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Traditional american music

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Rise when the Rooster Crows on 07/02/15

Air date: 
Thu, 07/02/2015 - 5:30am - 7:00am
Short Description: 
Traditional american music

Rise when the Rooster Crows on 06/25/15

Air date: 
Thu, 06/25/2015 - 5:30am - 7:00am
Short Description: 
Traditional american music

Rise when the Rooster Crows on 06/18/15

Air date: 
Thu, 06/18/2015 - 5:30am - 7:00am
Short Description: 
Traditional american music

Rise when the Rooster Crows on 06/11/15

Air date: 
Thu, 06/11/2015 - 5:30am - 7:00am
Short Description: 
Traditional american music

Rise when the Rooster Crows on 06/04/15

Air date: 
Thu, 06/04/2015 - 5:30am - 7:00am
Short Description: 
Traditional american music

Rise when the Rooster Crows on 05/28/15

Air date: 
Thu, 05/28/2015 - 5:30am - 7:00am
Short Description: 
Traditional american music

A tribute to Utah Phillips!

Air date: 
Thu, 05/21/2015 - 5:30am - 7:00am
Short Description: 
Last week would've been his 80th birthday
May 15 marked 80 years since the great and wonderful anarchist troubadour Utah Phillips was born, and May 23 marks the seventh anniversary of his death. So we take this opportunity to take our hats off and celebrate his music, stories and spirit. From his own recordings and a new release of other musicians playing his music, Long Gone: Utah Remebers Bruce "Utah" Phillips

Rise when the Rooster Crows on 05/14/15

Air date: 
Thu, 05/14/2015 - 5:30am - 7:00am
Short Description: 
Traditional american music

Rise when the Rooster Crows on 05/07/15

Air date: 
Thu, 05/07/2015 - 5:30am - 7:00am
Short Description: 
Traditional american music

Rise when the Rooster Crows on 04/30/15

Air date: 
Thu, 04/30/2015 - 5:30am - 7:00am
Short Description: 
Traditional american music


The Americans, LIVE! in the KBOO Studio!!! Wake up to THIS, Folkies!

program date: 
Thu, 03/25/2010

 Hosted by Jonathan Lay

It's not very often that we get real, live musicians to come into the KBOO Studios and play music, BEFORE the Rooster Crows, but today, we lucked out!  The Americans took time from their whirlwind West Coast Tour to give our early morning KBOO Folk Fans a little taste of what they've got.  And, Boy, does it taste GOOD!

The Americans are:

Patrick Ferris - Vocals, guitar
Jake Faulkner - Double bass
Zac Sokolow - Electric guitar
Cody Edison - Rhythm

Be sure to visit their MySpace Page for a list of their upcoming gigs!



Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 07/18/2013

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
Eden Macadam-Somer and Larry UngerPaynes PrairieNotorious
Eden Macadam-Somer and Larry UngerFreddie's TuneNotorious
Harry TuftBuffalo SkinnersThe Continuing Tradition Vol I: Ballads
Dana Robinson & Lui CollinsErnie Carpenter's Grandpappy's Favorite/The Horny EwePaired Down Vol.2
Cliff Perry & Laurel BlissOver the Garden WallOld Pal
Red Mountain White TrashBack To Chattanooga/Cincinnati RagFire In The Dumpster
Cal ScottOne More RiverCarved Wood Box
Butch HancockEats Away The NightEats Away The Night
Joel MabusDuct Tape Blues (With Intro)In Concert
Eden Macadam-Somer and Larry UngerStir the SoupNotorious
Taj MahalCountry Blues #1Giant Step/De Ole Folks at Home
Red Mountain White TrashFire In The DumpsterFire In The Dumpster
Greg ClarkeThe CuckooSolo
Red Mountain White TrashSequatchie ValleyFire In The Dumpster
Steve Earle & The Del McCoury BandThe MountainThe Mountain
Jim PageOregon LandslideI See What You Mean
John KellermannCopper Hill
Aubrey AtwaterWhen I Go To West VirginiaBanjo Babes
Pete SeegerTurn! Turn! Turn!If I Had A Hammer: Songs Of Hope & Struggle
David RovicsEast TennesseeBig Red Sessions
True NorthCome To JesusPluck
Eden Macadam-Somer and Larry UngerFreddie's TuneNotorious

Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 07/04/2013

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
Albanians of CalabriaIl Gallo Canta (The cock crows)World Library of Folk and Primitive Music: Northern and Central ItalyColumbia
Lou DalfinSe ChantaLa Flor de Lo Dalfin2001
Pete Seeger, Earl Robinson, et. al.Free AmerikaySongs of the Working People: From the American Revolution to the Civil WarFlying Fish 1988
Jim PageWhen Johnny Comes Marching HomeCollateral Damage2003
Floyd WestermanOr Do You CareThe Earth is Your Mother
Joanne Shenandoah, Michael BucherAs Long As the Grass Shall GrowBitter Tears, Sacred GroundHondo Mesa
Iris DementWasteland of the FreeThe Way I ShouldWarner Brothers 1996
Joanne Shenandoah/Michael BucherApache TearsBitter Tears, Sacred GroundHondo Mesa
Dakota SidWe Want the Whole Thing BackGreen FireLost Dog Records
Hazel DickensBustedHard Hitting Songs for Hard Hit PeopleRounder 1998
Dick GaughanWorld Turned Upside DownHandful of EarthGreen Linnet 1991
ChumbawambaDiggers' SongEnglish Rebel Songs
Kate WolfThese Times We're Living InGive Yourself to LoveKaleidoscope 1983
Cecelia OstrowWarrior of the EarthWarrior of the Earthself-produced cassette1989
Dana LyonsMy CountryCows with GunsReigning Records 1996
Burning SkyIndian WarsBlood of the LandCanyon 1995
John Trudell/Tribal VoiceLook at Us/Peltier-AIM songTribal Voice in The Collection: 1983-1992 (Box set)Effective Records
Jim PageMy Declaration(upcoming) Wheel Spins Upstreamsee Jimpage.net
John Trudell/Tribal VoiceVoices Catching Up/Lompoc songTribal Voice (in box set)Effective Records
Cecelia OstrowBlockade SongWarrior of the Earth

"Independence Day" special: Music of resistance, struggle and the People's History

Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 06/20/2013

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
The Gloria DarlingsLittle BunnyCome Home to Me
Red Tail RIngDirty TriangleThe heart's Swift Foot
David FranceyHarmSo Say We All
Davide FranceySatelliteSo Say We All
Burning Bridget ClearyStor Mo ChroiPressed for Time
Bert JanschStrolling Down the HighwayBest of Bert Jansch
HannaleeRun So FastMorchella
Dyan SneedPrudenceTexodus
Smithfield FairKisatchie LadiesStick, Brick & Mortar
Lauren SheehanHouse CarpenterSome Old Lonesome Day
Thad BeckmanKid Like MeMe Talking to Me
Jen HajjLove's Elusive EcologyLove is Everywhere
Judy CollinsPastures of PlentyWoody Guthrie at 100
Aubrey AtwaterSee That My Grave is Kept CleanBanjo Babes
Tom PaxtonWOnder Where I'm BoundThe Very Best of..
John PrineFlag Decal Won't Get you into Heaven
Leela and Ellie GraceUntil a Drop Becomes a FloodWhere the Waters Run
Peter, Paul & MaryStewball
Dave Van RonkLovin' SpoonfulFrom Another Time
Dana and Susan RobinsonWho Killed Cock RobinAmerican Hornpipe

Host Ed Mellnik

Play List for Rise When the Rooster Crows

Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 06/06/2013

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
Hilary HawkeLittle OrchidBanjo Babes
Aubrey AtwaterWhen I Go to West VirginiaBanjo Babes
Doc WatsonDream of the Miners Childat Gerdes Folk City
Brother SunSt. ChristopherSome Part of the Truth
Dan WEberThat's What I'm Looking For
Matt MeighanLong Way RoundLong Way Round
Jen HajjIn The PinesI of the Storm
Burning Bridget ClearyPressed for TimePressed For Time
Burning Bridget ClearyOn the Sea of Fleur De LisPressed For Time
PentangleThe CoukooBasket of Light
Misty RiverDesert WindLive at Backgate Stage
Misty RiverThe Last Thing on my MindRising
SHook TwinsLong TimeWindow
Anne WeissDown to the GardenWhere Folk Gets the Blues
John McCutchenIf I WEre A FeatherbedSigns of the Times
Burns Sisters BandDemocracyWild Bouquet
John ReischmanInidan ArmWalk ALong John
Jamie LavalTwo PanomimesMurmurs and Drones

Host Ed Mellnik

Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 05/31/2013

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
Richard and Mimi FarinaCelebration for a grey day
Stolen ThymeTime is PossiblityTime is Possibility
Stolen THymeKickin up DustTime is Possibility
Misty RiverHome Grown TomatoesWillow
Joanne RandShady GroveSnake Oil
Ari and MiaTurtleLand on SHore
John PrineIllegal Smile
Brother SunLady of the HarborSome Part of the Truth
Wailin JennysRacing WIth The SunLive at Maugh Chunk
Peter Paul & MaryBlueIn Concert
Peter Paul & MaryIf I had WingsAlbum 1700
Joan BaezPortland TownIn Concert Part2
It's A Beautiful DayWhite BirdIt's a Beautiful Day
Gillian WelchScarlet TownHarrow
Laruren SHeehanGeargia BoundPick a Peck of Pedmont Pickers
Blacke Berry BushesSalt CreekLittle Bit of Grace
LJ BoothLight of the PearlThe Road that Leads me Home
Chris KokeshA night Like thisOctober Valentine
Carrie ElkenJesse Likes Birds
Dave Carter & Tracy GrammerFarewell to Fiddler RimTanglewood Tree
Dave Carter & Tracy GrammerCat Eye Willie Claims his LoverTanglewood Tree

Host Ed Mellnik

Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 05/16/2013

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
John McCutchenWho'll Rick the CradleSprout Wings and Fly
Red Tail RingOhio TurnpikeThe Heart's Swift FootRed Tail Ring
Red Tail RingJ in the Broom StrawThe Heart's Swift FootRed Tail Ring
Tracy GrammerGypsy RoseFlower of AvalonSignature Sounds Recordings
Bob DylanAll I really want to DoGreatest Hits Volume 2Columbia
Tom RushNo RegretsTom RushElectra/Asylum
Joni MitchellSongs to Aging Children ComeCloudsReprise Records
Wailin JennysDeeper WellLive At The Mauch Chunk Opera HouseRed House Records
Red Hen String BandFarewell TrionBirds of a FeatherWepecket
The CarrboratorsWolf MoonCaffeinated Heart
Moores & McCumberLove & WarAgainst the GrainMoores & McCumber
Union StationChoctaw HayrideAlison Krauss + Union Station LiveRounder
Richie HavensDophinsResumeRhino
Richie HavensHandsome JohnnyResumeRhino
Cal ScottCarved Wood BoxCarved Wood BoxTamarack Recordings
Matt StoneBrown DogNorhern LightsFolkmuse
Laura KempWaxers Songbodhi treeRain Water Records
Neil YoungOld KingHarvest MoonReprise Records
Rachel HarringtonAngel BoyCity of RefugeSkinnyDennis Records

Traditional and Contemporary Accoustic Folk music with Host Ed Mellnik


Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 04/18/2013

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
Dale Robin GoodmanHigh on a MountainBanjow Babes
Ruth MacLainWondrous LoveLet the Mountains Roll
Utah SlimRise in PeaceSongs for Climate Justice
John McCutchenGovernmant HorsebackSigns of the TIme
Dana HubbardPatroleumSongs for Climate Justice
Joanne RandWhaleStories from the Inside Out
Brothers SunEverybodies Cryin MercySome Part of the Truth
Judy CollinsCity of New OrleansForever - An Anthology
Nickel CreekHouse CarpenterTHis Side
Lauren SheehanLive in the Studio
Lauren SheehanI Wish I could Shimmy like my Sister KateThe Light Still Burns
Lauren SheehanWhen Johnny Comes Marching HomeThe Light Still Burns
Lauren SheehanAmerica the BeautifulThe Light Still Burns
David ReaThree x 7David Rea Times 7
Lily HenlyHer SOngWords Like Yours
BrokentopUnder the BridgeBrokenTop
Doc WatsonBlue SMokeat Gerdes Folk CIty
Doc WatsonSt. Louis Bluesat Gerdes Folk CIty
Peter Paul & MaryWasn't That a TImeSongs of Conscience and Concern
Peter Paul & MaryPastures of PlentySongs of Conscience and Concern
Lauren SheehanWillie MooreBanjo Babes

Host Ed Mellnik

Playlust for 4/18/2013

Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 04/04/2013

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
John ReishmannnIndian Arm
Woody GuthrieSally Don't You Grieve
Hunger Mountain BoysCold Feet
Incredible String BandChinese White
Honey DewDropsOne Kind Word
The Blackberry BushesEarl Grey Morning
John McCutchenLong Time Travelin
Dave Carter & Tracy GrammerTanglewood Tree
Kate MacLeod and Kat EgglestonLark in the Morning
The Steel WheelsWaters Edge
Tom RushRye Whiskey
Laura KempAsh and Soul
Otter CreekThe Times They are a Changing
Lauren SheehanHard Times
Mary FlowerVirginia Bound
Joanne RandTorch of Freedom

Host Ed Mellnik

Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 03/14/2013

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
Mike SeegerBreaking Ice in Alleganey
Mike SeegerCookoo Bird
Ruth HillThe Cookoo
Crooked StillSometimes in this Country
Cross-Eyed RosieShelburne
Pete SeegerKeep your eyes on the Prize
Peter SeegerIf you miss me at the back of the bus
Judy CollinsBlowing in the Wind
Tom RushSF Bay Blues
Kate MacLeodThe Day is Mine
Babes with AxesBlackberry Vine
Leo KottkeItchy
Peter MulveyIf Love is not Enough
Jen HajjI of the Storm
Melissa GreenerInisheir
Richie HavensHigh Flyin Bird
Ian & SylviaYou were on my Mind
Ruth McLainWonderous Love
Peter Paul & MaryNo easy Walk to Freedom
Misty RIverAmerica
Bruce MolksyMountain

Playlist Hosted by Ed Mellnik

Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 03/07/2013

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
Kate MacLeod and Kat EgglestonOut on the Ocean
Mike Gordon and Leo KottkeCherry County
Hey MavisHey Hello to Paris
The CarboratorsMind over Matter
Doc WatsonBlue Smoke
Dick WeismanDancing in my Dreams
Tracy GrammerLaughlin Boy
David ReaOld Cat Song
Fairport ConventionFlatback Caper
Richard ThompsonBoys of Muttin Street
Steeleye SpanRave on
Peter, Paul and MaryBig Boat
Peter, Paul & MaryMorning Train
Red Hen String BandColours
Marcy MarxerAngeline the Baker
Hey MavisMidnight Train
Joanne RandTorch of Freedom
Otter CreekMorning has Broken
Mike HigginsChump Man Blues
Gillian WElchWinters come and gone
John McCutchenIf I were a feather bed
John RenbournTravelers Prayer

Host Ed Mellnik presenting traditional and contemporary folk and acoustic music the 1st and 3rd Thursdays

on Rise When the Rooster Crows


Rise When the Rooster Crows

Does Fred Leeson still host Rise When the Rooster Crows? from I. Orav


Please share the playlist for yesterday, the 15th! I was listening to a song on my way to work, at about 5:56 am, and it has been stuck in my head ever since...not sure who it was though. THANKS! :)

The guys you had on this

The guys you had on this morning were absolutely unbelievably HOT!!!!!  What is UP???The authenticity!  The talent!   The sheer historical knowledge.    

"The Americans"

Thank you SO MUCH    going to see em tonight AND tomorrow night in Portland at least!



Name of group/song

I've been looking for a playlist for the 10th of Sept. - I wanted to know the name of the group/song that you played at the very end of the program - the very last piece. I couldn't hear all of details - it sounded something like 'Wheels of the World'? Thanks!


song you played

Rise When the Rooster Crows: I love your program, and try to wake up early just to listen, then go back to sleep. Love it!!!

On 4/16/09 you played a song that sang something like:

"How will I rock the cradle when I'm gone?"

I don't know who sang it or what the title really was but it had the most beautiful fiddle playing throughout that thrilled my heart. I want to buy an album by this group but have no clue. I looked on your playlist but it doesn't include that date.

If you don't know off the top of your head just leave it. I just want you to know you play the best music on the radio and can't be found anywhere else. Music sings to the depth of our soul. Sometimes the music you pick is just so beautiful it makes me want to cry happy tears.



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