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Sounds Unsound on 03/09/14

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 03/09/2014 - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Experimental, avant-rock, free jazz/rock/folk, psychedelic, noise, cutups, drone, electronic...

International Women's Day Special

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 03/09/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
International Womens Day on Sound Unsound

We just had 24 hours of INTERNATIONAL WOMEN's DAY, but why stop at midnight?  Sounds Unsound will continue the International Womens Day Special with experimental rock and other stuff performed by women or groups led by women.  New stuff and old stuff with an avant-bent from the music underground...  . 

The title of this episode is the title of this episode.

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 02/23/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Sounds Unsound late Feb
Sounds Unsound,.. taking you on an audio journey into off-beat music, experimental recordings and more..

Sounds Unsound early Feb

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 02/09/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Sounds Unsound early Feb
New music, experimental and odd, segued with bits of cinema sound.

Sounds Unsound late january 2014

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 01/26/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Sounds Unsound late Jan 2014
Unsound Sounds from the experimental underground.. New releases and older stuff.  

Sounds Unsound Jan 2014

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 01/12/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Sounds Unsound Jan 2014
It's the first Sounds Unsound of the new year.... lot's of great stuff came out in 2013 and we'll play some of our favorites from the year.. 

And here is the official Sounds Unsound top 10 records for 2013:

Sounds Unsound

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 12/29/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Sounds Unsound
Do you call this music?

Sounds Unsound

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 12/15/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Sounds Unsound
Some new releases, some other crazy stuff.. avant music or A/V ant music or something else instead.

Sounds Unsound on 12/08/13

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 12/08/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Experimental, avant-rock, free jazz/rock/folk, psychedelic, noise, cutups, drone, electronic...

If it doesn't sound sound, then it's "Sounds Unsound"

Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Sun, 11/24/2013 - 12:00am - 3:00am
Short Description: 
Sounds Unsound late November..
Sounds Unsound.. late night trawling into the realms of underground experimental rock and more.. new releases and old stuff.. obscurities and weirdities.. noise, sound and maybe even some music..


sounds Unsound Jan 25 2015

Sounds Unsound
program date: 
Sun, 01/25/2015
includes the State of the Union and Rebuttal mash-up
  • Title: ghklglk
  • Length: 190:13 minutes (130.61 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 22kHz 96Kbps (CBR)

sounds Unsound Jan 11 2015

Sounds Unsound
program date: 
Sun, 01/11/2015
Sounds Unsound for 1/11/15 finally on podcast.. 
  • Genre: Other
  • Length: 177:28 minutes (162.48 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Sikhara Live in the KBOO Studio Part 2

Sounds Unsound
program date: 
Fri, 10/16/2009

Part 2 of Sikhara's live set in the KBOO studios on Sounds Unsound. Sikhara will play their 500th live show at the Fez Ballroom on Monday Nov 19th, 2009..   

  • Length: 20:36 minutes (18.86 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Sikhara live in the studio on Sounds Unsound

Sounds Unsound
program date: 
Sat, 10/10/2009

Part 1 of Sikhara's live set in the KBOO studios on Sounds Unsound. Sikhara will play their 500th live show at the Fez Ballroom on Monday Nov 19th, 2009..   

  • Length: 17:17 minutes (15.82 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


Sounds Unsound playlist for 11/08/2008

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Mark StewartRise AgainEditCrippled Dick Hot Wax
MorglblLieutenant ColombinThe Morglbl TrioLaser's Edge
FuturiansInteractive 80's GameFaktory!Soft Abuse
One Ring ZeroMean MarcusLive at BarbesBarbes
Fanfare Pour Pour/Lars HollmerAnnu Ingen PelleKarusell MusikDAME
Cheb ZerguiAna Dellali1970's Algerian proto-Rai UndergroundSublime Frequencies
Odd Clouds(1st track side A)The Cavernous EndYpsilanti
The Sea DonkeysRainy DayLive at the SS Marie AntoinetteAssophon
Alamaailnen VasaratKyyhyllyMaahanSilenze
QuikionA Song For Masochistic BluesKarpicoPoseidon/Musea
Kasai AllstarsAnalengoIn the 7th Moon etc..Crammed Disc
Aidan Baker/Tim HeckerPhantom on a PedestalFantasma ParastasieAlien8
MudboyWhirl LoopHungry GhostsNot Not Fun
Gang Gang DanceFirst CommunionSaint DymphiaSocial Registry
SquarepusherA Real WomanJust A SouvenirWarp
Maniacs DreamZanzibarArbor
Les PoulesHuman PinballLes Contes de L'Amere LoiDAME
Beresford/Toop/Zorn/MarshallKing CobraDeadly WeaponsNato
Philip JeckLive in St Michel & St Gudula CathedralSpire Live:FundamentalisTorch
The Vacuum BoysOrange Coloured SkySongs From the Sea of LoveStaalplaat
Velvet UndergroundI'm Not A Young Man AnymoreLive at the Gymnasium
The Black SheepStrangeloveThe Recommended Sampler 1982ReR
Anna HolmerVoxNur/Nicht/Nur
Richard Pinhas/MerzbowTokyo Electric GuerillaKeio Line PlusDirter
Edward Ka-spellAs A Bird/A Missing PieceDream Logik Part 2Beta-Lactam Ring
Andrew LilesSpurious Middle Class EccentricityThe Subtle Art of PhyllorhodomancyDirter
Way of the CrossVagina CocktataMind of the DolphinPhoenix
Fe-MailJakob's ToyAvantometric Attachments 2002
MAYaPowerY 10"Discalcula
Teiji Ito4TennoTzadik
Expo '70SolitudeBlack OhmsBeta-Lactam Ring
Kampec DoloresSzurgundegnemEarth Mother Sky FatherPoseidon

Playlog for Sounds Unsound on 11/8/08 Midnight to 3 am

Sounds Unsound playlist for 10/12/2008

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
MoolahMirror'sWoe Ye Demons PossessedEm
ScarecrewDreamrockMagical MindRicochet Dream
The IditarodThe RowanHand/Eye compilationHand Eye/Dark Holler
MV & EE Medicine ShowSolestral 2The Uranian RaySpirit of Orr
Spires that in the Sunset RiseParty FavorsCurse of the Traced BirdSecret Eye
US GirlForward Troubles AsiaIntroducing...Siltbreeze
Sun CirclePerhelonEleh/Sun Circle split LPImportant
Mark TuckerAttractiveIn the SackDe Stijl
NalleNothing Gold Can StayThe Siren's WaveLocust
Richard Pinhas/MerzbowFuck the Power (and Fuck Global PlayersKeio Line PlusDirter
Kiss the Anus of the Black CatMiserereThe Nebulous Dreams
Sea DonkeysEthnicLive at the SS Marie AntoinetteAssaphon
Mata Ratke/Oslo Sin FoniettaWaves IIbFaces
Flat Earth SocietyClusterthingPsycho ScoutCrammed Disc
Dinosaurs With HornsOn Her MonshineReturn of the Disco Aristo-SacrophagusMelon Expander
Maniacs DreamZanzibarArbor
Mark StewartFreedom RadioEditCrippled Dick Hot Wax
Carl Cray/Tony AllenKilode RemixLagos ShakeHonest Jon
Modern ShitUntitled 21Will Make You IllAlga Marghen
Hanna HartmanFarjesangerFarjesanger/Cihoria/Die SchraubenElektron
Morceeaux_de_MachinesLo-Fi SoundscapesLiberum ArbitriumNo Type
Iannis XenakisMetasasisVanguard
Ros BobosVery Truly YoursSonambulations: Mesmerizing Sonic Collage PowerOpus One
The Pearls Before Swine ExperienceTangram 1Swine Live!Caprice
NadjaI have tasted the fire inside your mouthRadioance of Shadows
Let's Celebratetrack 4Those Who CelebrateOctober
British Standard Unit (Morgan Fischer)D'ya Think I'm Sexy?Hybrid Kids 1 & 2Cherry Red

Playlist for Sounds Unsound 10/12/08... right after the Dead special and the first show to air after our Fall 2008 membership drive.. Also the Contessa visited the airwaves on this show.

Sounds Unsound playlist for 09/28/2008

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
The One You LoveTrans-Europe ExpressTrans-Slovenia ExpressMute
The HospitalsAnimals Act NaturalHairdryer Peace
Los Volcans de la CapitolOye Ka JojoAfrican Scream ContestAnalog Africa
SaurasamaSilang Bartaut BunyiFajar di Atas AwanDrag City
Wolfgang orschalkowskiEnjoy MeStory About the Soul RecordingPsycho-Path
Kiyoshi MizutaniBinzuiBird SongsGround Fault
Mission of BurmaThat's When I Reach For My RevolverSignals Calls & MarchesAce of Hearts
DeerhoofFor Those of Us On FootThe Man, The King, the GirlKill Rock Stars
Legendary Pink DotsVoicesAncient DazeBeta-Lactam Ring
Gogol BordelloMussilini Vs StalinVoi-la IntruderRubric
TroumSide aDarve shBeta Lactam Ring
TroumFiniensKasha PashanaOld Europa Cafe
IslajaSaydanten AlmiyaUlual YyyFonal
ZaimphInclination7" (w/Bird of Prey)Arbor
Tower Recordings/Tono-BungaySwarm ChachaRules of ThumbSquealer
PocahauntedOne AnotherMirror MicsWeird Forest
These Wonderful EvilsThe TankoRegine FlorySparrows & Wires
Christmas DecorationsTurning Into BirdsFar Flung HumWoldger
Nthnth sthsthside 1s/tRelease the Bats
Ariel KalmaBakafricaLe Temps des MoissonsBeta-Lactam Ring
Modern ShitUntitled (trs 3-5Will Make You IllAlga Marghen
Eternal TapestryEmerald Forest of PeaceMystic InductionNot Not Fun
Ilyas AhmedSamanjhnaBetween Two Skies/Toward the Night
Animal CollectiveFor Reverend GreenStrawberry JamDomino
Expo '70Lysergic SunriseBlack OhmsBeta-Lactam Ring
John Baker20th Century FocusJohn Baker Tapes Vol 1Trunk
Joseph RaglaniRivers InOf Sirens BornKranky
Phillippe Moene-LoccozLes Broullards d'Ici BasLimitesAdami
Luca Miti/Mauro Orselli (w/Sachiko Kadota)Improvisazione XXVIThe Way Things Are At PresentAda
Araside 2Pick Up and Run 2007What the ?

Playlist for Sounds Unsound 9/27/08... Lot's of new releases played on this show, as well as a set of bands coming to town...

Sounds Unsound playlist for 09/14/2008

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
EarthmonkeyRock Ma SoulAngelmans SupernovaBeta-Lactam Ring
Herman's Rocket(Jean-Paul Massiera)Hanged in the UniversePsychoses DiscoidMucho Gusto
Mark Ribot(Ceramic Dog)Todo el Mundo es KitschParty IntellectsPi
Go Do ExperienceCompared to WhatSuper Cool California Soul Vol 2Luv'N'Haight
Peter ThomasDer HexerKriminal FilmmusikRough Trade
Soul MessengersHeaven of HeavensSoul Messages From DimonaNumero Group
Tit MachineWanna Be Your Dog7"Meeuw Musik
Mission of BurmaMax Ernst7"Ace of Hearts
theme song to Arrabal's Viva la Muerte
SalamanderGhost Riders in the SkyHand/EyeHand/Eye
Legendary Pink DotsBlack HighwayAncient DazeBeta-Lactam Ring
Severed HeadsHarold & Cindy HospitalAdenoidsVinyl-n-Demand
Supersilent4.34Rune Grammofon
SkyphoneOne Step Closer to the GroundAvellanedaRune Grammofon
Noah CreshevskyCelebrationHaiku-CelebrationOpus ONe
Mixed Band PhilanthropistsAfter Having Known Nietzsche and Sworn by Their Mistresses7"Hypnogogia
Nick Grey & the Random OrchestraPorno Drone(evil spiders have put a curse on our garden)Spin Vows Under ArchBeta-Lactam Ring
Carrier BandVoice CoilCarrier BandIEA
Brett Lannerm-7/21-1Compositions for GuitarsA Bruit Secret
Juan HidalgoPart 2TamaranGet Back!/Cramps
Starving WeirdosTrancin'Father GuruAzul
Henry FlyntSky Turned RedBack Porch Hillbilly Blues Vol 1&2Bo'Weavel
Daphne OramPompie BalletOramicsParadigm
Three to ForgottenFrostbiteWeird Compilation Vol 2Weird
Andrew Liles/Daniel MenchePupathe Progeny of FliesBeta-Lactam Ring
Angelo PetronellaUn CantoSintesi da un Diariodie Schactel
Hartmut GeerkenAmanita VaginataAmanitaQBico

Playlist for Sounds Unsound for 9/14... also around 1:30 we had a visit from the Contessa and took some good calls...

Sounds Unsound playlist for 08/24/2008

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Revolutionary Snake EnsembleQue Sera SeraForked TonguesCuneiform
Kasai AllstarsMukubaIn the 7th Moon etcCrammed
Derf ReklawIt's Hot as HaitiFrom the NileUbiquity
Soul MessengersPrince of ZealSoul Messages from DimonaNumero Group
Jean-Pierre Massiera(Herman's Rocket)Space WomanPsychoses FreakoidMucho Gusto
Stomu YamashtaKeep in LaneFloating MusicRaven
Die ResonanzDancing LadiesEdel BrandNo Man's Land
Baris MancoUolverin Agalar Beyler2023
MawwalHo GayeThis is all there is, there is no other placeAncient
Human HostThe RealmThe Halloween TreeFall
The Sea DonkeysDrug ChoogleLive at the SS Marie AntoinetteAssophon
Little ClawPrickley PearSpit and Squalor Swallow the SnowEcstatic Peace
US GirlsProve It All NightIntroducingSiltbreeze
Sleep MuseumWe Who AreWeird Comp vol 2Weird
SapatWho U WitMortise & TenonSiltbreeze
Shit and Shinethe Side of the RoadKuss Mich Miene LIebeLoad
MiriodorLa Fantome de MC EscherMekanoCuneiform
MediaBandaCamino a OrienteDinero y Terminacion Nerviosa
DecibelTerapia de FakinatoEl Poeta del RuidoMio
Fred FrithEvolutionStep Across the BorderESD
Familha ArtusAu Ton CoenhOrbAdami
VertDrawers of Water9 Types of AmbiguitySonig
Elodie LautenDeath as ShadowThe Death of Don JuanUnseen Worlds
IoliniAnti-ApocalypseElectroacoustic, Chamber Ensemble, Soundscapes, and works for radioReR
Frode Gjerstad/Lasse MarhaugFalling DownRed EdgeGameboy
Lieutenant CaramelPertes ExceptionnellesEarly Tape WorksMonochrome Vision
Hexlove-FaulouhAquarium-us-risingFree Jazz From SlaveryWeird Forest
various artistsside a track 7Exquisite Corpses From the BunkerHeartpunch
Fern KnightMagpie Suite part 2Fern KnightVHF
GHQDrift-VoidCosmology of EyeTime-Lag
Masayo AsaharaFirst Temp RepriseSaint Agnes FountainAudiolaceration
IstAdolphus Hailstark and the Barlow ComposersASiwa

Sounds Unsound playlist for 08/10/2008

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
DalekOpiate of the MassesAbsenseIpecac
Wave TankFor Whom the Bell TollsWierd Compitation Vol 2Wierd Records
The MallAdvantage InFirst, Before and Never Again EPMt St Mtn
The Bollywood Brass Bandteri Rab Ne Bana di JodiCirco Inferno Cabaret vol 2Felmay
Alamaailman VasaratTankkaustuntVasaraasiaSilence
FactumsThe ClimbThe SistrumSacred Bones
Barbed Wire(Jean-Pierre Massiera)Dies Irae Fuse 80Psychoses Discoid (76-81)Mucho Gusto
Markku Lahtelan SirkusHuuto Varhaisilta QuiviltaVol 1Kevyt Nostalgia
Alterationstilburg 1Voila Enough!Altavistic
QuartettoDisturbi di ViolinoOrganic, Playco 1969Alga Marghen
Iro(tr. 2)Tama-furiPSF
Philip Cohran & the Artistic Heritage EnsembleThe MinstrelOn the BeachAestaurium
Severed HeadsLamborghiniAdenoidsVinyl-On-Demand
Peter Gordon/David CunninghamThe Unpopular StatementThe Yellow BoxPiano
Volcano the BearI am the Mould500 Boy PianoUnited Dairies
Spires that in the Sunset RiseSleeplikeThis is FireSecret Eye
PocahauntedSweat LodgePocahaunted/Christina Carter split LPNot Not Fun
Simon Wickham-Smith/Rachel BeckerThe Kin-Kindness of BeforehandLove & LamentationPogus
Windy WeberSirensI Hate PeopleBlue Flea
GrouperDisengagedDragging a Dead Deer Up a HillType
Points of FrictionWhen a Salamander Laughs Out Loud the Tape Recorders Beam with Joy, but Parking Lots beyond tomato will always find liceAfterlife of Dna-PaintingMelon Expander
Charles AmirkhanianGold & SpiritWalking TuneStarkland
Philip BesombesPrincesse LolitaCesi CelaMio
RunzhatovaClose to the EdgeClose to the RHTractor
OedipusMimlipoOedipusIn Poly Sons
Jacob OlaussonWhat Will Tomorrow BringMoonlight FarmDe Stijl
Samara LubelskiRoad to MisfortuneSpectacular PassagesDe Stijl
Sun City GirlsElectro Bovine MethodDulceAbduction
Eric Aldea6Satunro o Cipolla0101
Timo van Luijk/Kris Vanderstiesten(first 5 minutes of side 1)Costa del LunaLe Scie Doree

Sounds Unsound playlist for 07/27/2008

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Shit and ShineCreepy BalerinaCherryRiot Season
Ceramic DogBreak on ThroughParty IntellectualsPi Recordings
Shit and ShineCharm and CountercharmCherryRiot Season
Earth Wheel Sky BandVranje-RromansCirco Inferno CabaretFelmay
Yasko Arginov BandTrakiysko HoroYaskoDunya
Astro Can CaravanMehenjo-DaroQuestral PlacesBV2
Kaisai AllstarsKafuulu BaluIn the 7th Moon etcCrammed Disc
Klezmer MadnessChusen Kale Mazel TovThe 12 ChairsLabel Bleu
Sic AlpsUnited1-sided 7"Important
IgnatzEverymanBored Fortress split 7" w/ShepardsNot Not Fun
NalleYoung LightThe Sirens WaveLocust
PocahauntedTime FistBored Fortress (splt 7" w/ CharalmabidesNot Not Fun
True PrimesWe Have Won(reprise)We Have WonLocust
Lau NauRuususuuNukkuuLocust
Skye KladMary MagdaleneThe Music of Cupid's OrchestraHand/Eye
Make a RisingSneffels YokulMake a RisingHigh Two
Yahowa Presents Children of the 6th Root RaceCatastrophy/Go With the FlowSongs From the SourceDrag City
COMAnankeenBig WordsEdgetone
MV & EEYou MatterRagas of the CulvertThree Lobed
CharalmabidesMemoryBored Fortress(split 7" w/PocahauntedNot Not Fun
JA Seazartr 8Saraba Hakobune OSTshowboat/sky station
Severed HeadsGod Factory/Cowboy MuzakAdenoidsVinyl on Demand
Nurse With Woundtr 1Stereo WastelandsBeta-Lactam Ring
FactumsMixtureThe SistrumSacred Bones
Hexlove-FaulouahDon't Say I Didn't Warm YouFree Jazz from SlaveryWierd Forest
Blue Sabbath Black CheerPrelude to EmptyFor the Sickly WeaklingsGnarled Forest
Tim StoryThe MoorsnightlandsFinal Image
Jasper TXBlack Sleep Pt VBlack Sleep
AxoltlBondsBored Fortress split 7" w/SkullflowerNot Not Fun
Brion Gyson/Master Musicians of Jajouka?tr 101001 NightsSub Rosa
Master Musicians of JajoukaJoal FibladijoalLive Vol 1Jajouka

playlist for Sounds Unsound 7/27/08

Sounds Unsound playlist for 07/13/2008

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
Father & The Source Famlily(tr 9)Chants and SongsSwordfish
One Ensemble (Daniel Padden)Horsehead WaltzWayward the FourthSecret Eye
PercussonicaAfricanoAo VivaEditio Princeps
Kazi AninuddhaMafe KaroBollywood Steel GuitarSublime Frequencies
Mani NeumeierParamaniSketchesImportant
NudityThe Nightfeeders(Concentrix Mix)The NightfeedersDiscourage
Grey DaturasHammerOwly Claw HammerEmperor Jones
TwinkWhat the DickensA Very Fine AdventureTwink Tunes
Bernjamin Bouffioux/John-JohnLa Lune Dans le Noirbokan! Music in the MarginSub Rosa
AcidHipguardIn-Kraut Volume 3Marina
PaavoharjuTuosku Tarttuu MeihinLaulu Kaakson KukistaFonal
Graham LambkinThe Currency of DreamsSalmon RunKye
James BlackshawGate of IvoryLitany of EchoesTompkins Square
Hevoset(Side P, track 2)HevosetDekorder
Jorma Tapio/Terje InsungsetmanaAikkiEktro
LeribeSax JiveLove is LoveMississippi Records
Spires that in the Sunset RiseBlack EarthCurse the Traced BirdSecret Eye
Natural Snow BuildersGoneThe Snowbringer CultStudents of Decay
Adnreas Martin/Christoph HeemannUnd Schritt Rucklings....Lebenserinnerungen Eines Lepidopterlogenrobot
The Franciscan HobbesA Preordained SequenceMasks & MeaningsSoft Abuse
Sun City GirlsI Won't Come Home(Realization)DulceAbduction
NazcaEn la Cuerda FlojaEstacion de SombraDiscos Najas
Andrew Liles/Jean-Herve PeronI do not like to get wetFini!Dirter
Volcano the BearEgg StretchVolfurtenVolucan
Bob DownesDulcimer/FluteEpisodes at 4 AMParadigm
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer/Anacrid(side 2)s/tPsychoform/Black Horizons/Stereonucleos
SmegmaFreakish Highnattering Naybobs of NegativityHarbinger Sound
CyclobeBrightness Falls from the AirThe VisitorsWorld Serpent

 Playlist for Sounds Unsound on July 12/13 2008

Sounds Unsound playlist for 06/29/2008

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
DS CraftAll Across AmericaFundamentals
SizeBuns of SteelActualsizeZonar
VialkaBamakosplit CD w/Kruzenshtern I PerodArts Media
Mystery BandI Live With (the Human HeadacheLeo, Gemini, Capricorns and Jones LtdAIM
Temjo Sajikitr 12BaramonShowboar/Skystation
Kandalini Nivag Retsevi7"De Stijl
LumskLangt Nord I TrollebotterAsmad FraegaevarCandlelight
Seven that Spells1The Men From DystopiaBeta Lactam Ring
Islajauni Pollona OlemsestaBlaze Mountain RecordingsEcstatic Peace
Hexlove-FaulouahGrump Up the VolumeFree Jazz from SlaveryWeird Forest
Andrew Liles/Jean Herve PeronShake Your HoovesFini!Dirter
Birge/Gorge/SharocLa Bull OpprimanteDefense DeMio
Gravity Adjusters Expansion BandBirds Return to HollywoodOneParadigm
Idris Ackamoor/The PyramidsLalibelaMusic of Idris Ackamoor 1971-2004EM Records
John BerberianYarusOud Artistry of John BerberianMainstream
PM 7/JupiterSusie WongShadow Music of ThailandSublime Frequencies
Flying LuttenbachersSurvivors SuiteLive at WNURCoat-Tail
Hevoset(5th track on side L)HevosetDekorder
Judith Ren-LayForshadowingOut of Nowhereknitting Factory
IblissHigh LifeSupernovaRetro Disc
KraftwerkK2(Ruckzuck)k4 Bremen Radio 1971Tachika Records
Karten FrankenreichDroppelminnas/tGenesungwerk
Nurse With WoundCruisin' for a Bruisin'The Bacteria MagnetDirter
NNYDeath, Pain, Mort, BreadDon't Happy, Be WorryManufacture
Sun City GirlsNight HuntingPiasa... Devourer of MenAbduction
Fifths of SevenEchoes from a Wandered PathSpry from Bitter Anise FoldsLes Disques du Soleil
Jaap Blonk/Dylan NyoukasSnippermannenDubbletweeEcstatic Peace
Zhong MinjieSXF003China:The Sonic Avant GardePost-Concrete
Jed SpeareSleep TightSound Works 1982-1987Family Vineyard
Zone SixEmpty Facess/tEarly Birds

 Playlist for Sounds Unsound on June 29, 2008  

Sounds Unsound playlist for 06/15/2008

Program name: 
Sounds Unsound
Air date: 
CanUphillDelay 1968Mute
Istanbul Erkek LisesiIn the DeepingsTurkish DelightsGrey Past
Purple CanteenBrains at My FeetPsychedelic Minds Vol 1World in Sound
Group 1850Steel SingsAgemo's Trip to Mother EarthPseudonym
les Etoiles FilantesSomethingKraut! Demons! Kraut!
Don Ellis OrchestraTurkish BathElectric BathColumbia
Eddie GaleThe RainGhetto Music4 Men With Beards
Tom ZeGloriaTropicaliaSoul Jazz
The Far CryMidnight JuiceThe Far CryFall Out
Danny Ben-IsraelSeagullsThe Kathmandu SessionsLocust
The SpeakersLa Banda la Hace a UD. Care en Cuenta que...En el Maravilloso Mundo de IngeseniPolydor
Velvet UndergroundLady Godiva's OperationWhite Light/White HeatPolydor
Untied States of AmericaThe American Metaphysical Circuss/tColumbia
Bobby CallenderRaga ManRainbowAkarma
Erica PmeranceThe Slippery MorningYou Used To ThinkGet Back
Those Lovely Hula HandsTarzan apornas apaPsychedelic PhinlandLove
International HarvesterSommarlaten(The Summer Song)Sov Gott Rose MarieSilence
Bill Bissett & the Mandan Massacremeeting at th transmittr centrAwake in the red desertGear Fab
MEVPart 1Rome Concert
Frank ZappaDog Breath in the Year of the PlagueUncle MeatRyko
Lothar and the Hand PeopleSex & ViolenceThis Is it, MachinesSee For Miles
The OutsidersCQCQPseudonym
Second HandRealityRealityEssex
Sun Ra & His outer Space ArkestraRocket #9The SinglesEvidence
Morton SubotnickSilver Apples on the Moon(edit)Ohm: The Early Gurus of Electronic MusicEllipsis Arts
Pierre BastienSans TitreLes Premieres Machines 1968-1988Gazul
Sperm3rd ErectionArktinen HysteriaLove
Lily GreenhamABC in SoundLingual MusicParadigm
Vladimir UssachevskyComputer Peice No 1Electronic & Acoustic WorksNew World Records
Nino RotaTovy Dammits ThoughtsLSD RomaCherry Red
Phillip Cohran & the Artistic Heritage EnsembleMalcolm XThe Malcolm X MemorialMississippi Records
the People BandPart 3Not Necessarily "English Music"EMF
Genesis P-Orridge & the Early WormThe Early WormDais Records
Albert Ayler/Pharoah SandersVenus/Upper EgyptHoly GhostRevenant
Yoko Ono/Ornette ColemanAosPlastic Ono BandRyko
IntersystemsAssortment of Lead PipesPeachyStreamline
Bob CobbingMarvo Movie MatterOui RevueAlga Marghen
Basil KirchenPlagues and TannglesCharcoal Sketches/States of MindTrunk
Limbus 3Breughel's HochzeitstanzCosmic Music Experience (New Atlantis)
AMMLike a Cloud Hanging in the SkyThe CryptMatchless
All 7-70 (Alan Sondheim)BludgeonT'Other Little TuneESP
Angus MacliseTambura DroneThe Cloud DoctrineSub Rosa
Pierre HenryCataclysms IIApocalypse de JeanPhillips
David BehrmanRunthroughWave TrainAlga Marghen
Daphne OramContrasts EssoconicOramicParadigm

 Program playlist for June 15th , 2008 Sounds Unsound - Tonight's show featured all music either recorded or released in 1968.


Sunday morning 22nd great show!!

I was unable to write down the artist, will you be posting  a playlist? Really enjoyed the music!



yes.. and thanks

Yes, I usually post the playlist the next day. It should be on there now..

I'm loving Sounds Unsound tonight

I've been stuck to me radio since midnight.... thanks for the sounds.


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