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Alternative economics

Voices from the Edge on 11/25/10 - Open Lines

program date: 
Thu, 11/25/2010

This week Dave hosted open lines.  Callers discussed various topics; from police issues to the TSA, to things they give thanks for.

The conversation doesn't end when the program does. You can join in additional discussion of the week's issue on our blog at  (click on the "blog" tab). You'll find additional information, important links, comments from other listeners and commentary from Jo Ann and Dave. Have a question for our guests, but can't call in during the program? Post your questions on line so we can make them a part of the Voices discussion.

Program Engineer: Steve Nassar
Audio Editor: Alicia Olson

55:20 minutes (50.67 MB)

Positively Revolting on 11-26-10: Micah White from Adbusters

program date: 
Fri, 11/26/2010

Micah White from Adbusters join us where we talk about culture 
jamming, Buy Nothing Day, and Carnivalesque Rebellion Week.

At the end of November, there is a week held aside for Carnivalesque Rebellion, which features Buy Nothing Day.  This is an international week of resistance to the corporate culture that would have us all on hamster wheels.  This is a week wherein all people are encouraged to reclaim their lives, dream big, and create action that supports a new way of engaging with one's life.

What have 
you done to free your mind lately?

57:25 minutes (52.57 MB)

Special Programming: Public Affairs on 11/26/10

Air date: 
Fri, 11/26/2010 - 10:00am - 11:00am
Short Description: 
Ellen Brown on THE FINANCIAL HIJACKING OF AMERICA How and why to escape the web of debt

Ellen Brown on The Financial Hijacking of America — How and why to escape the web of debt

This is a talk about the trillion dollar bailout of the too large to fail banks and how it relates to the underlying crisis caused by the private control of the US — and soon the world's — money supply.

GM's Bailout

program date: 
Mon, 11/22/2010

 Bill Resnick Talks with Jane Slaughter, co-founder of Labor Notes a Workers Movement journal. Bill and Jane talk about the General Motors bailout, the new contracts that cut new employee wages literally in half, and the potential to create a green industry in mass-transit production.

7:18 minutes (3.34 MB)

Digital Sampling and the Contradictions of Intellectual Property Rights

program date: 
Thu, 11/25/2010

Nate Harrison narrates an impressive history of the use and dissemination of the "Amen Break," a 6-second drum solo in the middle of the Winston's 1969 hit, "Amen Brother." As the Amen Break became re-appropriated through eletronic sampling, its story stands as a testement to the limitlessness of digitally mediated expression and way intellectual property rights stifle.

17:31 minutes (8.02 MB)

A Maintenance vs. Manufacturing Economy

program date: 
Mon, 11/22/2010

 Ken Ingham is a writer, and in the early '90s responded to NPR's MarketPlace Report challenge to suggest ways to kick-start the economy. Ken's brief response was about building a maintenance economy through market mechanisms. In this essay that he wrote later, he expands that suggestions to almost utopian dimensions. The commentary seeks to revive his suggestions and partially respond to the consumer-driven approach Ingham assumes. 

8:32 minutes (7.82 MB)

More Talk Radio on 11/22/10

More Talk Radio
program date: 
Mon, 11/22/2010


Hosts Celeste Carey and Cecil Prescod interview Nancy Altman about her recent article "10 Reasons the Fiscal Commission Social Security Proposals Should be DOA." She is the co-author with Eric Kingson.

54:36 minutes (49.99 MB)

Old Mole Variety Hour November 22nd

program date: 
Mon, 11/22/2010

Today's show, hosted by Denise Morris, features interviews about poverty & healthcare, the General Motors bailout, a commentary about building a maintenance economy, and a brief history of the world's most important 6-second drum-loop.


59:46 minutes (27.36 MB)
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