DIY, Portland: Art of Survival

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Wed, 03/19/2008

Hear how artistic expression has helped people to deal with and overcome challenges such as homelessness, incarceration and physical disabilities. Funding for this episode was provided by a project grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council. More photos and links at

Thanks to Brian Kramer for engineering and production assistance, to Dmae Roberts for editorial assistance, to Nick Jaina and Jason Leonard
for original music. Thank YOU for listening!

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guess who's coming to radio??!! playlist for 03/18/2008

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a bunch of wonderful kids came in as a nice surpise, there was discussion of whether or not it is possible to not compromise yourself whilst interacting with others, and the wonderful tony muhammad!!!

"Primary": The Movie

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Sun, 03/16/2008

 Denise Morris digs out a 1960 documentary film about the Wisconsin primary between Hubert Humphrey and John F. Kennedy and discusses how it changed the way we think of political campaigning.  It's called Primary, and you can find it at the Multnomah County Library.  

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G.M. Ford, author of "Nameless Night"

Between the Covers
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Mon, 03/17/2008

Host Ed Goldberg speaks with G.M. Ford, author of "Nameless Night," a story of a search for a man's identity in the face of government repression.

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Sudden Radio Project

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The Confessional

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Talk Radio with La Contessa de la Luna. Guilt Shame Fear Forgiveness Minor Felonies 503-231-8187
with Contessa de la Luna

Follow the La Contessa on twitter to receive your daily wisdom in just 140 little characters. See, it's getting easier all ready.


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Music & Performance
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Kate Maloy, Oregon writer

Between the Covers
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Mon, 03/10/2008

Host Kathleen Stephenson interviews writer Kate Maloy about her new novel, Every Last Cuckoo. Set in rural Vermont, this is the story of seventy-five-year-old Sarah Lucas and her discovery of unguessed dimensions in her own character. It explores her life after a great loss and shows that genuine love is unquenchable.

20:24 minutes (18.68 MB)

Empire of Terror Part 2

Ubu Hour
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Sun, 03/02/2008

Second half of the Ubu Hour's March 2008 program.. More plundered bits of moivies both new and old, are collaged with speaches from Bush, Cheney and Rice to create a soundtrack of hallucinatory insanity... This one moves into the darker realms of imperialist conquest, violence and torture. Listen to at your own risk. 

27:24 minutes (18.82 MB)
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