Kelly McGonigal Interview

Between Us
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Tue, 01/07/2014
Kelly McGonigal has a PhD in psychology from Stanford University, the home of the famous "Marshmallow Test".  In the late 70s, four and five year olds were tested on how well they could resist the temptation to eat a bowl of them; a willpower test.  Don Merrill talks with Ms. McGonigal about her book, the results of those experiments and how willpower can be strenghtened just as you exercise any muscle.
25:45 minutes (23.57 MB)

Klamath Tribes and Ranchers Reach Agreement Over Water Rights

Evening News
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Thu, 12/05/2013
In Klamath Falls, Oregon, the fight over water between farmers and native tribes may have come to a conclusion that will satisfy all parties. 
Kristin Yount spoke to Don Gentry, the Commissioner of the Klamath Tribes, for more.

4:47 minutes (4.38 MB)

Climate Summit Corruption at the COP-19

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Mon, 11/25/2013
Tom Becker reads from an article about the corrupt failure of the United Nations COP-19 Climate Summit, where industry interests controlled the conference and civil society groups hassled. It is titled "The Government Scandal That Shows The People Have to Take Radical Action to Prevent Climate Change: the corrupt failure of the COP-19 make revolt irresistable", by Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers. 7:03 minutes (6.45 MB)

Old Mole Variety Hour October 21 2013

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Mon, 10/21/2013
Iven Hale hosts this two-hour membership-drive special that focuses on the environment and various social struggles that link up with it (note that pitch-breaks accounts for about 40 minutes of the programming otherwise excised). 

Mark Hertsgaard talks about his new book "Hot: living through the next 50 years" Mark Jacobson discusses fast-track models for converting energy production to non-fossil fuels within 15-30 years.
110:47 minutes (63.39 MB)

Old Mole Variety Hour on 09/02/13

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Mon, 09/02/2013 - 9:00am - 10:00am
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Lifestyle Drugs, Left and the Law on Chelsea Manning, D. Graeber on jobs, labor-themed Well-read Red

Joe Clement hosts this Labor Day Old Mole and we hear:

Portland Prepared on 08/30/13

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Fri, 08/30/2013 - 11:00am - 12:00pm
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Portland Prepared

Voices from the Edge on 08/22/13

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Thu, 08/22/2013 - 8:00am - 9:00am
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Cults in Oregon, the US & Canada w/Lisa Kendall & Ken Burtner
Cults in Oregon, the US & Canada w/Lisa Kendall & Ken Burtner

Would you be surprised to know that Cult’s operate in Oregon and in many communities throughout the United States? What do we know about Cults? Join Ken Burtner & Lisa Kendall and I as we discuss what we now know about Cults and what communities can do when people seek help leaving these camps. Ken Burtner is a nationally recognized trauma recovery specialist. He has helped over 100 families through his service at the Cult Resource Network in Portland, OR. He is a board member of Move Forward and offers counseling to those impacted by the Move of God at no charge. Lisa Kendall is Founder of Move Forward, a human rights activist, and former child member of the Move of God.

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