Movie Talk 04/17/2009

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Thu, 04/16/2009

Hosted by: Doug Holm, Ed Goldberg

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Guess Who's Coming to Radio??!! playlist for 04/16/2009

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we celebrated the life of gil scott-heron, who was born on the first of april...  we did not get to do it earlier in the month, so why not now!!!

also, we spoke about the possible issues surrounding the 'cybersecurity act of 2009, introduced on the first of april of this year.

names under the playlist will mostly be blank 9unless noted otherwise), since most of the songs were by mr. gil scott-heron!!!

happy born day, gil!!!


Positively Revolting on 04/17/09

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Fri, 04/17/2009 - 8:00am - 9:00am

Melodie Silverwolf and Crystal Leighty host a discussion about speculative science. Was the Lost City of Atlantis real or just a fable? Are somethings too interesting to be true? Call in at 503 231-8187 with your opinion.

Meg Wollitzer on her novel: "The Ten Year Nap" and Mothers who Opt Out of the Professional World

Between the Covers
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Wed, 04/15/2009

Host Kathleen Stephenson interviews best-selling author Meg Wollitzer about her recent novel, The Ten Year Nap.  It's about the lives of women who opt out of the professional world to have kids and never go back. Meg Wollitzer's novels include:  Sleepwalking; This Is Your Life; Surrender, Dorothy; and The Wife. She lives in New York City.


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Vivid Sekt Live!

Life During Wartime
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Tue, 04/07/2009

Portland Peace Punk Band Vivid Sekt played live on Life During Wartime April 8th, 2009.

They stayed around to play records, which is not included here, but you can check out the playlist...

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Jews, Food and Ethics

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Sat, 03/28/2009

jewish foodThis show focuses on the intersection of Jews, food and ethics. Host Liz Schwartz interviews Rabbi Arthur Waskow, a major proponent of the eco-kashrut movement. Eco-kashrut expands on traditional kosher dietary practices by incorporating the ethics of sustainable growing systems, humane animal production and fair treatment for farm workers and meat processors. Also featured is Rabbi Morris Allen, who founded the Hekhsher Tzedek, an ethical certification seal that will appear on kosher food products. Finally, Liz talks with two of Portland's Jewish organic farmers.

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Portland honors Murnane's Wharf

Evening News
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Thu, 04/09/2009

The current issue of Street Roots shines a light on a piece of Portland history that’s been hiding in plain view, just south of the Burnside Bridge.

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Holocaust Art and Music - Interview with Cantor Ida Rae Cahana

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Sat, 04/11/2009

April 19, 20, and 21 2009 are the dates for Portland's Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Day) Community Commemoration.

This event is sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Portland, The Archdiocese of Portland, Ecumenical Ministries of Portland, University of Portland, and others.  For this year, instead of religious services the Holocaust experience will be explored through art, music, and film.  In particular the paintings, letters, and poems of survivor Alice Lok Cahana will be presented and discussed.  Alice Cahana is the mother of Rabbi Z. Michael Cahana of Congregation Beth Israel.

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7000 languages are in danger of becoming extinct

Evening News
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Sun, 04/05/2009

half the world’s seven thousand languages are under severe threat of extinction, and along with them the cultures they represent.
Every two weeks, the last fluent speaker of a native language dies, when this happens, their language dies with them and is lost forever.  
Within the next 100 years, over half the world’s 7,000 languages are likely to vanish.
Salem, Oregon is home to The Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages, and Greg Anderson is its founder and director.  

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Stage and Studio on 04/21/09

Stage and Studio
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Tue, 04/21/2009 - 11:00am - 11:30am
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What's the Word - Poetry for Children


A special produced by the Modern Language Association program.  Part of the What's the Word? Celebrating National Poetry Month in April series |

The poetry we hear—and create—as children teaches us about the power of words.

From nursery rhymes and nonsense poems to serious verse about controversial subjects, poetry for children teaches us about the power of words. This program looks at how poets from the Victorian era to the contemporary playground explore the relation between words and meaning, test the limits of polite language, and use humor to upset the balance of power. 



Stage and Studio will be back April 28th with Olga Sanchez of Milagro Theatre.  Check out our latest shows online.

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