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Them Young Hooligans on 10/27/14

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Mon, 10/27/2014 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 10/20/14

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Mon, 10/20/2014 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 10/13/14

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Mon, 10/13/2014 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 10/06/14

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Mon, 10/06/2014 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 09/29/14

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Mon, 09/29/2014 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 09/22/14

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Mon, 09/22/2014 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 09/15/14

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Mon, 09/15/2014 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 09/08/14

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Mon, 09/08/2014 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 09/01/14

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Mon, 09/01/2014 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 08/25/14

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Mon, 08/25/2014 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans


Them Young Hooligans playlist for 11/19/2012

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
Jim HensonRainbow ConnectionThe Muppet MovieRCA Music
The ProtomenUnrest in the House of LightThe ProtomenSoundmachine
At the Drive inNon zero possibilityRelationship of commandGrand Royal
Jello BiafraPanic landAnd the guantanamo school of medicineAlerternativ etentackes
Hunter S ThompsonThe Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved
The WipersI'll be AroundThe power in oneZeno records
Sonic YouthYouth Against fascismDirtyDavid Geffen
Hunter S ThompsonThe kentucky Derby is decadent and Depraved
Cab CallowaySt James
Pistol valveWestern GirlsTsunamic Girls From TokyoGarule
AvengersThe good, the bad and the kowalskisDied for your sinsLookout! Records
violent femmesDon't start me on the liqournew timesElektra Entertainment
Hunter S ThompsonThe Kentucky Derby

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 11/05/2012

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
Trance Mission80 DidgeleyCity of TribesCity of tribes recordings
Yoshimi F YukaUMEhinationFlower WishIpoco
IRR.APP.(EXT.)Hypothetical Tardigrade Ressurection, parts 2 &3PerekluchenieBeta-lactam Ring
Balkan beatboxAdir AdirimJD003JDUB
Gogol BordelloThink Locally fuck globallyUnderdog world strikeSideonedummy
Kulture ShockNightmareKultura-diktaturaKoolarrow records
Warsong village bandgrey horseUprootingWorld Village
IRR.APP.(EXT.)Milking the dead for distractionPerekluchenieBecta-lactum
Elk SoldierElk medicineThe Elk DreamersCanyon Records
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumThe Donkey head adversary of humanity opens the discussionsOf Natural HistoryWeb of Mimicry
XenakisAntimatterPersepolis remixesAsphodel
ZazouBreatheMade on earthCrammed Discs
Robert Dickmachine GunJazz Standards on mars

Mixing the sounds of a doomed and dying civilization with the grunts and growls of the animal kingdom.


Them Young Hooligans playlist for 10/29/2012

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
Bad ScifiAttack of the Killer B moviesSountrack SeriesCST
Tino Breaks 6Living Dead DubHallowe'en DubTino Corp
Bad ScifiTYou're Not DeadSoundtrack SeriesCST
Orgy of the DeadI am CriswellOrgy of the Dead SoundtrackStrangelove
The Flaming LipsIf I only had a BrainStubbs the Zombie SoundtrackShout
HalloweenLugging the Body upstairsSound EffectsTotal
Orgy of the DeadLet's Turn backOrgy of the Dead SoundtrackStrangelove
X-filesIntroMusic from the XfilesWarner Bros
Orgy of the DeadThe Ghouls feast in allOrgy of the Dead SoundtrackStrangelove
Orgy of the DeadShe Died in FlamesOrgy of the Dead SoundtrackStrangelove
Tim BurtonOogie Boogie manThe Nightmare before christmasWalt Disney
Orgy of the DeadOne who prowls the lonely streets at nightOrgy of the DeadStrangelove
Dead ElviCreature Stole my SurfboardHalloween hootenannyGeffen
Orgy of the DeadSome Kind of College initiationOrgy of the DeadStrangelove
Jimmy Castor BunchDraculaE-man Groovin'
2 the ranting griffonThe Box
Tom WaittsWhat the Hell is He Building in thereMule Variation
Bob Mcfadden & DorThe MummyOur Mummy Taught Us
Evil Dead The MusicalAll the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian
Little Shop of HorrorsMean grean Mother from outerspaceLittle Shop of Horrors soundtrackGeffen
Rocky HorrorScienceFiction/Double FeatureRocky horror SoundtrackOde Sounds
Orgy of the DeadThe Night things are all about meOrgy of the DeadStrangelove
Man or astromenGargantuas last standDestry all AstromenEstrus
X-files SoundtrackTitle ThemeXfiles soundtrackWarner Bros
Blue Oyster CultGodzillaOn fire with Rock and Roll
Orgy of the DeadA pussycat is born to be whippedOrgy of the DeadStrangelove
ServotronMechanisms in the forever loopNo Room for HumansAmphetamine
The Living DeadPhantom PlanetStubbs The ZombieShout Factory
Eartha KittI Want To Be EvilGiant Jn
The Monster ProjectClosing ThemeThe Monster
Gore Gore GirlsVoodoo DollGet The GoreBloodshot
The DagonsChangelingThe Other EndingDead Sea Captain Records
Sheb WooleyThe Flying Purple People
Gil RayQueen Of BloodAn Atomic Man125 Records
Snitches Get StitchesRelease The KrakenI Liked You Better When YOu Were A CorpseEmpty Records
Famous MonstersDestroy Puny EarthlingsFamous Monsters In The NightBong Load Records
Bobby BrownOn our ownGhost Busters 2 Soundtrack
The GoblinsGoblin GirlGoblin Pride
AcheYou've Got Foetus On Your BreathJQ MurderThirsty Ear
Eartha KittI'd Rather Be Burned As A WitchMusic for a Bachelor's Den, Volume 8
RangerMr SandmanStubbs the Zombie soundtrackShout Factory

This show is far 2spooky. Them Young Hooligans on halloween almost night will maybe give you nightmares, do not show your young children these Audio Waves.


Them Young Hooligans playlist for 10/22/2012

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
Kay the AquanautBallad of the CEOWaterlooCircle into Square
BusHalf AsleepFeelin' Dank
Robo-RobbBlue SkiesSoulbot2Hihillrecordings
Myka 9To the Sky1969Fake Four inc.
Cunnin' LynguistMoveStrange Journey volume 1Bad taste Records
KentaroOne Hand BlizzardEnterNinja tune
Cunnin' lynguistWhite man mind tricksStrange Hourney volume 1Bad taste records
The White man doesnt want you to see this
Collective EffortsMedicineMedicineCollective Effort
Let's go to warDrivin'KarmageddonLast gang records
Citizen CopeSon's Gonna RiseThe clarence greenwood recordings
SublimeWhat I gotSublime
WileyCan I get a taxiEvolve or be extinctBig Dada
High DecibelsThat DudeHDRolling jack Records
HeadsetGrasping ClawSpacesettingPlug Research

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 10/15/2012

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
SteppenwolfThe Pusher16 greatest hitsMCA Records
Curtis MayfieldPusherman
Isaac HayesShaftMusic from the Soundtrack
LoverboyTurn me looseLoverboyColumbia Records
VladElektronik Supersonik
Kathy mcartyRocket Ship
QueenPrinces of the universe
Deep PurpleSpace Truckin'The Very BestRhino
Dick DaleRiders in the skyDick Dale AnthologyRhino
Stubbs the ZombieThe Living DeadPhantom PlanetSHOUT
Pink FloyydWelcome to the MachineWish you were hereCapitol Records
Eric ClaptonLay Down SallySlow HandRSO Records
The Guess WhoHand me down worldPlatnum and gold collectionRCA
Blackbird RaumThe Helm of ned Kelly
Curdled and the udder disastersSLUTKick fu squad presents!
Iggy Pop and the stoogesSearch and destroy
Green DayMinorityWarningReprise Records
Dead KennedysViva Las VegasLive at the Deaf ClubManifesto
Richard Cheese`LongviewI'de like a VirginIdeatown
agent orangebite the handwhen you least expect it . . .restless
avengersend of the worlddied for your sins
violent femmesi'm nothingnew times
teen angelsjesus is on my sidedaddy
slumber partydestruction/constructionmusik
gore gore girlswhere evil growsget the gore
foghatrock n roll outlawrock and roll outlawsbearsville records
heartblack on blackthe essential heart
tool4 degreesundertow
rammsteinbestrafe michsehnsucht
iron Butterflyin-a-gadda-da-vidaIn-a-gada-da-vita

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 10/08/2012

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
OkapiMy ScreamThe Music of Aldo KapiIllegal Art
People Like usMy Son JimRecyclopedia dramaticaMess Media
OkapiOh no!The music of aldo kapiIllegal Art
King Missle IIIPain Series hot coffee
OkapiMy old TuneThe Music of Aldo KapiIllegal Art
NegativelandThe Worst Programming ever, mind jammingOver the edge volume 1Seeland
King Missle IIIPain series 3 paper cut
CassetteboyCassette boy vs. dragons den
Making sex fun with games and toys
S.W.A.TCops are the only rela people leftDeep inside a cops mindAmphetamine records
Famous MonstersActual monster partyAround the worldEstrus
Orgy of the deadNow I will talk to the wolfman and the mummyOrgy of the DeadStrangelove
King Missle IIIPain series 5 stomache cramps
Plan nine from outerspaceYour stupid mind
okapiEverything must change pt 1
okapiEverything must change pt 2
Noise MArine Dubstep
Not the bees remix
I can break these cuffs





Them Young Hooligans playlist for 10/01/2012

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
Murray BNuclear familySweatshop UnionFactor
N.E.SMy Pen bleeds yellowThe Anarchy SmilesSubstance abuse
Godess Alchemy ProjectDiasporie FootprintsFrequencies of the MotherlandGodess alchemy project
Speech DebelleCollapseFreedom of SpeechBig Dada Recordings
Boom Bap projectReprogramReprogramRyhmesayers
DJ Balance and surrealMoment in TimeFuture ClassicHiphopismusic
HoarsemenThe Ballad of Three Finger JoeSnacks and CatastrophesMealwagon Records
BullfrogMassimo's Wild WildernessA little Ropeadope discRopeadope
High DeciblesCrash with no CushionHDRolling jack Records
WottenCellphoneSoul CircusVanguard
AfroskullMe and my TVTo obscurity and beyondSkullsound
40 Watt HypeBlue PrintStrong deet on the ConcretePlanetary
Kielen kingScorched EarthStar Pilots RevengePeripatetic Conceptions
BlockheadThe First SnowfallDowntown ScienceNinja Tune
OddiseeWhen Everything changedMental LiberationMelomusicgroup
Caravan palaceClashClash
Belleruche13:06:35Turntable Soul Music
B. Davisshoo-b-doop and cop himThey say I'm differentLight in the Attic Records
Con BrioFrom The HipBlack Hole BluesCon Brio
SWATThe Good The Bad And The UglyInside A Cop's MindAmphetemine Reptile
Miles DavisEnigmaBallads & BluesBlue Note
Bebop And DestructionDanger Third RailThe Day AfterTriad Studios
ColtraineStraight StreetEarly TraneHighnote Records
Glenn MillerLong Ago And Far AwayThe Missing Chapters Vol. 5AVID Records
ManciniPink Panther ThemeUltimate ManciniConcord Records
Duke EllingtonChim Chim ChereeDuke Ellington Plays Mary PoppinsWarner Bros Records
Crime JazzThe Asphalt Jungle (Main Title)Music In The Second DegreeRhino
Ray CharlesGeorgia On My MindGenius And SoulRhino
The SimpsonsWe Do (The Stonecutters Theme)Songs In The Key Of SpringfieldTwentieth Century Fox
Fats DominoDomino StompThe Fat Man's FrenzyRev-Ola
Eartha KittI want To Be EvilGreatest Hits Purr-fectHouse Of Hits Productions
The ChordsSh-BoomBirth Of Doo WopRhino
Etta JamesWelcome To The JungleThe DreamerVerve Forcast
The PenguinsEarth AngelBirth of Doo WopRhino
The Beach BoysHeroes And VillainsThe Smile SessionCapitol Records

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 09/24/2012

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
The ProtomenIntermissionThe father of DeathSound machine
The ProtomenThe Good DoctorThe Father of DeathSound Machine
The ProtomenFather of DeathThe Father of DeathSound Machine
The ProtomenThe HoundsThe Father of DeathSound Machine
The ProtomenThe State vs. Thomas LightThe Father of DeathSound Machine
The ProtomenGive us the RopeThe Father of DeathSound Machine
The ProtomenHow the World Fell under DarknessThe Father of DeathSound Machine
The ProtomenBreaking OutThe Father of DeathSound Machine
The ProtomenKeep QuietThe Father of DeathSound Machine
The ProtomenLight up the nightThe Father of DeathSound Machine
The ProtomenThe FallThe Father of DeathSound Machine
The ProtomenHere comes the armThe Father of DeathSound Machine
The MegasSuper Fighting Robot
David BowieSpace OddityZiggy Stardust the motion pictureRyko
Dan BullThe Data Rap
ServotronThe Death of MagnusNo Room for HumansAmphetamine
Deltron3030Deltron 3030
Man or AstromanSuper Rocket RumbleDeluxe men in SpaceTouch and go
KraftwerkChronoTour de franceKling Klang
The ProtomenHope Rides AloneThe ProtomenSound Machine
The ProtomenFuneral for a sonThe ProtomenSound Machine
The Protomenunrest in the house of LightThe ProtomenSound Machine
The ProtomenThe will of oneThe ProtomenSound machine
The ProtomenVengeanceThe ProtomenSound Machine
The ProtomenThe Stand (man or Machine)The protomenSound Machine
The ProtomenThe sons of FateThe ProtomenSound Machine
The ProtomenDue VendettaThe ProtomenSound Machine
Caravan PalaceStar ScatCaravan Palace
LadytronJet Age604Emperor Norton Records
Famous MonstersBloody MaryIn the Night!Bong Load

This show is brought to you by the Protomen and other super fighting robots.

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 09/17/2012

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
SnogTurn on your brain babyVs the faecal juggernaut of mass cultureHarmonics
Modest MouseThe good times are killing meGood enws for people who love bad newsEpic
Junk CultureCarmel valley GirlsWest CoastIllegal
Dan the AutomatorHydrolic carpet rideBombay 2: Electric vindaloo
Secret Chiefs 3End TimesBook of Horizons
TipsyReverse Cowgirluh-oh!Ashodel
DJ ShadowArtifactThe OutsiderUniversal motown
David LynchPinky's DreamCrazy Clwon TimeSunday Best
Jesus and mary ChainSurfin USABarbed Wire KissesBlanco y Negro
SWATYou're under arrest!Deep inside a cops mindAmphetamine
David LynchStrange and Unproductive ThinkingCrazy Clown Time
PyscosisParty AloneDiscord Days
LambchopGrumpusNixonMerge Records
GrandaddyLava KissConcrete DunesLakeshore Records
Blitzen trapperWar on MachinesFurr
Alex WhiteOut of StyleAnd the Red orchestraIn the Red
Eddie IzzardDeath Star
Bill HicksFlying Saucer TourDangerous
Tom WaitsWhat's he building?Mule VariationsEpitaph
2 the ranting GriffonThe Box
NegativelandBlack Hole TubeHappy HerosCompanions Group
JomanDayman Step
MekonsGeesheeAncient and modernSin
Tori AmosNight of the HuntersNight of HuntersDecca
BjorkHunterHomogenicTime Warner
Veruca SaltWolfAmerican
Belleruche13:06:35Turntable soul music
Eartha KittProceed with CautionPurr-fect
BlitzentrapperBlack River Killer
Marty RobinsBig Iron

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 09/10/2012

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
Explosions in the skyThe Birth and Death of the dayAll of a sudden I miss everyoneSunday Service
The MegasMessage to Dr. lightGet Acousticloldunno
Jesus and Mary ChainCatchfireHoneys deadBlanco y negro
AlphanaughtKing of the MountainLittle Sun
The SeatbeltsGotta knock a little harderCowboy Bebop ost 4
King missle IIIAs I walked thru queensDog Fly ReligionNoise New York
Grand Funk RailroadMean mistreater
Blitzen trapperPreacher's Sisters BoyBlack River
Fleet FoxesRagged WorldFleet Foxes
Johnathon CoultonSummer's overThing a week 4
Grizzly BearTwo weeksVeckatimest
The PoguesBody of an americanThe wire
Iron and Wineyour fake name is good enough for meKiss eachother clean
The harlequin hatterGravity Falls Extended intro
Modest MouseShit LuckThe lonesome Crowded west
TV on the RadioGolden AgeDear Science
Johnathon CoultonCode MonkeyThing a week 3
The Flaming LipsFree RadicalAt war with mystics
OysterheadArmy's on ecstacyThe grand pecking order
PrimusMr. knowitallFrizzle Fry
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumAngel of reposeIn glorious Times
MuseCitizen EarasedOrigin of Symitry
Johnathon CoultonW's DutyThing a week 1
Actual Cannibal shia labuff
The MegasMan on fireGet acoustic
The MegasProgrammed to fightGet acoustic
Godspeed you, Black Emperor!East hastingsF#A#infinity


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