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 By Carol Lay,Words And Pictures guest 23rd Oct '07


"Persistance Of Kat Klocks" by Carol Lay

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Celebrating the Spirit of Dave Carter

Today's show was about celebrating the life and music of one of my favorite singer songwriters--Dave Carter who died unexpectedly on July  19, 2001.  I was at the Vancouver Folk Festival in Vancouver BC (which had been a 10+ year summer pilgrimage every year, the highlight of my year). In fact, the first time I ever heard a Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer recording, 2 things were instant thoughts in my mind: 

1.  I have to get a copy of the song "The Mountain" to Joan Baez somehow and

2.  these folks HAVE to play the Vancouver Folk Festival.

DIY, Portland: Zine Show!!

program date: 
Wed, 07/18/2007

In anticipation of the zine symposium in August, it's our second annual zine show! Hear Kate Haas reading from her zine and John Marr remembering back to the DIY ethic of the punk rock era that first inspired him to publish himself. Get an update about the Independent Publishing Resource Center and find out how Portland is like Paris.

As always, thanks to Brian Kramer for production assistance and Nick Jaina, who composed our theme music. All other original music in this episode comes courtesy of Levi Cecil.

Podcasting, higher quality downloads and more information is available right here.

27:52 minutes (12.76 MB)

Old Mole Variety Hour 07/16/07

program date: 
Sun, 07/15/2007

Topics for today include: 1) Labor 2) Review - Crazy Love 3) Capitalism 4) Alternative Economics

59:29 minutes (10.21 MB)

The KBOO Food Show July16, 2007


Hear an interview with Master Chef Robert Reynolds and a segment about U-Pick options in the area.

54:42 minutes (9.39 MB)

The Listeners - July 07

Peter from Portland said he'd "never laughed so hard." Arthur from Aloha said "this is insane." 

59:14 minutes (16.95 MB)

Old Mole Variety Hour 07/09/07

Topis for today include: 1) Global Warming 2) Edith Piaf 3) Iraq 4) Labor

57:16 minutes (13.11 MB)

Animation Installations

Words and Pictures
program date: 
Mon, 06/25/2007

Special for the Platform Animation Festival - Originally aired on Words & Pictures on June 26, 2007

Rose Bond and Dryden Goodwin introduce the free animation installations that have been appearing in the Pearl District during the Platform Animation Festival. Rose is a celebrated local animator and visiting artist Dryden Goodwin has been featured at the Tate Modern Gallery.

37:45 minutes (15.13 MB)

Scott McCloud: Making Comics

Words and Pictures
program date: 
Mon, 06/25/2007

Special for the Platform Animation Festival - originally aired on Words & Pictures on June 26, 2007
Scott McCloud, the author of the landmark work "Understanding Comics" rolls into town on a 50-state lecture tour exploring the art of visual storytelling.

29:55 minutes (11.99 MB)

Body Worlds Interview


Hear an interview with Gunther von Hagens the famous and often controversial anatomist behind the Body Worlds exhibit that recently made its way to The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in Portland. The exhibit showcases real human specimens preserved by replacing bodily fluids with plastics. Most of the so-called plastinates appear without their skin at various stages of dissection. Von Hagens has been hailed as a pioneer in medical education and derided as a sicko who desecrates human remains.

KBOO Art Focus host Julie Bernard and producer Julie Sabatier went to the press opening of the exhibit and interviewed Mr. von Hagens about his unique dissection methods, his thoughts on death and whether he thinks of what he does as "art."

20:39 minutes (18.91 MB)
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