The Monday Sampler

The Crazy Fun of Late Night Radio comes to Monday afternoons! A lively mix of Jazz, Swing, Classic Rock, Space Age Lounge Music, Modern Folk, Blues, and more from both CD and Vinyl! Local  and Touring Bands often drop by the studio to play live.  Special Guestsalso stop by, or call in,  to talk about Upcoming Performances, Happening Events, Movies, DVDs, Comic Books, CD Releases, Cartoons, and other High Trash, Art & Culture! Hosted second through fourth or fifth Mondays by that Over 40 Teenage Werewolf, Fortunato, assisted by Audio Pilots Captain Jon, Just Jess, and Dev L, The All-Hearing Ear.

First Mondays is the Singer Songwriter showcase on the Monday Sampler, hosted by Ed Mellnik .


Coming Soon

Local and National singer-songwriters with Host Ed Mellnik

Episode Archive

The Monday Sampler on 05/28/12

The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Mon, 05/28/2012 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
live music and other guests

Joining us in the studio today will be Jaime Leopold and the Short Stories, who will perform some selections from their new album. Also, Kyle Morris, of Holy Children, will perform with his acoustic band Whorehound. And, joining Fortunato in the air room will be Kat Jones and Gale Skidmore who will tell us about their performance in town later this evening. And, there's more! Nick Hilden, from Objects in Space, who has a new CD out, also plans to stop by and spend a few minutes with us. It's a holiday, and the unofficial start of Summer! So, tune in!

The Monday Sampler on 05/14/12

The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Mon, 05/14/2012 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
Membership Drive Special

Since the facilities are taken up for the Membership Drive, The Sampler will feature highlights of some of our many musical guests throughout the show. Pokey LaFarg, The Accordian Babes, Margo May, The Ukeladies, Mayfield Affair, Saloon Ensemble, Laurel Brauns, The Sexywaterspiders and others. These are the type of performances that your support goes to. Call in now!

The Monday Sampler on 04/30/12

The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Mon, 04/30/2012 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
Three live bands in the studio

Lots of live music on the Sampler today. Fortunato welcomes back the Ukeladies. Just finishing up a couple of perfomances in town, Cuddle Magic will also be setting up in the large studio. And, traveling up from San Diego will be Mayfield Affair.

The Monday Sampler on 04/16/12

The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Mon, 04/16/2012 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
Shook Twins join the show

Returning for an extended visit Katelyn and Laurie, known as Shook Twins, will set up in the studio to perform songs from their album and more. Then, they'll join Fortunato in the air room so they can co-host the rest of the show! We'll set them loose in our music library and see what music they will find to put on the air! Also joining us will be Laurel Brauns, Jaime Leopold, and from the Hollywood theater, Dan Halsted!

The Monday Sampler on 04/02/12

The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Mon, 04/02/2012 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
The day after April Fool's Day Special

 April Fool's Day may have been yesterday, but we're still not going to take things too seriously. Mr Novelty Records, Craig Adams, will be sitting in with Fortunato to sample some classic comedy recordings. Joining us by phone from somewhere in LA, will be filmmaker / musician Ari Gold, to update us on his work to save school music programs. Also dropping by the studio will be The Sexywaterspiders. Who are about to go on tour, for the first time! So, we're having them on before they lose their innocent rosy complexions.  There will also be a special appearance by Hopeless Jack and the Handsome Devil.

The Monday Sampler on 03/05/12

The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Mon, 03/05/2012 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
music, surprises and crazy fun

No musical guests lined up to drop by the studio for today. At least, as far as we can remember. So, we're going to spin some discs, and see what kinds of crazy  radio fun we can come up with.

The Monday Sampler on 02/20/12

The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Mon, 02/20/2012 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
Wavesauce and The Ukeladies perform live in the studio

A big President's Day show, today! Fortunato welcomes back Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett, for more about their new book Frank Reade: Adventures in the Age of Invention. Also, the rockin' space age sounds of Wavesauce, will perform in our first hour. Followed by The Ukeladies! No school today! So, just sit back and let us do all the driving.

The Monday Sampler on 02/06/12

The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Mon, 02/06/2012 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
Membership Drive Special

 The Monday Sampler's Membership Drive Special. Cohosting with Fortunato are Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett, creators of the soon to be released steampunk epic Frank Reade: Adventures in the Age of Invention.  Stopping in will be Brendon Philips of Fast Rattler, Laurel Brauns (House of Snow), and from The New Iberians, Evan Schalves.

The Monday Sampler on 01/23/12

The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Mon, 01/23/2012 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
Your start the week off right radio show

Lots of fun guests will be joining Fortunato on this afternoon's Sampler. Kathryn Frederick, from Red Newt Records, will stop by, along with Peter Stampfel and friends, to share some music. And fill us in on their upcoming local performances this weekend. Also Michael Clark, the owner of Movie Madness, stops in to talk about movie props, video rentals, and film editing. Make sure the kids in the back seat all have their seat belts on and tune in.

The Monday Sampler on 01/09/12

The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Mon, 01/09/2012 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
Live music in the studio, and guests

Film reviewer DK Holm joins Fortunato to run down the Best Film and Video of 2011. Also, The Midnight Sun Jazz Quartet will set up in our studio.


Hopeless Jack & the Handsome Devils perform with Holy Children on the Monday Sampler

The Monday Sampler
program date: 
Wed, 03/09/2011

Fortunato and The Monday Sampler welcome two of Portland's rockingest new bands Hopeless Jack and the Handsome Devils and Holy Children tp play live for our listeners.

Interview with Pokey Lafarge

The Monday Sampler
program date: 
Mon, 08/09/2010

Last June, Pokey Lafarge and the South City 3 performed live in our studios on the first day of Summer. Since then they have continued touring the country and ended up appearing on stage at this year's Newport Folk Festival. (Their performance can be heard at the NPR music website) From Newport they flew to England for a tour of the United Kingdom and a stopover in Denmark to perform at the Tonder Festival.

But before they took off, Fortunato was able to get Pokey on the telephone for a quick interview. Asking about the folk festival, his love for early 20th century jazz, blues and country music, and how he got interested in performing.

  • Length: 17:19 minutes (15.85 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Pokey Lafarge and the South City Three perform LIVE on the Monday Sampler

The Monday Sampler
program date: 
Mon, 06/21/2010

Last June 21st  Pokey La Farge and the South City Three came to the studio and played for our listeners. After this Pokey and the lads went on to play at the Newport Folk Festival and to Denmark to perform at the Tonner Festival. And just this week their album Riverboat Soul has been nomminated for two Independent Music Awards! For Best Americana Album and Best Americana Song, 'Claude Jones' written by Pokey La Farge & Adam Hoskins. They are scheduled to appear at this year's Pickathon, but you can hear them now.


The Monday Sampler playlist for 07/07/2014

Program name: 
The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Larry DiehlMetal and StoneClose to the SoulSunflower Music
Caroline AikenSpeed and SteelAre we there yet, Mama?Caroline Aiken
Walin JenniesSaucy Sailor40 DaysRed House Records
Gillian WelchTennesseeThe Harrow & The HarvestAcony
Shook TwinsWhat we DoWhat We Do
The Student LoanCulture SHockMoonlit ToastersJamface Productions
The Student LoanPennicillinMoonlit ToastersJamface Productions
Cal ScottCarved Wood BoxCarved Wood BoxTamarack Recordings
Joanne RandShady GroveSnake Oil & HummingbirdsHomefire Productions
Joni MitchellA Case of YouMiles of IslesAsylum
Tim O'Brien & Darrell ScottWhite Frieghtliner BluesLive performance Recording
Lisa HaagenIn My BonesWith HoneyLisaHaagen
Harpeth RisingHouse of the Rising SunTales from Jackson BridgeGrimm Rising
Otter CreekThe Times are a ChangingShiver Into SparkOtter Creek
Author DavenportReality BendsReality BendsDee Dubelyew Music
Natasha BorzilovaGhostBalancing ActHadley Music Group
Peter MulveyShirtNotes From ElsewhereBlack Walnut Records
RunaThe Banks Are Made of MarbleCurrent AffairsRuna
Flying CanoeThe LongingFlying CanoeNeil Bjorklund
Crosby Stills Nash and YoungDeJa VuDeja VuAtlantic Recording Corporation
The Singer Songwriter edition with Host Ed Mellnik

The Monday Sampler playlist for 06/02/2014

Program name: 
The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Joni MitchellFree Man In ParisCourt and SparkElectra/Asylum
Peter MulveyEverybody KnowsThe Good StuffSignature Sounds
Paul SachsSurvival is the new SuccessSurvival is the New Success
Suzanne VegaI never Wear WhiteTales from the Realm of Queen of Pentacles
Hurray for the Riff RaffThe New SF Bay Blues
Diane CluckDraw Me OutBoneset
Indigo GirlsDown By the River1200 CurfewsEpic
Joan BaezDont Think TwiceRing Them BellsGuardian
Abe LoomisPancakesThe Early TreasuriesAbe Loomis
Still on the HillLost BridgeOnce a River
Tracy GrammerTanglewood TreeTanglewood Tree
Tracy GrammerCrocodile ManTangwood Tree
John FlynnSonger SingwriterPoor Man's DiamondsFlying Stone Music
Crosby Stills NashDear Mr. FantasyCSN 4Atlantic
Caroline AikenDay be DayUnshaken
Tattletale SaintsComplicated ManHow Red Is the bloodOld Oak Music
Scott and Michelle DalzielAnother RollercoasterAnother RollerCoasterDL Arts
Host Ed Mellnik for the SInger/Songwriter edition of the Monday Sampler

The Monday Sampler playlist for 05/05/2014

Program name: 
The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Sarah JaroszOver the EdgeOver the EdgeSugar Hill Records
Brother SunLady of the HarborBrother SunBother sun music
Lynn HollyfieldIn the BalanceIn the BalanceLynn HollyField
Shook TwinsToll FreeWhat we DoCurlypinky Records
Cal ScottDig Down DeepCarved Wood BoxTamarack Recordings
David FranceyHarmSo Say We AllLaker Music
Tracy GrammerLaughlin BoyFlower of AvalonSignature Sounds Recordings
Tim GrimmKing of the FolksingersThe Turning PointCavalier Records
Spark & WhisperYesterday & TomorrowSpark & WhisperSpark & Whisper
Kate MacLeodButch CassidyKate Macleod at Ken Sanders Rare BooksKate MacLeod
Tom MerelloEase My Revolutionsary MindWoody Guthrie at 100legacy Recordings
Joe CrookstonGeorgia I'm HereGeorgia I'm HereMilagrito Records
Host Ed Mellnik had Crackity Corner with Crackity Jones giving his picks for the month.
And Kate MacLeod live in the Studio.

The Monday Sampler playlist for 04/07/2014

Program name: 
The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Joni MitchellWoodstockMiles of AislesAsylum
Joni MitchellCactus TreeMiles of AislesAsylum
Misner & SmithSeven Hour StormSeven Hour StormOn the Wall Music
West My FriendMissing YouWhen the Ink DriesGrammar Fight Records
Twin ForksPlansTwin ForksDine Alone Musci
John McCutchenTonight22 DaysAppalseed Productions
Cal ScottCarved Wood BoxCarved Wood BoxTamarack Recordings
Shook TwinsWhat we doWhat we DoCurly Pinky Records
Shook TwinsCrisperWhat We DoCurly Pinky Records
Greg KlymaGood WOrkPianomandonationGreg Klyma
Arthur DavenportJewelsWhispering to the WindGood Read Music
Caroline AikenLove ain't Going NowhereButler FieldSilverwolf Records
Lauren SheehanDirty Rat SwingRose City RambleLauren SHeehan
Joanne RandEinsteinStill a Real WorldHomefire Productions

The Monday Sampler playlist for 03/03/2014

Program name: 
The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Richard ShindellFenarioVuelta
Jim Patton and Sherry BrokusI'm All Right NowThe Great Unknown
Tim O'Brian & Darrell ScottMaggie's FarmLive in Portland
Bob DylanAll I Really Want to DoGreatest Hits Vol. II
Lindsey BuckinghamI am WaitingUnder the Sun
Steep RavinePonderosaTrampin' On
Neil BjorklundDont Call Me NowLight and Darkness
Mare Wakefield & NomadRat tle SnakePoet on the Moon
Mare Wakefield & NamadClementinePoet on the Moon
Spark and WhisperBurger for a buckGhost Towns
Jen HajjI of the StormI of the Storm
THe AmigosHey JoeDinner in the Sky
Dave McGraw and Mindy FeSerotinySeed of a Pine
David FranceyBorderlandsLate Edition
Otter CreekWhisper into SparkWhisper into Spark
Mike HigginsChump Man BluesPick a Peck of Pedmont Pickers
Tracy GrammerIt's Hard to make itFlower of Avalon
Shook TwinsWild FireYou Can Have the Rest
Host Ed Mellnik does the Singer Songwriter edition of the Monday Sampler

The Monday Sampler playlist for 12/02/2013

Program name: 
The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
David FranceySatillieteSo Say We All
Brooks RobertsonAcross the GlobeInto the Trees
Emerald RaeGo Dig My GraveIf I Could Only Fly
Tim Obrian and Darrell ScottWhite Freighliner BluesLive recording 2013
Gillian WelchTennesseeThe Harrow & The Harvest
Peter MulveyThe Trouble with PoetsNotes From Elsewhere
Anne WeissPerpetual Bluwes MachineWhere Folk gets the Blues
Heather PiersonNothing LeftTh Hard Work of Living
Indigo GirlsDown by the River1200 Curfews
David BrombergNobody's Fault but MineOnly Slightly Mad
David BrombergMonroe's HornpipeOnly Slightly Mad
Shook TwinsLong TimeWindow
Spark and WhisperBurger for a buckGhost Towns
Joan BaezChristmas in WashingtonDark Chords for a big Guitar
Melissa CrabtreeCat FishinOff the Beaten Path
Host Ed Mellnik for the Singer Songwriter Edition
IN Studio with A Mile to Go
and phone interveiw with David Bromberg

The Monday Sampler playlist for 09/03/2013

Program name: 
The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Dave Carter & Tracy GrammerHappy TownTanglewood Tree
LJ BoothCuster PassThe Road that Leads Me Home
Jen HajjIn the BeginningI of the Storm
Neil BjorklundDon't Call me NowLlight and Darkness
Joanne RandShady GroveSnake Oil and Hummingbirds
Thad BeckmanLive in the Studio
Gillian WelchTennesseThe Harrow & The Harvest
Ric Palieri and George MannUnion MaidThe Almanac Trail
Emmas RevolutionStand TogetherRevolutions per Minute
Greg KlymaGood Workpianomandonation
Spark & WhisperGhost TownsGhost Towns
Spark & WhisperGhost TownsLittle Tree
Mare WakefieldAlways ValentineMeant to be
Mare Wakefieldecho
Mare WakefieldRattle Snake
Neil YoungWar of ManHarvest Moon
Burns SistoersDemocracyWild Bouquet
Joni MitchellCoyoteHejira

Ed Mellnik hosts the Singer/Songwriter showcase of the Monday Sampler on the 1st Monday of the month.

The Monday Sampler playlist for 08/05/2013

Program name: 
The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Cara LuftBring em all inDarlingford
Spark & WhisperYesterday and TomorrowSpark & Whisper
Matt MeighanFall DownLong Way Round
Emerald RaeTruly UnderstandIf only I Could Fly
Indigo GirlsSecure YourselfRemastered Epic Records
Bob DylanIts alright MaBring it all Back Home
Melissa CrabtreeSpirit MountainThe Day I fell in the Watter
Melissa CrabtreeMessage from A SoldierThe Day I Fell in the Water
Richard ThompsonFirst BreathThe Old Kit Bag
Cara LuftPortland TownDarlingford
Neil BjorklundTo the WaterFlying Canoe
Neil BjorklundWalk AwayLight and Darkness
Anne WeissFallConcrete World
Caroline AikenLove ain't Going NowhereButler Field
Thad BeckmanThat Pretty SongMe Talking to Me
Cal ScottDig Down DeepCarved Wood Box

Host Ed Mellnik presents the Singer/Songwriter Showcase edition of THe Monday Sampler.

with Special live in studio guest Matt Meighan.

ANd recorded interviews with Melissa Crabtree and Neil Bjorklund.

The Monday Sampler playlist for 07/01/2013

Program name: 
The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Brooks RobertsonAcross the GlobeInto the Trees
Dave CarterHard to Make itLittle Blue Egg
Arthur DavenportOut of COntrolWhispering to the WInd
Arthur DavenportJewelsWhispering to the Wind
Emerald RaeIf Only I could FlyIf only I could Fly
Emerald RaeFire FlyIf Only I could Fly
Joanne RandTorch of FreedomStories from the Inside Out
Joanne RandRattlesnakeStories for the Inside Out
Indigo GirlsBury my Heart at Wounded knee1200 Curfews
Indigo GirlsDead Mans Hill1200 Curfews
River TwainVeritas
Jen HajjLove's Elusive EcologyLove is Everywhere
Gorden LightfootI'[m not sayingBest of
Peter MulveyInterveiw
Peter MulveyEverybody KnowsTHe Good Stuff
Burns SistersDemocracyWild Bouquet
Lauren SHeehanChilly WatersRose City Ramble
Larry DeihlMetal and StoneClose to the Soul
Laura KempDimes DownCorduroy
Hounds of FinnWHere it BurnsGravity Pulls
Joni MitchellUrge for GoingBest of
Leo KottkeMorning is the Long Way HomeOne Guitar No Vocals

Here's the playlist for July 1, 2013, The Singer-Songwriter showcase edition of the Monday Sampler.

Interveiws, live performances, and music selections. Folk, Americana, Folk-Rock, and other songwriter content.

The Singer-Songwriter Showcase is hosted by Ed Mellnik

The Monday Sampler playlist for 05/06/2013

Program name: 
The Monday Sampler
Air date: 
Charlie RobisonYellow BluesBeautiful Day
Steve EarleAfter Mardi GrasThe Low Highway
Lucinda WilliamsCopenhagenBlessed
Allison MoorerA Soft Place to FallAlabama Song
Neil YoungSouthern PacificReactor
Shaver w/ Waylon JenningsOklahoma WindTramp on Your Street
Toni PriceBluebirdHey
Patty GriffinGetting ReadyChildren Running Through
Kathleen EdwardsGoodnight, CaliforniaAsking for Flowers
The WhoI'm OneQuadrophenia
George JonesThe King is Gone (So Are You)The Essential George Jones
George JonesThe DoorThe Essential George Jones
Kasey Chambers and Shane NicholsonSleeping ColdRattlin' Bones
Hank Williams IIITrashvilleLovesick, Broke, and Driftin'
The Lonesome BilliesThey Broke My GuitarUseless Bay
The Lonesome BilliesI'm the Best Damn Thing That Ever Happened to YouUseless Bay
Willie Nelson w/ Lukas NelsonNo Place to FlyHeroes
Charlie RobisonDown AgainBeautiful Day
Sheryl CrowIt Don't HurtThe Globe Sessions
Mindy SmithOut LoudLong Island Shores
Chris KnightSomething ChangedChris Knight
The Rolling StonesLoving CupExile on Main Street
The Grateful DeadHigh TimeCumberland Blues
Emmylou Harris and Rodney CrowellOld Yellow MoonOld Yellow Moon
Gary P Nunn w/ Jerry Jeff WalkerLondon Homesick BluesViva Terlingua

An afternoon of alt-country and roots rock. 

Leigh Anne Kranz hosts.



what a WONDERFUL two hours of music. Eclectic and fun! do it again...and again...and again!


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