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Folk and traditional musics from a variety of sources including early country recordings from the 20s and 30s

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Rise when the Rooster Crows on 07/23/15

Air date: 
Thu, 07/23/2015 - 5:30am - 7:00am
Short Description: 
Traditional american music

Rise when the Rooster Crows on 07/16/15

Air date: 
Thu, 07/16/2015 - 5:30am - 7:00am
Short Description: 
Traditional american music

Rise when the Rooster Crows on 07/09/15

Air date: 
Thu, 07/09/2015 - 5:30am - 7:00am
Short Description: 
Traditional american music

Rise when the Rooster Crows on 07/02/15

Air date: 
Thu, 07/02/2015 - 5:30am - 7:00am
Short Description: 
Traditional american music

Rise when the Rooster Crows on 06/25/15

Air date: 
Thu, 06/25/2015 - 5:30am - 7:00am
Short Description: 
Traditional american music

Rise when the Rooster Crows on 06/18/15

Air date: 
Thu, 06/18/2015 - 5:30am - 7:00am
Short Description: 
Traditional american music

Rise when the Rooster Crows on 06/11/15

Air date: 
Thu, 06/11/2015 - 5:30am - 7:00am
Short Description: 
Traditional american music

Rise when the Rooster Crows on 06/04/15

Air date: 
Thu, 06/04/2015 - 5:30am - 7:00am
Short Description: 
Traditional american music

Rise when the Rooster Crows on 05/28/15

Air date: 
Thu, 05/28/2015 - 5:30am - 7:00am
Short Description: 
Traditional american music

A tribute to Utah Phillips!

Air date: 
Thu, 05/21/2015 - 5:30am - 7:00am
Short Description: 
Last week would've been his 80th birthday
May 15 marked 80 years since the great and wonderful anarchist troubadour Utah Phillips was born, and May 23 marks the seventh anniversary of his death. So we take this opportunity to take our hats off and celebrate his music, stories and spirit. From his own recordings and a new release of other musicians playing his music, Long Gone: Utah Remebers Bruce "Utah" Phillips


The Americans, LIVE! in the KBOO Studio!!! Wake up to THIS, Folkies!

program date: 
Thu, 03/25/2010

 Hosted by Jonathan Lay

It's not very often that we get real, live musicians to come into the KBOO Studios and play music, BEFORE the Rooster Crows, but today, we lucked out!  The Americans took time from their whirlwind West Coast Tour to give our early morning KBOO Folk Fans a little taste of what they've got.  And, Boy, does it taste GOOD!

The Americans are:

Patrick Ferris - Vocals, guitar
Jake Faulkner - Double bass
Zac Sokolow - Electric guitar
Cody Edison - Rhythm

Be sure to visit their MySpace Page for a list of their upcoming gigs!



Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 06/19/2014

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
Animal CollectiveI Remember Learning How to DiveProspect HummerCD: FatCat, 2005www.fat-cat.com
Exene CervenkaWillow TreeSomewhere goneCD: Bloodshot Records, 2009www.bloodshotrecords.com
Akron FamilySet 'em FreeSet 'em Wild, Set 'em FreeCD: Dead Oceans, 2009www.deadoceans.com
DecembristsJune HymnThe King is DeadCD: Capitol, 2011www.decembrists.com
Steelye SpanRosebud in JuneBelow the SaltLP: Chrysalis, 1972
John RenbourneThe Trees They do Grow HighSir John Alot ofLP:Windham Hill, 1984
Nashville School of Arts Early Music ConsortSummer is Icummin InLive on Youtube
Maddy PriorSwimming SongYearCD:Park Records, 1993
Albion BandReaphook and SickleBattle of the FieldLP:Carthage Records, 1985
Armstrong FamilyThe Mantle So GreenThe Wheel of the YearCD:Flying Fish, 1992
Peter BellamyA Tree Song/Oak, Ash & ThornOak, Ash & ThornLP: Argo, 1970; CD: Talking Elephant, 2011
The WatersonsJohn BarleycornFrost and Fire: A Calendar of Ritual and Magical SongsLP:Topic Records, 1965
Richard ThompsonSummer is Icumen In1000 Years of Popular MusicCD: Beeswing, 2003
Martin CarthyJohn BarleycornSweet WivelsfieldLP: Gama, 1974
Armstrong FamilyWild Mountain ThymeThe Wheel of the YearFlying Fish
Kate Wolf & Wildwood FlowerThe Redtail HawkBack RoadsLP: Owl Records, 1976
Tim Hunt & Maddy PriorBring Us in Good AleSummer SolsticeLP: B & C Records, 1971
Albion BandThe Sun is GodHappy AccidentCD: HTD Records, 1997
Fairport ConventionBanks of the Sweet PrimrosesAngel DelightLP: Island, 1971; CD remaster: Universal Island, 2004
The WatersonsBright PhoebusBright PhoebusLP: Trailer Records, 1972
John Renbourn GroupThe Month of May is Past/Night OrgiesLive in AmericaLP: Flying Fish, 1982
Damh the BardNoon of the SolsticeSpirit of Albion2006
Mark Grobner & Ken KolodnerSunshine on My ShoulderSunrise Blvd RiddimCD: SunRise Music, 2011
Exene CervenkaLeave Heaven AloneOld Wives' TalesCD: Rhino Records, 1989

Music for the Summer Solstice!

Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 06/12/2014

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
Artist Selection Album
Benny Thomasson Dry and Dusty Legendary Texas Fiddler
Alice Gerrard/Mike Seeger Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child Bowling Green
The Dust Busters Old Man Below Old Man Below
Rafe Stefanini Crow Little Rooster Ladies Fancy
Morgan Sexton Rocky Island Shady Grove
Grey Larsen/Andre Marchand Rocky Road to Dublin/Old Drops of Brandy Les Marionelles
Nightingale Reel a Raymond/Mother The Coming Dawn
Ralph Blizard Blow Your Whistle/Freight Trian Fox Chase
Eliza Carthy/Nancy Kerr March of the Kings of Laiose EC/NK
Kenny Baker Gold Rush Master Fiddler
Clyde Curley/Oxymorons Briarpicker Brown/Leake County Two-step/Deer Walk OT Mandolin Music
Roger Cooper Snakewinder Going Back to Old Kentucky
Doc Watson Handsome Molly The Essential Doc Watson
Chirps Smith Cowhide Boots Midwestern Harvest
Etta Baker One Dime Blues Hills of Home
Ricky Skaggs Talk About Sufferin’      “
EC and Orna Ball Troubles, Trials, Tribulations      “
Dirk Powell Say, Darlin’, Say Hand Me Down
Fiddlers 4 Pickin’ the Devil’s Eye Fiddlers 4
Shanghaied on the Willamette Come Love Come/Walk Old Shoe Weighing Anchor
Mark Simos Buckeye Racing the River Jordan
Beverly Smith/Carl Jones This is Like Heaven to Me Somewhere Over Yonder
Phil/Vivian Williams The Girl I Left Behind Me Dance Music of the Oregon Trail
Hart and Blech Coal Creek March Build Me a Boat
Hillbillies from Mars Uileann Pipe Set HFM
Riley Baugus Sail Away Ladies Long Steel Rail
Highwoods String Band Money Musk Feed Your Babies Onions
Bob Carlin/James Bryan Ora Lee Bangin’ and Sawin’
Ruthie, et al. Old Belled Cow/Drunken Billygoat Ways of the World

Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 06/05/2014

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
Paolo Conte (Italian singer/songwriter)ElisirThe Best of Paolo ConteNonesuch Records, 1998en.wikipedia.org
Gesuino Deiana (Sardinian guitarist/vocalist)Sole de OrientePintaderas: Made in SardiniaReal World Records, 1997
Cabestan (Four Bretons and a Quebecois)Le Pont de MorlaixTempete pour sortir: Chants de marinsKeltis Musique, 1995
Coup de 4 (Trad. music of Berry, France)Six Amants a ChoisirLe Chainee CastelloiseBuda Records: Musique du monde, 1999
Cusan Tan (original acoustic Welsh)Y Ddau Farch (The Two Stallions)kiss of fireFirebird Music, 1994
La Ciapa Rusa (Trad/contemp., Piedmont, northern Italy)CeceliaAji & SafranRobi Droli, 1994
Cinque So' (Corsica)Alla Fiera del EstTarraninal sur/Media 7, 1999
Corou de Berra (Polyphony of the Southern Alps)La Lega (Emilian folk song of Po Valley rice growers' struggle)Asa Nisi MasaBuda Recordsen.wikipedia.org
Totore Chessa (from Campania, southern Italy)CosteraOrganittosDunya Records, 1996
Dupain (France)L'usineMusica VivaP & C Virgin France, 2003www.dupainweb.com
Citania (Galicia, Spain)Remenda o RefaixoO asubio do PadrinoSonifolk, 1988
La Cantarana (Trad. Pinerolese, NW Italy)El pui e la puglia/Courento bellaLe Joli MoulinDiscotop, 1992
Compagnia Strumentale Tre Violini (Fiddle music from northern Italy)Matuzine/Vilota/SaltinMatuzineAss. Culturale Baraban, 1990)
Cinque So'U VentuTarraninAl Sur
Le Ecoliers de Saint Genest (France)Noel NouveletDanses du Berry (Dances from the Berry)Auvidis, 1996
Canzonieri Grecanico SalentinoBallati tutti quantiballati tutti quanti ballati forti (Everybody dance, dance hard): ca la taranta e' viva e nun e' mortaDunya Records, 1998
Totore ChessaBallu SeriuOrganittosDunya
La Ciapa RusaBel GalantAji & SafranRobi Droli
Corou de BerraLes TrimandeursAsa Nisi Masa
DupainLo GaragaiMusica Viva
Music from the KBOO record library, "Western Europe" CD's section, letters C & D.

Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 05/08/2014

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 




Fiddlers 4

Pickin’ the Devil’s Eye

Fiddlers 4

Highwoods String Band

Way Down the Old Plank Road

Feed Your Babies Onions

Brad Leftwich

Rye Straw

Say, Old Man

Smoke Creek

Coleman’s March/ Briarpicker Brown

Smoke Creek

Carolina Chocolate Drops

Dona Got a Ramblin’ Mind

Dona Got a Ramblin’ Mind

Ralph Blizard

Hell Among the Yearlings

OT Music on the Air Vol. 1

David Holt

When the Train Comes Along


Clyde Davenport

Jenny in the Cottonpatch


Ginny Hawker/Kay Justice

Distant Land to Roam



Snake Chapman’s Tune



Salt Creek

Fiddle Tunes for Banjo

Alan Jabbour/Ken Perlman

Washington’s March

Southern Summits

Jeff Warner/Jeff Davis

Stetson Hat/Cowboy’s Dream

OT Songs for Kids

Ken Waldman

Burnt Down House

Burnt Down House

Molly Tenenbaum

Cotton-eyed Joe

Instead of a Pony

The Horseflies

Devil in the Strawstack

Two Traditions

John Hartford

Jimmy in the Swamp

Wild Hog in the Red Brush

Lois Hornbostel

Chinese Breakdown

Dulcimer Jubilee

Sara Grey

The Yankee & the Unicorn

Down in Old Dolores

We Banjo 3

Bill Cheatham/Kitchen Girl/The Donegal Lass

Roots of the Banjo Tree

Mike Seeger/Paul Brown

Way Down in No. Carolina

Way Down in No. Carolina

Bob Carlin

Ora Lee

Bangin’ and Sawin’

Ruthie Dornfeld/Joel Bernstein/Keith Murphy

Old Belled Cow/Drunken Billy Goat

Ways of the World

Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 05/01/2014

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
The Garret SingersAs I Walked Out One May MorningThe Garret SingersLP--Argo Recording Co., 1970
John Roberts, Tony Barrand, Fred Breunig & Steve WoodruffThe Sound of the Drum, Ninety-FiveTo Welcome in the SpringLP--Front Hall, 1980
Norma WatersonFlower of Sweet Strabanebright shiny morningCD--Topic Records, 2000
Edna RitchieMay Day CarolViper, KentuckyLP--Folk-Legacy Records, 1962
Jean RitchieMay Day CarolCarols of All SeasonsLP--Tradition Records, 1959
Jean RitchieThe Cambridgeshire May SongCarols of all seasoneLP--Tradition
SedayneMay Carol (The Heavenly Gate)Off of Youtube
The WatersonsHal-An-TowFrost and Fire, A Calendar of Ritual and Magical SongsLP--Topic, 1965
Wilson FamilyCheshire May Day SongYoutube
Shirley & Dolly Collins`A BeginningAnthems in EdenLP--EMI UK, 1969
Shirley CollinsCambridgeshire May CarolThe Sweet PrimerosesLP--Topic Records, 1967
Casey Neill TrioMay Morning DewPortland WestCD--Appleseed, 2001
Steeleye SpanPadstowLive, Youtube
The Bunch (Sandy Denny, Richard Thompson, etc.)My Girl the Month of MayRock OnLP--Carthage Records, 1986
Hazel DickensThey'll Never Keep Us DownHard Hitting Songs for Hard Hit PeopleCD--Rounder, 1998
A.L. LloydThe Celebrated Working ManThe Iron Muse: A Panorama of Industrial Folk MusicLP--Topic Records, 1963
Leon RosselsonWho Reaps the Profits? Who Pays the Price?RosselSongsCD--Fuse Records, 1990
Bit from Berlitz language course adFUNNY! SOS! MAYDAY! SINKING!Youtube----
Dick GaughanWorld Turned Upside DownHandful of EarthCD--Green Linnet,1991
Hazel DickensBustedHard Hitting Songs...Rounder
Dick GaughanWorker's SongA Different Kind of Love SongCD--Appleseed, 1997
Richard & Linda ThompsonThe May Day PsalterCircle Dance: The Hokey Pokey Charity CompilationsCD--Green Linnet, 1991
Songs for May Day.  

Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 04/17/2014

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
Alice Di MiceleLand of Broken PromisesSearchingAlice Otter Music, 1992
Jim PageFire in the ForestHead Full of PicturesWhid-Isle Music, 2007
Sig PaulsonWe Got RainTotem PoleStaircase, 2009
Alice Di MiceleChinook BluesAlice LiveAlice Otter Music, 2000
Dana LyonsCry of the ForestTurn of the WrenchReigning Records, 1993
Dana LyonsThe TreeAnimalReigning Records, 2003
Cecelia OstrowWarrior of the EarthWarrior of the EarthSelf-produced cassette, 1989
Dana LyonsPrayer for this LandCows with GunsReigning Records, 1996
Casey Neill TrioStorms are on the OceanPortland WestAppleseed, 2000
Cecelia Ostrow???All Life is EqualSelf-produced cassette
Alice Di MiceleMade Out of Waterby ebb & by flowAlice Otter Music, 2007
Jim PageWhose World is This?Whose World Is This?Liquid Sky, 1996
Casey NeillFlaming Arrowsriffraff
Dana LyonsTurn of the WrenchTurn of the WrenchReigning Records, 1993
Casey NeillAnother Point of ViewCasey NeillAppleseed, 1997
Alice Di MiceleNot For SaleIt's a MiracleAlice Otter Music, 1989
Dana LyonsMy CountryCows With GunsReigning Records, 1996
Songs by singer/songwriters of Cascadia/the Pacific Northwest 

Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 04/03/2014

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
Bob DylanDesolation RowNo Direction HomeColumbia-Legacy
Jim PageWhose World is ThisWhose World is ThisLiquid City, 1996
Sarah JaroszFuel the FireBuild Me Up From BonesSugar Hill Records, 2013
Disappear FearChangeGet Your PhilDisappear Records, 2011
Vance GilbertA Change is Gonna Comeangels castles coversDisismye Music, 2006
Jim PageA Long Corner TurningCollateral DamageWhid-Isle Music, 2002
Dave RovicsStill Waiting for the ChangeBig Red SessionsOasis Disc
Roy ZimmermanHello NSAFaulty IntelligenceChickenhawk, 2004
Joanne RandKoyaanizqatsiChoosing SidesHomefire Productions, 1989
Tia McGraffMessed Up WorldBreak These ChainsBandana records, 2013
Utah PhillipsI Will Not ObeyI've Got to KnowAlcazar Records, 1991
Roy ZimmermanThis MachineReal AmericanMetaphor Records, 2009
PheromonesL-L-LiberalCommon ScentsEC Records, 1991
Jim PageWages of HistoryMore Than Anything Else in the WorldWhid-Isle Music, 1993
Joanne RandA Change Gonna ComeStories from the Inside OutHomefire Productions, 2013
Kathy MoserBig Yellow TaxiSome I Like UKathy Moser Music, 2014
Naomi WachiraWe Are In TroubleNaomi WachiraDoreli Music, 2013
Bob DylanEverything is BrokenTell Tale SignsColumbia-Legacy, 2008
undefinedMore Than Anything Else in the WorldGhost BikesJim Page, 2010
Grant Peeples & the Peeples RepublikThe New American DreamPunishing the MythGatorbone Records
Roy ZimmermanReal AmericaReal AmericanMetaphor Records
Songs of change, songs of despair, songs of resistance. Some from Jim Page and Joanne Rand, who will be appearing in a benefit for KBOO on Tuesday, April 8 at the Alberta Rose Theater.

Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 03/20/2014

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
Anne, Robbin & HollyThe Mountain Top/The Glories of Spring/Dancing on the GreenWrens in the ThicketFour Calling Birds, 2002
Gillian WelchWinter's come and GoneHell Among the YearlingsAlmo Sounds, 1998
Liam Clancy & Tommy MakemRambles of SpringThe Makem And Clancy CollectionShanachie Records, 1956
John GorkaReally SpringBright side of downBlue Chalk Records, 2014www.redhouserecords.com
Wendy RuleThe Circle SongThe Wolf SkyShock Records, 2006www.wendyrule.com
Natalie MerchantSpring and FallLeave Your SleepNonesuch, 2010www.nataliemerchant.com
Nick DrakeWinter's GoneTanworth-in-Arden 1967/68Anthology, 1994
Greg BrownSpring WindThe Live OneHacklebarney, 1995
Johnson, Miller & DermodySpringtime BluesDeceiving BluesOrb Discs, 2006
Banco Del Mutuo SoccorsoCanto di PrimaveraCanto di PrimaveraRicordi, 1979
Incredible String BandYou Get BrighterWee Tam and the Big Huge (and other releases)Elektra, 1968
Lui CollinsSpring/Red Red RobinCloserWaterbug, 2006www.luicollins.com
Carter FamilyMarch Winds Gonna Blow My Blues All AwayLonging For Old Virginia: Their complete Victor recordings 1934Rounder, 1998
Kenny & amanda SmithWinter's Come and GonePrime cuts of Blue Grass Vol. 59KBC Music 2002
Spiral DanceThe Goddess & the WeaverWoman of the Earth, 1996
Cheryl WheelerSpringDriving HomePhilo, 1993
Lisa ThielOstara (Spring Song)Circle of the SeasonsSacred Dream Productions, 2005
Joanne Rand and the Little Big BandTurning WheelThe Monkey PuzzleHomefire Productions, 1995
Fabrizio De AndréUn ChimicoNon al Denaro non all'Amore ne' al CieloProduttori Associati (reissued by Ricordi & BMG)
Jerry Holland (Cape Breton fiddler)The First of SpringCrystal ClearCranford Publications, 2000
Pete SeegerSpring FeverPete Seeger At 89Appleseed, 2008
Italian alpine chorusBele Rose du PrintempsFrom Youtube
Songs for the Spring Equinox.

Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 03/06/2014

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
John FaheyJaya Shiva ShankarahAnthologyRhino Records, 1994
John FaheyOrinda-MoragaThe Transfiguration of Blind Joe DeathTakoma Records, 1965
Leo KottkeWorld TurningStanding in My ShoesPrivate Music, 1997
Tim BuckleyThe RiverBlue AfternoonBizarre/Straight CD; Warner Brothers 1970
John FaheyPoor Boy A Long Way From HomeThe Best of John Fahey, 1959-1977Allegiance CD; Takoma, 1977 & 79
Nick DrakePlace to BePink MoonHannibal CD; Island, 1970
Leo KottkeBill CheathamDreams and all that StuffBGO CD; Captol, 1974
John FaheyBill CheathamVoice of the TurtleFantasy CD; Takoma, 1968
John FaheyKnoxville BluesAmericaFantasy CD; Takoma, 1971
Michelle ShockedLay Down Your BurdenShort Sharp Shocked
Jerry Garcia & David GrismanWayfaring StrangerGrateful DawgAcoustic Disc, 2001
John FaheyHow Green Was My ValleyThe Transfiguration of Blind Joe DeathTakoma Records
Syd BarrettGigolo AuntThe Peel Session, BBC Recording 1970Strange Fruit, 1987
Nick DrakeWinter is GoneTanworth-in-Arden 1967/68Anthology, 1994
John FaheyA Raga Called Pat, Part IVVoice of the TurtleFantasy/Takoma
Jerry Garcia & John KahnLittle SadiePure Jerry, Live 1986Jerry Garcia Family, 2009
Michelle Shocked w/ Taj MahalJump Jim CrowArkansas TravellerMichelled Shocked, 2004
John FaheyThe New Red PonyCul de SacThirsty Ear, 1997
John FaheyWhen the Spring Comes AgainThe Best of...Takoma Records
Michelled Shocked w/ Doc WatsonStrawberry JamArkansas TravellerMichelle Shocked
John Fahey & His OrchestraKeep Your Lamps Trimmed and BurningOld Fashioned LoveTakoma, 1975/2003
John FaheyWine and RosesThe Dance of Death & Other Plantation FavoritesTakoma, 1964/1999
Focus on John Fahey, born February 28, 1939 (75 years ago!). with an eclectic smattering of other mostly 60's-era guitarists.

Rise when the Rooster Crows playlist for 02/27/2014

Program name: 
Rise when the Rooster Crows
Air date: 
Group Song/Tune Album
Dan Compton/Fran Slefer Miss Thompson’s Reel/ Derry Reel Session at the Cottage
N/N Blake If I Lose, I Don’t Care The N/N Blake CD
Stephen Wade Johnny Booker/Liza Jane/ Old Jimmy Sutton Dancing in the Parlor
JP/Annadene Fraley Maysville Maysville
Red Clay Ramblers Daniel Prayed Twisted Laurel/Merchant’s Lunch
Tidal Wave Reel a Joe/Reel a Jean Luc Paradis/Reel a Gilbert Marche du St. Laurent
Hart and Blech Wake Up, Chicken A Devil of a Row
Ken Waldman A Week in Eek A Week in Eek
Smoke Creek Banjo Tramp Smoke Creek
Nightingale Newmarket Polka/Trip to Dingle Jolie
We Banjo 3 Bill Cheatham/Kitchen Girl/The Donegal Lass Roots of the Banjo Tree
Jeff Warner/Jeff Davis Come Love Come Wilder Joy
Chirps Smith Spring in the Valley Shades of Death Creek
Lois Hornbostel Julia Ann Johnson/Rock the Cradle Joe Dulcimer Jubilee
Riley Baugus Long Steel Rail Long Steel Rail
Fiddlers 4 Greek Medley/Polly Put the Kettle on Fiddlers 4
Jere Canote The Arkansaw Traveler Uke Life
Shanghaied on the Willamette Wild Hog in the Woods Tasting the Salt Air
James Bryan/Carl Jones Bonaparte’s Retreat Cricket’s Lullaby
Carolina Chocolate Drops Starry Crown Dona Got a Ramblin’ Mind
Bruce Greene Going Across the Sea Five Miles of Ellum Wood
Sara Grey Old Dolores Down in Old Dolores
Mike Seeger/Paul Brown New River Train Way Down in No. Carolina
Leela  and Ellie Grace Down in the Valley to Pray Leela and Ellie Grace
The Red Hots Possum Up a Gum Tree Ready to Roll
Mark Graham Hoof and Mouth Southern OT Harmonica
Bob Carlin Old Sledge Bangin’ and Sawin’
Ruthie Dornfeld/Joel Bernstein/Keith Murphy Old Belled Cow/Drunken Billy Goat Ways of the World


Rise When the Rooster Crows

Does Fred Leeson still host Rise When the Rooster Crows? from I. Orav


Please share the playlist for yesterday, the 15th! I was listening to a song on my way to work, at about 5:56 am, and it has been stuck in my head ever since...not sure who it was though. THANKS! :)

The guys you had on this

The guys you had on this morning were absolutely unbelievably HOT!!!!!  What is UP???The authenticity!  The talent!   The sheer historical knowledge.    

"The Americans"

Thank you SO MUCH    going to see em tonight AND tomorrow night in Portland at least!



Name of group/song

I've been looking for a playlist for the 10th of Sept. - I wanted to know the name of the group/song that you played at the very end of the program - the very last piece. I couldn't hear all of details - it sounded something like 'Wheels of the World'? Thanks!


song you played

Rise When the Rooster Crows: I love your program, and try to wake up early just to listen, then go back to sleep. Love it!!!

On 4/16/09 you played a song that sang something like:

"How will I rock the cradle when I'm gone?"

I don't know who sang it or what the title really was but it had the most beautiful fiddle playing throughout that thrilled my heart. I want to buy an album by this group but have no clue. I looked on your playlist but it doesn't include that date.

If you don't know off the top of your head just leave it. I just want you to know you play the best music on the radio and can't be found anywhere else. Music sings to the depth of our soul. Sometimes the music you pick is just so beautiful it makes me want to cry happy tears.



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