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Sounds Unsound on 05/26/13

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 05/26/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Experimental, avant-rock, free jazz/rock/folk, psychedelic, noise, cutups, drone, electronic...

Sounds Unsound on 05/12/13

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 05/12/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Sounds Unsound

Sounds Unsound on 04/28/13

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 04/28/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Experimental, avant-rock, free jazz/rock/folk, psychedelic, noise, cutups, drone, electronic...

Sounds Unsound on 04/14/13

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 04/14/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Experimental, avant-rock, free jazz/rock/folk, psychedelic, noise, cutups, drone, electronic...

Sounds Unsound on 03/24/13

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 03/24/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Freak Folk Special

It's a special mostly unplugged version of SOUNDS UNSOUND as we listen to FREAK FOLK and related stuff like Anti-Folk, Psych-Folk, New Weird Americas and more..   

What the hell is "Freak Folk?" Also known as Free Folk or avant folk, this confusingly-defined genre arose about a decade ago, inspried by 1960s acid folk and hippy culture revivification. On Sounds Unsound we travel to the extreme ends of Freak Folk and experimental acoustic music, with contemporary material as well stuff from the 1960s and 70s that inspired it.  

Sounds Unsound on 03/10/13

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 03/10/2013 - 3:00am - 4:00am
Short Description: 
Experimental, avant-rock, free jazz/rock/folk, psychedelic, noise, cutups, drone, electronic...

Sounds Unsound on 03/10/13

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 03/10/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Sounds Unsound

Tonight to honor International Women's Day, we focus on women artists on this special two hour edition of Sounds Unsound. ..

Sounds Unsound on 02/24/13

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 02/24/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Sounds Unsound

Another wild night of crazy sounds.. New stuff and old stuff.. bits of film soundtrack thrown into the mix.,.

Sounds Unsound on 02/10/13

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 02/10/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Sounds Unsound

Bringing you the strange and wonderful in music and noise...Sounds Unsound...

Sounds Unsound on 01/27/13

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 01/27/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
If it doesn't sound sound, it's Sounds Unsound!

Saturday late night airwave freeform music craziness... avant rock psychedelic experimental industrial hippy punk electronic drone something or other...  


sounds Unsound Jan 25 2015

Sounds Unsound
program date: 
Sun, 01/25/2015
includes the State of the Union and Rebuttal mash-up
  • Title: ghklglk
  • Length: 190:13 minutes (130.61 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 22kHz 96Kbps (CBR)

sounds Unsound Jan 11 2015

Sounds Unsound
program date: 
Sun, 01/11/2015
Sounds Unsound for 1/11/15 finally on podcast.. 
  • Genre: Other
  • Length: 177:28 minutes (162.48 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Sikhara Live in the KBOO Studio Part 2

Sounds Unsound
program date: 
Fri, 10/16/2009

Part 2 of Sikhara's live set in the KBOO studios on Sounds Unsound. Sikhara will play their 500th live show at the Fez Ballroom on Monday Nov 19th, 2009..   

  • Length: 20:36 minutes (18.86 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Sikhara live in the studio on Sounds Unsound

Sounds Unsound
program date: 
Sat, 10/10/2009

Part 1 of Sikhara's live set in the KBOO studios on Sounds Unsound. Sikhara will play their 500th live show at the Fez Ballroom on Monday Nov 19th, 2009..   

  • Length: 17:17 minutes (15.82 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


Sounds Unsound playlist for 06/29/2014

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sogenanntes Linksradikales BlasorchesterTageschauHort Hort!Trikont - Our Own Voice
Der Plan8 1/2Geri Reig und Normalette SurpriseAtatak
Family FodderSymbolsMonkey Banana KitchenStaubgold
Angkanang Kunchai w/Ubon-Pattana BandLam Plearn PattanaIsan Lam PlearnEM
Officer!Elephant FlowersDead UniqueBlackest Ever Black
Rachid & FethiAna Ghrib1970s Algerian Folk and PopSublime Frequencies
J Marks & Shipen LebzelterPoop for Sopranos and OrchestraRock and Other Four Letter WordsParadigm
Black MangoSoft KicksNaked Venus/Soft Kicks 10"Glitter Beat
GoatLet It BleedWorld MusicRocket
Neneh CherryNakedBlank ProjectSmalltown Supersounds
VulcanLighteningMeet Your GhostLysergic Sound Distributions
Adam BohmanHectomanous MasturbationMusic and Words 2Paradigm
WarpaintDrives/tRough Trade
Hild Sofie TafjordPassageBreathing+30B
Andrew LilesReversing Through TimeFast Forward Through Time(Illusion 4)United Dairies
Building InstrumentHistoria/Alt e Bras/tHubro
Gus ComaGut MorningColor Him ComaParadigm
ChicaloyohTurn Into Windy SandFolie SacreeShelter Press
Nite JewelNo I Don'tOne Second of LoveSecretly Canadian
Bardo PondJust Onces/tFire
Steve Roden/In BetweenThe RadioThe RadioSonoris
Geoff Mullenside AArmory RadioBarge
Brian Conniffe/Suzanne Walsh/Diarmuid DiarmadaNot the Nights/tLumberton Trading Co
Et Cetera (Wolfgang Dauner)Melodrama Nr 2As/tLong Hair
BoxUntitled 3Studio 1Rune Grammofon
Orphan FairytaleSilently Circling Like Swarm of Small MoonsMy Favorite FairytaleAguirre
UtonParadox One & Two/Echo UpepoEchoes in the WonderlandIkuisuus
The Pearls Before Swine ExperienceCosi Balkano i cinghaiSwine Live!Caprice
AnikaEnd of the Worlds/tStone Throw
The Grey Field RecordingsYou Have SufferedHypnogogueAntiClock
Fottutissima Pellicceria ElsaGorizia Hella Hottes/tSS Records
Because of some kind of screw up, probably my fault, the podcast for this show is in Back to the Egg's space...

Sounds Unsound playlist for 06/20/2014

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Marks and LebzelterOther Four Letter WordsRock and Other Four Letter WordsParadigm Disk
Alamaailman VasaratRiistomaasiirtajaValtaNordic Notes
Erkin KoraySevinceArap SaciPharaway Sounds
Angkanang Kunchai w/ Ubon-Pattna BandLam Sao Putai RampanIsan Lam PlearnEM
Family FodderFilm MusicSchizophrenia PartyStaubgold
Sax RuinsRefusal FossilBlimmgaussSkin Graft
Circuit RiderOld Time Feelings/t
Savaging SpiresCrowss/tCritical Heights
Black Dirt OakPeeled Egg CigaretteWawayanda PatentMIE
Wooden VeilYing Lisss/tDekorder
Silver SummitIn-Between Places/tLanguage of Stone
Tove NilsenScreen HeartFlash CaravanRune Grammofon
Ur KaosSpindelhimmelAv Sprucket Ut Ar valt Ett UnutiBauta
Christa PfangenTiding up, getting outWatch me getting back the endDie Schachtel
SpaceboxKick UpKick UpSpacebox
Emily WellsJohnny Cahs'es Mama's HouseMama Acoustic RecordingsPartisan
CornucopiaSpot On You, KidsFull HornRepertoire
Cloud Becomes Your HandSand of SeaRocks or CakesNorthern Spy
Sabbath AssemblyThe Love of the GodsYe Are GodsAnja
Father Yod & the Source FamilySeed of YahowhaThe Thought AdjustersDrag City
SavagesFuckersFuckers/Dream Baby DreamMatador
The Devil's BloodThe Madness of SerpentsThe Thousandfold EpicentreVan
Sutekh HexenWe Once Walked Upon These CoalsBreed in Me DarknessAurora Borealis
My Solid GroundDirty Yellow Mists/tSecond Battle
Yatha SidhraPart 3Meditation MassSpalax
Von ZamlaAntsong1983Cuneiform
A special Thursday edition of Sounds Unsound in the place vacated by Autonomy Hour and Dr. Zomb's Radio Obscura...

Sounds Unsound playlist for 06/15/2014

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
WarpaintHiWarpaintRough Trade
IslajaLay By My SideSUUMonika
Nineh CherryWeightlessBlank ProjectSmalltown Supersound
Family FodderOrgan GrinderMonkey Banana KitchenStaubgold
Rodion GAAlpha CentauriThe Lost TapesStrut
The AxemenHey, Alice!Derry LegendLuxury
Sabapare BuiscodKor Hai Rak JingTheppobutr ProductionsLight in the Attic
The Nels Cline SingersCanales' CabescaMacroscopeCrypto Gramophon
Jenny GillespieLift the CollarChammaNarooma
The SoursR for Regrets/tMoonjune
Palmer RockyLonging For YouRocky's StyleTrunk
Jac BerrocalMetalic BayMLDVSub Rosa
Haunted By HallucinationsConfessionss/tHerakles
Gordon AshworthSuite for Broken SexSTLAOrindal
The Haxan CloakBurning Torches of Dispairs/tAurora Borealis
Savaging SpiresCemetary Lounges/tCritical Heights
NovemthreeStones of BloodArrowwoodl/Novemthree splitLittle Somebody Records
The Casket GirlsThe Visitors/tGraveface
Rachel Taylor BrownHappyJonah DaysEight Ball
The Shadow RingPeopleRemains UnchangedKYE
Howth CastleUnreturned LoveGood Morning Mr. NobodyFather Yod
Geino YamashirogumiMountain of FearOsorezanInvitation
Schimfluch-GruppeAction 970223Paris AktionenTechnit Aleph
Ekkehard Ehlers/Franz Hautzinger/Joseph Suchy1SoundchambersStaubgold
The Recyclers w/IreneLa Rua MadureiraMorceaux ChoisesRectangle
Ralph CarneyLinger AwhileSeriouslySmog Veil
The PyramidsNebulosityUnworldlyDisko B
Paco SaloSpiralRo-Me-RoDigitalis
Theme/Jean-Herve Peron/Zsolt SoresBaszd Meg Az ApadPoison is (not) the WordLumberton Trading Co
TsemblaViikunakatedraaliNouskaa HengetNew Images
Guilty Connector und TabataThe Dawns/tEven Stilte
Expo 70I Nzambi AwakenSonic MessingerBeta-Lactam Ring
This HeatDirt of Wormss/tThese
Barbara ManningLovers LeapIn New ZealandCommunion
Eve BeglarianBoy Toy Toy BoyTwisted Tutu Play Niceoo discs
The Doughnut BoysIt Aint No Cupcake(Working at Voodoo Doughnuts)7"Voodoo Doughnut Records

Sounds Unsound playlist for 05/25/2014

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Neneh CherryEverythingBlank ProjectSmalltown Supersound
Trans AmIll NeverVolume XThrill Jockey
EMA3JaneThe Future's VoidMatador
AxemenMourning YouthDerry LegendLuxury
Family FodderPlant LifeSchizophrenic PartyStaubgold
TohpotiRahwahaTribal DanceMoonJune
Jac BerocalLonely WomanMDLVSub Rosa
Sax RuinsVrrestoBlimmgaussSkin Graft
CopernicusDustImmediate Eternity IINevermore
World DominationSpace Is Time, Time is SpaceSolar System DominationFeeding Tube
JG ThirwellBlue Eyes OpeningThe Blue Eyes OSTEctopie Eats
SwansA Little God in my HandsTo Be KindYoung God
Circuit RiderJust For Todays/tNumero Group
Angel in Heavy SyrupBokudake-gaIIIAlchemy
Chanepn SirithepLam Plerrnkew BaoTheppabutr ProductionsLight in the Attic
Oneohtrix Point NeverFormat and Journey NorthZones Without PeopleArbor
Skrapseveral short tracks on Side AKOVa Fungool
John CageFontana Mix with AriaEarly Electronic & Tape MusicSub Rosa
Tune YardsLook AroundNikki Nack4AD
Alvarius BMean CrossoverWhat One Man Can Do With An Acoustic Guitar, Surely Another Can Do With His Hands Around The Neck Of GodAbduction
The SoursWishs/tMoonJune
ArrowwoodWith My Heart in my Head like One EyeSplit CDr w/NovemthreeLittle Somebody
SedminaCigankaII. DejanjeMellotron
EsWe Make Holes in the Heart to Break Universe ApartA Love CycleFonal
The Grey Field RecordingsHoney LocustNature Desires NatureReverb Worship
Daevid Allen/Gilli Smyth/Harry WilliamsonStroking the Tail of the BirdStroking the Tail of the BirdVinyl Lovers
Sun RaThis Song is Dedicated to Nature's GodThe Antique BlacksKindred Spirits
Ashley PaulWolf LaurelLine the CloudsREL
Alex DeliveryKomadStar DestroyerJagjaguwar
MrtyuBloody BirthOrnate ShroudTipped Bowler Tapes
GrailsBlack SabbathEverything Comes & GoesTemporary Residence
Dragging an Ox Through WaterUsurperPanic SentryMississippi
Callers liked Circuit Rider and Sedmina. 

Sounds Unsound playlist for 05/11/2014

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
CopernicusAbsolute Truth is PossibleImmediate EternityNevermore
IslajaTravel LightSUUMonika
The AxemenThat's Finland, DearDerry LegendLuxery Products
Alvarius BFunky NatchezWhat One Man Can Do With A Guitar, Surely Another Can Do With His Hands Around The Neck Of GodAbduction
William OnyeborJungle GodsWho Is WIlliam OnyeborLuaka Pop
Sajida ObeidMesafrahChoubi Choubi! Vol 2Sublime Frequencies
Black Dirt OakDemon Directives/tMIE
EMASmoulderThe Future's VoidCity Slang
Glen BrancaBad SmellsLesson No 1Superior Viaduct
Sun City GirlsAbydosSingles Vol 3Abduction
The SoursSea Witchs/tMoonJune
Gordon AshworthDespirate and IndebtedSTLAOrindal
Bernard ParmegianiEtude ElastiqueDe Natura SonorumEdition Mego
FoomWhunSurface Noise and ImperfectionsNo Fidelity Audio
Chicago Underground DuoHouse of the AxeLocusNorthern Spy
TohpatiSupernaturalTribal DanceMoonJune
Emily WellsMama's Going to Give You LoveMamaPartisan
Nagisa Ni TePremonitionYosugaJagjaguwar
ScatterAlternations of Pasture and Urban Conurbans/tPickled Egg
Ray RussellTo See Through the SkySecret AsylumReel Recordings
Pavel BuchlerA Pip of PopcornPopcornUltra Ecxema
Mass Culture Control BureauShah of IranThings From the PastAd Hoc
Quikion2Yoru No HarpTrinity
Silver SummetAwakens/tLanguage of Stone
Tara Jane ONeilSunday SongPeregrineQuarterstick
Astro Can CaravanMohenjo-DaroQuestral PlacesBV2
IblissHigh LifeSupernovaRetro Disc
Helga & Andrew (Metal Rouge)LullabyeWedding Album 7"
Buce HaackGoodbyeThe Electronic Record for ChildrenMississippi

Sounds Unsound playlist for 04/27/2014

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
PaavoharjuKuljin Kauas (Lepovaunu 2005 Live)Tuote-akatemia / Unien Savonlinna EPMiasma
GezanKyoushinKatsute Uta ToiwaretasoreImportant
World DominationWe Own YouSolar System DominationFeeding Tube
IslajaShit Hits the FansSUUMonika
Xavi ReijaUnfinished LoveResolutionMoonJune
Haunted by HallucinationsConfused Minds/tHerakles
The Offset: SpectaclesStomps/tRose Mansion Analog
Black Dirt OakFrom the Jaguar Priests/tMIE
Cloud Becomes Your HandTheme from Baby AgeRocks or CakesFeeding Tube
MegafaunPrecious BloodMaximalist
Ex ReverieClouds? Or Smoke?The Door Into SummerLanguage of Stone
AsterGlourious MorningThings That Just HappenREL
OvGhost of the FutureNoctilucent ValleysSoft Abuse
Myriam GendronSong of Perfect PropertyNot So Deep as a WellFeeding Tube
Tomas Sioboda/Maria ChobanSuite for Piano Op. 124: Presto126/124Alitisa
Auk TheaterTen Phases of FallenAuk Theater/Pod Blotz split LPNihilist
FoomThis Lonely LifeNo Fidelity AudioSquat Thrust Music
Ai AsoAgendaLoneEditions Mego
MorningdeerDriveConcert on a TwigWhereabouts
PolvereDust Folk Song #1s/t 10"Minority Records
Preggy Peggy & the Lazy Babymakersside AA Short Visit to the City that BleedsBeing Weird Isn't Enough
John CageVariations 1Early Electronic and Tape MusicSub Rosa
Holy AngelsHoly Trip part 1Angel TripLa Musica
UtonUntitled 1-6Straghtedge XXSDekorder
Dead MachinesPlays Invasion of the Body SnatchersPlays Invasion of the Body SnatchersArbor
RahdunesAcid MeterDrink and Drive or Smoke and FlyBumtapes
Them, Themselves or TheyWalts of the Turquoise Tortoise TSunshine 7"Malt
Jim French/Henry Kaiser/Diamande GallasEnvelope PleaseIf Looks Could KillMetalanguage
Master Musicians of JajoukaSidi Hama ShirkThe Primal Energy of..Sol Re Sol

Sounds Unsound playlist for 03/23/2014

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
LaibachThe WhistleblowersSpectreMute
Xavi RaijaDreamerResolutionMoonJune
Sax RuinsZwimbarrac KhafzavrappBlimmguassSkin Graft
St VincentPsychopaths/tRepublic
Black Dirt OakThe Drowned Landss/tMIE
Family FodderSymbolsMonkey Banana KitchenStaubgold
Casket GirlsAshes and EmbersTrue Love Kills the Fairy TaleGraveface
ChromeSound and lightHalf Machine From the SunKing of Spades
Vox Popoli!Freaking at FfmHalf Dead Ganja MusicPacific City Sound Visions
Dewa Budjana w/Jimmy Johnson & Vinnie ColaiutaKalinggaSurya NamaskarMoonJune
WitchDevil's FlightLukombo VibesTeal
Bridgette Fontaine & Areski BekacemC'est normalMobilisation GeneraleBorn Bad
Fritz Muller RockYes We CanFritz Muller RockSPV
Alamaailman VasaratLautturn ViivatHuuro KolkkoNordic Notes
BusRatch & Otomo YoshihideStarry HeavenTime Magic CityParallax
The Haxan CloakThe Parting Chants/tAurora Borealis
JAEShots Being FiredBalls and Kittens, Draught and Strangling RainHubro
Orphan FairytaleLooking Like a SubmarineMy Favorite FairytaleAguirre
John ColtraneA Love Supreme Part 3:PursuanceSheets of SoundCharley Schallplatten
Un Festin SagitalNino AteoEl Meurte SolarBeta-Lactam Ring
Laurence VanayWalk Thru TomorrowEvening ColoursLion Productions
Fern KnightMagpie SuitePhoning it inFree Music Archives
SmegmaThe Other OutEver and AnonUltramarine
Bo Anders PerssonPiece 1Love Is Here To StaySubliminal Sounds
Die Trip Computer Die7th BeatleDie Like a RockAlcohol
P Miles BrysonHilera de AlmasAlejandro's GarniceriaIllegal Art
AccoladeThe JourneyLegends
Someone called to request the Coltrane..

Sounds Unsound playlist for 03/09/2014

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
AngelbloodBloodchantLabia MinorCaptain Trip
Tee Vee PopSmileThe Only YearsDesire
Bene GesseritHaajib!MuLTiLiNGuaL SaD SoNGS, WeiRD JoKeS aND eXPeRiMeNTaL STuFF FoR uSe By GRoWN-uP CHiLDReNFeeding Tube
Lexie Mountain BoysCatcallSacred VacationCarpark
MorningdeerConcert on a TwigConcert on a TwigWhereabouts
SkrapEagles Fly HighKOVa Fongool
Susan ClynesIleana's SongLife Is...Moonjune
SpunkFlagreDen Øverste Toppen På En Blåmalt FlaggstangRune Grammofon
Sachiko MDon't MoveSine Wave SoloAmoebic
SabotenThe Snake Charmers SongFloor et SatieEm
Carla BozulichEvangilista 1EvangilistaConstellation
Anne GuthrieLong, PendulousCodiaeum VariegatumStudents of Decay
Ashley PaulThe PlacesSlow BoatOrange Milk
Broken DeerHello StrangerSongs for ImbolicScotch Tapes
Ana-Marie AvramAxe IIEd Mn 1013Edition Modern
Pied de PouleLa Valse RieuseIndiscretionNo Man's Land
Berangere MaximinCarnaval CannibaleNo One Is an IslandSub Rosa
Feri BradleyCommentWomen Take Back the NoiseUBUIBI
hamaYokoTendo MusouYgun -n9-entracte
YoshimioMyaooYunnan ColorfreeCommons
Pamelia KurstinEschschloraqueThinking Out LoudTzadik
Helene SageHumons la ConditienneLes AraigneesGrrr
Venus HandcuffsVenus HandcuffsVenus HandcuffsAd Hoc
Angels in Heavy SyrupFirst LoveIVMonotremata
Jenny GrafThe Future is a Faded SongThe Future is a Faded Song
IUDGoat PussyDead WombSocial Registry
Androids of MuPretty NunBlood RobotsWater Wig
The post International Women's Day show..  show cut down to two hours because of Daylight Savings Time...

Sounds Unsound playlist for 02/23/2014

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Nihilist Spasm BandDestroy All NationsNo RecordAlchemy
The Jazz FakersWhere's IonHere is NowAlrealon Musique
Sax RuinsBig HeadBlimmguassSkin Graft
AhleuchistasWispsHeads Full of PoisonCunieform
Dengue FeverTaxi DriverGirl From the NorthTuk Tuk
Ma Sein MyineBeneath Meza MountainThe Crying Princess:78 rpm Records From BurmaSublime Frequencies
Limpe Fuchs/Christoph Heemann/Timo Van LuijkForestMacchia ForestStreamline
Machine MassIn a Silent WayIntiMoonjune
Family FodderBetter LiesSchizophrenia PartyStaubgold
Cherry BlossomsBoogie DeaseaseLive in AmsterdamHairy Spider Legs
Chelsea WolfeFeral LovePain Is BeautySargent House
WarpaintLove Is to Dies/tRough Trade
Duchess of SaigonOreo Hovercrafts/tS-S Records
Bene GesseritTo Beat Or Not To BeatMuLTiLiNGuaL SaD SoNGS, WeiRD JoKeS aND eXPeRiMeNTaL STuFF FoR uSe By GRoWN-uP CHiLDReNFeeding Tube
JaeRed Around the EyesBalls and Kittens, Drought and Strangling RainHubro
DevoOnoHardcore Vol 1Superior Viaduct
DevoFountain of FilthHardcore Vol 2Superior Viaduct
DevoMongoloidHardcore Vol 1Superior Viaduct
Steven R SmithWhere the World WentFloor of o the SkyBurnt Toast Vinyl
Lubomyr MelnykCorrosion of the Surface of LifeThree Solo PiecesUnseen Worlds
The Haxan CloakBurning Torches of Despairs/tAurora Borealis
Brian Coniffe/Suzanne Walsh/Diarmuid MacDiarmadaLandslideLandslideLumberton Trading Company
Un Festin SagitalEl Aseseto del Sol (version 1)El Muerte SolarBeta Lactam Ring
Larkin/Nurse With WoundRock Baby RockErroneous:A Selection of ErrorsImportant
Mark BanningLunar EclipseI am the CenterLight in the Attic
Susan ClynesLes LarmesLife Is...Moonjune
Monofonic OrchestraChipsMusicdesignAlga Marghan
The Woodcraft FolkTehm Tehre EyesIt Happened on a DayThe Great Pop Supplement
Crow TongueGhost EyeGhost:Eye:SeekerHand/Eye
Ghadalia TzartesSix SeptAnte-MortemHinterzimmer
Philip Cohran & the Artistic Heritege EnsembleUnitys/tTazona

Sounds Unsound playlist for 02/09/2014

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
bEEdEEgEEHelium AnchorSum/One4AD
WarpaintDisco/Verys/tRough Trade
Plvs VltraWorld In WordsParthenonSpectrum Spools
Group DouehMadam Jat FaabuniHassaniya MusicSublime Frequencies
Group 1850Don't Let It BeMother No-HeadPseudonym
PholdeForm and Holds/tPanto Rhei
CanDoko E Part 1Doko EFPK & S
FoetusWarm LeatheretteSoakEctopic Ents
Bene GesserituN DouX ViSaGe eT De GRaNDS yeuX D’uN BLeu LuMiNeuXMuLTiLiNGuaL SaD SoNGS, WeiRD JoKeS aND eXPeRiMeNTaL STuFF FoR uSe By GRoWN-uP CHiLDReNFeeding Tube
Circuit des YeuxBud & GinOverdueBa Da Bing
Spires That in the Sunset RiseWinter SongAncient Patience Wills It Again Part 2Hairy Spider Legs
Guardian AlienTranquilizerSpiritual EmergencyThrill Jockey
Solah Abdel GhafourYil'ab ChoubiChoubi Choubi!: Folk and Pop Sounds From Iraq Vol 2Sublime Frequencies
Orchestre Poly-Rhythmo de Cotonou DahomeyEgil Miton? Nin Mi Nawa GbinThe First AlbumAnalog Africa
The One Ensemble & Sarah KenchingtonPolkagrisDummy Jim
Philip Cohran & the Artistic Heritege EnsembleEl-Hajj Mulik El-ShabazzSinglesMidday
CircleDragonEmpireRiot Season
We Wait for SnowWaiting for the SnowLullabies from our DreamsFinal Muzik
Constance DembyOm Mani Padme HumI Am The CenterLight in the Attic
IgnatzI Need a Good Night's SleepCan I Go Home Now?Fonal
Fern KnightMurder of CrowsMusic for Witches and AlchemistsVHF
Laughing Eye Weeping EyeMetamorphisisBewayHairy Spider Legs
Kemialliset YstavatSysteemi 1Lumottu Karkkipurkki (Vapaa Systeemi)Fonal
Charlie McAlisterSue/Beezer/OuterspaceDeath Water EstatesCPlate
KuupuuTuli UniSous JujuEm
TwinsistermoonThe Mirror BedBogyrealm VesselsHandmade Birds
MyrmyrHot SnowFire StarUnder the Spire
CyclobeWe'll Witness the Resurrection of Dead Butterflies (Three Moons)Wonded Galaxies Tap at the WindowPhantomcode
jacques BerrocalCryptea IVParallelesAlga Marghen
The Legendary Pink DotsCloud 6Code NoirBeta-Lactam Ring
Lori GoldstonCruel SisterCreekside: Cello SoloMississippi


Sunday morning 22nd great show!!

I was unable to write down the artist, will you be posting  a playlist? Really enjoyed the music!



yes.. and thanks

Yes, I usually post the playlist the next day. It should be on there now..

I'm loving Sounds Unsound tonight

I've been stuck to me radio since midnight.... thanks for the sounds.


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