Tillicum Wawa

 The hosts of Tillicum Wawa retired from the KBOO airwaves in July 2013 after many years of putting together a terrific weekly program.  Thanks Eugene and Shusli!

"Tillicum Wawa: Voices of the People"

Rhonda "Shusli" Baseler
Eugene Johnson

“Tillicum Wawa” is a Chinook Jargon phrase which, loosely translated, means “The people speak”.

 Chinook Jargon was a trade language used by Natives in this region before Europeans arrived here. It was a combination of Salish, Nootka, and Chinook languages.  After explorers, traders, and other non-natives arrived in this area, French and English words were integrated into the jargon.  It was widely used to communicate between people of different tribes, nationalities, and races.

That is why we chose the name.  Tillicum Wawa is here to help represent the under-represented voice of the Native peoples of this nation. To be a “voice for the voiceless”.  

 If you’re listening, you’re part of the conversation.


Most Recent Show:

The Herb Shed

Past Shows: Gary Dodge, Mark Thunderwolf

Local Organizations:

Native American Rehabilitation Association, Native American Youth and Family Center

Other Organizations:

Indigenous Environmental Network


Censored News, Indianz.com

Episode Archive

Tillicum Wawa on 01/19/12

Air date: 
Thu, 01/19/2012 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Short Description: 
Interview with Sean Cruz and possibly Winona Laduke about their new book.

The Militarization of Indian Country

Winona Laduke along with Sean Cruz have written a new book called "The Militarization of Indian Country"

Tune in to

Tillicum Wawa: Voices of the People as we interview Sean Cruz in the studio and POSSIBLY (no confirmation as of Wednesday morning) Winona Laduke on the phone. We will discuss their book and what the militarization of Indian country is all about.

Tillicum Wawa is Shusli Baseler-Johnson, Eugene Johnson, and Redwillow. Much of the time the show is visited by Louis Sowa as well. Tillicum Wawa airs every Thursday from 6-7pm.

Tillicum Wawa on 01/12/12

Air date: 
Thu, 01/12/2012 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Short Description: 
Interview with Jeri Williams about human trafficking

Is there human trafficking here in Portland? Yes! And if we ignore this problem, it will not go away.

Please listen to Tillicum Wawa: Voices of the People, for an interview with Jeri Williams, a Native American activist against human trafficking. Jeri will tell us her inspiring story of survival and talk about her involvement with the Northwest Coalition Against Trafficking Conference being held in Portland.

So tune in to Tillicum Wawa on Thursday, Jan 12 to hear about this important issue.

Tillicum Wawa on 09/15/11

Air date: 
Thu, 09/15/2011 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Short Description: 
Jan Michael Lookingwolf plays music live and gets interviewed.

Tune in on Thursday, September 15, from 6-7pm when Tillicum Wawa: Voices of the People welcomes Native American Music Awards winner Jan Michael Lookingwolf.

Jan Michael Lookingwolf is not only known for his amazing flute playing, but also for his blues and rock and roll talent on guitar and vocals. He has many CDs out that can be found on his website (http://www.lookingwolf.com/) and elsewhere.

Tillicum Wawa airs every Thursday from 6-7pm on KBOO, 90.7fm and is Eugene Johnson, Shusli Baseler-Johnson, and Vicki "Redwillow" Creel.

Tillicum Wawa on 09/01/11

Air date: 
Thu, 09/01/2011 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Short Description: 
Interview with Casper Lomayesva, Hopi/Dine Reggae Artist

Tune in to "Tillicum Wawa: Voices of the People," on September 1, for an interview with Hopi/Dine Reggae Artist, Casper Lomayesva. Casper has a new CD out called "Brothers Keeper." Casper has been playing Reggae for 15 years and recently played at the Northwest World Reggae Festival in Eugene.

"Tillicum Wawa: Voices of the People," is Eugene Johnson, Shusli Baseler-Johnson, and Redwillow. The show airs every Thursday from 6-7pm.

Tillicum Wawa on 08/25/11

Air date: 
Thu, 08/25/2011 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Short Description: 
Interview with Phillip Charette and Alex Ellison who produced a Yupik/Inuit hip-hop album

Tune into "Tillicum Wawa: Voices of the People," on Thursday, August 25th from 6-7pm for an interview with Phillip John Aarnaquq Charette about his new (and first) Yupik/Inuit Hip-Hop collaboration CD titled TENGAURTUKUT. We will have Phillip on the phone and his CD collaborator, Alex Ellison, in the studio. TILLICUM WAWA WILL BE THE FIRST PROGRAM TO AIR THIS NEW MUSIC! Phillip is also a well known mask maker, as you can see from the photograph.

Tillicum Wawa on 07/28/11

Air date: 
Thu, 07/28/2011 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Short Description: 
Diabetes Special

Tune into KBOO on Thursday, July 28, for a Diabetes Special program on "Tillicum Wawa, Voices of the People."


We will have Alison Goerl and Ruth Ann McGovern (and possibly some patients) from the Native American Rehabilitation Program's Diabetes Program to discuss this rampant health problem as American Indians have some of the highest rates of diabetes in the nation.

Tillicum Wawa on 07/21/11

Air date: 
Thu, 07/21/2011 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Short Description: 
Joy Harjo live in the studio

This Thursday, July 21st, Joy Harjo will be joining "Tillicum Wawa: Voices of the People." Joy Harjo won a NAMMY (Native American Music Award) for Best Female Artist in 2009. Joy is a talented saxophone player, poet, author and so much more. She has a new CD out titled "Red Dreams: a Trail Beyond Tears."

Tillicum Wawa on 07/14/11

Air date: 
Thu, 07/14/2011 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Short Description: 
Housing Fair interview

Tune in to "Tillicum Wawa: Voices of the People," tonight, July 14, for an interview with Sara Libby, the homeownership program manager for the Native American Youth and Family Center. She will be discussing the Housing Fair that they will be hosting on July 30.

Tillicum Wawa airs every Thursday from 6-7pm on KBOO, 90.7fm.

Tillicum Wawa on 07/07/11

Air date: 
Thu, 07/07/2011 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Short Description: 
Interview with Michelle Singer and musical guest, Tony Garcia
 Tune in on Thursday, July 7, when "Tillicum Wawa: Voices of the People," interviews Michelle Singer from the One Sky Center, a Native American health organization, to discuss upcoming conferneces in the area and other health issues in Native America.
We will also have a live musical guest, Tony Garcia, who will play guitar and sing a few songs, one about racism against the inidigenous.<

Tillicum Wawa on 03/10/11

Air date: 
Thu, 03/10/2011 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Short Description: 
Interviews with Linda Meanus and Trish Jordan

Celilo Falls and Red Lodge

On Thursday, March 10, Tillicum Wawa: Voices of the People, will be interviewing Linda Meanus and Trish Jordan.

Linda Meanus is the granddaughter of Chief Tommy Thompson, the Fishing Chief of Celilo village at the time of the flooding by the United States Government on March 10, 1957. We will discuss the anniversary date and the upcoming fishing ceremony, and what this loss has meant to her and the people of Celilo.


Week after thanksgiving

program date: 
Thu, 12/01/2011

I don't know

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Thanksgiving Day Talk Radio

program date: 
Thu, 11/24/2011

Thanksgiving Day talk radio with Redwillow

Cody Blackbird and Tom Rodgers

program date: 
Sun, 11/13/2011

An interview with flutist Cody Blackbird and an interview with Tom Rodger about the FEMA trailers being sold to Indians.

  • Length: 58:50 minutes (40.4 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 96Kbps (CBR)


program date: 
Thu, 10/27/2011

This is from October 27, 2011. We discuss Occupy Portland and play some good music.

  • Length: 57:35 minutes (39.54 MB)
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Occupy Portland

program date: 
Thu, 10/06/2011

On Thursday, October 6, we discussed the Occupy Portland with guest, Tony Garcia, who was there for the demonstration, and Louis Sowa, who was there at the beginning, also giving our perspective on what is happening in the world. We feel like this is the beginning of the revolution that needs to happen to change this world.


  • Length: 58:11 minutes (53.27 MB)
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Northwest Indian Storytelling Festival

program date: 
Thu, 09/29/2011

On Thursday, September 29, Tillicum Wawa: Voices of the People interview Fox Dark Horn-Delph and Rose Highbear about the Northwest Indian Storytelling Association's 6h annual Northwest Indian Story Telling Festival going on October 13 through October 16 at the Native American Community Student Center at PSU in beautiful downtown Portland.
  • Length: 54:57 minutes (50.31 MB)
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Hudson Dean

program date: 
Thu, 09/22/2011
On Thursday, September 22, Tillicum Wawa: Voices of the People hosted Hudson Dean, a country music duo nominated for best country CD for the Native American Music Awards. It was a great show with great music.
We also had commentary on the current Native Americana fashions and on the Freedmen who will be voting in the Cherokee tribal elections this Saturday.
Give this show a listen, Steve Hudson and Tommy Dean sounded great on the air.


  • Length: 59:25 minutes (54.4 MB)
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Frack the Indians

program date: 
Thu, 09/15/2011
Jan Michael Lookingwolf overbooked himself so he wasn't on the show this week, but has confirmed to be on Tillicum Wawa: Voices of the People next week.
Being short a guest, we contacted Lois Frank from the Blood reserve in Alberta Canada where she and others were recently arrested for protesting the hydraulic fracturing happening on their land.
Lois, who doesn't protest much, is a doctoral candidate in leadership. She had a lot to say about the issue of fracking and how it poisons the land, water, people and animals.
Here is there website: http://protectbloodland.ca
I was called by Mike Bruisedhead after the show, another person I tried to contact. He is the man whose land and cattle were poisoned by the fracking that Lois mentions. We'll try to get him on a future program to talk about what has happened to his land.
  • Length: 57:50 minutes (52.95 MB)
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Tillicum Wawa Coffee Lounge

program date: 
Thu, 09/08/2011

On Thursday, September 8, Shusli created another "Tillicum Wawa Coffee Lounge" for Tillicum Wawa: Voices of the People. Shusli has a talent of creating a show an hour before we go on the air, and even wrote an essay that she read near the end of the program just 15 minutes before we went on the air. AMAZING!


  • Length: 57:37 minutes (52.74 MB)
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"Brothers Keeper"

program date: 
Thu, 09/01/2011
The music is so sweet and vibrant on Casper Lomayesva's new CD, "Brother's Keeper," you just have to get it and give it a listen to a couple of hundred times.
On Thursday, September 1, on "Tillicum Wawa: Voices of the People," we had the honor of interviewing Casper Lomayesva about his music, reggae roots, Hopi roots, activism, and influences. We are very grateful for this experience.
Here is the podcast of the interview with some of the songs from his new CD. If you look up Casper Lomayesva in a search engine, you can find where to get the CD or you can check at places like Amazon. Excellent stuff.
Tillicum Wawa: Voices of the People, is Eugene Johnson, Shusli Baseler-Johnson, and Vicki "Redwillow" Creel. It airs every Thursday on KBOO, the mighty 90.7fm, from 6-7pm every Thursday and can be heard live on www.kboo.fm. We also podcast at our website, www.kboo.fm/TillicumWawa. Thanks for listening!


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Tillicum Wawa playlist for 02/07/2013

Air date: 
Robbie RobertsonStomp Dance UnityFrom the Underworld of Redboy
Lunar DriveThis is Black Masa, Arizona
Heartbeat 2
Native American HeartbeatGreat SpiritTribute to the Tribal SpiritNew World Musickboo.org
Robbie RobertsonPrayer songYou tube

Tillicum Wawa playlist for 12/13/2012

Air date: 
Robbie RobertsonUnity/Stomp DanceContact from the Underworld of Redboy
Brule'We the PeopleBrule'
James Bilagody and the CremainsSacred Stage
Wade FernandezStill Standing Proudwww.youtube.com
Buddy Red BowJourney to the Spirit Worldwww.youtube.com

Wonderful, fabulous, beautiful music from Native American artists!

Tillicum Wawa playlist for 11/29/2012

Air date: 
Daughters of the EarthMothe Earth
Charles LittleleafJosh
John TrudellBroke the light
Carlos NakaiTrade winds

This program was dedicated as a thankful recognition of our compassionate listeners for their generousity in the amount of warm cloths that were donated to the Pine Ridge Rez. childrenk-12. Thank you all!!!!

Tillicum Wawa playlist for 11/15/2012

Air date: 
Robbie RobertsonUnity/Stomp Dance
Jim BoydUrban Indian Blues
UlaliOld Man Singing
Fry Bread RiotSmoke Signals Movie Soundtrack
WayquayHope Chant
Casper LomayevsaChillin' on the Rez
Black Lodge SingersPowwow song

Tillicum Wawa Playlist for 11/15/12

Tillicum Wawa playlist for 08/30/2012

Air date: 
Robbie RobertsonUnity/Stomp Dance
BlackfireAIM/Butler Honor song
Porcupine SingersSong of Encouragement
Blackfoot ConfederacyHonor Song
Burning SkyNative Funk

Tillicum Wawa playlist for 06/07/2012

Air date: 
Robbie RobertsonUnity/Stomp Dance
Arigon StarCalifornia Indians
Red ThunderHeartbeat
BlackfireCorn Song
BlackstoneSoggy Bustle Boys

Tillicum Wawa playlist for 05/24/2012

Air date: 
Robbie Robertson and Six Nations WomenUnity/Stomp DanceContact from the Undergworld of Redboy
Jan Michael Looking WolfRise-upLive as One Disc !
Jan Michael Looking WolfLavender DanceLive as One Disc 2
Jan Michael Looking WolfThe JourneyLive as One Disc 1
Iokepa's Chantreturnvoyage.com

Playlist for Tillicum Wawa 5/24/12. Featuring music from Jan Michael Looking Wolf.

Tillicum Wawa playlist for 04/12/2012

Air date: 
Robbie RobertsonUnity/Stomp Dance
UlaliAll My Relations
1491'sTo the Indigenous Womanwww.youtube.com
Jeanette ArmstrongIndian WomanUntil the Bars Break
FishermanDecember Wind
WalelaCherokee River
Women's Honor SongHeartbeat 2

We will be more diligent about getting our playlists up for each show! Thanks, Listeners.

Tillicum Wawa playlist for 03/01/2012

Air date: 
Robbie RobertsonThe Sound is FadingContact from the Underworld of Redboy
Robbie RobertsonMaking a NoiseContact from the Underworld of Redboy
Michael BucherSacred Ground
John TrudellGrafitti Man
AyeliClear Water Drum
Robbie RobertsonStomp Dance: Unity
Jim BoydOld Man SingingReservation Blues

Playlist for 3-1-12 Tillicum Wawa. Website crashed while playing Ayeli's Clear Water Drum. Drat! It is a wonderful song.

Tillicum Wawa playlist for 09/08/2011

Air date: 
Buffy St. MaireStarwalker
Casper LomayesvaHow the West was WonSounds of Reality
Robbie Robertson presents UlaliMahk JchiThe Red Road Ensemble
Burning SkyIndian Wars
Red ThunderHidden Medicine
Casper LomayesvaDon't Dem KnowSounds of Reality
BlackfireExileOne Nation Under
Keith BearAlong the River
Jeanette ArmstrongIndian WomanTil the Bars Break
Casper LomayesvaHonor the People


Pledge Drive

We encourage you , our listeners to contribute to KBOO, as you are it's only resource to keep it on the air, along with Native programming . And Native programming is in need of more exposure to all of our relations.

Thank you, Samantha

Interview with musical flutest Littleleaf this Fri 6-11-10,1:30p

We are excited to announce our guest on this week's episode of "Indian Country", Fri. 6-11-10, will be the great flute player Charles Littleleaf !!! He is a world renown flutest and flute maker, from the Warm Springs Reservation here in Oregon.

*  Native American Flutist / Recording Artist / Concert Performer*  Commissioned, Award-Winning Native American Flute Maker*  Native American Music Award Nominee (NAMA*  Founding Member of the annual Amboy, Washington Mt. Tum-Tum Encampment* 

His other talents include:

*  Educator in the making of dance regalia
*  Speaker for National Rehabilitation Centers
*  Teacher in Traditional Lore
*  Speaker in Native Spirituality

This show should be a very informative , intertaining and an exciting hour or so of listening to the live music of Littleleaf and finding out more about this facinating Native music man.

We hope you will listen and tell your family and friends about this big event occuring on our Native American show, "Indian Country", aired only on KBOO Portland !!  This Fri, 6-11-10 from 1:30-3:00pm.

 And you can "listen live" outside of the Portland area at our website : www.kboo.fm, on the computer.!!

We will not air on May 7,2010

We will be preempted from our regular time on Fri May 7, 2010 as KBOO is having a special program that I encourage you to listen  to . It should be terrific.

We are waiting to hear if we will air our Native American program on 5/14/2010. we will post it asap.

We hope you all will encourage this type of programming on KBOO, our Community radio station.

July 6th Show

We had a great show on the 6th with Red Tomahawk guest hosting!

Samantha couldn't make it from Eugene because of a broken toe; sure hope she can come on the 23rd!

Next is Jan Michael Lookingwolf,Nammy award winner, playing his flute and sharing his new cut "We are One!"

Check it out on Indian Country July 23rd!

Playlist for Lookingwolf show

The playlist for the July 23rd Lookingwolf performance and interview is still to come. Have to play it back to list the music and haven't done that yet..Apologies...



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