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Music from the True Vine on 05/30/15

Air date: 
Sat, 05/30/2015 - 9:00am - 12:00pm
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Bluegrass and Old Time Music

Music from the True Vine on 05/23/15

Air date: 
Sat, 05/23/2015 - 9:00am - 12:00pm
Short Description: 
Bluegrass and Old Time Music

Music from the True Vine on 05/16/15

Air date: 
Sat, 05/16/2015 - 9:00am - 12:00pm
Short Description: 
Bluegrass and Old Time Music

Music from the True Vine on 05/09/15

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Sat, 05/09/2015 - 9:00am - 12:00pm
Short Description: 
Bluegrass and Old Time Music

Music from the True Vine on 05/02/15

Air date: 
Sat, 05/02/2015 - 9:00am - 12:00pm
Short Description: 
Bluegrass and Old Time Music

Music from the True Vine on 04/25/15

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Sat, 04/25/2015 - 9:00am - 12:00pm
Short Description: 
Bluegrass and Old Time Music

Music from the True Vine on 04/18/15

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Sat, 04/18/2015 - 9:00am - 12:00pm
Short Description: 
Bluegrass and Old Time Music

Music from the True Vine on 04/11/15

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Sat, 04/11/2015 - 9:00am - 12:00pm
Short Description: 
Bluegrass and Old Time Music

Music from the True Vine on 04/04/15

Air date: 
Sat, 04/04/2015 - 9:00am - 12:00pm
Short Description: 
Bluegrass and Old Time Music

Music from the True Vine on 03/28/15

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Sat, 03/28/2015 - 9:00am - 12:00pm
Short Description: 
Bluegrass and Old Time Music



program date: 
Tue, 02/25/2014
Here's the Live Tater and Craig Set from the Feb 15th Bluegrass Marathon!
thanks for listening, and thanks to Tater and Craig for Playing!
  • Length: 38:45 minutes (35.48 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


program date: 
Tue, 02/25/2014
Here's the Live Porch Cats Set from the Feb 15th Bluegrass Marathon!
thanks for listening, and thanks to the Porch Cats for Playing!
  • Length: 41:58 minutes (38.42 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


program date: 
Sat, 02/15/2014
Here's the Live Stumbleweed Set from the Feb 15th Bluegrass Marathon!
thanks for listening, and thanks to Stumbleweed for Playing!
  • Length: 37:01 minutes (33.89 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


program date: 
Sat, 02/15/2014
Here's the Live HakansonSet from the Feb 15th Bluegrass Marathon!
thanks for listening, and thanks to Hakansonfor Playing!
  • Length: 41:55 minutes (38.38 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


program date: 
Sat, 02/15/2014
Here's the Live Martin Brothers Set from the Feb 15th Bluegrass Marathon!
thanks for listening, and thanks to the Martin Brothes for Playing!
  • Length: 40:01 minutes (36.64 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


program date: 
Sat, 02/15/2014
Here's the Live Slipshod Set from the Feb 15th Bluegrass Marathon!
thanks for listening, and thanks to Slipshod for Playing!
  • Length: 29:51 minutes (27.33 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


program date: 
Sat, 02/15/2014
Here's the Live Pick Ups Set from the Feb 15th Bluegrass Marathon!
thanks for listening, and thanks to The Pick Ups for Playing!
  • Length: 37:07 minutes (33.98 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


Music from the True Vine playlist for 02/02/2013

Program name: 
Music from the True Vine
Air date: 
Atlas String BandEast VA Blues
Kenny BakerDenver Belle
Norman Blake and Tony RiceTexas Gales
Doc WatsonTennessee Stud
Curly SecklerBringing in GA Mail
Armstrong TwinsAK Special
Ronnie BowmanCold VA Night
Counsin Emmy / NLCRBowling Green
Joe ValYellow Rose of Texas
Hazel DickensWV My Home
Hazel and AliceMT Cowboy
Squirrel ButterBanks of the OH
Hunger MT BoysNashville Don't Touch My Country
Doc WatsonMy Dear Old Southern Home
Bill MonroeMy Dixie Home
Dave Grisman Del McCouryMy Little GA Rose
Big MedicineMy OZark MT home
CArter FamilyMy Texas Girl
Larry SparksKY Girl
Bill MonroeMy Old KY and You
Osborne BrosKY Waltz
Larry GillisKY Mandolin
LArry SparksKY Chimes
Osbourne BRosKY
Norman BlakeNashville Blues
Osborne BrosMy Cabin in Caroline
Bill MonroeMy Last Days on Earth
Kenny BakerHickman County Breakdown
Del McCouryNashville Cats
Foghorn DuoNew Orleans / Rock Andy
Larry SparksTN 1949
Tony TriskaNY Chimes
Steep Canyon RangersTN Blues
Armstrong TwinsCAbin HOme in Caroline
Nashville BG BandBrand New TN Waltz
WildersNight Train to Memphis
Skip GomanNorthen White Cloud
Norman BlakeColumbus Stockade Blues
Bruce MolskyAK Traveler
78 RPMCarolina Mt Home
Bill MonroeAshland Breakdown
Eric ThompsonBack Home in Indiana
Greg ClarkeBaltimore Fire
Bryan SuttonBeaumont Rag
Norman BlakeChattanooga Rag
Ralph StanleyBeautiful Star of Bethlehem
StringbeanBig Ball in Nashvlle
Del McCouryAsheville Turnaround
Bill MonroeBlue Moon of KY
JD CroweBlue Ridge Mtn Home
Kenny BakerWashington County
Bill MonroeBoston Boy
Bryan SuttonBrown County Breakdown
Blue HighwayCanadian Baconundefined
Don RenoCharlotte Breakdown

Music from the True Vine playlist for 11/03/2012

Program name: 
Music from the True Vine
Air date: 
Doc WatsonDeep River Blues
Buzz BusbyMandolin Twist
Osborne BrothersKentucky Waltz
Kenny BakerShelby Rock
Dave GrismanMy Little GA Rose
Water Tower Bucket BoysLondon Breakdown
Nashville BG BandOld Dangerfield
Dave GrismanHouse of Gold
Joe ValLonesome Road Blues
Dickens, Hawker, JonesLove Me or Leave Me Alone
Greg ClarkeWild Rose of the Mountain
Tony Rice, Norman BlakeI'm Comin Back but I Don't Know When
Carolina Chocolate DropsSourwood Mountain
Hunger Mtn BoysGotta Get Saved
Del MCCouryAll Aboard
Donna StonemanLife's Railway to Heaven
JackstrawSpring on the Hill
Steve Martin and Steep Canyon RangersNorthern Island
Flatt & ScruggsI Won't Be Hanging Round
Don RenoI Know You're married but I love you still
JackstrawHurricane Floyd
Rob IckesElzics Farewell
Foghorn TrioI Don't Claim to be an Angel
Tony RiceGold Rush
Earl TaylorThe Children are Crying
Rob IckesLost Indian
Kenny BakerGReenleaf Breakdown
Blue HighwayFind Me Out on a mountaintop
Cliff WaldronSatan's Jeweled Crown
Del McCouryGold bricking
Doc WatsonGirl in the Blue Velvet Band
Dickens Hawker JonesTimes Are Not What they Used to Be
Nashville BG BandBiggest Liar in Town
Fairley SparksSouthern Flower
Dave GrismanTrue Life Blues
Tony Rice UnitSally Goodin

Music from the True Vine playlist for 09/15/2012

Program name: 
Music from the True Vine
Air date: 
Open RoadI've Always Been A Rambler
GrasstownUp in the Wheelhouse
Kristin Scott BensonDon't Tread on mE
Flatt and ScruggsOn My mind
Laurel Canyon RamblersGirl by the Bank
Sawtooth Mtn BoysGet Gone
Tara NevinsPig in a Pen
Steep Canyon RangersNobody Knows You
Carolina RoadSharecroppers Son
Stanley BrothersDarling Do You Know Who Loves You
Doc WatsonMy Dear Old Southern Home
Foggy MT SpecialNashville Skyline Rag
Bobby OsborneMuddy Waters
BoxcarsOl Lonesome Won't Leave Me Alone
Josh WilliamsKiller on the Loose
Dehlia LowState of Jefferson
Karl ShiffletTennessee Cut Up Breakdown
Larry SparksLeavin Me
Flatt and ScruggsShuckin the Corn
Laurie LewisOld Ten Brook
Del McCouryHighway of Pain
Tim O'BrienThe Wicked Messenger
JackstrawJust Another Way to Go
Town MountainRun junior Run
Stanley BrothersDrifting Too Far from the Shore
Karl ShiffletI Gotta Get Drunk
Bill EmersonDickenson County Breakdown
Steep Canyon RAngersBetween Midnight and Dawn
Open RoadGod's Not Dead
James KingYou're Still to Blame
Carolina RoadBack to M Roots
Sawtooth Mtn BoysBring Home the Bacon
Joe Valyellow Rose of Texas
Josh WilliamsCold Virginia Rain
Steve MartinThe Crow
Kenny BakerGreenleaf BReakdown
Foghorn StringbandFarther Along
Cliff Perry and Laurel BlissYou've BEen a Friend of MIne
Carter FamilyWill You Miss Me When I'm Gone
Foghorn StringbandFine Times at Our House
Carter FamilyOver the Garden Wall
Uncle WigglyPotluck
Doc WatsonYour Long Journey
Flatt and Scruggsearl's BReakdown
Larry SparksShenendoah Moon
Tara NevinsI've Got a Mule to Ride
Open RoadCome Along jody
Karl ShiffletSong on the Jukebox
Steep Canyon RangersKNob Creek
Del McCouryKnee Deep in the Blues
Kristin Scott BensonSandy River Belle
Stanley BrothersMeet Me Tonight
JackstrawRandy the Rambler
Bill MonroeI'm Going Back to Old Kentucky

Music from the True Vine playlist for 07/07/2012

Program name: 
Music from the True Vine
Air date: 
Vern WilliamsLive and Let Live
Dave GRismanDawggy Mtn BReakdown
Kentucky ColonelsOver in the glory land
Laurie LewisBlue moon of Kentucky
Doc and DelWatson's Blues
David GrierOld Hotel Rag
Flatt and ScruggsDear Old Dixie
Good Old PersonsAnother Night
Country GentlemenPoor Ellen Smith
John ReishmannBig bug
Earl BrothersToo many women too little time
Bill CliftonYou dob't think about me when i'm gone
Tony RiceHow Mtn Girls Can love
Jeff WhiteOld plank road
Ricky SkaggsMissing Vassar
LongviewEating out of your hand
Tony TrishkaNew York chimes
78 RPMUp in the high country
Flatt ScruggsFlint hill special
Dickens jones HawkerOld River
Ralph Stanley Patty LovelessI'll Never Grow Tired odf You
Doug DillardBanjolina
Blue HighwayRestless working man
Gillis BrosNo more to be lonesome
Del McCouryLonesome Hobo
Gibson BrothersWhere nobody knowds my name
Earl Scruggs tribute cdReuben
Tony Riceon and on
Laurie LewisI Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow
Earl BrothersAnother broken hearted fool
Bob Paisley and Southern GrassSold down the river
Vassar ClementsFlorida Blues
Town mtnIrene
Spring CreekTangled in the Pines
Ricky SkaggsSpam jelly
Uncle EarlOld bunch of keys
BoxcarsJeffrey's hell
GrasstownUp in the Wheelhouse
Bob Paisley and S GrassSourwood mtn
Sam HillWhipper Willow
Vern WilliamsI hear a choo choo
Blue HighwayI'd Rather Be a Lonesome Pine
Steep Canyon RangersTurn up the botttle
Bill CliftonWalking in my sleep
Doc and BillPaddy on the Turnpike
Lonesome River bandLong Gone
Flatt and ScruggsIt Won't Be Long
LongviewGeorgia bound
Town mtnNighthawk
Dickens jones HawkerComing down from god
Earl tribute cdEarl's breakdown
Gillis BrosI'll just take this train and ride
Del mcCourylivin on the mtn
Steep Canyon RangersHave mercy

Music from the True Vine playlist for 01/21/2012

Program name: 
Music from the True Vine
Air date: 
Bill MonroeSally Goodin
Bill MonroeCan't You Hear Me Callin'
Stanley BrothersRock Of Ages
Red AllenKeep On Going
Dave EvansWhen The Snow Falls On My Foggy Mt. Home
John Reedy & Stone Mt. HillbilliesSomebody Touched Me
Reno & SmileySpeedin'
Hylo Brown & Lonesome Pine FiddlersLovesick & Sorrow
Del McCouryI Feel The Blues Movin' In
JD Crowe, Doyle Lawson & Paul WilliamsThis World Is Not My Home
Big Country BluegrassWeary Traveler
Charlie Moore & Bill NapierChain Gang
Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme OutBig Muddy
Seldom SceneMuddy Water
Audie BlaylockLonely River
Stanley BrothersLonesome River
Bluegrass CardinalsRoll On Muddy River
Hagars Mt. BoysCold Cold River
Alison Krauss & Union Station (Dan Tyminski)Rain Please Go Away
Ashlee Blankenship & Blades Of GrassDeep Deep River
Hot RizeWhere The Wild River Rolls
Ralph StanleyFlood of '57
Johnson Mountain BoysMaury River Blues
James KingOld River
John Reischman & The JaybirdsGoin' Across The Sea
Kenny & Amanda SmithIt's Not The Wind
Del McCouryClose By
Jr. Sisk & Ramblers ChoiceAnother Man's Arms
Frank SolivanScortchin' The Gravy
Mark Newton & Rhonda VincentWe Can't Go Wrong
The BoxcarsHurtin' Inside
Ginny HawkerThose Two Blue Eyes
David DavisI've Been All Around The World
JackstrawCome On Back To Me
Robert FeathersNoah's Breakdown
Shannon SlaughterLeavin' Breakin' Even
Ricky SkaggsWalls Of Time
JD Crowe, Doyle Lawson & Paul WilliamsVoice Of My Saviour
Stanley BrothersDon't Go Out Tonight
JD Crowe & New SouthMississippi River Raft
Dailey & VincentCumberland River
Doyle Lawson & QuicksilverMississippi River Let Your Waters Flow
Del McCouryFoggy River
Frank SolivanI'll Go Steppin'
Sawtooth Mt. BoysWhen It's Time For Me To Die
Seldom SceneHeaven
BoxcarsI Could Change My Mind
Cumberland Gap ConnectionGonna Settle Down
NewTowneTrouble And Pain
Bill MonroeSally Goodin

Music of The True Vine hosted by Gareth Jenkins (the 3rd Saturday each month). After a week of snow, rain and flooding in the Pacific NW, I included a few of sets of rain and river songs in the show to tip the hat to all those impacted. Hope you enjoyed it.

Music from the True Vine playlist for 11/05/2011

Program name: 
Music from the True Vine
Air date: 
Eddie Adcock & Don RenoBye Bye Blues
Charlie SizemoreHeartache Looking for a Home
Junior SiskA Far Cry From Lester & Earl
Bill MonroeMy Rose of Old KY
Blue HighwayI Aint Gonna Lay My Hammer Down
Audie BlaylockI'm Going Back to Old KY
Delia Bell & Bill GrantDreaming
Del McCouryCrazy Heart
Gillian Welch6 White Horses
WildersWhen the Levee Breaks
78 RPMIt's Hard
Bela FleckPolka on the Banjo
JackstrawSpring on the Hill
Hot Mud FamilyPutting Nails in my Coffin
Demolition String BandGo Home LIttle Girl
Doc WatsonMy Dear Old Southern Home
Hunger Mt BoysNashville Don't Touch My Country Music
Foghorn TrioI Want To Be Loved Onl By You
Steep Canyon RangersLovin' Pretty Women
Stanley BrothersLittle Maggie
Dehlia LowI'm Going Down
Jim & JesseThe Midnight Train
Ira & Charlie LouvinWeary Lonesome Blues
Lonesome Sistersould You Love Me One More Time
James ReamsCornbread Molasses and Sassafrass Tea
Red Hen StringbandOff The Griddle
Whiskey PuppyMoonshine Blues
Johny Gimble & Benny MartinDueling Fiddles
Ginny Hawker & Kay JusticeWaves on the Sea
Tennessee StudsBottle for Myself
Ricky SkaggsCrying My Heart Out Over You
Don Reno & Arthur SmithLitttle Rock Getaway
Donna UlisseLet It Rain
Hot Mud FamilyIt's Raining Here This Morning
Ida ViperThe Whole World Round
Rayna GellertGot No Honey Babe Now
Flatt & ScruggsI'll Never Shed Another Tear
Del McCourySea of Sorrow
Jenny LesterOne Way Track
Wynn OsborneFarewell Blues
Squirrel ButterWhiskey & Wine
Eddie Adcock & Don RenoLonesome Road Blues
Benton FlippenLong Tongued Woman
Blue HighwayRoaring Creek
Charlie SizemoreRed Wicked Wine
78 RPMBanjo on a Mt
Delia Bell & Bill GrantSad Situation
Audie BlalockMighty Dark to Travel
Junior SiskThe Devil's Old White Well
Laurie LewisI Don't Care
Water Tower Bucket BoysBlackbird Picking At A Squirrel
Jerry DouglasRide The Wild Turkey

Music from the True Vine playlist for 09/03/2011

Program name: 
Music from the True Vine
Air date: 
Dry Branch Fire SquadLonesome Road Blues
Squirrel ButterBaptist Shout
Mike StahlmanOld Jack
Michael ClevelandHard Time Banjo Blues
JD CroweBack to the Barrooms
Jimmy GaudreauAin't Nobody Gonna Miss Me
Larry GillisI Think I'll Stay Around
Norman BlakeChurch Street Blues
Doyle LawsonSadie's Got Her New Dress On
Ralph Stanley Charlie SizemoreWon't You BE mine
Spring CreekDone This To Yourself
BG Album BandTall Timber
LongviewI've Never Been So Lonesome
Larry SparksBlue Mtn Melody
Ralph StanleyCutting the Cornbread
Blue HighwayWicked Path of Sin
Goins BrothersRun Satan Run
JackstrawPoor Rambler
Ricky SkaggsRawhide
Audie BlaylockMighty Dark To Travel
Doc and Merle WatsonDown the Road
Blue HighwaySycamore Hollar
All-star TRibute to BillBG Breakdown
Lonesome River bandWon't BE Over You
Open RoadLucky Drive
Charlie SizemoreRed Wicked Wine
Byron BerlineSally Goodin
Tony RiceBig Mon
Joe ValWhen the Cactus is in Bloom
DAn TyminskiKnock knock
Gillian Welch6 White Horses
Doyle LawsonTulsa Turn Around
Hazel DickensLonesome Pine Special
Larry GillisKentucky Mandolin
Stairwell SistersHangman Tree
Whiskey PuppyStanding on a Mountain
Town MtnLeavin Montana
Gibson BrothersShuckin the Corn
Del McCouryBluegrass Country
Rayna GellertSay Darlin Say
Gillis BRothresSay You'll Take Me Back
LongviewIt's Goodbye and So Long to You
Michael ClevelandOld Brown Country Barn
SAm HillHaunted By A Memory
Blue Highwyjust Another GRavel in the Road
Carl ShiffletWorries on My Mind
JackstrawAnother Song Another Drink
Open RoadLittle Rabbit
Joe ValWrong Road Again
Larry SparksLines on the Highway
Chubby WiseDown Yonder
Mountain HeartLee Highwy Blues
Hazel DickensHere Today Gone Tomorrow

Music from the True Vine playlist for 06/04/2011

Program name: 
Music from the True Vine
Air date: 
TRibute to Bill MonroeBluegrass Breakdown
Lonesome River BandWillow Garden
Peter RowanRuby Ridge
John ReishmannFirst Whipoorwill
Hazel DickensLove me or Leave me Alone
Lost PinesOut of the Rain
Ralph StanleyTime to Wake Up
Laurel Canyon ramblersThe Weasel
Open RoadSouthern Track
Allison Kruass Dan TimisnskiDust Bowl Children
Steve Martin Steep CanyonRare Bird Alert
Lester Flatt and Nashville CatsBlack Eyed Susie
Frank SullivanLine Drive
Vern WilliamsMontana Cowboy
Dolly PartonCry Cry DRLIN
Michael ClevelandGoin up dry branch
The StonemansLittle Maggie
Stanley BrothersHow Mtn Girls Can Love
Osborne BRosHilbilly Fever
Don REno, Bill HarrellI know ou're married but I love you still
Josh WilliamsBlue RR Train
Nashville BG BandBlack Birds and Crows
Doc WatsonWorking man Blues
Michael ClevelandThe Nghts Are So Long
Larry SparksShenendoah Morn
John ReishmannBlack Road
Lester FlattWhy did you wander
Tribute to Bill Monroejohn Henry
Frank SullivanTarred and Feathered
jim and JesseSleepy Eyed John
Del McCouryQuicksburg Rendezvos
Stanley BrothersShout Little Lult
Ola Belle ReedHigh on a mtn
Steve Martin and SCRAthiests Don't HaveNo Songs
Rd AllenGround Hog
Open RoadCheyenne mtn Breakdown
Aubrey HainieBG in the Backwoods
Tony RiceWill You Be Loving Another man
Hot RizeColleen Malone
JackstrawCountry Dave
Town mtnFallin off the Wagon
John HartfordDoin My Time
Doc watsonColumbus Stockage Blues
Vern WilliamsTraveling the Highway Home
Steep Canyon RangersI can't sit down
Michael ClevelandI've Got the RR Blues
Jody Stcher Kate BrislinElk Horn Ridge
Larry SparkdParkway Blues
DEl and Dave GRismanCabin of Love
Piney Creek WeaselsWhup the Devil Round the Stump
Aubrey hayneLong Cold Winter
Steve Martin and SCRNorthern Island
JackstrawOne Thousand Miles
DelCheek to Cheek

Music from the True Vine playlist for 05/07/2011

Program name: 
Music from the True Vine
Air date: 
Flatt & ScruggsFlint Hill SpecialLive at Carnegie Hall
Hot Corn Cold Corn
Little Maggie
Hazel Dickens Ginny HawkeForsaken LoverHeart of a Singer
Love Me or Leave Me Alone
Coming Down from God
Open RoadBald Knob ArkansasIn the Life
Cheyenne Mtn BReakdown
Darling NellieBG Music
Fling Ding
Michael ClevelandSold Down the RiverLeaving Town
Northern White Clouds
I'm Riding That Train
Hello City LimitsLet Er Go Boys
Sugar in the Gourd
Steep Canyon RangersTurn Up the BottleDeep in the Shade
Living in the PaneSteep Canyon
Waiting to Hear You Call My NameOne Dime at a Time
One Dime at a Time
Hazel and AliceWalking in Mu SleepPioneering Women BG
Won't You Come and Sing for me
Can't You Hear Me Calling
Gabriel's Call
JackstrawMtn Dewjackstraw
Hurricane FloydFarrington
You Won't BE SatisfiedRubber Wheels
Rubber Wheels
Gillis BrothersHeart and SoulHeart and Soul
GA 5 String
Say Won't You be Mine
I'll Just Take that Train and Ride
Stanley BRothersI'll Be TRue to the One That I Love
Nobody's Love is Like mine
Let Me Love You One More Time
Bound to Ride
Bill MonroeI'm Working on a Building
Jerusalem Ridge
Rocky Road Blues
E TN Blues
Bill Monroe and Hazel DickensMansions for MeLive 6_20_66 at Tex Logan's House
Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms
I Am a Pilgrim
Del McCouryWhite House Blues
Prisoner's Song
High on a Mtn
A Far Cry

Music from the True Vine playlist for 04/02/2011

Program name: 
Music from the True Vine
Air date: 
Del McCouryNever Grow Up Bo
Carter FamilySweet as the Flowers in Maytime
Tony RiceGreen Light on the Souhtern
Hazel Dickens & Alice GerrardCan't You Hear Me Callin'
Blue HighwayBorn in a Barn
Vern WilliamsWhen Spring Time Comes Again
JackstrawSpring on the Hill
Norman BlakeConstitution March
Squirrel ButterHoney Just Allow Me One More Chance
Bryan SuttonTater Patch
Doc & Merle WatsonListening to the Rain
Steve Martin & Steep Canyon RangersWomen Like to Slow Dance
Bill MonroeOrange Blossom Special
Tim O'Brien & Darrell ScottWith a Memory Like Mine
Hot Mud FamilyRamshackle Shack
Open RoadTake My Hand and Tell Me
Rabbit FootMuddy Creek
Broken Valley RoadshowJust Over in the Glory Land
Tennessee StudsApple Pie
Steep Canyon RangersTurn Up the Bottle
Lynn MorrisGonna Have Love
Monroe TributeBill Cheatham
Josh SloneBig Blue Raindrops
Ramona JonesCluck Old Hen
Larry SparksSomebody Touched Me
Michael ClevelandMaine Line
Charlie SizemoreGoing to Georgia
Jim & Jennie & PinetopsDriving Rain
Kathy KallickGriddle in the Middle
Lorraine JordanTennessee Blues
Frank SolivanPaul & Silas
Open RoadShotgun
Dolly PartonSilver Dagger
Josh WilliamsBlue Railroad Train
Norman & Nancy BlakeOld Stepstone
Jesse McRenolds & Chrels WhitsenWhen I Stop Dreaming
Water Tower Bucket BoysBlackbird Picking at a Squirrel
Monroe BrothersI'm Thinking onight of the Old Folks
Tony RiceWhy You Been Gone So Long
Ralph StanleyDon't Wake Me Up
Old & in the GreyBarefoot Nellie
Open RoadDarling Nellie
Hot Mud FamilyDriving Nails in my Coffin
Tim O'Brien & Darrell ScottWalk Beside Me
Frank SolivanLine Drive
Sauceman BrothersDown the Road
James KingLeavin'
Squirrel ButterGal From Baltimore
Del McCouryMy Love Will Mot Change
Ida Viperlue Ridge Cabin Home
Lynn MorrisDon't Neglect the Rose
Blue HighwayFiddler's Dream
Rayna GellertSweet as the Flowers in Maytime
Steep Canyon RangersA Ramblin' Man is a Ramblin' Man


Bluegrass claendar on the WEB?

Is the bluegrass claendar posted on the web? If it isn't, that would be such an awesome resource! I can never write down all those shows in time as I hear them, and then I don't end up going :-(

Calendar on web

TRY the OBA website,

Hey bluegrass fans!

We haven't done such a hot job of checking these comments in the past - sorry if we didn't announce your show.  We will be sure to check from now on!  Note that I host the first Saturday and will only check for shows subsequent to first Saturdays.  If you want to reach the other DJs email them!

Please Mention on Bluegrass Calander

Please mention that Cow Paddy Stompers will be playing the La Center Tavern in La Center Washington, Saturday August 15th from 9 - midnight.

It is a free show

Thank you,


Shows at the store in August

Please mention these shows that may be of interest to your listners.

Steve Smith and Chris Sanders from Hard Ride
Friday August 7th 7:30pm, $15 admission

Rose Laughlin, American Roots singer/guitarist
Saturday August 22 7:30pm $10 admission

Reservations for both these shows call 503.537.2196
more info at

GD Armstrong

Calendar Listing

Please announce on bluegrass calendar this Saturday.

SHEER BLUE - American Roots Duet (bluegrass, old time, Celtic and Western Ballads) Featuring one of the best bluegrass/old time harmonica
players on West Coast, and great guitar, vocals). Female duet.
Friday, JUNE 19th, 7PM (concert begins and doors lock at 7:30) Multomah Friends Meeting House, 4312 SE Stark (parking at overflow parking at Unity Church on SE Stark at 47th) $10.

I queried Rachael but am antsy for a reply on a song today

I'm new to Gresham; caught the morning blue grass show and liked something about a guy going to a wedding and knowing the bride but keeping his head down because he "kissed the bride . . ." was it "Five Years Ago?" I can't get the song to pop up on Pandora or Rhapsody. Want it for my own picking and singing. Tried your playlists, but today isn't up yet . . .

Thanks, Dennis

Please Announce on Calendar

MAY 15

A Benefit Concert with Dale Adkins and Brokentop

Proceeds to Marion Polk Foodshare

Friday May 15, 7:30 PM $10

The Historic Grand Theater
187 High Street, Salem OR

All Ages, No Advance tickets
Information 971-239-5632

Hey Moon

Dave, I gotta have the words and music to this song....
Please e-mail me the name of the band or send me the words and music.
Patti and I Hope to play with you again this year on the local bluegrass festival circuit..
Best Always

Please announce on Bluegrass Calendar for 4/11...

Please announce the following show for Saturday, 4/11:

The Stragglers and Mystic Canyon
at Duff's Garage in SE Portland
9:15 pm on Saturday, April 11th.


Bluegrass Concert - from Holland?

Did anyone catch the name of the Dutch bluegrass artists who will be performing this week? And where they'll be performing? Thanks.

Hickory Wind, Parsons not Hillman

Hickory Wind was written by Gram Parsons, one of his greatest songs. Gram & Chris Hillman were in The Byrds and The Flying Burrito Brothers. (Hillman was one of those who introduced Gram to Emmylou Harris.) Hickory Wind was on their "Sweetheart of the Rodeo" album. there is a live version of it on Gram's great "Grievous Angel" angel, released in 1974, several months after Gram's death in Sept 1973. it's been recorded numerous times and is about as beautiful as country/bluegrass/music gets. Hillman did not write the song.

btw, i can find no evidence Hillman was ever in the Eagles.

learn your Gram Parsons history & music; it will always serve you well!

please stop talking so much this morning

Especially about politics. There are lots of John McCain supporters who love Bluegrass. Thank you.

True Vine playlist for 29/11/08

hi. if anyone could help that would be great. They played a track at about 10.45 that i missed the name of(2nd last song before a long spoken break). it was 3 singers, 1 female, and one of the males sounded like Bill Munroe. It was very beautiful; harmonising, then each sung individually. Faith/gospel style. Thanks

farther along

How bout playin' Farther Along for us?


PLEASE don't forget to announce the FANTASTIC bluegrass festival OCTOBER 11 in Ridgefield Washington. ALL day- 11 to 10....
look at


Kid's Bluegrass Fiddle Performance at Tigard Library

On Friday, September 26th from 7-8pm at the Tigard Public Library, the Oregon Music Academy's Fiddle Group, made up mainly of kid's, will perform a variety of traditional fiddle music - bluegrass, Irish jigs, Oregon folk songs and more. Free of charge. Come join in the fun.

bluegrass music calendar?

I would I find the bluegrass claendar? sincerely Sheri.


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