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Them Young Hooligans on 11/23/15

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Mon, 11/23/2015 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 11/16/15

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Mon, 11/16/2015 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 11/09/15

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Mon, 11/09/2015 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 10/26/15

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Mon, 10/26/2015 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 10/19/15

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Mon, 10/19/2015 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 10/12/15

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Mon, 10/12/2015 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 10/05/15

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Mon, 10/05/2015 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 09/28/15

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Mon, 09/28/2015 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 09/21/15

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Mon, 09/21/2015 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 09/14/15

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Mon, 09/14/2015 - 3:00am - 5:30am
Short Description: 
Them Young Hooligans


Them Young Hooligans playlist for 04/07/2014

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
Takt TakashiStar Futurespace Dandy OST
DOKAKAHey Wahspace Dandy OST
BlockheadJetsonMusic By Cavelight
Daft PunkGame of LoveRandom Access memories
Janku FujiyamaHosikuzu no PipelineSpace Dandy OST
Mountain Mocho KilamanjaroCosmic AdventureSpace Dandy OST
Isumi makaraShiritaiSpace Dandy OST
Star Blazers ThemeStar Blazers OST
Gito Gito Hustlermuscle Body EstacyGito gito Galore
Gore Gore GirlsPleasure UnitGet the Gore
Famous MonstersMurder beach USAIn the night!
Joan jettDo you wanna touch me?Fit to be Tied
Iggy PopCry for loveNude and Rude the best of
peachesFuck the pain awayThe teaches of peaches
The Detroit CobrasLeave my kitten aloneTied and true
The meteorsPhysco for your loveIn heaven
FuzzboxXXSexWe've got a fuzzbox and we're gonna use it
King MissleLove is...King Missle
The RaveonettesMy boyfriends backStubbs The Zombie
King Misslelets have sexKing Missle
PrimusWyona's big brown beaverTales from, the Punchbowl
The AquabatsDanger WomanMyth's, legends and...
David bowieShe shook me ColdThe an who sold the world
The doorsLight my fireThe Doors
The velvet undergroundFemme FataleThe velvet underground
TrocaderoNo oneRoses are Red, violets are blue
The Tiger LilliesShoot your loadAs nauseum
Johnathon CoultonFirst of Maything a week
Johnathon CoultonI crush everythingThing a week
Bign Crossbysomethings gotta give
Helen ForrestMad about the boy
Johnny CashRemember MeWith his hot and blue guitar
Kay KyserJingle jangle Jingle
Nat king ColeLove me as there is no tommorow
Peggy leeJohnny Guitar
This week on Them Young Hooligans we got to say 'shoot your load' on air. Awesome.

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 03/31/2014

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumSleep is WrongGrand Opening and Closing
PraxisGalaxiesProfanation: Preperations for a coming Darkness
ServotronPull the PlugNo Room for Humans
Man or AstromanSpecial Agent Conrad UnoLive transmissisons From Uranus
KraftwerkWe Are the RobotsThe man machine
BlockheadTools of the IndustryInterlude After Midnight
David bowieMoonage DaydreamZiggy Stardust the Motion picture
Gore Gore GirlsSo SophisticatedGet The Gore
The MeteorsLittle Red Riding HoodThe mutant Monkeys & Surfer Monkeys from zorch
Demented Are GoGot Good lovinTangental madness on the Side of Hell
The BlastersMarie, marieRockabilly lives
Voodoo OrganistReturn of the Voodoo organist
Tom WaitsNovemberThe Black Rider
Phantom PlanetThe Living DeadStubbs the Zombie
Mary EdwardsChilly willy
The TomboysI'de rather fight than switchGirls With Guitars
Rose Hill DriveShakin All overStubbs the Zombie
Tiger ArmyRose of the Devils gardenGhost Tigers Rise
King Missle IIInietzche sneezesHappy 14
Red fangBlood Like creamwhales and leeches
Pistol valveFlap Up elephantTsunami Girls from tokyo

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 03/10/2014

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
Mother I'm herebastion soundtrack
Drunken WhalerDishonored Soundtrack
Hoist the ColorsPirates of the Caribean
AnadelIn the waterthe Walking Dead Season 2
The tiger LilliesDrowningthe urine palace
leave her JohnnyBlack Flag Soundtrack
The DecemberistsThe mariners Revenge SongPicaresque
Steam powered GiraffesCaptain albert Alexander
Billy BraggHe'll go downand the Blokes half english
Get fucking readyPopeye the God Damned Sailing Motherfuckerjesus christFucking
King CrimsonWake of PosiadonWake of posiadon
Johnathon CoultonOctopus
Honor For AllDishonored soundtrack
Tom Waittsthe ocean doesnt Want meBone machine
A Shoggoth on the RoofIf i were a deep one
Captain bogg and Saltypart of your world
The GorillazPlastic beachPlastic Beach
Flogging MollyTobacco Island
Captain danBroadsideRimes of the hip Hop mariner
Captain DanSea monstersRimes of the Hip hop mariner
boats 'N hoes
The Dropkick murphiesI'm shipping out to boston bostonThe Warrior's Code
PrimusFish onSailing on the seas of Cheese
Tom WaitsSingapore
paul and StormThe Captain's wife's lament
BonoA Dying Sailor to his shipmatesRogues Gallery
gogol bordelloWanderlust kingLive form axis Mundi
Tiger ArmySpring ForwardMusic From Regions Beyond
TrocaderoDancing BullFlying By Wire
The SeatbeltsGo Go cactus man
Johnny CashThe man is gonna cut you downA hundred Highways
ToolRight in two10,000 Days

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 03/03/2014

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
Explosions in the SkyA song for our fathers
The bohemothGlorious morningCastle Crashers OST
Joel NielsonApprehensionBlack mesa soundtrack
BucketheadToo many humansPopulation override
TrocaderoReverie 6 (and change)
Blackbird RaumBelmontFalse Weavers
Lickin out the fleasKong in Concert
GWAROderus orungus reads goodnight moon
TrocaderoDancing BullFlying by Wire
Diablo Swing orchestraBedlam Sticks
Diablo Swing orchesraInfralove
Gorillaztommorow Comes today
A perfect CircleBlueThe Thirteenth step
Skeletor vs beastman
KISSNothing to lose
Epic Rap battlesStalin VS Rasputin
Hell marchRed alert 2
Dirge for planet
Fuck the Oscars and fuck you if you pay attention to them.

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 02/24/2014

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
WagnerRide of the Valkyriesgrandpas guitars
DethklokAwakenThe Dethalbum
TyrHold your heathen hammer highRagnarok
KoplakaaniKorven Kungus
BjorkPaegan PoetryVespertine
HelaMarch of the Minotaurs
SabatonThe hammer has FallenMetalizer
DethklokThe Lost VikingsThe Dethalbum
StormOppi Fjellet
Aman AmarathTwilight of the thunder godTwilight of the thunder god
NekrogoblikonNo One SurvivesSTENCH
KoplikaaniMisty Fields
Lita FordOut For BloodOut for Blood
The mentorsSandwhich of Love
Black FlagMy WarMy War
Judgment DayCobra StrikePink Monsters and peacocks
BlockheadmaintenanceMusic By cavelight
A Perfect CircleVanishingThirteenth step
DeltronVirusDeltron 3030
Ragnar-rock and roll!

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 02/17/2014

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
BlockheadThe Music SceneFarewell Spaceman
Luke VibertTank!Music for Freelance
Yasuyuki OkamuraViva Namidaspace Dandy OST
ServotronServe, obey. guard men from harm!Entertainment program for humans
Daft PunkMotherboardRandom Acess memory
Caravan palaceGlory of nellyPanic!
Del the Funkee homosapienLook across the skyEvent 2
NegativelandThe Black hole tubeHappy heros
Steam powered GiraffeFire Fire!
Yasuyuki OkamuradreamSpace Dandy
man or astromanCyborg ControlExperiment Zero
ClockwerkIt's fun to compute
Powerman 5000Megatronicanyone for doomsday
Zlad!Elektronic Supersonic
Opinions of the misinformedEVE Online OST
Ten PruntyRockman (Battle)Faster Than Light
100 degrees/space CadetKyussWelcome to Sky valley
Lonely islandBack in the DayEvent 2
The seatbeltsSpace LionCowboy Bebop
David bowieSpace oddessy
Slough FegHigh passage low passagetraveller
NDREdward Snowden interview
Space Race: Fuck you, USSR.

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 02/03/2014

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
Andrew WKGet Ready To Die
The offspringYou're gonna go far kid
Cage The ElephantTiny Little RobotsCage the Elephant
Green DayMinorityWarning
Dropkick MurpheysShipping out to boston
Foo fightersStacked Actors
Fu manchuGuardrailthe Action is Go
Red hot Chili peppersAround the WorldCaliforniacation
The White stripesBlue orchidElephant
Electric SixDance CommanderFire
Tim and EricSportsSaints Row 3 OST
The lonely islandWe like Sportz
cassette boyThe football bit
Agent orangeOut of Limits
Death gripsget GotThe Money Store
mel and TimBackfield in motionGood guys only win in movies
Red FangBlood like CreamWhales and leeches
System of a DownPrison songtoxicity
Hell marchRed alert OST
FirelakeDirge for planetS.T.A.L.K.E.R OST
Pussy RiotPutin Lights up the fire
ToolJambi10,000 days
Death gripsIt goes (Yah)
NINThe hand that FeedsWith teeth

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 01/20/2014

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
BlockheadThe Art of WalkingDowntown Science
Aloe blaccLove is the Answer
Lauren HillDo wop that thing
ParlementEndangered SpeciesBop Gun
martha DavisThe be-bop BounceThe Chronilogical
John LegendHumanityWake Up!
ChicFreak outLe Freak
Earth Wind and FireThis World Today
NESMy pen bleeds yellowThe anarchy smiles
Fats DominoBlueberry HillGreatest Hits
Ray CharlesA fool for youGreatest hits
Aretha franklinBridge over troubled water
Ice CubeIt's a good day
Public EnemyFight The Power
tupacLife Goes On
TLCSomething Wicked This Way Comes
Jedi Mind TricksAnd So It Burns
Body CountThere Goes The Neighborhood
NERDTime For Some Action
AsheruJudo Flip
MayfieldFuture Shock

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 01/13/2014

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
DethklokThe BirthDoomstar Requiem
DethklokMagnus and the AssasinDoomstar Requiem
DethklokPartying Around the WorldDoomstar Requiem
DethklokBest Men on itDoomstar Reqiuem
DethklokHow can I be a heroDoomstar Reqiuem
DethklokThe Fans are chattingDoomstar Reqiuem
DethklokAbigails LullabyDoomstar Reqiuem
DethklokSome Time AgoDoomstar Reqiuem
DethklokThe DuelDoomstar Reqiuem
DethklokI BelieveDoomstar Reqiuem
DethklokA traitor Amongst ThemDoomstar Reqiuem
DethklokDo it all for my brotherDoomstar Reqiuem
DethklokBefore you goDoomstar Reqiuem
DethklokThe Answer is in your pastDoomstar Reqiuem
DethklokThe Depths of HumanityDoomstar Reqiuem
DethklokGivin back to youDoomstar Reqiuem
DethklokEn atris es stella fatumDoomstar Reqiuem
DethklokThe CrossroadsDoomstar Reqiuem
DethklokMorti luminaDoomstar Reqiuem
DethklokBlazing StarDoomstar Reqiuem
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumThe Donkey headed Adversary Enters the DiscussionOf Natural history
The WarlocksAngry DemonsWarlocks

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 12/23/2013

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
BlockheadThe first snowfallDowntown Science
Johnathon CoultonChristmas is Interesting
Kidnap the Sandy ClawsThe Nightmare Before Christmas
Bobby ParkerSandy Claws stole my womanBlus, misletoe and santa's little helper
Johnathon CoultonChiron Beta prime
King MissleJesus was Way coolEveryday life
Mark WilsonGood King WencesiausBlues, Mistletoe and Santas helper
The krampus Night before Christmas
Big bad Voodoo DaddyHeat meiser/Snow MeiserEverything you want for christmas


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