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Occupy Portland Radio Air Broadcast 06/20

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Wed, 06/20/2012

Interdependence Day at Pioneer Courthouse Square

Food & Garden Team

Police Piece: Joint Terrorism Task Force, ACLU, Evolutionary Psychiatrist

Portland Occupy vs. Park Rangers Softball Game with a Shocking Result

Music from the Sexy Flail Family String Band

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Positively Revolting on 08/24/12

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Fri, 08/24/2012 - 8:00am - 9:00am
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Know your rights! Listen to find out about grand juries and political harassment.

Ani and Lyn talk with Lauren Regan, the founder and executive director of the Civil Liberties Defense Center (CLDC), where she also serves as the staff attorney.

Political repression is on the rise.  Several homes have been raided in Portland, Olympia, and Seattle as part of a grand jury investigation, and the warrants served listed anarchist literature as something they were looking for.  Infiltrators and provocateurs have been used to target, disrupt and entrap activists.  These actions can have a chilling effect on activists and our communities.  

Knowing your rights is critically important.  What do you need to know to protect yourself?

Bread and Roses on 08/24/12

Bread and Roses
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Fri, 08/24/2012 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
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Cory Kirshner-Lira on Fat Activism and the "Obesity Crisis"

Cory hails from Portland, Oregon. She is a queer fierce fat femme, a cultural worker and educator. Her cultural work predominantly focuses on intersectionality and visibility within identity politics and social justice. Cory specifically dedicates her time to issues of fat identity, mujerisma, LGBTQ and racial justice, Latin@ visibility, and school/education reform. She is one of the founders of Eugene Sudbury School. Cory currently coaches students in their first year of college, writes for several blogs/websites and presents her workshop series on fat activism/identity, QTPOC intersectionality, mujerisma, environmental justice, social media social justice, and critical lenses on allyship. Contact her at corylira@gmail.com

Joe talks about Coal Trains through Oregon

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Tue, 08/21/2012

 Hosted by Joe Uris.  Abe Proctor is on Vacation.

Today's topic is the Coal Industry, and their plans to chop down Mountains in Appalacia and ship them through the Columbia Gorge, to China for incineration.  This is a Bad Idea for many reasons.  The trains leak significant amounts of Coal Dust, which degrades our health and environment.  Burning Coal in China increases the Air Pollution right here, in the United States, for we live on a Globe, a closed system.  Chopping down Mountains and throwing the rubble and waste into Streams is very destructive. 

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Red and Black Cafe: worker-owned AND collectively-managed

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Mon, 08/20/2012

Joe Clement interviews John Langly of the Red and Black cafe, an all-vegan cafe that's cooperatively owned by its worker as well as collectively managed. They talk about this radical approach to managing an organization, the intersection between community and workplace organizing they cultivate, the diverse and community-oriented events they host, and their choice to serve low-income and otherwise marginalized communities. John mentions at one point the Red and Black's web-page and the form to request use of the space for an event.

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The Confessional on 08/20/12

The Confessional
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Mon, 08/20/2012 - 12:00am - 2:00am
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Talk Radio with La Contessa de la Luna. Guilt Shame Fear Forgiveness Minor Felonies 503-231-8187

Oregon Bar Bans Transgender Customers

Evening News
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Wed, 08/15/2012

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Bread and Roses on 08/17/12

Bread and Roses
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Fri, 08/17/2012 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
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Anti- Black Graffiti in Portland? We'll look at the History of Black Folks in OR.

Anti-Black graffiti in Portland? We'll look at the History of Black Folks in Oregon with Walidah Imarisha. Last Thursday John Bryant, the grandmaster at the MW St. Joseph Grand Lodge discovered racist graffiti on the wall of the lodge near Fremont Street and Mississippi Avenue. Nearby food carts were also vandalized with anti-African American graffiti. The community got together on Saturday on Mississippi Avenue for a walk through and sit-in event entitled "Surviving Mississippi" to protest the vandalism.

In the light of this event, Bread and Roses will air an interview Delphine Criscenzo and Samantha Taylor conducted with Historian and Activist Walidah Imarisha last spring focusing on the history of Black folks in oregon.

Hosted by Delphine Criscenzo

Part 2 of a Series on Reclaiming the Willamette River

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Wed, 08/15/2012

 Hosted by Lisa Loving


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