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A sonic exploration into bad dreams, online shopping, failed relationships, poor hygiene, ice cream binges, awkward social interaction, self-made prisons, and knowing it's sometimes better to just go to bed.

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Table for One on 08/29/13

Air date: 
Thu, 08/29/2013 - 1:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
demonstrations in sonic power, aural anxiety, and tonal totality.

Table for One on 08/01/13

Air date: 
Thu, 08/01/2013 - 1:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
demonstrations in sonic power, aural anxiety, and tonal totality.

Table for One on 07/18/13

Air date: 
Thu, 07/18/2013 - 1:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
demonstrations in sonic power, aural anxiety, and tonal totality.

Table for One on 07/04/13

Air date: 
Thu, 07/04/2013 - 1:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
demonstrations in sonic power, aural anxiety, and tonal totality.

Table for One on 06/20/13

Air date: 
Thu, 06/20/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
you are not ready.

Here we are. Table For One now enjoys it's new assignment: Now just once a month. So get cozy and enjoy the sounds brought to you by your sleep-deprived host, Kevin Purcell.  

Table for One on 06/06/13

Air date: 
Thu, 06/06/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Table For One

Table for One on 05/30/13

Air date: 
Thu, 05/30/2013 - 1:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
demonstrations in sonic power, aural anxiety, and tonal totality.

Table for One on 05/23/13

Air date: 
Thu, 05/23/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
heavy and strange

Table for One on 05/16/13

Air date: 
Thu, 05/16/2013 - 1:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
demonstrations in sonic power, aural anxiety, and tonal totality.

Table for One on 05/02/13

Air date: 
Thu, 05/02/2013 - 1:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
demonstrations in sonic power, aural anxiety, and tonal totality.


Table for One playlist for 10/11/2012

Air date: 
Antischismladies and gentlemenstill lifeprank
Lea Bertuccirods and conesin the dark there are fingers that grab compilationWFMU
Daughn GibsonAll HellAll HellWhite Denim
Shabazz Palacesan echo from the host that process infinitiumblack upsub pop
Slug Gutsstranglin you tooplayin in time with the deadbeatsacred bones
Functional Blackoutslucid thingthe severed tongue speaks for everyoneCriminal IQ
Pretty Thingsold man goingSF Sorrowrare earth
Arts5vault of heavenyouth attack
Rudimentary Peniin crematorium flameArchaic EPouter himalayan
Grave Babiesfuck offgothdammitHardly Art
Buffalo Springfieldout of my minds/tatco
39 Clocks78 soldier deadZonedDe Stijl
Armiagdzie ja tam bedziesz tylengendaW Moich Oczach
Total Controlscene from a marriage45Sub Pop
K-Holesfrozen stiffdismaniahardly art
Albert Aylerspirits rejoice (excerpt)spirits rejoiceESP-Disk
Metzsad prickss/tsub pop
Meat Puppetselectromuds/tSST
Dream Decay1 and 2Fernself-released
Iron LungCancerLive at SupersonicCapsule
WhirlywirldmotoEPmissing link
MC5Borderline45Total Energy
DwarrChristmas ShoppingStarting OverDrag City
Jesus LizardBlockbusterpuretouch and go
Pop. 1280trash copthe grid EPsacred bones
Belgradozapomnijmys/tSelf Released
Echo and the Bunnymenwith a hipHeaven Up HereSire
Jefferson Airplanehow suite it is (spare chaynge)after bathing at baxtersrca
MayyorsGhost Punchs/t 12self released
Deviation Socialall men of lidiceFrom End to Beginningdais

Table for One playlist for 09/27/2012

Air date: 
FNU Ronnieslaptop vs. beefsaddle upload
Tuxedomoon59 to 1half muteralph
Slug Gutsold black sweatsplayin in time with the deadbeatsacred bones
Leatheridolatorwretch EPfan death
Alice Coopersick thingsbillion dollar babieswarner
Easter Monkeysnailed to the crosssplendor of sorrowHit and Run
Messiah ComplexPart One (excerpt)Messiah Complex200mg
Einsturzende Neubautennegativ nein80-83 Strategien Gegen ArchitekturenMute
Useless Childrenin dreamspost ending/pre completioniron lung records
HawkwindParanoia Pt 2s/tUnited Artists
King CrimsonepitaphIn The Court Of The Crimson KingAtlantic
FugsI want to know2Base
No TrendHeartachea dozen dead rosesno trend records
NRIIIBonedustin the dark there are fingers that grab compilationWFMU
Cut Handsezli fredavolume 2Dirter
Dead LanguagemisanthropyS/tiron lung records
Crazy Spiritthis world is not my homeEPtoxic state
Crucifuckswhen the top comes offwisonsinalternative tentacles
Saccharine TrustI have..pagan iconsSST
Voivodripping headachesRrroooaaarrrnoise international
Gehennaupon the GravehillUpon The GravehillKing of the Monsters
Pig Heart Transplantweapon45iron lung records
Tonettarape victim777 Volume 2black tent
Throbbing GristleAB/7Agreatest hitsMute
Blitztelecommunicationsecond empire justicefuture records
Iggy and the Stoogesgimmie dangerRaw PowerCBS
Brown Sugartotal fuciking garbagesings of birds and racismfeeble minds/feral kid

Table for One playlist for 09/13/2012

Air date: 
Raw NerveHemlock/childrens/tyouth attack
Yetiinterstellar biplanethings to is abuse
SwansThe Apostate pt.2The Seeryoung god
Michael Yonkersuntitledcircling the drainnero's neptune
UV Racei'm so tiredthe world is lousy with ideas #7Almost Ready
SPKLive at BrickworksVinyl On-Demand
Grasshopperdemonic tutelagein the dark there are fingers that grab compilationWFMU
Men's Recovery Projectsmokable birth controlthe very best of men's recovery projectload records
Naked on The Vaguesacred youthheaps of nothingsiltbreeze
CanAbra Cada BraxasThe Lost Tapes: 1968-75Mute
Blackoutsprobabilitiesmen in motionengram
Slug Gutssuckin downplain' in time with the deadbeatsacred bones
Sixxsister devilsister devilNWN!
UV Popno songs tomorrowEPSacred Bones
Turqouise DaysblurredMinimal Wave Tapes Vol 1stones throw
Ministryabortiveland of rape and honeysire
Wolf Eyesrationed rothuman animalsub pop
True Radical Miracle6:10 nosebleedtermitesiron lung records
Easy Actionworse for youfriends of rock and rollreptilian
Enoblank frankhere come the warm jetsisland
Sonic YouthElectricityDAydream Nation Deluxe BoxsetDGC
Moondogtrees against the skysnaketimes series by Moondogmoondog
No Statikunclarifiedeverywhere you aren't lookingPrank Records

Table for One playlist for 08/23/2012

Air date: 
Simon FinnJerusalempass the distancemushroom
Amps for Christnative soilthorny pathvermiform
Washington Phillipswhate are they doing in heaven todaywhat are they doing in heaven todayMississippi Records
hasil adkinshot dog babywhite light white meatnorton
Tomorrowmy white bicycles/tbootleg
No Ballswhat the fuck have you donelesswho can you trust?/streaks
Logjammershit 1EPnegative guestlist
Normalwarm leatherette45mute
Sisters of mercytemple of love45merciful release
mahmoud ahmedmaria gelajeguol na betwaMississipi Records
west african rhythm brothersaduralondon is the place for me vol 2honest jon's
Wiremaroonedchairs missingharvest
The Stranglersburning up timeno more heroesa&m
Hawkwind10 seconds of forever/brainstormspace ritualunited artists
Tanki fell in love with a stormtrooperFilth Hounds of Hadeskamaflage records
feedtimerock and rollshovelsub pop
Cult Ritualsaturday's bloods/tyouth attack
Headachesames/tflat earth
soul swallowerlogics/tpainkiller
??Street musicians of YogyakartaMississipi Records
Neon Judgementthe machineearly tapesDark Entries
Factorymeninterlude/ she's my mexican manYellow eyes and the sound of vomitrichie
Clockcleanersomething's on her mindauf wiedersehenload
Ed shrader's music beatthis is my sermon45Load Records
No Statikwe all die in the endwe all die in the endPrank records

Table for One playlist for 08/09/2012

Air date: 
Steven Jesse Bernsteinmy faceprisonsub pop
Shoppers3silver yearfeeble minds/ drugged consciene
The LeftHellit's the worldbona fide
Modern EnglishJust a thoughtmesh and lace4AD
Blodarnadiggar dit hal pt 1 and 2bloodstains across swedenbootleg
The Scientistscrazy heartthis heart doesn't run on blood, this heart doesn't run on loveau-go-go
Juhyoa gift of tearssplit w/ PHThear more! records
DFIgreetings from SarajevoEPDomino
Diet Cokeheadsqedipussy complexnasal EPvinyl rites
K-Holescreatures of wars/tHozac
Roxy Musiceditions of youfor your pleasureatco
Alice Cooperfields of regretpretties for youstraight
Rocket From The Tombslife stinksthe day the earth met the rocket from the tombssmog veil
Primitive Calculatorspumping ugly musclesplit w/ slug gutssweet rot
Flower Travelin' Bandsatori part 3satoriphoenix
Thai Orchestraexcerpts/tMississippi
Tara Crosstempus fugitminimal wave tapes vol.1stones throw
TS McPheethe hunt (excerpt)two sides of TS McPheeWWA
Velvet Undergroundshe called my namewhite light/white heatverve
No Trendteen lovewhen death won't solve your problemwidowspeak
SPKday of pigsleichenschreiside effekts


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