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The Movement on 10/12/14

The Movement
Air date: 
Sun, 10/12/2014 - 10:00pm - Mon, 10/13/2014 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Hip Hop Form Funktion Fusion

The Movement on 10/05/14

The Movement
Air date: 
Sun, 10/05/2014 - 10:00pm - Mon, 10/06/2014 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Hip Hop Form Funktion Fusion

The Movement on 09/28/14

The Movement
Air date: 
Sun, 09/28/2014 - 10:00pm - Mon, 09/29/2014 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Hip Hop Form Funktion Fusion

The Movement on 09/21/14

The Movement
Air date: 
Sun, 09/21/2014 - 10:00pm - Mon, 09/22/2014 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Hip Hop Form Funktion Fusion

The Movement on 09/14/14

The Movement
Air date: 
Sun, 09/14/2014 - 10:00pm - Mon, 09/15/2014 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Hip Hop Form Funktion Fusion

The Movement on 09/07/14

The Movement
Air date: 
Sun, 09/07/2014 - 10:00pm - Mon, 09/08/2014 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Hip Hop Form Funktion Fusion

The Movement on 08/31/14

The Movement
Air date: 
Sun, 08/31/2014 - 10:00pm - Mon, 09/01/2014 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Hip Hop Form Funktion Fusion

The Movement on 08/24/14

The Movement
Air date: 
Sun, 08/24/2014 - 10:00pm - Mon, 08/25/2014 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Hip Hop Form Funktion Fusion

The Movement on 08/17/14

The Movement
Air date: 
Sun, 08/17/2014 - 10:00pm - Mon, 08/18/2014 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Hip Hop Form Funktion Fusion

The Movement on 08/10/14

The Movement
Air date: 
Sun, 08/10/2014 - 10:00pm - Mon, 08/11/2014 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Hip Hop Form Funktion Fusion


The Movement playlist for 09/08/2013

Program name: 
The Movement
Air date: 
Kali 9SurveillanceBeneath The SurfaceBeneath The Surface
Willie IszIn The RedGeorgiavaniaLex
Shabazz PalacesA Mess...Live At KEXPSubPop
Homeboy SandmanIlluminatiChimera EPStones Throw
UnionCoco MangoAnalogtronicsFat Beats
BluThelonius KingsingleNature Sounds
Public EnemyEverythingsingleEnemy Records
Myka 9 & FactorIn As Far As We KnowSovereign SoulFake Four
OddiseeThat RealPeople Hear What They SeeMello Music Group
Erykah BaduTwinkleNew Amerykah Part OneUniversalMotown
MF GrimmBe NobleGood Morning VietnamVendetta
Georgia Anne MuldrowKneecap JellySeedsSome Otha Ship
Brand NubianDon't Let It Go To Your HeadFoundationArista
Strong Arm SteadyLifesingleStones Throw
Masta AceHome Sweet HomeMA DOOM: Son Of YvonneM3 HipHop
Riff Raff McGriff And Georgia Anne MuldrowTell EmsingleSome Otha Ship
Guilty Simpson & Eric LauYesterdayThe Mission EPKilawatt
Black Milk80s TV ShowSynth Or SoulComputer Ugly
JJ DOOMGMOKey To The KuffsLex
MicranotsAnalyzeObelisk MovementsSub Verse
Ras G And The Afrikan Space ProgramSpacewaysDestination There EPRamp
Kid Sundance & Dudley PerkinsFault (no)In G MajorFair Deal
Bob Marley with RakimConcrete JungleChant Down BabylonTuff Gong
Yesterdays New QuintetHeaven Must Be Like ThisRewind 12"Ubiquity
BlockheadYou've Got MaelstromMusic by CavelightNinja Tune
BilalThe DollarAirtight's RevengePlug Research
Lilacs & ChampagneLe GrandDanish & BlueMexican Summer
ExileIn The NightFrom L.A. With LoveArt Don't Sleep
Masta AceI Did ItMA DOOMM3 Hip Hop
Toki MonstaSweet DayMidnight MenuCargo
Bar-KaysPeople, Unite To Save HumanityDo You See What I See?Volt

The Movement playlist for 08/25/2013

Program name: 
The Movement
Air date: 
Myron & EEvery Day LoveBroadwayStones Throw
Shuggie OtisMagicsingleEpic
William DevaughnBe Thankful For What You GotBe Thankful for What You GotRoxbury
Black Milk10 LuvSynth Or SoulComputer Ugly
Tall Black GuyI Dont' Want To LeaveEdit Series Vol. 5Luv N' Haight
Mulatu AstatkeThe Radcliffe-King Britt remixTimeless: The Composer/Arranger SeriesMochilla
Lilacs & ChampagneLe GrandDanish & BlueMexican Summer
DJ FraneI Who Say You Are Dreams Am A Dream MyselfElectric Garden Of DelightsTuff City Massive
FactorDenied feat. Myka 9Woke Up AloneFake Four
Riff Raff McGriff And Georgia Anne MuldrowRythms Of The ForestsingleSome Otha Ship
Of Mexican DescentPush The SystemsingleTwenty Four Seven
Absolute ElsewhereMoon CityIn Search Of Ancient GodsBomb
Andy BeyCelestial BluesExperience And JudgementAtlantic
Homeboy SandmanIlluminatiChimera EPStones Throw
A.T.U.Through These StreetsSouth Central Think TankOcean Floor
John Robinson & PVDKiss The SkysingleCotter
Strong Arm SteadySoul 4 RealsingleStones Throw
K-DefExhibit 2AThe ExhibitRedefinition
Ghostface KillahMurder SpreeTwelve Reasons To Die "The Brown Tape"Soul Temple
Blue Sky Black DeathRebel To The GrainsingleMush
FlightFace To FaceExcursion BeyondMotown
UppIt's A MysteryUppEpic
Tall Black GuyLost & GonesingleBSTRD Boots
D'angeloMe & Those Dreamy EyesA.K.A. J.Yanceyno label
Versis & Bagir-BaNaimasingleThe Beat Down
JazzanovaL.O.V.E. And You & I- Madlib remixsingleRopeADope
EdanThe Science Of The Two feat. InsightsingleLewis Recordings
FactorDon't Give Up feat. Paranoid Castle & Jeans BootsWoke Up AloneFake Four
DJ CamUnderground VibesUnderground VibesColumbia

The Movement playlist for 08/18/2013

Program name: 
The Movement
Air date: 
SasacDMX!UltraOmega Supreme
Tom NobleMusic EnginesingleLiger Vision
M.C.P.WindfallsingleMCP Records
Freekwency feat. Molly DJust For TwosingleHot Shot
K-MaxxMy MedecineSweater Funk Presents K-MaxxSound Boutique
Dam FunkLove Is Here 2NiteToeachizown:LifeStones Throw
The Trash CompanyPlutosinglePeoples Potential Unlimited
DaedalusTailor Made(TokiMonsta remix)singleNinja Tune
Lilacs & ChampagneMetaphysical Transitions IIDanish & BlueMexican Summer
DabryeNo Child Of GodInstrmntlEastern Developments
Dibia$eOMG!!Looney Goons10thirty
BluThelonius KingsingleNature Sounds
Paul White feat. Guilty SimpsonAncient TreasuressingleNow Again
Freddie Gibbs & MadlibTerroristShame EPMadlib Invazion
King GeedorahI WonderTake Me To Your LeaderBig Dada
MF GrimmTo All My ComradesThe Downfall Of IbliysMetal Face
Dark Time Sunshine feat. Reva DevitoNever Cry WolfANXFake Four
Bigg JusOrbital MechanicsPoor People's DayMush
Dabrye feat. DOOMAirsingleGhostly International
BoogiemonstersThe Beginning Of The endsinglePendulum
Super Chron Flight BrothersCircus MaximussingleBackwoodz Studioz
Scienz Of LifeMedia MedecineLeviathanProject Mooncircle
MegalonPeace To The HomelesssingleFondle 'Em
MF Grimm & Drasar MonumentalBe NobleGood Morning VietnamVendetta Vinyl
Digable PlanetsThree Slim's DynamiteBeyond The SpectrumBlue Note
Georgia & DudleyMages Sages IIHeaven Or HellMello Music Group
Gang StarrAbove The CloudsMoment Of TruthNoo Trybe
Nikodemus feat. ApaniThe Spirit WithinRopeladder 12Mush
Myka 9 & FactorIn So Far As We KnowSovereign SoulFake Four
Bonobo feat. Erykah BaduHeaven For The SinnersingleNinja Tune
ThundercatFor Love I ComeThe Golden Age Of ApocalypseBrainfeeder
Roy AyersEverybodyLots Of LoveUno Melodic

The Movement playlist for 08/11/2013

Program name: 
The Movement
Air date: 
Nightmares On WaxThe JourneySmokers DelightWarp
EstheroCountry Livin'Breath From AnotherWork
Flying LotusHungerUntil The Quiet ComesWarp
Boards Of CanadaNew SeedsTomorrow's HarvestWarp
El Mahdy Jr.From Hate To SmokeThe Spirit Of Fucked Up PlacesBoomarm Nation
Jex OpolisSharingsingleGood Timin'
SasacWarm GoldUltraOmega Supreme
K-MaxxCupcakin'Sweater Funk Presents K-MaxxSound Boutique
Moon BSussegadsinglePeoples Potential Unlimited
XL MiddletonKeep It FunkinsingleMofunk
ShelveThis WorldSinglePeoples Potential Unlimited
Usje SukatmaWaiting For Your LovesinglePeoples Potential Unlimited
Myron & EEveryday LoveBroadwayStones Throw
Funk Inc.Let's Make PeaceChicken Lickin'Prestige
DarondoLet My People GoLet My People GoLuv N' Haight
Shuggie OtisMe And My WomanFreedom FlightEpic
Dudley PerkinsMoneysingleStones Throw
Public EnemyEverythingsingleEnemy Records
AceyaloneThe BalanceA Book Of Human LanguageProject Blowed Recordings
Jeru The DamajaAin't The Devil HappyThe Sun Rises In The EastPayday
OddiseeAmerican GreedPeople Hear What they SeeMello Music Group
Kool KeithPlastic WorldsingleFunky Ass Records
Viktor VaughnPopsnotVaudeville VillianSound Ink
Nightmares On WaxRiseSomkers DelightWarp
Reva Devito and Roane NamuhGo ThereCloudshine DeluxeLiquid Beat
Public EnemyI Shall Not Be MovedsingleEnemy

The Movement playlist for 07/28/2013

Program name: 
The Movement
Air date: 
KutmahSong SongEcho ExpansionPorter
Hashim B.Tokyo to LA SteezEcho ExpansionPorter
Yesterdays New QuintetHeaven Must Be Like ThissingleUbiquity
Brand New HeaviesMind TripssingleDelicious
2MexBaby I Aint JokingsinglePaladin
Jay Are JazzMusic Is ForeverThe 1960's Jazz Revolution AgainGroove Attack
J.RoccBubbha's DanceHella InternationalStones Throw
Willie HutchAin't That Mellow MellowFoxy BrownMotown
DelfonicsStop And LookAdrian Younge Presents The DelfonicsWax Poetics
The Lost GenerationThe Sly, Slick, and the WickedsingleBrunswick
Myron & EGoing In CirclesBroadwayStones Throw
Monk HigginsGotta Be FunkysingleUA
DarondoLegs instrumentalLegs EPLuv N' Haight
Myron & EIf I Gave You My LoveBroadwayStones Throw
SadeSoldier Of LoveSoldier Of LoveSony
Adrian QuesadaThe Last TimesingleUbiquity
Guilty SimpsonNew HeightsOJ SimpsonStones Throw
Zion ICriticalsingleNew Groove Alliance
K-DefExhibit 2AThe ExhibitRedefinition
Masta AceI did ItMa DOOMM3 Hip Hop
Serge SevereCan't Stop,Won't StopsingleWaxophiliacs
Willie IszPrepare Fo ItGeorgiavaniaLex
Factor feat.def3I Can't Put My Finger On ItFamous Nights And Empty DaysSide Road
Pep LoveMy EnergyAscensionHiero Imperium
Tall Black GuyDrift AwaysingleTall Black Guy Productions
Pete Rock & CL SmoothLots Of LovinsingleElektra
AyatollahPlain As DayFingertipsFatbeats
Black Milk10 LuvSynth Or SoulComputer Ugly
Lilacs & ChampagneBetter BewareDanish & BlueMexican Summer
NobodyInner Eye feat Abstract RudeSoulmatesUbiquity
Mad Professor & ScientistToo Many Pills!!At The Dub TableAriwa
Travis BiggsTibetan SerenitySolar FunkSource
9dwThinking Makes A Mistake9dwWax Poetics

The Movement playlist for 07/21/2013

Program name: 
The Movement
Air date: 
Alice RusselBreakdownBlack Gold 12"Tru Thoughts
Adrian QuesadaLast WordsingleUbiquity
Lilacs & ChampagneTransitions IIDanish & BlueMexican Summer
9dwStone And Fruits9dwWax Poetics
Tall Black GuyI Don't Want To LeaveEdit Series Vol. 5Luv N' Haight
BonoboHeaven For The SinnersingleNinja Tune
M. ConstantPerky PatGem Drops ThreeDropping Gems
JJ DOOMRetarded FrenKey To The KuffsLex
IG CultureThe Revalution Will Not Be Tell Lie ViseSoulful ShanghaiKindred Spirits
K-DefExhibit 2AThe ExhibitRedefinition
Robert GlasperDillalude #2Black Radio RecoveredBlue Note
The RootsAtonementGame TheoryDef Jam
IG CultureTruthSoulful ShanghaiKindred Spirits
Ta-KuColdBricks & MortarSunday
Black Milk80's TV ShowSynth Or SoulComputer Ugly
UnionCoco MangoAnalogtronicsFatbeats
The Pointer SistersPinball Number CountsingleNinja Tune
DazzleExplainsinglePeoples Potential Unlimited
K-MaxxDa BlastPrivate FunctionVoltaire
Inkswel feat. Reggie B.So Over ItsingleHot Shot
Doug ShortsDon't Sleep On My LovesingleCherries Records
Reva Devito and Roane NamuhShould Have KnownCloudshine DeluxeLiquid Beats
Monkey RobotLast DaysMonkey RobotBastard Jazz
Turquoise SummersStage 2A Touch Of TurquoiseOmega Supreme
Loose ShusLoose CouplingPrivate FunctionVoltaire
FreekwencyJust For TwosingleHot Shot
BenedekLaser ForestNarrative Of A CityProximal
Colm KSpacedThe Love EPBastard Jazz
Lilacs & ChampagneDanish & BlueDanish & BlueMexican Summer
Computer JayThe Dead End's Dead EndSavage Planet DiscothequeWeird Science
Roger & ZappLiving For The CitysingleReprise

The Movement playlist for 06/30/2013

Program name: 
The Movement
Air date: 
Black MilkWhy WorrySynth Or SoulComputer Ugly
Georgia Anne MuldrowAkosuasingleMello Music Group
Colm KSo!singleBstrd Boots
Science FictionThe SunshinesingleThird Earth
I.G. CultureBluff And Fold`Soulful ShanghaiKindred Spirits
House ShoesCastlesThe Time EPTres
Ladybug MeccaIf I Need To Move OnDogg StarrOm HipHop
VisionariesIf You Can't Say LovesingleUp Above
AyatollahFunky FreshFingertipsFatbeats
Lilacs & ChampagneDanish & BlueDanish & BlueMexican Summer
BonoboHeaven For The SinnersingleNinja Tune
Naughty By NatureFeel Me FlowsingleTommy Boy
Willie IszLonerGeorgiavaniaLex
Robbie MuntitleduntitledPeople's Potential Unlimited
JuicySugar FreeIt Takes TwoPrivate I
XL Middleton & Eddie FunksterNight Time Is ComingPrivate FunctionVoltaire
Georg LevinIn Your CarsingleSonar Kolleltiv
Tracy WeberSure ShotsingleQuality
Central LineWalikng Into SunshinesingleMercury
StarshineAll I Need Is YousinglePrelude
DazzleExplainsinglePeople's Potential Unlimited
DeshawnHard AttacksingleParrot
East Liberty QuartersIf You Want My LoveThe 206Rotating Souls
Dam FunkGalactic FunBurgundy City EPStones Throw
Turquoise SummersJust To Show You...A Touch Of TurquoiseOmega Supreme
Night SchoolSpeak SoftlyPrivate FunctionVoltaire
CherrelleLike I WillFragileTabu

The Movement playlist for 06/02/2013

Program name: 
The Movement
Air date: 
Wale OyejideDream Factory Drum MachinesingleShamen Works
Georgia Anne MuldroqHusfriendSeedsSomeOthaShip
Sa-Ra Creative PartnersMy StarNuclear Evolution: The Age of LoveUbiquity
Tony OzierBack To The MittensingleCherries Records
Potatohead PeopleLove HzsingleBastard Jazz
Black MilkHeaven's CrySynth Or SoulFatbeats
QuasimotoThe ExclusiveThe Further Adventures Of Lord QuasStones Throw
K-DefExhibit 2AThe ExhibitRedefinition
DimliteThe Blessing SongBuild An Ark RemixesPlug Research
Adventure TimeWhetting WhistlesGlass Bottom BoatsPlug Research
AF The NaysayerImagerial DenouementsingleReServed
Blue Sky Black DeathRebel To The GrainsingleMush
Colm KSlippingsingleBSTRD Boots
Gang StarrAbove The CloudsMoment Of TruthNoo Trybe
Homeboy SandmanIlluminatiChimera EPStones Throw
MF GrimmBe NoblesingleVendetta Vinyl
Wendell HarrisonWhat We NeedA Message From The TribeTribe Records
NobodyAlways ThereBuild An Ark RemixesPlug Research
Shape Of Broad MindsElectric BlueBlue Experience EPLex
J. PeriodDillanor RigbyIn The Ghetto EPTruelements
Omega OneThe HashishinThe Lo-Fi ChroniclesNature Sounds
The Gaslamp KillerKobwebsFrom L.A. With LoveArt Don't Sleep
Mika 9 & FactorIn So Far As We KnowSovereign SoulFake Four
OddiseeAin't That PeculiarsingleMello Music Group
MF GrimmVoicesThe Downfall Of IbliysMetal Face
EdanThe Science Of The TwosingleLewis
Homeboy SandmanCops Get Scared Of MeChimera EPStones Throw
Willie IszPrepare Fo ItGeorgiavaniaLex
Factor feat. Kirby DominantFamous Nights and Empty DaysFamous Nights and Empty DaysFake Four
John RobinsonI Am Not For SaleI Am Not For SaleFat City
Count Bass DHalf The FunAct Your Waist SizeFat Beats
VisioneersIce Cream On My KicksHipologyBBE
Roy AyersSensitizeChange Up The GroovePolydor

The Movement playlist for 05/26/2013

Program name: 
The Movement
Air date: 
Toki MonstaLine To DotCosmic IntoxicationRamp
Ta-KuNeed You/SpinnerludeBricks & MortarMelting Pot
Prince PaulFlatteryItsrumentalFemale Fun
BlackaliciousDeep In The JungleMelodicaMo Wax
Abstract Tribe UniqueLooking GlassUnderground FossilsOcean Floor
New KingdomReturn Of the Black FalconAltered BeatsAxiom
Nameless And FacelessGladiators On The FaderHip Hop On The MoonCreative Control
Dj DrezInformation OverloadThe Capture Of SoundBattle Axe
BDPPoisonous ProductsSex And ViolenceJive
JJ DOOMGMOKey To The KuffsLex
Company FlowTragedy Of War In III PartssingleRawkus
Shabazz PalacesBop HardLive At KEXPSub Pop
BluThelonius KingsingleNature Sounds
MF GrimmYou Only Live TwiceYou Only Live TwiceDay By Day
Pep LoveLiving Is BeautifulAscensionHiero Imperium
2MexBaby I Aint JokingsinglePaladin
Wale OyejideThis Is Dedicated To...singleShamen Works
People Under The StairsAcid RaindropssingleOm
QuasimotoDiscipline 99singleStones Throw
Otis Jackson Jr. TrioFree SonJewelzStones Throw
John DankworthReturn From The AshesMovies 'n' MeRCA
Shape of Broad MindsChangesCraft of The Lost ArtLex
RadioinactiveLaunch Padlock SmithRopeladder 12Mush
The CoupSwervinStray From The PackStray
Abstract Rude feat. The Heavywieght MCsHeavyweights Round IVsingleBasement
Zion ISilly PuddyMind Over MatterGround Control
MicranotsCultureObelisk MovementsSub Verse
Curtis MayfieldFuture ShockBack To The WorldCurtom

The Movement playlist for 05/19/2013

Program name: 
The Movement
Air date: 
Ras G And The Afrikan Space ProgramLisa BonetDestination There EPRamp
ShafiqDNA-The Splice MixLA 0/10All-City
Kirby DominantStarrsingleRapitalism
Dr. Who Dat?On The DolowBeat JourneyLex
Shingo2Luv(Sic) part two inst.singleMary Joy
AF the Naysayer feat. Myka NineImagerial DenouementsingleReserved
AceyaloneBelieve In YourselfsingleDecon
Boogie MonstersThe Beggining Of The EndsinglePendulum
Bush BabiesThe Love Song remix feat. De La SoulsingleWarner Bros.
BushwackassRough, Rugg'd & RawsinglePallas
K-DefExhibit 2A feat Seven ShawnThe ExhibitRedefinition
Prince PaulThe Night My Girlfriend Left MeItstrumentalFemale Fun
Ras GSpacewayz!Destination There EPRamp
Dabrye feat. DOOMAirsingleGhostly International
DJ Drez & The AnonymousDrez's BonusDr. EZ's Cool FantasticGoodVibe
Robert GlasperDillalude #2Black Radio RevisitedBlue Note
QuasimotoBully...singleStones Throw
Mystic Moods OrchestraCosmic SeaCosmic ForceSoundbird
MF GrimmBe NoblesingleVendetta
King GeedorahNext LevelsTake Me To Your LeaderBig Dada
Georgia Anne MuldrowAkosuasingleMello Music Group
Black MilkPiano Moog/80's TV ShowSynth Or SoulFatbeats
Willie IszIn The RedGeorgiavaniaLex
Daddy Kev feat. P.E.A.C.E.Alking On WaterLost Angels EPCelestial
Bigg JusMoss Pink Coats '99Black Mamba SerumsBig Dada
Tall Black GuySigns And WonderssingleTall Black Guy Productions
Union feat. Talib KweliTime LeakAnalogtronicsFat Beats
Erykah BaduTwinkleNew AmerykahUniversal Motown
K-DefImprovs From The BrainThe ExhibitRedefinition
The Clonious feat. Dudley Perkins & Georgia Anne MuldrowLovelightsBetween The Dotsubiquity
Aloe BlaccAbout LoveSingleStones Throw
Yesterdays New QuintetHarlem River Drive/Pride & VanityBomb Shelter EPStones Throw
Norman WhitfieldSunriseCar Wash SoundtrackMCA


The Nubian mob is hard at hustle?

Whut,z good folk,s im out hear Web hustling and puting every thing together my document,s cause prove who,s who with the Nubian mob,s being! All or most people believe Daddy O and Kedar Massenburg made IceWter and the Nubian mob,s sound,Not! My fan,s i walked away because of the grimey cat,s that were playing they were real,If you want proof ya gotta dig..Go to Google,s and search for copy rite,s under lamont gray,Youll see song pre dated their,s by 3 year,s holla,Authinti IceWater of Nubian mob,im on Facebook under El Icewater gray...

4/25/2010 playlist


Will you post the playlist for last night's show?  Thanks!

nubian mob the group is coming back together!

To all the Nubian mob fan,s This is Icewater of the Nubian mob,with the responce,the group is having on the web,with sale,s across the globe,We will be coming out,We are on Facebook email name El icewater gray,Myspace login authintic icewater formally of da nubian mob,we have not quit or got sloppy,Been doing interveiw,s and in the lab...Holla Authintic Icewater....

The Nubian Mob Web hustle,s is 21 first century!

Sorry i had to play the street hustle for awhile wanted to be their for my daughter the best i could!As well as stay up on today,s life style,s.So while grinding teaching other how to this thing of our,s I stayed up and now! I IceWater of the Nubian Mob wrote everything i went threw so i got some new Heat for the fan,s So stay tune stay up.Ina New York Minute!IceWater of the Nubian M.o.b

sweet show!

ive never tuned into this station before but i came across that remix of flying lotus' tea leaf dancers and i had to keep it locked. nice show man!! much support!!

sunday's show july 26, 2009

Once again I have enjoyed your show. You have great choice in music, thank you.

Thank YOU!

Thank YOU!

love this show, and thank

love this show, and thank you -THANK YOU- for the playlist feature!!!

You Are Killin It !!!! Keep

You Are Killin It !!!! Keep Bangin'


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