Special Programming: Music

A variety of music specials aired throughout the year.

Episode Archive

45 DJs, 45 RPM Records, 45 Years of KBOO

Air date: 
Sat, 11/16/2013 - 12:00pm - Sun, 11/17/2013 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
45 DJs, 45 RPM Records, 45 Years of KBOO
45 DJs PLAY ONLY 45 RPM RECORDS FOR TWELVE HOURS TO CELEBRATE THE 45th BIRTHDAY OF KBOO COMMUNITY RADIO. KBOO Community Radio went on the air in 1968, and we are celebrating our 45th year with an on air special! We will highlight the 45 rpm vinyl single on November 16th from Noon to Midnight. 45 KBOO DJs and Community Members will be on the air with 15 minute sets playing only 45 rpm records. We will also be hosting an open house event with birthday cake, tours of the radio station, and more during the 12 hour special. The open house is free and all ages.

A NoMad Music Special

Air date: 
Thu, 10/31/2013 - 10:00pm - Fri, 11/01/2013 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
NoMad presents a Halloween music special
Join your DJ, NoMad, for 2 hours of music programming.

World Beat Connection - Africa O-Yé! Fall Membership Drive Special

Air date: 
Thu, 10/17/2013 - 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Short Description: 
World Beat Connection - Africa O-Yé! Fall Membership Drive Special
World Beat Connection - Africa O-Yé! Fall Membership Drive Special DJ Charlie & Andy Hosch join forces to bring you 4-hours of their favorite African & Afro-Caribbean sounds. Also, during the 1:00 hour, Susan Addy will drop in to talk about the Obo Addy Legacy Project and a tribute concert for Obo happening this Saturday at Lewis & Clark College featuring jazz legend Randy Weston.

Offbeat Sounds From 1968

Air date: 
Fri, 10/11/2013 - 8:00pm - Sat, 10/12/2013 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Dr. Zomb's Stereo Obscura, La Ruleta and Radio Lost and Found present a look back at KBOO's birthday
Tomorrow night from 8 - midnight p.s.t. tune in to hear "Offbeat Sounds of 1968" in which Dr. Zomb's Stereo Obscura, La Ruleta, and Radio Lost and Found present the best of the more unusual and offbeat recordings from that year. Why 1968 you ask? Not only was 1968 a pretty epic year for recorded music, it is also the year our dear station went on the air. This is one way to celebrate our 45th year and you all are invited! We just started up our Fall membership drive as well so if the spirit moves you and you feel like putting your $ where your ears are then please feel free to call or click to support freeform radio... Coming through the ether at 90.7 FM here in Portland or in your computer no matter where you are at kboo.fm.

A Different Raga

Air date: 
Mon, 09/30/2013 - 10:00pm - Tue, 10/01/2013 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Raga singing master with electronic sound/noise masters
Stirling/Theriault/Carlson (board mix)



Michael Stirling - vocals, tambura

Doug Theriault - guitar / max MSP / digital modular synthesizer

Matt Carlson - modular synthesizer 

TUNE IN TONIGHT AT 10 pm til midnight for a new kind of listening experience! 

Special Programming: Music on 08/10/13

Air date: 
Sat, 08/10/2013 - 5:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Jim Pepper Fest 2013

We are proud to bring you audio from the first three days of Jim Pepper Fest 2013. We'll start off with a rare Jim Pepper performance recorded in 1986, and then play sets from performers who were recorded August 7-9, 2013 at this year's festival.

More information about Jim Pepper Fest can be found here

Special Programming: Music on 08/02/13

Air date: 
Fri, 08/02/2013 - 3:00am - 5:30am
Short Description: 
CHANGEABLE BULBS : A new bi weekly program, hosted by DJ Boiyd

Eclectedelic Funky Music & Collage. Homemade cassette mixtapes, turntabilsm, live effects & sampling.

Special Programming: Music on 07/19/13

Air date: 
Fri, 07/19/2013 - 3:00am - 5:30am
Short Description: 
Psychedelic Funky Jamz for you. Live sound collages, homemade cassette mixtapes...

CHANGEABLE BULBS: a new bi-weekly program for those into warm, soulful and trippy music.

Special Programming: Music on 07/07/13

Air date: 
Sun, 07/07/2013 - 12:00pm - 9:00pm
Short Description: 
What?! Yet another day of hot live Blues action!

Robert Plant presents the Sensational Space Shifters, presented by First Tech; Taj Mahal Trio, presented by Schwindt & Co.; Mavis Staples, presented by FedEx Freight; Robert Randolph & the Family Band, presented by EcoShuttle; John Primer & the Real Deal Blues Band

Plus… Kim Massie with the Solomon Douglas Orchestra; Linda Hornbuckle’s Old Time Gospel Show; Cooper; Selwyn Birchwood Band.

Special Programming: Music on 07/06/13

Air date: 
Sat, 07/06/2013 - 12:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
KBOO's live broadcast from the Waterfront Blues Festival continues...

John Hiatt & the Combo, presented by IQ Credit Union; North Mississippi Allstars, presented by Boeing Co.

Plus … Nikki Hill; Danny Click & the Hell Yeahs!; Kelly’s Lot; Blind Boy Paxton; Scott Pemberton; David Vest; Zydeco Swamp Romp with Chubby Carrier & the Bayou Swamp Band, presented by Winthrop Music Association; Horace Trahan & Ossun Express; Lil’ Wayne & Same Ol’ Two-Step; Pine Leaf Boys.


Negativland at The Crystal Ballroom, Part 2: Daniel Menche

program date: 
Sat, 08/30/2014
Negativland, Daniel Menche, Cascadian Knights Live at The Crystal Ballroom, Part 2: Daniel Menche
We join megamultimedia juggernaut Negativland live onstage at the historic Crystal Ballroom for their new show CONTENT! 
This time around, Negativland consists of founder and copyfighter Mark Hosler, Jon Liedecker, aka Wobbly, Peter Conheim (Mono Pause, Jet Black Hair People, Neung Phak) and sound collage and video artist Steev Hise.
We also had a performance by Portland Noise Music stalwart Daniel Menche.
Opening the show was The Cascadian Knights, who visited us from the future.

Negativland at The Crystal Ballroom, Part 3: Intermission/Interviews

program date: 
Fri, 08/29/2014
We join megamultimedia juggernaut Negativland live onstage at the historic Crystal Ballroom for their new show CONTENT! 
This time around, Negativland consists of founder and copyfighter Mark Hosler, Jon Liedecker, aka Wobbly, Peter Conheim (Mono Pause, Jet Black Hair People, Neung Phak) and sound collage and video artist Steev Hise.
We also had a performance by Portland Noise Music stalwart Daniel Menche.
Opening the show was The Cascadian Knights, who visited us from the future.

Negativland at The Crystal Ballroom, Part 4: Negativland

program date: 
Fri, 08/29/2014
We join megamultimedia juggernaut Negativland live onstage at the historic Crystal Ballroom for their new show CONTENT! 
This time around, Negativland consists of founder and copyfighter Mark HoslerJon Liedeckeraka WobblyPeter Conheim (Mono Pause, Jet Black Hair People, Neung Phak) and sound collage and video artist Steev Hise.

We also had a performance by Portland Noise Music stalwart Daniel Menche.

Opening the show was The Cascadian Knights, who visited us from the future.

Negativland at The Crystal Ballroom, Part 1: Cascadian Knights

program date: 
Fri, 08/29/2014
We join megamultimedia juggernaut Negativland live onstage at the historic Crystal Ballroom for their new show CONTENT!
This time around, Negativland consists of founder and copyfighter Mark Hosler, Jon Liedecker, aka Wobbly, Peter Conheim (Mono Pause, Jet Black Hair People, Neung Phak) and sound collage and video artist Steev Hise.

We also had a performance by Portland Noise Music stalwart Daniel Menche.

Opening the show was The Cascadian Knights, who visited us from the future.

INTERVIEW: Adrian Legg

program date: 
Sun, 02/24/2013

Adrian Legg will be performing in Portland Tuesday February 26th At Mississippi Studios, 3939 North Mississippi Avenue, in Portland.

He is a renowned acoustic and electric guitar innovator touring on his latest release "The Very Best of Adrian Legg".

Songs included in this interview are, in order, Tracy's Big Moment, Queenie's Waltz, Lunch Time at Rosie's, and A Waltz for Derroll.

  • Length: 39:23 minutes (34.21 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 121Kbps (VBR)

Atlas Global Dance Party Part One

program date: 
Sat, 10/13/2012

Here's the audio from our live broadcast of ATLAS, Post-national bass dance party! This is part one, part two is here: kboo.fm/node/50743

With with Resident DJs DJ Anjali, E3 and The Incredible Kid... Plus special guest Joro-Boro, a Bulgarian DJ bringing you digital native booty bass for the post-pop generation.! It was wild fun, enjoy!

Atlas Global Dance Party Part Two

program date: 
Sat, 10/13/2012

Here's the second half of the audio from our live broadcast of ATLAS, Post-national bass dance party! The first half is here: kboo.fm/node/50742

With Resident DJs DJ Anjali, E3 and The Incredible Kid... Plus special guest Joro-Boro, a Bulgarian DJ bringing you digital native booty bass for the post-pop generation.! It was wild fun, enjoy!

LIVE IN STUDIO: Felicia and the Dinosaur

program date: 
Sat, 03/10/2012

Portland's own Felica and the dinosaur played this set as part of KBOO's celebration of International Women's Day, 2012.
After the live songs, there is an interview with Felicia.


LIVE IN STUDIO: Belinda Underwood

program date: 
Thu, 03/08/2012

Belinda Underwood is a life-long musician and dancer who brings elements of the world's folk art traditions together with her own Western training and soul-creation.
She performed this set as part of KBOO's celebration of International Women's Day, 2012.

  • Length: 41:38 minutes (57.17 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)

LIVE IN STUDIO: Marisa Anderson

program date: 
Thu, 03/08/2012

Marisa Anderson is a composer, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist living in Portland Oregon. She works solo and with others.

Marisa played this set as part of KBOO's celebration of International Women's Day, 2012.
After the live songs, there is an interview with Marisa.


  • Length: 36:14 minutes (49.75 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 192Kbps (CBR)


Special Programming: Music playlist for 12/25/2012

Program name: 
Special Programming: Music
Air date: 
Frankie LaneChopin's Nocturn in EbDobro
Tom RigneyRigo's BluesChasing The Devil
Dr. Michael WhiteHouse of the Rising SunAdventures in New Orleans Jazz, Part 1
Padam PadamBesame MuchoPadam Padam
Kevin Shay JohnsonBarnyard DanceSlim's Almanac
Mike WestRefrigeratorNew South
Kinzel & HydeGimme Somethin' FriedOklahoma Credit Card
Memphis MinnieKeep On Eatin'Me & My Chauffer
Linda & DelDon't Puke On My ShoesSomething Special
Leon RedboneMy Walking StickOn The Track
Willie DixonWalkin' The BluesThe Original Wang Dang Doodle
Anne WeissWalk Down The Road With MeBraille
Otis TaylorWalk Right InRecapturing The Banjo
Crooked StillCome On In My KitchenShaken By A Low Sound
Carolina Chocolate DropsBanjo DreamsHeritage
Mr B. (Mark Braun)Hillcrest StompDetroit Special
Eric BibbDon't Ever Let Nobody Drag You DownGood Stuff
Abigail WashburnBright Morning StarCity of Refuge
Jamie StillwaySpring BreakJamie Stillway
Daniel & Amy CarwileHot JavaCol Arco
Harry ManxSitting On Top Of The WorldWest Eats Meet
Junkyard JaneMan O' The BeanWashboard Highway
Puppini SistersJava JiveBetcha Bottom Dollar
Abigail WashburnCoffee's ColdSong of the Traveling Daughter
Mississippi John HurtCoffee BluesI'm Satisfied
Eric BibbSaucer'n'CupGood Stuff
Tom RigneySweet Georgia BrownSwing State

 Is Hearing Nothing But Holiday Music since Halloween Scrambling your Brain?

Have you Had It Up to HERE
With that Goofy Reindeer?

Yes, Folks...  Every Radio Station on the Dial has been overtaken by Holiday Mall Music, with Reindeer Roasting on an Open Fire, Chestnuts Decking the Hall Monitors, and the Wassail Ringing Bells in the Snow-Covered Manger.  Is your Brain, too, going Ding Dong Merrily on Along, 24/7?  Well, WE have the Solution!!!

Tune in on Christmas Morning for a Refreshing Dip into the distinctly NON-Holiday Musical Pool...  We'll feature an Eclectic mix of Folk, Blues, Rock, Jazz, and some just plain Goofy Fun Stuff to start out your Christmas Morning - WithOUT feeling like you never left the Mall...

The Theme for the morning will be FUN STUFF you haven't heard in months, and possibly ever.  I'll bring in some rare, out-of-print tracks from my Personal Collection, and wipe the cobwebs off some of the strange stuff hidden Deep in the KBOO Music Library.

Yes, it's the Jingle Bells NOT Show, right here on YOUR Community Radio!!!


Special Programming: Music playlist for 12/14/2012

Program name: 
Special Programming: Music
Air date: 
Ravi ShankarFarewell My FriendFarewell My FriendSaregama
Ravi ShankarRaga BehagPt. Ravi ShankarSaregama
Ravi ShankarAn Introduction to Indian MusicThe Essential Ravi ShankarLegacy/Columbia
Ravi ShankarDhun KafiIndia's Master MusicianBGO Records
Ravi ShankarSitar TodiThe Genius of Ravi ShankarColumbia
Ravi ShankarRaga Mishra BhairaviLive in ConcertSaregama
Ravi ShankarMisha Piloo, In Thumri StyleIndia's Master MusicianWorld Pacific Records
Ravi ShankarSwara-KakaliWest Meets EastAngel
Ravi ShankarThe Enchanted DawnImprovisations: West Meets East, album 3Angel
Ravi ShankarChappaquaChappaquaColumbia
Ravi ShankarDiscovery of IndiaGandhiRCA Victor
Ravi Shankar with Ali Akbar KhanBilashkani TodiThe Master Musicians of IndiaFantasy Records
Ravi ShankarSandhya RagaInside the KremlinPrivate Music
Ravi Shankar & Philip GlassRagas in Minor ScalePassagesPrivate Music
Ravi ShankarVandanaa TrayeeChantsAngel
Ravi ShankarWest Eats MeatThe Shankar Project: Tana ManaBMG
Anoushka Shankar & Ravi ShankarPancham Se GaraAnouragAngel
Ravi Shankar ft. George HarrisonFriar ParkTana ManaPrivate Music

Special Programming: Music playlist for 10/29/2011

Program name: 
Special Programming: Music
Air date: 

Kill Ugly Radio Halloween Extravaganza 2011 (Music) with Rich L. 10/29/2011 12:00AM to 03:00AM

12:00AM-12:01AM (1:40) David Lee “Exorcist Theme (Tubular Bells)” from At the Organ Grinder Pizza LP on Organ Grinder

12:01AM-12:03AM (1:20) Krzysztof Penderecki “Five Pieces For Orchestra, OP10” from Exorcist OST on Warner Bros.

12:03AM-12:04AM (1:10) Brad Miller “Reader Railroad No. 11 (2-6-2)” from Steel Rails Under Thundering Skys (Train Sounds) (1972) on Bainbridge Records

12:04AM-12:06AM (1:50) Salvatore Martirano “L's GA For Gas-Masked Politico, Helium Bomb, And Two-Channel Tape” from L's GA on Polydor

12:06AM-12:11AM (5:00) Soriah “Esqueleto de Chapulín” from Ofrendas de Luz a los Muertos (2007) on Beta-lactam Ring Records

12:11AM-12:13AM (2:00) Matt Clifford “Main Theme from "Return Of The Living Dead" (Matt Clifford)” from Main Theme from "Return Of The Living Dead" (Matt Clifford) - Single on Enigma

12:13AM-12:16AM (3:00) Hawaiian Pups “Spook Opera” from 7" Single on Portrait

12:16AM-12:19AM (3:00) MX-80 Sound “Theme from Hallowen” from Best Before '84 on Ralph Records

12:19AM-12:23AM (4:00) Siouxie & the Banshees “Halloween” from JuJu (Album, Private, 1981) on Geffen

12:23AM-12:26AM (3:00) David Bowie “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)” from Fresh From Divorce (bootleg) on No Label (Bootleg)

12:26AM-12:29AM (3:00) The Damned “Nasty” from Light at the End of the Tunnel on MCA Records

12:29AM-12:33AM (4:00) The Cramps “Surfin' Dead” from Return of the Living Dead OST on Enigma

12:33AM-12:36AM (3:00) The Cramps “I Was a Teenage Werewolf” from Lucky 13 (bootleg) on Drug Feind

12:36AM-12:38AM (2:00) The Cramps “Zombie Dance” from Songs the Lord Taught Us on IRS

12:38AM-12:41AM (3:00) The Cramps “I Ain't Nothin' But a Gorehound” from Smell of Female on Enigma

12:41AM-12:44AM (3:00) The Cramps “Human Fly” from Lucky 13 (bootleg) on Drug Feind

12:43AM-12:45AM (2:00) Camille Sauvage “Pavillon Des Agités” from Fantasmagories on Editions Montparnasse 2000 (France)

12:45AM-12:49AM (4:00) Cherney Berg “Frankenstein” from Famous Monsters Speak on Wonderland Records (USA) — 1963

12:49AM-12:54AM (5:00) Barnes and Barnes “Cemetary Girls” from Zabagabee: The Best of Barnes and Barnes on Rhino

12:54AM-12:56AM (2:00) Scratch Acid “Greatest Gift” from The Greatest Gift (Album, Private, 1990) on Touch and Go Records

12:56AM-12:58AM (2:00) The God Bullies “Red Blood” from Mama Womb Womb on Amphetamine Reptile (USA)

12:58AM-01:01AM (3:00) The God Bullies “Monster Jesus” from Dog Show on Amphetamine Reptile (USA)

01:01AM-01:02AM (1:00) The God Bullies “Cemetary” from Dog Show on Amphetamine Reptile (USA)

01:02AM-01:05AM (3:00) The God Bullies “Creepy People” from Mama Womb Womb on Amphetamine Reptile (USA)

01:05AM-01:11AM (6:00) Depth Charge “Dead By Dawn” from Nine Deadly Venoms on Vinyl Solutions

01:11AM-01:16AM (5:00) Depth Charge “Daughters of Horror” from Nine Deadly Venoms on Vinyl Solutions

01:16AM-01:21AM (5:00) Kode IV “Possessed (Voodoo Mix)” from Possessed on KK Records

01:21AM-01:27AM (6:00) David Byrne and Brian Eno “Jezebel Spirit” from My Life in the Bush of Ghosts on Sire

01:27AM-01:32AM (5:00) Cabaret Voltaire “Hell's Home” from The Covenant, The Sword and the Arm of the Lord on Virgin

01:32AM-01:34AM (2:00) Camille Sauvage “Terrifical Night” from Fantasmagories on Editions Montparnasse 2000 (France)

01:34AM-01:39AM (5:00) Jay Allison “The Neighborhood Freaks” from Tellus 11: The Sounds of Radio on Tellus — Cassette

01:39AM-01:45AM (6:00) Goblin “Suspiria (Intro)” from Suspiria on Cinevox

01:45AM-01:49AM (4:00) Goblin “Witch” from Suspiria on Cinevox

01:49AM-01:50AM (1:00) Eugene Chadbourne “Psycho Birdcage” from He Is Insane on Fundamental — Excerpt

01:50AM-01:52AM (2:00) 45 Grave “Riboflavin Flavored, Non-Carbonated Polyunsaturated Blood” from Dark Skratcher on LAFMS

01:52AM-01:59AM (7:00) Frank Zappa “Cheepnis” from Roxy and Elsewhere (Album, Private, 1974) on Barking Pumpkin

01:59AM-02:02AM (3:00) Destroy All Monsters “You're Gonna Die” from Destroy All Monsters on Get Back

02:02AM-02:06AM (4:00) Sickidz “Night of the Living Dead” from Teenage Obsessions - 1978-84 Recordings on Rave Up

02:06AM-02:10AM (4:00) Pain Teens “Sacrificial Shack” from Sacrificial Shack 7" (Single) on C/Z Records

02:10AM-02:12AM (2:00) United Mutation “Lice, Flies and Vermin” from United Mutation (Comp, Punk) on DSI

02:12AM-02:16AM (4:00) Alice Donut “Halloween” from Virus 100 (Comp, Eclectic) on Alternative Tentacles (USA)

02:16AM-02:19AM (3:00) The Lollipop Shoppe “You Must Be a Witch” from DJ Goatface Killah Presents: Ave Satanas on No Label (Germany)

02:19AM-02:21AM (2:00) The Nomads “Where the Wolfbane Blooms” from Showdown (1981 - 1993) on Sympathy For The Record Industry

02:20AM-02:24AM (4:00) Camille Sauvage “Requiem Pour Satan” from Fantasmagories on Editions Montparnasse 2000 (France)

02:24AM-02:33AM (9:00) Alien Sex Fiend “Now I'm Feeling Zombiefied” from Alien Sex Fiend - The Singles (1983-1995) on Anagram Records (UK)

02:33AM-02:35AM (2:00) Skinny Puppy “Church In Hell” from Sub Pop 100 on Sub Pop (USA)

02:35AM-02:39AM (4:00) My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult “Shock of Point 6” from Kooler Than Jesus on Wax Trax! Records

02:39AM-02:44AM (5:00) Grotus “Methuselah” from Brown on Spirit Music Industries

02:44AM-02:47AM (3:00) Tuxedomoon “Dark Companion” from Frank Johnson's Favorites on Ralph Records

02:47AM-02:48AM (1:00) Tobe Hooper and Wayne Bell “At Dawn They Feast/Escape Through A Window” from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Expanded Motion Picture Score (Other, Other) on N/A (Bootleg Release) — Mixing multiple sources

02:48AM-02:50AM (2:00) Nekropolis “Hölle Im Angesicht” from Musik Aus Dem Schattenreich on No Label (Germany)

02:50AM-02:54AM (4:00) Laibach “Agnus Dei [Acropolis]” from Macbeth on Mute (UK)

02:54AM-02:57AM (3:00) Psychic TV “Thee Full Pack” from Force The Hand Of Chance on Cleopatra

02:57AM-03:00AM (3:00) Horrific Child (Jean-pierre Massiera) “H.I.A.” from L'Etrange Mr Whinster on Finders Keepers (USA)

Special Programming: Music playlist for 07/04/2011

Program name: 
Special Programming: Music
Air date: 
Trey Parker??Theme song to Team AmericaTeam America OST
Jimi HendrixStar Spangled BannerWoodstockCotillian
ResidentsStars and Stripes ForeverStars & Hank ForeverESD
Joe Byrd & the Field HippiesMr. 4th of JulyAmercan Metaphysical CircusColumbia
AngelbloodAmerica and Mes/tCaptain Trip
AvengersAmerikan in Mes/tCD Presents
Four-Way CrossUSAFill the SkyMotiv
Submission HoldDemocracyWhat Holds Back the ElephantG7 Welcoming Committee
OctopusUS Bluess/tCalibre/ESP Disk

This was the dj fill-in show that aired while the fireworks were going off at the end of the Waterfront Blues Festival... lot's of "patriotic" songs to celebrate America...and while the music played we could hear the fireworks going off, as I kept the live feed from the festival on for the first half hour....

Special Programming: Music playlist for 05/02/2011

Program name: 
Special Programming: Music
Air date: 
Abner JayI'm so DepressedB Side 7"Mississippi Records
Rosa Lee HillBullying WellBeen Here All My DaysMississippi Records
Michael HurleyIn The MorningUnreleasedMississippi Records
Lulu JacksonYou're Gonna Have to Leave the Old HOme JimThe Rain Don't Fall on MeMississippi Records
Fred McDowellShake em on DownUnreleasedMississippi Records
Rev. Louis OverstreetHoliness DanceAn Evening with Rev. Louis OverstreetMississippi Records
Range RatsStand Beside YouunreleasedMississippi Records
Vera WardhallWild Ox MoanI'll Meet you on that Other ShoreMississippi Records
Alemayno EshintayLove is LoveLove is LoveMississippi Records
Albert LoudiU NungisaSpiritaul Singers NtsaminaMississipi Records
Irma ThomasBreakawayIrma Thomas SingsMississippi Records
Waymon"Gusman" JonesGet Back SatanIn the Storm So LongMississippi Records
The CleanTally HoCompilationMississippi Records
The DeZurik SistersArizona YodelersMata la PenaMississippi Records
Blue Sky BoysWill You Miss Me When I'm GoneI Don't Feel At Home in this world anymoreMississippi Records
Geechie WilleyLast Kind WordsLast Kind WordsMississippi Records
Lonnie FarrisA Night in the house of PrayerLife is a ProblemMississippi Records
S.E. RogersToomus Meremereh Nor GoodLove is LoveMississippi Records
Langgam JawaKatik Ngangg NgirikStreet Music of JavaMississippi Records
Noel and IsabelleMahita MadagasikaraFanajanaMississippi Records
Bongo JoeListen at that BullBongo Joe ColemanMississippi Records
Abner JayThe Reason Young People Do DrugsTrue Story of Abner JayMississippi Records
The RatsTeenagersThe RatsMississippi Records
Hai Cium DongDangdutstreet music of javaMississipi Records
Mysterious Thai ArtistMysterious Thai SongMysterious Thai RecordMississippi Records
Orchestre REgional De MoptiREcitalOrchestre Regional de MoptiMississippi Records
Sexteto BolonaTe Prohibido el CabaretI Dont' Feel at Home in this World AnymoreMississippi Records
Joseph and Louise SpenceWon't that be a happy timeFight on Your Time Ain't LongMississippi Records
John Lee ZieglerWho's Gonna Be Your ManBeen here all my daysMississippi Records
Philip Cohran and the Artistic Heritage EnsembleMalcolm LittleThe Malcolm X MemorialMississippi Records
Abba GargandoZinezju MeghdemIshilan n TenereMississippi Records
Michael HurleyEyes EyesHi Fi Snock UptownMississippi Records
Marisa AndersonSinging in Many VoicesThe Golden HourMississippi Records
Fred McDowellWhere Were you?Fred McDowellMississippi Records
Cabdulaahi Iman Zamir, Amin Xaaji Cusmaan, and Nuur Maxamed CurubaSiina MiiriLipa Kodlya City CouncilMississippi Records
Dead MoonNever Let You GoUNRELEASEDMississippi Records
KleenexYouBox SetMississippi Records
Animals and MenDon't Misbehave in the New AGeNever bought never soldMississippi Records

We celebrate the 8th anniversary of Mississippi REcords with Warren Hill and Erick Isaacson

Special Programming: Music playlist for 12/24/2010

Program name: 
Special Programming: Music
Air date: 
Reigning SoundIf xmas can't bring you homeLIve on WFMU
King Louie's Missing MonumentsTailspin7"Douchemaster
BlondieWill Anything HappenParallel LinesChrysalis
Human LeagueFacination
King Diamondno presents for xmas
Roky ERicksonCold Night for Alligators
The WeedsWho will read the will
Don Julian and the MeadowlarksHeaven and Paradise
John Joseph of the CromagsSanta StoryEvolution of a Cromag Audio book
Harvey Sid FischerCapricorn
HawkwindSilver Machine7"
Sam GopalThe Dark Lord
Bing DayI Can't Help It
Irma ThomasbreakawayMississippi
SheOutta ReachOutta Reachcauseway records
Marva WhitneyUnwind YourselfIt's My ThingPolydor
Gino WashingtonGino is a CowardOut of this worldNorton
Niel Ford and the FanaticsShame on you
Death In JuneHeaven StreetThe Guilty Have no Pride
Current 93All the Pretty Little HorsesAll the Pretty Little Horses
Echo and the BunnymenThe CutterSongs to Learn and Sing
New OrderThe villagePower, Corruption and Lies
Lene LovichHomeStatelessStiff
Hawkwind7 x 7
The MobOur Life Our WorldLet the Tribe Increase
SurrenderWho CaresThere is no war 7"La Vida Es En Mus
IsolationDangerousFM BX Society Tape 001SS Records
M. AshrafToo Bhi Piala ChumDekha Jaye Ga Soundtrack
ABner JayI'm So Depressed
Crystals featuring Sun RaHoney in the Bee BoxInterplaneritary MelodiesNorton
Little AnnWho are you tryin to foolDeep ShadowsTimmion
Bo DiddleyDearest DarlingBo Diddley
Black RandyIdi Amin

Xmas eve no theme no plan special hosted by Chanel and Erin... thanks to the callers, especially the gentleman who said "You must have had strange families to know all this music".

Special Programming: Music playlist for 12/24/2010

Program name: 
Special Programming: Music
Air date: 

Thanks for listening to Can Am SpinOut with your host, VJ Beauchamp. We had a great time spinning the Canadian indie rap, rock, and singer-songwriter tunes for you, from 8-10 pm Pacific time on Christmas Eve, and 12:30-2:30 am in Newfoundland.



Here's what we played:

Artist Track Album Notes
Shad I never promised you a rose garden TSOL (featuring Lisa Lobsinger)
Buck 65 Benz Situation (featuring Cadence Weapon)
D-Sisive Liberace Vaudeville (featuring Ron Sexsmith)
____back announce_________
K-OS Wish I knew Natalie Portman Yes! (featuring Nelly Furtado)
D-Sisive Scaredy Cat Vaudeville  
Metric Gimme Sympathy Fantasies  
Zeus I know Say Us  
_____back announce_______
Wintersleep Weighty Ghost Welcome to the Night Sky  
Great Lake Swimmers Concrete Heart Lost Channels  
Sarah Harmer Careless A Little Fire  
Kathleen Edwards Oil Man's War Asking for Flowers  
_____back announce_______
Karkwa Le Pyromane Les Chemins des Verres  
Julie Doiron Faites de Beaux Reves Desormais  
Broken Social Scene Meet Me in the Basement Foregiveness Rock Record  
_____back announce_______
Said the Whale Camilo the Magician Islands Disappear  
Choir Practice Failsafe Choir Practice  
_____9 pm back announce_______
Arcade Fire Empty Room The Suburbs  
Besnard Lakes Albatross Are the Roaring Night  
Wolf Parade Ghost Pressure Expo 86  
_____back announce_______
Black Mountain The Hair Song Wilderness Heart  
Women Eyesore Public Strain  
Common Grackle Thank God it's Monday The Great Depression (featuring Kool Keith)
_____back announce_______
K'naan Take a Minute Troubadour  
Shad The Old Prince Lives at Home The Old Prince  
K-OS Uptown Girl Yes! (featuring Emily Haines)
_____9:39pm back announce_______
Duplex Yer Mama Ablum  
Dan Mangan Tina's Glorious Comeback Nice, Nice, Very Nice (featuring Veda Hille)
Veda Hille The Williamsburg Bridge You are not alone in this world  
Amelia Curran Bye Bye Montreal Hunter, Hunter  
_____9:55pm back announce_______
Kathryn Calder Slip Away Are you my mother?  

Special thanks to Mark MacArthur, Andrea Gin and James Booth, & my producer Ani Haines.

Thanks for listening, and Merry Christmas everyone!

Special Programming: Music playlist for 08/06/2010

Program name: 
Special Programming: Music
Air date: 

A free-flowing psychotronic mix of UFO themes and spacey sounds.

Last night I substituted on KBOO and devoted an entire show to UFO's. I'm in this weird position of being fascinated by the UFO phenomenom up to a point - especially the earliest reports from the late-forties and up to the late seventies - while also being a complete UFO skeptic. I don't believe that creatures from another planet are visiting earth, for a lot of scientific, logistical reasons.

Oh, I know! They have a greater understanding of science, therefor they can break all of the rules of what we think we know. And they evolved on a planet light years from Earth, yet appear to be humanoid, which most biologist tell us would be like two snowflakes looking exactly alike. Could happen, who knows?

Also, why would they visit in secret, then leave copious amounts of evidence and leave their terrestrial PR to some of Earth's oddest misfits?

But I do love documentaries made between the 50's and the 70's. I can't watch enough of them. It seems like after that, the UFO mythos takes on a quasi-religious/apocalyptic aspect that makes me even more skeptical, whereas before, the reports of sightings and encounters seem somewhat plausible and the reportees seem a little more valid and not cultish goofballs or people looking to make a name for themselves by becoming an expert in a field no legitimate scientist or investigator would care to go. I don't know. But the subject fascinates me from time to time. Add to that the fact that there's been a few sightings in our area of weird lights in the sky last month and at least one report of triangular light formations flying overhead.

Also, I love UFO documentaries. Especially ones made before the 80's. I'm not sure why. UFO abductions and Roswell get scant mention in older documentaries. It's worth noting. The Roswell case didn't pick up steam again until the 80's and 90's, when countless authors and more 'witnesses' than you could shake a stick at came out of the woodwork to resurrect the formerly dismissed story.

Sources: Double Rainbow Man, UFOs - It Has Begun (1979): w/Rod Serling, Jose Ferrer, Burgess Meredith, Jacques Vallee, The UFO Factor (70's), Project UFO (Jack Webb), The Brady Bunch "Out of This World" (1974), DJ Erwtenpeller's brilliant Dubstep remix of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds, Dracula vs Frankenstein (Al Adamson, '69)

Music: The Orb, Brizbomb, Cabaret Voltaire, Scifisol, DJ Erwtenpeller, Bill Laswell and M.J. Harris, Larry Carlson, Eat Static, Shpongle and more...

Miss it? Go here.

Special Programming: Music playlist for 03/12/2010

Program name: 
Special Programming: Music
Air date: 
DJ ShadowThe Outsider
Aphex TwinRichard D. James Album
Kruder / DorfmeisterCount Basic
Peace OrchestraReset
RJD2The Horror
RoyskoppMeloday A.M.
RoyskoppThe Understanding
Sound Tribe Sector 9Ad Explanata

Tonight I filled in for One Two One Two and played tracks of the following albums (in no particular order).

Special Programming: Music playlist for 03/08/2010

Program name: 
Special Programming: Music
Air date: 
In MulieribusCum processit facturaLive
Cathy Fink & Marcy MarxerIt's the GirlPostcards
Haris BlackwoodIn My Girlish DaysFalling Up
Judy GarlandA Pretty Girl Milking Her CowYou Made Me Love You
The Women's Choir of the Musical Academy of Telavi (Georgia)Shen Khar Venakhi (Thou Holy Grapevine)Globetrot
Jean StilwellIch bin von Kopf bis FussKabarett
Sheila ChandraSpeaking in TonguesVoices of the Real World
Lucinda WilliamsMama You SweetWest
Misty MamasThe Land of 10,000 MothersWild Rose of the Mountain
Marian AndersonSometimes I Feel Like A Motherless ChildHe's Got the Whole World in His Hands - Spirituals
OdettaBlack WomanSelf-Titled
Memphis MinnieWhen You Love MeMessed Up In Love and Other Tales of Woe
Aretha Franklin(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural WomanLove Songs
FaltriqueiraMuiñeira RedondaNu Europe: From the Old Countries the Best of New Roots Music
Melina KanaArnisiGreece: A Musical Odyssey
Sainkho NamtchylakKaar Deerge ChouvulangnigTrance Planet, Volume Six
Sallie Ford and the Sound OutsideDangerNot An Animal
Joni LaurenceBeauty In MeWith No Apology
In MulieribusO Maria, virgineiNotre-Dame de Grace
Sarah VaughnPeter GunnVerve/Unmixed-3
Katy MoffattLove Me Like A ManAngel Town
Marsha Genensky (of the Anonymous 4)You Fair and Pretty LadiesGloryland
The RochesThe Largest Elizabeth in the WorldKeep On Doing
Dawn LandesToy PianoFireproof
The Choir of Moniales from the Benedictine Monastery of Sainte-Marie des Deux-Montagnes in MontrealAve MariaSancta Maria
The Hot Club of CowtownFuli Tschai ("Bad Girl")Ghost Train

Dear Listeners of All Genders,

Ah yes, today, March 8, is International Women's Day.  I'm a broad.  I've lived abroad.  I qualify.

Man, do I have a good show for you this morning!

Starting with these amazing voices:  In Mulieribus.  Their name is Latin.  It means "Amongst Women."  What better way to begin this day than with them performing a piece by perhaps one of the earliest female composers the world has known:  the beloved Hildegard von Bingen (12th century).  See the lyrics in Latin (and translated into English) below.  Indeed, Mary, the ultimate woman, proceded from the finger of God...  In Mulieribus is a Portland-based group of seven women who perform beautiful pieces of days of yore--WAY yore--we're talking the 11th through 15th centuries here.  Anna Song is their director.  Isn't her name wonderful?

I have thrown in music from just down the street (Haris Blackwood and Joni Laurence) and from just down the continental plate (an extraordinary female Tuvan throat singer by the name of Sainkho).  Squeezed in some Greek and German and Gregorian Chant into the mix.  If this isn't music to celebrate all that is beautiful, strong, resilient, prayerful, joyful, loving, and caressing, I don't know what is.  There's a set dedicated to motherhood and one dedicated to saying ciao to a ill-fitting man, one that lifts up women of color, one that explores the voices from women around this world.

And, of course, I have to play at least one song of defiance.  And what could be stronger and more assertive than the lyrics telling that gumshoe to take a major hike than Sarah Vaughn's stellar classic, Peter Gunn?  See those lyrics below and rejoice if you're shaking dirt from your sandals...  Sing and shout along!

Oh my.  Would that I could have twenty-four hours of International Women's Day all to myself.  I could fill it with strains, sounds, and voices of the most precious...

Men:  you are not forgotten.


Diane Hunt

Cum processit factura

Cum processit factura digiti Dei,
formata ad imaginem Dei,
in ortu mixti sanguinis
per peregrinationem casus Ade,
elementa susceperunt gaudia in te,
o laudabilis Maria,
Celo rutilante
et in laudibus sonante.

English translation of Cum processit factura:
Proceeding from the finger of God,
made in the image of God,
this creation was held
within a womb of mixed blood
because of Adam's exiled wanderings,
yet the elements responded with joy for you,
O praiseworthy Mary,
as the heavens shimmered
and sounded praise to you.

Lyrics to Peter Gunn :
Every night your line is busy,
All that buzzin' makes me dizzy.
Couldn't count on all my fingers
All the dates you had with swingers.
Bye, baby.
I'm gonna kiss you goodbye
And walk right through that doorway.
So long.
I'm leaving.
This is the last time we'll meet
On the street going your way.
Don't look surprised.
You know you've buttered your bread.
So now it's fair
You should stare
At the back of my head.
If you write a letter to me my former friend, don't you end with an R.S.V.P

I'm going bye, bye, I'm moving,

Tomorrow I may be splittin' to Britain or Norway

I'm saying bye, bye, bye baby

Now that I heard all that jazzin' whereas I have had it, I've had it

I'm through now with you now

So baby it's au revoir, adios, ciao-ciao, goodbye.




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