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DJ Tronic hosts the Plugged In show on KBOO the first and third Friday of each month from 10pm - 12am PST.  Tronic does a live DJ mix in the studio featuring the latest in deep house, house, techno, tech house, breaks, drum-n-bass, downtempo and more.  Tronic also has guest DJs in the studio, and we often talk about upcoming parties and club nights, and have ticket and CD giveaways on the show.

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Plugged In on 08/19/11

Plugged In
Air date: 
Fri, 08/19/2011 - 10:00pm - Sat, 08/20/2011 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Plugged In on KBOO with DJ Tronic + Evan Alexander

 2 Hours of House + more in the mix this Friday night with Evan Alexander and Tronic!

Don't forget about the big party Tronic is playing at on Saturday night - it is a fundraiser for Oregon Crusaders and The Q Center. More info on the party here:

and check out some DJ mixes from Evan Alexander here:

Plugged In on 08/05/11

Plugged In
Air date: 
Fri, 08/05/2011 - 10:00pm - Sat, 08/06/2011 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
2 hours of House music from Tronic + special guests Midwest Express!

2 Hours of House Music this Friday night on KBOO! Tune in to hear a special live guest mix from Midwest Express aka Tyler Hart & Daryl Merrick.

Check out some Midwest Express DJ mixes on their SoundCloud page:​idwestexpress

Midwest Express with be playing with Miles Maeda at Groove Suite on Saturday, August 20th. 
More info on that event here:​ent.php?eid=23618924639884​5

Plugged In on 06/17/11

Plugged In
Air date: 
Fri, 06/17/2011 - 10:00pm - Sat, 06/18/2011 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Special set of House and Tribal to celebrate Pride!

 On Friday, June 17th, Tronic will be mixing up a special set of vocal house, house and tribal beats to kick off Portland's Pride weekend!

Don't forgot to join Tronic Saturday night at The Whiskey Bar for Fierce! A Pride party he is hosting to benefit The Q Center. More on Fierce here:

Plugged In on 06/03/11

Plugged In
Air date: 
Fri, 06/03/2011 - 10:00pm - Sat, 06/04/2011 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
House, Tech House and Techno with Tronic + Audioelectronic

 Tronic will be joined by special guest Audioelectronic - a Portland based producer and DJ who runs the Nude Photo Music label.

We'll be in the mix with two hours of tech house and techno and we will be promoting the Closer Music Festival. A 2-day event coming to Portland on June 24th and 25th. More info on the festival here:

Plugged In on 05/20/11

Plugged In
Air date: 
Fri, 05/20/2011 - 10:00pm - Sat, 05/21/2011 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Tronic is joined by special guest El Cucuy!

On Friday, May 20th, Tronic will be joined by special guest El Cucuy who will be playing a set of moombahton.

Carlos Cortes has DJed/Produced in Portland under the name Assemble the Empire since 2002.

He's worked with local great Michele Wylen on her DEMO EP in 2006. Later that year found support from the LOGO Network producing the music for Logan Lynn's critically acclaimed videos "Burning Your Glory" & the "Feed Me to the Wolves..." EP in 2007. The duo's momentum yielded an album, "From Pillar to Post" released under the Dandy Warhol's "Beat the World Records" label in 2009.

Plugged In on 05/06/11

Plugged In
Air date: 
Fri, 05/06/2011 - 10:00pm - Sat, 05/07/2011 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Special guest Tim Xavier joins Tronic

 For our Spring Pledge Drive show I will be joined by a very special guest - Tim Xavier!

Tim Xavier bio:

Tim Xavier’s passion for music has kept him on the forefront of techno since his innovative releases a decade ago on Blueline. His incomparable, diverse production has transcended through the maturation of alternative dance music, and his dark, edgy sound has somehow remained in tact through his evolution. His current minimal/techno hybrid sound is featured on labels like Clink, Limited400 and Cocoon. He is the owner and chief engineer at Manmade Mastering in Berlin, and this sleepy-eyed coffee addict defines cool as he cuts master plates for many respected labels such as Spectral Sound, Wagon Repair, Minus, Mobilee, and B-Pitch.

Plugged In on 04/01/11

Plugged In
Air date: 
Fri, 04/01/2011 - 10:00pm - Sat, 04/02/2011 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Plugged In on KBOO - Jed Black and Tronic

On Friday, April 1st, Jed Black will be our special guest playing a set of drum-n-bass beats. Tronic will also drop some dubstep, breakbeats and d-n-b on the show.

We've got CD giveaways from Bassnectar and Freaky Flow!

So don't miss the Plugged In show on KBOO this Friday night at 10pm - 2 hours of broken beat music from Jed Black and Tronic.

Jed Black SoundCloud :

You may know Jed as Electrokid - one of Portland's original breakbeat heads who has been DJ-ing in Portland longer than I have. Jed as Electrokid still brings the heat with breakbeat and 2-step sets for all occasions. 

Plugged In on 03/18/11

Plugged In
Air date: 
Fri, 03/18/2011 - 10:00pm - Sat, 03/19/2011 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Tronic in the mix for 2 hours!

Tronic doing the show the whole 2 hours this week - all new house and tech with some other bonus tracks in the mix!

Plugged In on 03/04/11

Plugged In
Air date: 
Fri, 03/04/2011 - 10:00pm - Sat, 03/05/2011 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Plugged In on KBOO with Tronic + Andrew Mataus

 Andrew Mataus will be joining me in the mix on Plugged In on KBOO this Friday, March 4th. 2 hours of House, Tech and more.

Go here :
to stream my latest 2-hour mix of house and tech, which starts out with a track from Andrew Mataus.

Plugged In on 02/04/11

Plugged In
Air date: 
Fri, 02/04/2011 - 10:00pm - Sat, 02/05/2011 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Winter Pledge Drive Special Episode of Plugged In!

On Friday, February 4th, Tronic will be hosting a special Winter pledge drive of the Plugged In radio show on KBOO. 2 hours of house, techno and more in the mix! The show is 10pm - 12am and can be heard on 90.7 FM in Portland, and streaming online at

If you can tune in on Friday, February 4th, and become a KBOO member or renew your membership if you are already a member that would be so amazing! KBOO is community radio funded solely by it's listeners and anything you can help with, even $5 a month, would be a huge show of support for my radio show and the station.


Air Fortress Performs & Interview

Plugged In
program date: 
Sat, 08/16/2008

Local chiptune and electronic musician Air Fortress visits Plugged In in our coverage of the Micropalooza music festival.  He explains chiptune music, gives us a live demonstration, and shares a 2006 release, Silicon Stakeout.

ComputeHer Live at Ground Kontrol

Plugged In
program date: 
Sat, 08/16/2008

ComputeHer performs at the Micropalooza chiptune music festival at Ground Kontrol, as aired on Plugged In.

Babies Got Rabies Live

Plugged In
program date: 
Sat, 08/02/2008

Babies Got Rabies perform "Burning Things Fall' and "Babies Got Rabies" live on Plugged In.

Guidance Counselor PDX Pop Now! Preview

Plugged In
program date: 
Sat, 07/19/2008

Guidance Counselor gives us a live version of "Pull Over" and we also hear the recorded version of "Creature" off his new "Bad Receiver" EP in a preview of PDX Pop Now!


Plugged In playlist for 05/17/2013

Program name: 
Plugged In
Air date: 
On Friday, May 17th, Tronic was joined in the mix by special guest DJ Silpher. We featured two hours of drum-n-bass.

Tronic was on from 10pm - 11pm. Here is his setlist:

Roni Size / Reprazent - Watching Windows (Ed Rush & Optical Version 2)
Special Forces - Sushi
Aquasky feat. Sanzen - You've Got Me
Calibre - What You Need
Concord Dawn - Junglist
Cause 4 Concern - High Dawn
DJ Spice - 4 Play
Ray Keith vs Nookie - Sing Time (VIP)
Aquasky - I Can't Wait
Lynx & Flow - Feel So Right

Silpher was on from 11pm - 12am. Here is his setlist:

Nu:Logic - Start Again feat. S.P.Y.
Kung - Yakuza
Electrosoul System & Cutworks - Milkway Odyssey
Braincrack - Black Skeleton
Billain - Boogie
Athys & Duster - Enigma
Mage - Give Me
Asphexia - Just For Move
Sephiroth - Solace
Calyx - Fear This
Current Value and the Panacea - Melo
Dom & Roland - Just So You Know
Sinister Souls - Live It Up

You can stream Silpher's set via MixCloud @

Silpher also posts some mixes on SoundCloud, his SoundCloud page is @

Plugged In playlist for 05/03/2013

Program name: 
Plugged In
Air date: 
On Friday, May 3rd, Plugged In featured a variety of latin-influenced sounds in honor of Cinco De Mayo. Here is the full setlist:

Havana Flute Summit - Maraca's Tumbao
Snowboy and the Latin Section - Puente
Two Man Sound - Que Tal America
Bebel Gilberto - Aganju?
Herbie Mann - Pele
Negrocan - Aquela Esquina (Snowboy remix)
Eddie Palmieri - Mi Congo Te Llama (Joe Claussell remix)
Sandi Flores - El Ray
George Duke - Brazilian Love Affair (Zimmer Edit)
Banda Black Rio - Magia Do Prazer (Faze Action Mix)
Everything but the Girl - Corcovado (Knee Deep remix)
Johnny Fiasco - Chicano's Groove
Onionz, Joeski and Mast r D - Chango Musi
Basement Jaxx - Eu nao
Osunlade - Cantos a Ochua & Oya (Frankie Feliciano remix)
Little Louie Vega feat. Blaze - Elements of Life (Latin Jazz dub)
Empresarios - Bailando (Bobby C Sound TV remix)
River Ocean feat. India - Love and Happiness

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Plugged In playlist for 04/05/2013

Program name: 
Plugged In
Air date: 
April 5th was our pledge drive special, and Tronic played a set of all vinyl consisting of old skool breakbeat hardcore, classic jungle and drum-n-bass. Lots of amen breaks in the mix.

Here is the full setlist from the show:

Awesome 3 - Don't Go (Kicks Like A Mule Mix)
Takaboom - Feel That Feelin'
4 Hero - Mr. Kirk (Jungle Mix)
DJ Hype - Roll The Beats
Phuture Assasins - Future Sound (Sound Business original mix)
Altern 8 - Brutal-8-E (Jungle Brutalism Mix)
The Prodigy - No Good (Start The Dance)
DB and Tommy-D - Live and Let Live
D'Cruze - Find My Way
Photek - The Water Margin
Headhunter - Latin Flute
Drum Origins - Oracle
Talvin Singh - Traveller
Niraj Chag - The Firefly
Dog Eat Dog feat. RZA - Step Right In (Breakbeat Science remix)
DJ Spice - 4 Play
Drumsound & Simon 'Bassline' Smith - Aquarius
Aquasky - I Can't Wait
Cleveland Lounge - Drowning (Dave Aude Drum-n-Space mix)
Kosheen - Hide U
1.8.7. - San Francisco

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Plugged In playlist for 03/15/2013

Program name: 
Plugged In
Air date: 
On this show I played some newer stuff, some classics and some personal favorites. Here is the setlist:

David Vangel - Sandpaper Script
Graphics - MacGrackleton
Dubfreq - U Know How 2 Love Me
Jazzmopper J - Kamong
Steve Mill feat. Keisher Downie - Nobody (Main Mix)
14th - Take Me There (RackNRuin remix)
Cassius - I <3 U SO (Skream remix)
GusGus - Add This Song
LetKolben - Magical Trip
Open Doors - Hope For It
Wankelmut & Emma Louise - My Head Is A Jungle
Djuma Soundsystem and Aki Bergen feat. Lazarusman - Love Her Madly (Aki Bergen version)
Habersham - Into The M
Katy B - Disappear
Toddla T - Take It Back (D1 remix)
Hostage & BBC Symphony Orchestra - Stargazing
Loz Contreras - Break You Down
Nacey - Game of Thrones bootleg
Trentmoller - Moan (Vocal Version feat. Ane Trolle)
Orbital - halycon + on + on

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Plugged In playlist for 01/18/2013

Program name: 
Plugged In
Air date: 
On Friday, 1-18-2013, DJ Tronic hosted the 2012 recap edition of Plugged In. The setlist featured a lot of his favorite songs from the previous year. His song of the year for 2012 was Disclosure - What's In Your Head (Mak & Pasteman remix). The song is a great example of the current hybrid of bass music and house that is really big right now.

Doe Paoro - Born Whole
Joker - The Vision (feat. Jessie Ware and Freddie Gibbs)
TMS feat. Jagga - I Need You (Maribou State remix)
Brunetto - License To Beat (Pulshar remake)
Graphics - MacGrackleton
Nneka - My Home (Coki remix)
Hostage & BBC Symphony Orchestra - Stargazing
K Theory - Azealia The B
Santigold - Disparate Youth (Gorgon City remix)
Norken & Deer - Remember That Feeling
Balcazar & Sordo - Stalker
Doorly - Rush
Kimbra - Settle Down (Dijital remix)
Parov Stelar - Jimmy's Gang
Codec - Be Yourself
Slok - Lonely Child (2012 Mix)
Disclosure - What's In Your Head (Mak & Pasteman remix)
Gorgon City - Odyssey
Ill Blu - 2nd Nature
[a]pendics.shuffle & Mr. C - Something Strange
Hakan Ludvigson - Goodbye feat. Coni

Plugged In playlist for 10/19/2012

Program name: 
Plugged In
Air date: 
On Friday, October 19th, we had our second Membership Drive special. The show was hosted by Tronic who played two hours of music, focusing on the slower side of the spectrum - including future bass, downtempo, uk garage and more. The second hour saw some breaks, house and more bass music in the mix.

Here is the setlist from the show:

David Vangel - Sandpaper Script
K Theory - Azealia The B
Robot Koch - Brujeria
Brunetto - License To Beat (Pulshar remake)
Graphics - MacGrackleton
Kelly Rowland - Motivation (AnnaLove remix)
The Voyeurist - Chase (Visions of Trees remix)
Cassius - I <3 U SO (Skream remix)
Nacey - Game of Thrones bootleg
Christian Dinamarca - Jaguar
KwikFiks - I Love You
Daniel Klauser - I Told Ya (feat. Jasmine Knight)
Loz Contreras - Break You Down
Princess Superstar - My Machine (Tommie Sunshine remix)
Baby D - Let Me Be Your Fantasy
Toddla T - Take It back
Maribou State - Olivia (MAO remix)
Alex Niggemann - I Don't Care (Ride Mix)
Cheese N Onion - As I Want You
Nneka - My Home (Coki remix)
Doe Paoro - Born Whole
Parov Stelar - Kiss Kiss (vocal remake)
Santigold - Disparate Youth (Gorgon City remix)

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Plugged In playlist for 09/21/2012

Program name: 
Plugged In
Air date: 
My set started out with some downtempo, then into deep house, house, tech house and techno.

Here is the setlist:

Jesse Futerman - Dawn Wawn
Brunetto - License To Beat (Pulshar remake)
Interface, Minus & J Wilcox - Delicious
Krystal Klear feat. Jenna G - More Attention
John Dimas - Falling Skies
Krink - Here I Come
Waifs & Strays - For A While
Manuel Gerres - Yellow (Helly Larson remix)
Cesar Caballero - Funketeao
Danny Quattro - Kerri's Theme
Moussa Clarke & John Ashby - Much Better
Chinese Flash Mob feat. Alexander III - Fade 2 Black (Beckwith remix)
Basti Grub - Push
Synapsis - 6 a.m. (Riccicomoto 'Do You Want it' session)
Aldo Kapone - Stay Tonight
Dibby Dougherty & David Young - Fine Day (DhARMA Rekonstruction)
Burex - Bombs Over Capitals
Christian Fischer - Tactical Protection (Sven Tasnadi remix)
Hector Villenueva - Self-Consciousness (John Massey remix)
M. Fukuda - Stone Mask
Duckhunter - Grenade
Pale - Silverstair

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Plugged In playlist for 07/06/2012

Program name: 
Plugged In
Air date: 
On Friday, July 6th, we got started about 10:30, as KBOO was wrapping up the live streaming of the Blues Fest from the waterfront.

We had a very special guest DJ mix from DJ Stephen R - the man behind the Architects + Heroes record label.

Here is the setlist from his mix - consisting of all tracks from the label catalog.

1. Track 1 - Zygot.e 00/10 (A+H008)
2. The Play (TrickDoubt Mix) - BTFL
3. Invisible Pedestrian - Asymmetrical Head
4. Bumped - DJ Stephen R
5. Track 8 - Zygote
6. A Matter of Time (Demo) - Griffith Park Satellites
7. Subluminal - Quiliuq
8. Love & Hate (DJ Stephen R. Remix) - Neotropic
9. Dracula Variations - Zygote
10. Magical Dracula Powers - The Summer of Flux
11. Track 14 - Zygote
12. ULTIMATELY ALWAYS 1 (Out of the Woodwork - Rustling Remix) - Kemek
13. Sirens Sister (Rusty's Housekeeping Mix By Panoramica) - Neotropic

Click Here to stream and/or download the mix from SoundCloud.

Stephen R SoundCloud page

Architects + Heroes facebook page

Following the guest mix, I played a mix of tech house that I gave out on CD at our "Back to the Underground" party that happened on June 30th.

Don't miss our next show, Friday July 20th, with special guest DJ Chris P.

Plugged In playlist for 06/15/2012

Program name: 
Plugged In
Air date: 
On Friday, June 15th, Tronic was joined by special guest JAK of SubSensory Recordings. JAK played from 10pm - 11pm, and Tronic was in the mix the second hour. All underground House and Tech House, and JAK's set included tracks from some of the performers at the Closer Music Festival, which is this week - June 21st - 24th!

More on Closer Music Festival @

More on JAK @

More on SubSensory Recordings @

JAK's setlist:

Hesohi - Digital Yoga
Huba and Silica - Supermarket - Mario Maroto Remix
Damian Lazarus - Moment - [a]pendics.shuffle Club Version
Hot Since 82 - Let It Ride (Nicolas Masseyeff Remix)
Victor Ruiz - I Look Into You - D-Nox & Beckers remix
LilRoj - Free Air - JAK Remix
Art of Hot - The Vision
LilRoj - Chuckle - Mario Maroto Remix
Elliot Wright - Rise On High - Jaime Anderson Remix
Tim Paris - Dominance - Hiem Remix
[a]pendics.shuffle - Keep Saying Nothing
Art of Hot - Spice Melange
Joshua Iz - Sentimental Love feat. Chez Damier (Audio Soul Project Remix 1)

Stream JAK's mix from the show on MixCloud @

Tronic's setlist:

Justin Ryan - Big, Hateful and Notorious
Danny Daze - Ghetto Fab
Mark Stacey - Annie's Groove
DJ Sulli - Mercury Rising
Monika Kruse - Traces
Art Of Hot - The Vision
People Get Real feat RJW - Fascination (Voytek remix)
Eddie F - Faze Action
PHNTM - Revolution (Acida Corporation remix)
Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N. - The Raid

Stream Tronic's mix from the show on MixCloud @

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Plugged In playlist for 06/01/2012

Program name: 
Plugged In
Air date: 
On Friday, June 1st, we had two guest DJs on Plugged In!

10pm - 11pm, Trevor Vichas played a special set of all his own production and remix work.

Trevor Vichas setlist:

Trevor Vichas - Play House | Freq Music Group(unreleased)
Tommy Largo & Trevor Vichas - Come To Swing | Cabbie Hat
Trevor Vichas & Arturo Garces - String Theory | unsigned
Tommy Largo & Trevor Vichas - Old School Business | Robsoul Recordings
Tommy Largo & Trevor Vichas - In Da Morning | unsigned
Trevor Vichas - Reach The Peak - Unsigned
Tommy Largo & Trevor Vichas - Heads Together | HouseWarming Music
Tommy Largo & Trevor Vichas - Gonna Hold On | Deep Jacking(unreleased)
Trevor Vichas & Craig Hamilton - Friday Feeling | Seventy Four
Trevor Vichas & Andy(uneaq) - Do You Know My Name | Freq Music Group(unreleased)
Tommy Largo & Trevor Vichas - Keep On Wondering | unsigned
Tommy Largo & Trevor Vichas - Special Way | House Warming Music
Tommy Largo & Trevor Vichas - Tune In | unsigned
Tommy Largo & Trevor Vichas - Do Anything | unsigned
Trevor Vichas & Craig Hamilton - House Laws | Seventy Four

Stream Trevor's mix via MixCloud @

More on Trevor Vichas @

11pm - 12am, Art Of Hot played a set of House + Tech House.

Art Of Hot setlist:

1. Dj Simi- Big Rip
2.He did- Do you like this party
3.Kiko- Dirt girl
4.Silvio Attanasio- Don't make me wait
5.Erick Le Funk- Break it down
6.Cuartero- Journey of hope
7.Cuartero- Star of touch
8.Paco Maroto- Monterrey
9.Polyphone- Ramba
10.Kiko- Champs-elysees
11.Nicole Moudaber- Sin Palabras
12.Predrag Nincic- My invisible romance

Stream Art Of Hot's mix via MixCloud @

More on Art Of Hot @


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