utterly necessary voice, unforgettable once discovered.” His more than twenty poetry books include The Adam of Two Edens, Mural, Why Have you Left the Horse Alone, and Eleven Planets.

Drinking from Puddles on 08/20/08

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Wed, 08/20/2008 - 9:00pm - 11:00pm
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Sunsara Taylor returns to Drinking From Puddles tonight !!

Activist Sunsara Taylor, of The Revolution newspaper & The World Can't Wait orginization returns to Drinking From Puddles tonight for her third interview on the program. On tap is the decline of anti-war & other protesting in the wake of Obama's nomination, as well as other connected issues regarding the war in Iraq, the potential war in Iran and America's adgenda on the world stage.

Patriarch Versus Matriarchy as they relate to the Environment

Locus Focus
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Tue, 08/19/2008

 Host Marlene Howell substitutes for Barbara Bernstein today, bringing two main topics to the table.  

First up, she invites opinions on Patriarchy versus Matriarchy as it relates to the wholesale Commodification of the entire planet's resources versus Sustainability.  Is it even possible for our species (let alone most other species) to survive our greed?

Part two of today's show asks the listenership: "What are YOU going to do TODAY to express your environmental values?"  This is not meant as an esoteric question, but a practical one, inviting real behaviors that can be practiced today by average citizens to protect and preserve our lifeline.


56:28 minutes (25.85 MB)

Veteran's Voice on 08/20/08

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Wed, 08/20/2008 - 9:00am - 10:00am

The guest is Larry Scott of  They  also discuss  an article by  Irene Weiser  on  Twelve Women Assaulted in  Iraq.  That  article is available on And they discuss an article called, Women and War: The Toll of Deployment on Physical Health. To reference it, go to Also Elli George at


Flashpoints on 08/20/08

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Wed, 08/20/2008 - 11:15am - 12:00pm

Dennis Bernstein interviews Michael Parenti, author, historian and media critic, who discusses US activities in the Middle East and implications of the 2008 US Presidential election. His latest book is Contrary Notions, the Michael Parenti Reader.

And on the Block Report hear about The Decline of Black Radio.
The guest is Iyanna Jones - filmmaker of Disappearing Voices, the Decline of Black Radio, written and narrated by Bob Law, and directed by U-Savior.,

Radiozine on 08/20/08

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Wed, 08/20/2008 - 10:30am - 11:00am

Per Fagereng interviews professor and writer Richard Falk about the pipeline-geopolitics involved in the conflict between Russia and Georgia and the mainstream media's coverage of the situation. Falk is the author of more than 20 books,  including "The Costs of War: International Law, the UN, and World Order after Iraq."

Radiozine on 08/20/08

Air date: 
Wed, 08/20/2008 - 10:00am - 10:30am

Jay Thiemeyer hosts a discussion of the present and future of the Oregon chapter of the ACLU with Chin Ming, the new

Legal Director, and David Fidanque, long-time executive director.

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