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Sounds Unsound early Oct

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 10/12/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Sounds Unsound
late night eclectic sounds from the strange to the mysterious

Sounds Unsound late Sept '14

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 09/28/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Sounds Unsound late Sept '14
.......... Hello? Is there anyone reading this? What's that? You want to know what I'm doing on tonight's show? I really have no idea. 

Sounds Unsound early Sept '14

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 09/14/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Sounds Unsound early Sept '14
Music and noise, sound and racket...  .


Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 08/24/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Late Aug Sounds Unsound
Sounds Unsound.. music and noise and sounds.. freeform crazy stuff..

SOunds Unsound early Aug

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 08/10/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Early Aug Sounds Unsound
Along with the usual noise/music/sound, tonight we preview a few of the artists playing at next weekend's Fringe Nights 2014: An Exploration of Sound, Noise and Performance at Habesha on 801 NE Broadway.  More info at:

Sounds Unsound on 07/27/14

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 07/27/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Experimental, avant-rock, free jazz/rock/folk, psychedelic, noise, cutups, drone, electronic...

Sounds Unsound on 07/13/14

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 07/13/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Experimental, avant-rock, free jazz/rock/folk, psychedelic, noise, cutups, drone, electronic...

Sounds Unsound on 06/22/14

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 06/22/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Experimental, avant-rock, free jazz/rock/folk, psychedelic, noise, cutups, drone, electronic...

Sounds Unsound Thurs special

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Fri, 06/20/2014 - 2:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Thursday night Sounds Unsound
A special last minute Thursday night version of Sounds Unsound....

Sounds Unsound on 06/08/14

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 06/08/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Experimental, avant-rock, free jazz/rock/folk, psychedelic, noise, cutups, drone, electronic...


Sounds Unsound

Sounds Unsound
program date: 
Sun, 09/27/2015
  • Length: 178:16 minutes (163.2 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 32kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

sounds Unsound Jan 25 2015

Sounds Unsound
program date: 
Sun, 01/25/2015
includes the State of the Union and Rebuttal mash-up
  • Title: ghklglk
  • Length: 190:13 minutes (130.61 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 22kHz 96Kbps (CBR)

sounds Unsound Jan 11 2015

Sounds Unsound
program date: 
Sun, 01/11/2015
Sounds Unsound for 1/11/15 finally on podcast.. 
  • Genre: Other
  • Length: 177:28 minutes (162.48 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Sikhara Live in the KBOO Studio Part 2

Sounds Unsound
program date: 
Fri, 10/16/2009

Part 2 of Sikhara's live set in the KBOO studios on Sounds Unsound. Sikhara will play their 500th live show at the Fez Ballroom on Monday Nov 19th, 2009..   

  • Length: 20:36 minutes (18.86 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Sikhara live in the studio on Sounds Unsound

Sounds Unsound
program date: 
Sat, 10/10/2009

Part 1 of Sikhara's live set in the KBOO studios on Sounds Unsound. Sikhara will play their 500th live show at the Fez Ballroom on Monday Nov 19th, 2009..   

  • Length: 17:17 minutes (15.82 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


Sounds Unsound playlist for 11/25/2012

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
PyrolatorMaxAuslandAta Tak
Lucky DragonsHeartbreakerDark FalconMarriage
The PyramidsMemory RitualOtherworldlyIndigo
Andromeda Omega Express OrchestraLe Petre ViveBum BumAlien Transistor
Supersilent8.38Rune Grammofon
Last PoetsWhat Will You DoOh My PeopleGet Back!
Plvs VltraFender BenderzParthenonSpectrum Spools
GoatGoatheadWorld MusicRocket
Group 1850Have You Ever HeardMother No-Head: Their 45sPseudonym
GrailsWake Up Drill IIBlack Tar Prophecies Vol 5Kemado
Cosmic JokersKinder des Alls 3Galactic SupermarketSpalax
David Willey & FriendsA Garland of MiniaturesImmeasurable CurrentsaltrOck
Spires that in the Sunset RiseBefore DawnAncient Patience Wills It Again Part 2Hairy Spider Legs
TwinsistermoonBogyrealmBogyrealm VesselsHandmade Birds
IsengrindThe Stone Breads of Golden BlanketsMenagerie 3Blackest Rainbow
Alexandre NavarroWe LoveSketchesCosntellation
Locrian & Christoph HeemannLoathe the Lights/tHandmade Birds
Kristin NodervalDigital SurveillanceAural HistoriesDeep Listening
Marielle V JacobsonsAlbite BreathGlass CanyonStudents of Decay
SantasedeConoscis/tLe Souffleur
Alvarius BONce Upon a Time in Persias/tAbduction
Chelsea WolfeFlatlandsUnknown RoomsSargent House
Dichroic MassLight Will FloatSound Workshop
Oculo RapidoFading Space to XIAnalog PlanetfallEurock
MyrmyrThunder StarsFire StarUnder the Spire
Soap&SkinLostNarrowPlay It Again
King DudeBorn in BloodTonight's Special DeathDisaro
Lucky LukeKill the EnemyTravelling for a LivingMexican Summer
Thurston Moore & John Moloneyside BCaught on TapeManhand
Speed, Glue & ShinkyStoned Out of My MindEveWarner (Japan)
OmnivoreClementines/tFeeding Tube
Two WingsForbidden SublimeLove SpringsTin Angel
Adrian SherwoodUR SoundSurvival & ResistanceOn-U Sound

Sounds Unsound playlist for 11/21/2012

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
The FallLay of the LandThe Wonderful and Frightening World of ..Beggars Banquet
BuzzcocksHollow InsideA Different Kind of TensionLiberty United
Need New BodyShow Me Your HeartUFOFile 13
Group 1850Misty NightMother No-Head: Their 45sPseudonym
SupersisterPsychopathPudding en GesterenPolydor
Andromeda Mega Express OrchestraRainbow WarriorBum BumAlien Transistor
Baris MancoRazil DedeKurtalan EkxpressGuerssen
KuodedeTassakine TaraGuitars from Agadaz Vol 5Sublime Frequencies
Plvs VltraSweet ToothParthenonSpectrum Spools
GilaAggressions/tSecond Battle
Silent Land Time MachineEven Floating Islands FallI am no longer with myself etc etc etcIndian Queen Records
AreaConsapevolezzaArbeit Macht FreiCramps/Andromeda
Trad Gras Och StenarSatisfactionGardet 12.6.1970Subliminal Sounds
Elephant9Black HoleAtlantisRune Grammofon
RangdaNight PorterFormerly ExtinctDrag City
DoubtPurple HazeMercy Pity Peace & LoveMoonjune
Spires That in the Sunset RiseNovemberAncient Patience Wills it AgainHairy Spider Legs
TwinsistermoonVampire of SuburbiaWhen Stars Glide Through SolidBlackest Rainbow
Visitations4as/t 2LPTime-Lag
Way of the CrossAsahara RenunciationMind of the DolphinPheonix
Directing Handmy Lagan LoveSongs from the Red HouseSinging Knives
BattiatoPhenomenologyFoetusVM 2000
William BurroughsA Thanksgiving PrayerDead City RadioIsland
XtatikaSick FuckTongue BathTzadik
IUDGoat PussyDead Womb 7"Social Registry
Neneh Cherry & ThingAccordionThe Cherry ThingSmalltown Supersound
Berangere MaximinKnitting in the AirNo One is an IslandSub Rosa
Blanche Blanche BlancheAna's LifeWink with Both EyesNight People
Jeremy HarrisFearce BeardIs Music Even Good?Croleone
3/3All Day and All of the Nights/tBlues Interaction
ArzachelQueen St Gangs/tWah Wah
Oranssi PazuzuKorppiMuulalaanen PuhuuViolent Journey
Andrew LilesLiberteSchmetaling Monster of RockDirter
Alimaalimen VasaratVaara KaarmeValtaNordic Notes
SpunkQuadralogueKantarellRune Grammofon

This is actually Drinking From Puddles.. I filled in this night..

Sounds Unsound playlist for 11/11/2012

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
DoubtThere is a War Going OnMercy Pity Peace & LoveMoonjune
Fast FortyClass Warfare is ConfusionDistrict of Noise Vol 5Sonic Circuits
Ono/Gordon/MooreI Never Told You, Did I?YokokimthurstonChimera
Dark Dark DarkHear MeWho Needs WhoSupply & Demand
Plvs VltraThe LevelParthenonSpectrum Spools
Blanche Blanche BlancheMercantile RugsWink With Both EyesNight People
David Lynchside AEraserhead soundtrackSacred Bones
Marielle JacobsonsPurple SandsGlass CanyonStudents of Decay
Group 1850Frozen MindMother-No-Head: Their 45sPseudonym
Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft OrchestraInstitutionalizedA Tribute to Repo ManAmerican Laundromat
Alamaaliman VasaratRiistomaasiirtajaValtaNordic Notes
Andrew LilesInhuman StainSchmetaling Monster of RockDirter
Alvarius BSex Cult From the University/Weather Funerals/tAbduction
The PyramidsAbsolutionOtherworldlyIndigo
RaajmahalSome Things Just Stick in Your Minds/tKelippah
Andromeda Mega Express OrchestraSotho Hotho RoBum BumAlien Transistor
SwansLunacyThe SeerYoung God
Malka SpigelAmmoniteEvery Day is Like the First DayTerrorbird
RangdaPulgged NickelFormally ExtinctDrag City
Chelsea WolfeSunstormUnknown RoomsSargent House
Larkin GrimmDirty Heart Dirty MindSoul RetrievalBad Bitch
Keroacidu Suavak1s/t
Evan CaminitiBright MidnightDreamless SleepThrill Jockey
ShadowringKako DressoRemains UnchangedKye
Adrian SherwoodStarship BahiaSurvival & ResistanceOn-U Sound
Joanne HetuPapilons de NuitCaster et CompagnieAmbiences Magnetiques
Ben ReynoldsOriginal EmptinessEarth & Space MagicsPeeudorcana
LiberezExcersize Restraint (part 1)The LetterAlter
MV & EECrash Palace of RecordsCountry StashThree Lobed
3-Speed BikeFair WarningSong of the Silent LandConstellation
SonyaEn Mi Nube (Get off my cloud)Absolute BelterB-Music
SedminaV Poljy Gre Pesenica v klasIIHelidon
Vanessa Rossetto348315Exotic ExitKye
Kutomorunnelma JaLauluja Surun KaareskaDala Horse
Beyond Sensory ExperienceYes SatanKorrelationsOld Europa Cafe
Alec BarnettAntarticaSplit 12" w/ FieldedNihilist

Sounds Unsound playlist for 10/28/2012

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Talibam!Hard Day Tough DayPuff Up the VolumeCritical Heights
Cult of YouthGarden of DelightsLove Will PrevailSacred Bones
Moon DuoSleepwalkerCirclesSacred Bones
Alamaailman VasaratHaiakasValtaNordic Notes
Maria MinervaComing of AgeWill Happiness Find Me?Not Not Fun
Dark Dark DarkLast Time I Saw JoeWho Needs WhoSupply and Demand
xxSwept AwayCoexistYoung Turks
KS ChathraKaiyodu EnnaiOhm to a NightingaleFinders Keepers
Group 1850Mother-No-HeadMother-No-HeadPseudonym
RangdaThe VaultFormly ExtinctDrag City
Amon Duul IIFreakout Requiem IIIFreakout RequiemLiberty
ShadowringSquawk With MeRemains UnchangedKye
Zola JesusLady in the RadiatorNew AmsterdamSacred Bones
Circuit des Yeux101 Ways to Kill a ManPortraitDe Stijl
NeptuneCash MatressSilent PartnerNorthern Spy
Kira KiraHamarFeathermagnetikSound of a Handshake
AlogLeisureUnemployedRune Gramofon
VestalsForever FallingForever Falling Towards the SkyRoot Strata
Orion Rigel DommisseDrink Yourself (to Death)What I want From You Is SweetLanguage of Stone
Ben Frost/Daniel BjarnasonCruel MiraclesSolarisBedroom Community
AvarusSide BIVSecret Eye
White Noise SoundNo Place to Hides/tAlive Naturalsound
The StumpsThat With the Greatest Mass(Will Be Indicated)Split Fleet DodgeIntransative
A Middle SexUnclean Yawnsplit 12" w/TempatureCarnivals
Zut un Feu RougeEtt Leke Ringa IntrayKafka vs ChaplinBauta
Harvery GirlsWhite WeddingOur History is Your Kitsch
Sibylle BaierI Lost Something in the HillsColour GreenOrange Twin
Beautiful Babes in Springtime Brainwave/Larkin GrimmIf You Kill Me Tonight They Will Find You They Will Kill You TooAfter You Men Explode We Women Will Sing It To Sleep
Jeffrey Lewis/Kimya DawsonKlutterAFNY Collaborations Vol 1Olive Juice Music
PrutsersHopelessly Devoted to YouVolume 1Year Zero

Sounds Unsound playlist for 09/23/2012

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
CanMidnight SkyThe Lost TapesMute
Alamaailman VasaratLuu MessingillaeValtaNordic Notes
Puffy AreolasFunk Your Head Up1982: Dishonorable DischargeHozoc
Plvs VltraSweet ToothParthenonSpectrum Spools
GoatDiarabiWorld MusicRocket
Alvarius BThe Great Fuck Inaccessibles/t (double album)Abduction
Richard Pinhas/MerzbowParis OneParis 2008Cuneiform
Reines D'Angelterreb1Globe & DynastieBo Weavil
Kira KiraCutthroat RoundaboutFeathermagnetikSound of a Hand Shake
Spires That in the Sunset RiseGrandmaAncient Patience Wills It AgainHairy Spider Legs
David Byrne/St VincentI am an ApeLove This Giant4AD
Pauline OliverosTeam and Descreation ImprovisationReverberationsImportant
Vanessa RossettoExotic ExitExotic ExitKye
Tom RecchionEntrance Music No 1ProsceniumElevator Bath
Winter DronesBongs DreamBlood in the CoffinWeird Forest
CelerThe Die That's CastI, AnatomyStreamline
Golden Jooklo AgeRitualRitualTroglosound
Vas Deferens OrganizationQuicksandQuicksandPure Pop For Now People
DeerhoofWe Do PartiesBreakup SongPolyvinyl
Larry KucharzGalaxy 42 PolkaBinary Suite 1A42International Audiochrome
Hobo SonnWeeping From Eyes Three Four FiveHobo Sonn/Decimus splitKelippah
VoksKinakAstra & KnystDekorder
TrayerAernsatzAfterlife an Abandoned Theme ParkPorter
Las Malas AmistadesAzul PreprocheJardin InteriorHonest Jons
Theo Angell & the Tabernacle Hillside SingersHave U Seen the Birds LatelyAuraplinthDigitalis
Laughing Eye, Weeping EyeThe Mighty ShipWhere Snakes & Seers GoHairy Spider Legs
Chelsea WolfeThe WastelandApocalypsePendu Sound
Borano TribeBorano Singing WellsStaring INto the SunSublime Frequencies
PreteriteSynagoguePillar of WindsHandmade Birds
Purling HissWalking Down the Street12" w/Puffy AreolasPermanent
Larkin GrimmHarpoon BaptismHarpoonSecret Eye
Jane Weaver Septieme Soeur with Demdike StareEuropium AlluminateThe WatchbirdBird Records
General StrikeBabycart to HellDanger in ParadiseStaubgold

Sounds Unsound playlist for 09/12/2012

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Vas Deferens OragnizationQuicksandQuicksandPure Pop For Now People
Alesia CosmosFirst FunkExlusivio!Planetarium
BegushkinGone to HellKing's CurseLocust
IslajaPete PUlual YyyFonal
Soap&SkinSpiracleLovetune for VacuumPIAS
Spires that in the Sunset RiseVeiled UndertowAncient Patience Wills It AgainHairy Spider Legs
Nalle2Live 7/21/07 WNE
IsengrindSpine of the NightNight of the Raining FireBlackest Rainbow
Lisa O PiuAludans Vid KolarkojanWhen This Was the FutureSubliminal Sounds
SusannaThere's Nothing Funny About ThisWild DogRune Grammofon
Big BloodAway Pt IIOld Time PrimitivesDontrustheruin
Tower RecordingsIbiza Within YouThe Galaxies Incredible Transmission FieldCommunion
Volcano the BearThe People Don't Know They Are Monsters7"Quasi Pop
Ariel Pink with Added PizzazI'm an Insects/tFree Dope and Fucking in the Street
Date PalmsNight Riding the SkylinePulse Emitter/Date Palms/Expo 70/Faceplant splitImmune
ChumbawumbaHow to Get Your Band on TelevisionPictures of Starving Children Sell RecordsAgit Prop
The Fall2 X 4The Wonderful & Frightening World of the FallBeggars Banquet
WireDrillSnakedrill EPMute
Love Live Life + OneLove Will Make a Better YouLove Will Make a Better You
Baris MancoDeruleDunden BuguneGuerszen
BabliconAnne on an InfibulusThe Orange Tapered MoonPickled Egg
BeachesIn a WhileEternal SphereMexican Summer
John ZornEroticoThe Big GundownTzadik
Les IWagons-LitDans l'Hemisphere Nordle Chant du Monde
Black FutureEu Sou o RioNao WaveMan
SapatMaat FountMortise & TenonSiltbreeze
PaavoherjuTuoksu Tarituu MeihinLaulu Laakson LiukistaFonal
Dark Dark DarkHeavy HeartWild GoSupply & Demand
Alamaailman VasaratHajakasValtaNordic Notes
LigroMiles AwayDictionary 2Moonjune
Little ClawWorld of TiredWhy-Why Not 7"Physical Sewer
Slug GutsOrder of DeathPlayin' in Time with the Dead BeatSacred Bones
Egyptian Light Orchestra-Land of KushMonogamyMonogamyConstellation
Diablo Swing OrchestraWedding March for a BulletThe Butcher's BallroomSonic Cathedral
Chelsea WolfeDemonsApocalypsePendu
Hedvig Mollestad TrioDoom's LairShoot!Rune Grammofon
Eddy DetroitMephisto's Cigarsimmortal GodsAssophon
the ShiversDo You Want to Dance?7"Popcon
Naked RaygunOnly in AmericaThrob ThrobHomestead
Blanche Blanche BlancheFireworksWink With Both EyesNight People
Oranssi PazuzuSuuri Paa TaivaastaMuukalainen PuhuuViolent Journey
Duronco GumoNijatsu no soraOld PunksHoly Mountain
MainlinerLast DayMainliner SonicCharnel

This is actually the playlist for Drinking From Puddles tonight, filling in for Callie... So, it was slightly less free-form, slightly more song-oriented than Sounds Unsound, but not by very much...  Several calls liked it.

Sounds Unsound playlist for 09/09/2012

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Faust/Sofa SurfersMeltdown of Electronique & ApocalypseFriespielKlangbad
Baris MancoBen BillirimKurtalan EkspresGuerszen
Alamaailman VasaratHimuhallintoValtaNordic Notes
Slug GutsGlory HolesPlayin' in Time with the Dead BeatSacred Bones
Mahogany FrogHoundstooth Part IISennaMoonjune
Reines D'AngelterreSide 1 first two tracksGlobe et DynastieBo Weavil
High WolfRaaginiAtlas NationHoly Mountain
PentemplePazuzu 1s/tSouthern Lord
Father Yod & the Source FamilySleepy HeadsThe Thought AdjustersDrag City
Holger CzukayDancing in Wild CirclesGood Morning StoryTone Casualties
Bomis PrendinKeep the LettersClear Memoryyclept
David Jackman/Philip SandersonZero Degrees NorthZero Degrees NorthAeroplane
Laughing Eye Weeping EyeAardvarkWhere Snakes and Seers GoHairy Spider Legs
Spires That In The Sunset RiseWell TemperedAncient Patience Wills It AgainHairy Spider Legs
Emanuelle ParreninPlume Blanche, Plume NoireMaison RoseBattan Noire
SusannaHer EyesWild DogRune Grammofon
ScatterAlternations of Pasture and Urban Conurbans/tPickled Egg
IsengrindNadirs of the SunNight of Raining FireBlackest Rainbow
Spectre FolkThe KnifeThe Ancient StormVampire Blues
Fourth PageBuried LimbBlind HorizonLeo
Werner PirchnerDas Land der 1000 TraumeEin Halbes DoppelambumExtraplatte
KodamaThere Were Seedlings From the Terraced Lakeside- Doppled Sprouting PointsTurning Leaf MigrationsOlde English Spelling Bee
Lawrence EnglishFrosts Bitter GripThe PeregrineExperimedia
Pulse EmitterPhotosynthesissplit 2LP w/Date Palms/Expo 70/FaceplantImmune
BeruSing With Mesplit cassette w/Adam BeckleyArmed Within Movement
Diraske TribeDiraske Lyre DanceStaring into the Sun-Ethiopian Tribal MusicSublime Frequencies
Basil KirchinPrimitive London 1Primitive LondonTrunk
John CageA bunch of stuff from different albums all mixed togetherseveral albums??
Our Love Will Destroy the WorldStillborn Plague AngelsStillborn Plague AngelsDekorder
Sten HansonBattlesong of Tars TarkusThe John Carter Song BookPhono Suecia
Oranssi PazuzuDub Kuolleen Porton MuistolleMuukalainen PuhuuViolent Journey

Sounds Unsound playlist for 08/26/2012

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Nana LoveDisco LoverDisco Documentary Full of FunkNestor
Baris MancoYolverin Agalar Beylar!2023Guerssen
Chrissy Zebby TemboFeeling GoodMy Ancestors
Getatchew Mekuria, The Ex & FriendsMusicawi SiltMoa AnbessaMississippi
Dark Dark DarkWild GoWild GoSupply and Demand
Christian FenneszHaruAunAsh
Basin & RangeThunderstorms & LollipopsIs My Sound Working?bCd
The Red MasqueBirdbrainVictoria and the HaruspexBig Balloon
Samara LubelskiJammage CruiserWavelengthDe Stijl
Amps for ChristEmpireCircuitsWater Wing
Michael Menring/Kevin KastningInternal Meanings and the Weight of CathedralsIn WinterGreydisc
Hedvig Mollestad TrioGun and the E-KidShoot!Rune Grammofon
Laughing Eye, Weeping EyeBuilding a FireLies the Shadow EP
Reines d'AngelterreA1Globe et DynastieBo Weavil
Eat the DreamDabvenGnawa Music from EssaouiraSublime Frequencies
Operating TheaterEighties RompwalkStrange PassionB-Music
Philip SandersonChance OperationHollow GravityPuer Gravy
Toshiro MayzumiMandara with source of voice and electronic soundThe World of Electro-Acoustic Sound and MusicJ-Tone
Black PastBlown Out MindPitch BlackDangerous Age
IlitchMorning DreamA Day Like Many OthersBeta-Lactam Ring
Paul & MaureySummertimeSatelliteREL
Nurse With WoundPenus Fruit LoopHaving Fun with the Prince of Darkness 7"United Durtro
Emma TriccaTurning in CirclesThe Watchbird AllumnateBird
Deutsch Amerikanschen FreundschaftB1-4Product der...Bureau B Should Have Low Self-Esteems/tMoonjune
Talk NormalHot SongSugarlandRare Bookroom
Blanche Blanche BlancheJason's ListWink With Both EyesNight People
VestalsIn Waking DreamsForever Falling Toward the SkyRoot Strata
Orion Rigel DommisseFake Your DeathWhat I Want From You is SweetLanguage of Stone
Temporal MaurauderLlissa's LamentMakes You FeelSpectrum Spools
Anworth Kirkfirst few tracks on Side AShacklecrossPre-Cert Home Entertainment
Kink GongAT(Horse)Xin JiangDiscrepant
Nalle7Live Radio WNE 7/2/
Orbit ServiceReapCalm Note From the WestBeta-Lactam Ring
IsengrindHorselbergNight of Raining FireBlackest Rainbow
MiauxAnd the Noise7"Ultra Eczema
Vibracathedral OrchestraThrifts/tVHF
13 GhostsSpiral BractsLegend of the Blood YetiInfinite Chug
Big BloodEchoedAlready Gone 1Dontrustheruin
Francis BebeyNew TrackAfrican Electronic Music 1975-1982Born Bad

Sounds Unsound playlist for 07/29/2012

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Mark StewartRobo Wait Part 2The Politics of EnvyFuture Noise
Ecclesiatical ScaffoldingOne Night a Massacres/tExtreme
Fatrix/Monte CazazzaNancy's Little GunCalifornia BabylonSuperior Viaduct
Gone AiwaDreams of RatsAbove GroundSiltbreeze
FaustBeyond Clouds HillFaust/Like a Stuntman split 12"Bureau B
Dirty ProjectorsSee What She SeeingSwing Lo MegellanDomino
SusannaRoll On Rolling StoneWild DogRune Grammofon
Chelsea WolfePale on PaleApokalypsisPendu Sound
KoudedeGolfGuitars from Agadez Vol 5 7"Sublime Frequencies
LigroFutureDictionary 2Moonjune
Kelan Philip Cohran/Hypntotic Brass EnsembleSpins/tHonest Jons
Neneh Cherry & ThingAccordianThe Cherry ThingSmalltown Supersound
Strings of ConsciousnessHurt is Where the Home IsFrom Beyond LoveStaubgold
Freida AbtanCackles of my HeartSubtle MovementsJnana
Dora Bleu/Tom Carter/Sam ShalabiImprovisation on SilenceCirlce of CrossesFire Museum
Jenny Hval/Havard VoldenRunning Down MyNude on SandSofa
Haarta Lussu AssaSottapyttyBroken BrainChocolate Monk
Avarusside BToossasaUltra Eczema
BlackhumourAnd do what/ControlVol BZelphabet
Father Yod & the Source FamilySpin Around Part 1The Thought AdjustersDrag City
Nurse With Wound/Graham Bowersside 3RuptureUnited Dirter
Seven That SpellsTowards the Planet of LoveIt Came From the Planet of LoveBeta-Lactam Ring
Eat the DreamTseuheur-ChehadeGnawa Music from EssauuiraSublime Frequencies

Sounds Unsound playlist for 07/15/2012

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sonny & Linda SharrockApolloParadiseWater
Neneh Cherry & ThingWhat ReasonThe Cherry ThingSmalltown Supersound
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble/Phil CohranCuernavacas/tHonest Jons
CanOscura PrimaveraThe Lost TapesSpoon
Peaking LightsMidnightLuciferMexican Summer
SuperfolkRaga StarVoluta MusicaWorkshop
Alexandre NararroWe LoveSketchesConstellation
Ashley PaulLeave MineAlone Together #2 7"Emrald Cocoon
Todd TobiasThe Children FollowerMedicine ShowHidden Shoal
Father Yod & the Source FamilyBells-Seed of YahowhaThe Thought AdjustersDrag City
Hildur GuonadottirLeyfou LjosinuLeyfou LjosinuTouch
BJ Nilsen/Stillupsteypaa1Big Shadow MontanaHelen Scarsdale Agency
The Vacuum BoysRadio LovegoldSongs from the Sea of LoveFire Inc
Heather LeighOversing Feedback GlitchBroken BrainChocolate Monk
Hinageshi BondageSheer AudioDiesel Fruit My DarlingVerdura
Lasse Marhaug/Dror FielerHe-MaleNo More DramaNo Fun
Kommissor Hjuler/Mama BaerAlcoholisme Brut 2Amerikanische Poesie und AlcoholismusFeeding Tube
Hobo Sonnside aWary the MindAmen Absen
Glands of External SecretionSausageMeat ReceivingUltra Eczema
Evil Moistureside bIf you Want to fuck the sky, teach your cock to flyIdeal
Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz OrchestraLupin the Third/Theme of WaltherLive Vol 2:Parallel CircuitDoubt Music
Big BloodShadows for the LandOld Time PrimitivesDontrustheruin
Fern KnightBemused (other edtion)Fern Knight (first edition)s/r
Daniel PaddenFlared Up By LoveShip ChopDekorder
Avarusa2IVSecret Eye
Circuit des YeuxI'm on fire livePortraitDe Stijl
Haunted HouseHard RoadsBlue Ghost BluesNorthern Spy
Magik MarkersAb'R-ACTad-Ab'RaThe Volodor DanceLattitudes
Human TeenagerPermanent SkinAnimal HusbandrySpectrum Spools
Black Forest/Black SeaOrionForcefields and ConstellationsBluesanct
Call Back the GiantsStranger WorldsThe RisingKye
Acid Mother's TempleHello Good Child7"Ochre
RovoWe Are TimeFine Time:A Tribute to New WaveK/oon


Sunday morning 22nd great show!!

I was unable to write down the artist, will you be posting  a playlist? Really enjoyed the music!



yes.. and thanks

Yes, I usually post the playlist the next day. It should be on there now..

I'm loving Sounds Unsound tonight

I've been stuck to me radio since midnight.... thanks for the sounds.


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