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Them Young Hooligans on 07/07/14

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Mon, 07/07/2014 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 06/30/14

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Mon, 06/30/2014 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 06/23/14

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Mon, 06/23/2014 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 06/16/14

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Mon, 06/16/2014 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 06/09/14

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Mon, 06/09/2014 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 06/02/14

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Mon, 06/02/2014 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 05/26/14

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Mon, 05/26/2014 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 05/19/14

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Mon, 05/19/2014 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 05/12/14

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Mon, 05/12/2014 - 3:00am - 5:30am
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Them Young Hooligans

Them Young Hooligans on 05/05/14

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Mon, 05/05/2014 - 3:00am - 5:30am
Short Description: 
Them Young Hooligans


Them Young Hooligans playlist for 02/18/2013

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
BlockheadThe Art of WalkingDowntown Science
ValveSubmix 4The Orange Box
Pulse LeakBalloon party
WhitetailPinkie Pies ThemeFighting is magic
Strange AngelsSomething LivingSomewher ein the night sky
How to Draw a sunabouzu
Sakigake!!Cromartie Highschool OST
OrigaGhost in the shell S.A.C. 2nd gig opening
The World Without LogosHellsing OST
PanteraA New LevelVulgar display of power
MettalicaThe god that failedElektra
DisturbedViolence FetishSickness
A Perfect CircleLets have a wareMotive
Rob DClubbed to DeathThe Matrix Soundtrack
The Seatbelts

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 02/04/2013

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
Anti FlagWelcome to 1984Punk Goes Acoustic
Red Hot Chilli peppersWarlocksStadium Arcadium
TV on the radioDLZ
Dan the AutomatorInspector jay from DheliBombay the HArdway
The PuppetmastazMidi Midy MoeCreature Shock Radio
Chiense ManRacing with the SunRacing with the Sun
MorphineBuenaCure for pain
MorphineThursdayCure for pain
The Crystal methodAmerican WayLegion of Boom
Liquid StrangerPressurizeMechanoid meltdown
Slough FegHigh passage Low passageTraveler O2
Ozrick tentaclesSpacebaseThe Floor's too far away
ValveYour precious MoonPortal 2 Soundtrack
The GorillazPirate Jet`Plastic Beach
TrocaderoBlood Gultch BluesTrocadero
Smashing PumpkinsCherub RockGreatest Hits
MuseUndisclosed DesiresThe Resistance
BucketheadGiant Robot Vs. GuillittineBucketheadland
Nine Inch nailsThe begginning of the endYear Zero
Man or AstromanSpecify Gravity1000x
TrocaderoAnother one downGhosts that linger
Joel neilsonOn a Rail 1Black mesa Soundtrack
BlockheadInsomniac OlympicsMusic by Cavelight
(begginning of whats about tp happen)Hwy 74Kyuss
A perfect circlegravity13th step
System of a downNeedles
MegadethHook in MouthSo far, so good, so what?
ToolVicarious10,000 days
Melody SheepThe Real you

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 01/28/2013

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
Liquid StrangerInterchillThe Arcane Terrain
The Crystal MethodOver the LineTweekend Advance
ServotronThe Death of magnusNo Room for Humans
Crystal CastlesVietnamCrystal Castles
Man or AstromanThe Vortex BeyondDestroy all Astromen
Famous Monsters in the NightDestroy Puny EarthlingsIn the night!
Heavy MetalOfficial trailer
Judas PriestTurbolover
Motley CrueHelter Skelter
Lita FordDie for me only
MotorheadKilled by death
ZZ ToppO gots to get paid
The ProtomenFlashA Night of Queen
The ProtomenDon't stop me nowA night of Queen
QueenWho wants to live forever forever?
Iron MaidenMan on the EdgeBest of the Beast
SabatonMasters of the worldFist for Fight
KorpiklaaniBeer Beer
Diablo Swing OrchestraHoney Trap AftermathPandora's Piniata
PrimusMr. Krinkle
Judgment DayBarragePeacocks and pink monsters
BucketheadStar Wars ThemeGiant Robots
Nina hagennaturträne
system of a downToxicityToxicity
Powerman 5000That;s EntertainmentTransform
KyussFatso Forgotso
Sound gardenRusty Cage
ToolPushit (live)Salvial
The RedsSharp as a Carp
The Redscaveman Rock
Dropkick MurpheysGoing out in style
MetallicaWhicksey in a Jar

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 01/14/2013

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
Death GripsNo loveNo love deep web
Social DistortionBall and ChainLive at the RoxyTime Bomb Recordings
Alpha TeamSpeed Racer
High DeciblesCrash with no cushionHD???
Voodoo Glow SkullsCharlie BrownFirmeEpitaph
Pistol ValvePull the Trigger
The SeatbeltsAmusement ParkBox set 3
Mr. BungleCarouselMr. Bungle
Blendo GamesMain ThemeAtom Zombie Smasher
The Jesus and mary ChainSurfin' USABarbed Wire KissesBlanco Y Negro
Man or AstromanA reversal of polarityEeviacZerotecc
GoblinsGiant robot rock and rollGoblin
Gito Gito HustlerqSpjerical massLove and RollScreen Gems
Agent OrangeMiserlouLiving in Darkness
GorillazStyloPlastic BeachVIRGIN
Joy DivisionColonyThe Complete BBC RecordingsFuel 2000
KavinskyNightcallDrive Soundtrack
Caravan PalaceStarscatCaravan Palace
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumThe creatureOf Natural HistoryFanatic
Eben BrooksHey there Cthulhu!
AvilStraight Between the
Blue Oyster CultBlack BladeCulosarus Erectus
Johnny CashOne Piece at a Time
The Kingston TrioTom Dooley

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 12/31/2012

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
Dan the AutomatorGanga a gogoBombay the Hard way
Chinese ManRacing with the SunRacing with the Sun
Cypruss HillInsane in the membrane
The puppetmastazDo the Swamp
BlockheadNYC BounceUncle Tony's coloring book
A.O.SHistory repeats itselfNatural Born Killers soundtrack
Blackbird RaumEveryone up to the wallSweid
Trent ReznerHungry AntsNatural Born Killers
Budaphest Philharmonic OrchestraBatonga in BatongavilleNatural born killers
Leonard CohenThe FutureNatural Born Killers
Dan the AutomatorBasami BeatdownBombay two: Electric Vindaloo
M. WardHelicoptor
Tom Jones

The final Them Young Hooligans for the year of Two Thousand and the Second.

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 12/24/2012

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
Charles DickensA christmas CarolA christmas carolAudioworks
Twisted SisterOh come all ye faithful
Snoopy Vs theRed Baron
You're a mean one mr grinch
Christapher LeeThe Little Drummer BoyA heavy metal Christmas
The vandalsHang myself from the christmas treeChristmas with the vandals
Merle HaggardDaddy wont be home for christmas

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 12/03/2012

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
ServotronMoving PartsNo Room for HumansAmphetamine
Flaming LipsYoshimo Battles the Pink RobotsYoshimi Battles the Pink RobotsWarner Bros
KraftwerkMetal on metalTrans Europe ExpressCapital
Flaming LipsYoshimo Battles the Pink Robots pt 2Yoshimo Battles the Pink RobotsWarner Bros
Man or AstromanWith Automatic Shutoff1000xTouch and Go
LadytronFighting in Built up AreasWitching HourRyko
Caravan PalaceRock it for mePanic
Man or AstromanLike a Giant Microwave1000xTouch and Go
BucketheadGiant Robots/machines in the modern city/godzillaMutis Mutandis
Joan Jett and the BlackheartsThe Little Drummer BoyI love Rock and Roll
The Alan Parsons ProjectI RobotI Robot
Tokyo Police ClubCitizens of TommorowA lesson in Crim
MGMTElectric FeelOracular SpectacularSony
Melody SheepGlorious DawnSymphony of Science
Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain, why is he climbing a mountain?
Minor ThreatLook Back And LaughMinor Threat
The SeatbeltsTank! (Luke Viber! remix)Cowboy Bebop Remix
Joel neilsonEnd Credits Part 2Black mesa Soundtrack
Joel neilsonForget About FreemanBlack mesa Soundtrack
Godspeed you! Black EmperorStrujg like lights at thee pretemps rableDont bend, ascend!

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 11/19/2012

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
Jim HensonRainbow ConnectionThe Muppet MovieRCA Music
The ProtomenUnrest in the House of LightThe ProtomenSoundmachine
At the Drive inNon zero possibilityRelationship of commandGrand Royal
Jello BiafraPanic landAnd the guantanamo school of medicineAlerternativ etentackes
Hunter S ThompsonThe Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved
The WipersI'll be AroundThe power in oneZeno records
Sonic YouthYouth Against fascismDirtyDavid Geffen
Hunter S ThompsonThe kentucky Derby is decadent and Depraved
Cab CallowaySt James
Pistol valveWestern GirlsTsunamic Girls From TokyoGarule
AvengersThe good, the bad and the kowalskisDied for your sinsLookout! Records
violent femmesDon't start me on the liqournew timesElektra Entertainment
Hunter S ThompsonThe Kentucky Derby

Them Young Hooligans playlist for 11/05/2012

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
Trance Mission80 DidgeleyCity of TribesCity of tribes recordings
Yoshimi F YukaUMEhinationFlower WishIpoco
IRR.APP.(EXT.)Hypothetical Tardigrade Ressurection, parts 2 &3PerekluchenieBeta-lactam Ring
Balkan beatboxAdir AdirimJD003JDUB
Gogol BordelloThink Locally fuck globallyUnderdog world strikeSideonedummy
Kulture ShockNightmareKultura-diktaturaKoolarrow records
Warsong village bandgrey horseUprootingWorld Village
IRR.APP.(EXT.)Milking the dead for distractionPerekluchenieBecta-lactum
Elk SoldierElk medicineThe Elk DreamersCanyon Records
Sleepytime Gorilla MuseumThe Donkey head adversary of humanity opens the discussionsOf Natural HistoryWeb of Mimicry
XenakisAntimatterPersepolis remixesAsphodel
ZazouBreatheMade on earthCrammed Discs
Robert Dickmachine GunJazz Standards on mars

Mixing the sounds of a doomed and dying civilization with the grunts and growls of the animal kingdom.


Them Young Hooligans playlist for 10/29/2012

Program name: 
Them Young Hooligans
Air date: 
Bad ScifiAttack of the Killer B moviesSountrack SeriesCST
Tino Breaks 6Living Dead DubHallowe'en DubTino Corp
Bad ScifiTYou're Not DeadSoundtrack SeriesCST
Orgy of the DeadI am CriswellOrgy of the Dead SoundtrackStrangelove
The Flaming LipsIf I only had a BrainStubbs the Zombie SoundtrackShout
HalloweenLugging the Body upstairsSound EffectsTotal
Orgy of the DeadLet's Turn backOrgy of the Dead SoundtrackStrangelove
X-filesIntroMusic from the XfilesWarner Bros
Orgy of the DeadThe Ghouls feast in allOrgy of the Dead SoundtrackStrangelove
Orgy of the DeadShe Died in FlamesOrgy of the Dead SoundtrackStrangelove
Tim BurtonOogie Boogie manThe Nightmare before christmasWalt Disney
Orgy of the DeadOne who prowls the lonely streets at nightOrgy of the DeadStrangelove
Dead ElviCreature Stole my SurfboardHalloween hootenannyGeffen
Orgy of the DeadSome Kind of College initiationOrgy of the DeadStrangelove
Jimmy Castor BunchDraculaE-man Groovin'
2 the ranting griffonThe Box
Tom WaittsWhat the Hell is He Building in thereMule Variation
Bob Mcfadden & DorThe MummyOur Mummy Taught Us
Evil Dead The MusicalAll the Men in My Life Keep Getting Killed by Candarian
Little Shop of HorrorsMean grean Mother from outerspaceLittle Shop of Horrors soundtrackGeffen
Rocky HorrorScienceFiction/Double FeatureRocky horror SoundtrackOde Sounds
Orgy of the DeadThe Night things are all about meOrgy of the DeadStrangelove
Man or astromenGargantuas last standDestry all AstromenEstrus
X-files SoundtrackTitle ThemeXfiles soundtrackWarner Bros
Blue Oyster CultGodzillaOn fire with Rock and Roll
Orgy of the DeadA pussycat is born to be whippedOrgy of the DeadStrangelove
ServotronMechanisms in the forever loopNo Room for HumansAmphetamine
The Living DeadPhantom PlanetStubbs The ZombieShout Factory
Eartha KittI Want To Be EvilGiant Jn
The Monster ProjectClosing ThemeThe Monster
Gore Gore GirlsVoodoo DollGet The GoreBloodshot
The DagonsChangelingThe Other EndingDead Sea Captain Records
Sheb WooleyThe Flying Purple People
Gil RayQueen Of BloodAn Atomic Man125 Records
Snitches Get StitchesRelease The KrakenI Liked You Better When YOu Were A CorpseEmpty Records
Famous MonstersDestroy Puny EarthlingsFamous Monsters In The NightBong Load Records
Bobby BrownOn our ownGhost Busters 2 Soundtrack
The GoblinsGoblin GirlGoblin Pride
AcheYou've Got Foetus On Your BreathJQ MurderThirsty Ear
Eartha KittI'd Rather Be Burned As A WitchMusic for a Bachelor's Den, Volume 8
RangerMr SandmanStubbs the Zombie soundtrackShout Factory

This show is far 2spooky. Them Young Hooligans on halloween almost night will maybe give you nightmares, do not show your young children these Audio Waves.



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