Life During Wartime

Life During Wartime started in 1995, and is on every other Wednesday night from 10 pm until midnight (PDT), here on KBOO. We play DIY Punk And Hardcore records, have live bands, and do a  local shows listing for the Portland area (annihilate this week ) right around 11pm.

We want your records!! Send them to Life During Wartime /PO BOX 1113 / Portland, OR / 97207-1113

If you have the misfortune of living outside of the Portland area, you can listen to the whole two hour show for two weeks at Live Band sets will also be posted on the website, eventually.

Episode Archive

Life During Wartime on 03/07/12

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 03/07/2012 - 11:00pm - Thu, 03/08/2012 - 1:00am
Short Description: 
International Punk Women Focus

International Women's Day Programming begins with 2 hours of women fronted punk bands from all over the world, hosted by Cissie, Kate, and Erin.

Life During Wartime on 02/15/12

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 02/15/2012 - 11:00pm - Thu, 02/16/2012 - 1:00am
Short Description: 
Portland Punk for Oregon's Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OREGON! We will celebrate 153 years of Oregon with, maybe exclusively, bands from Oregon. Including some live at KBOO in 1983 Poison Idea recordings, where they are asking for your support for community radio! If PI can do it, so can you! Support the punks, and call us tonight to become a member! (503) 232-8818, 1-877-500-5266, or on this here website.

Life During Wartime on 01/18/12

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 01/18/2012 - 11:00pm - Thu, 01/19/2012 - 1:00am
Short Description: 
LIVE IN STUDIO: The Creamers

The Creamers, touring punk band from Austin, TX, play LIVE tonight on Life During Wartime! . The Creamers play catchy hardcore punk.

Listen to their 7" here:

Life During Wartime on 01/09/12

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Mon, 01/09/2012 - 11:00pm - Tue, 01/10/2012 - 1:00am
Short Description: 

Playing Live in Studio will be Sad Boys from New York City, and Drapetomania from LA!

This is after their show at the Know, so it will start a bit later than live bands usually do... tune in and enjoy!


Sad Boys

Life During Wartime on 09/28/11

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 09/28/2011 - 11:00pm - Thu, 09/29/2011 - 1:00am
Short Description: 

From LA, the Raw Punks RAYOS X and GENERACION SUICIDA will come to Portland on tour, and we are pleased to present them to you, dear listener, on Life During Wartime! For more information, go to

Listen to demos


Life During Wartime on 08/10/11

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 08/10/2011 - 11:00pm - Thu, 08/11/2011 - 1:00am
Short Description: 
Live In Studio: SAD HORSE

 Join us for the spazzy noise fun that is Sad Horse! Playing live August 10th on Life During Wartime!

Life During Wartime on 06/22/11

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 06/22/2011 - 11:00pm - Thu, 06/23/2011 - 1:00am
Short Description: 
Live in Studio: ANIMALS AND MEN

British D.I.Y. legends Animals & Men will be playing their first EVER set in the US tonight on Life During Wartime.

Amazing You Tube video of them playing in a living room!

Life During Wartime on 06/01/11

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 06/01/2011 - 11:00pm - Thu, 06/02/2011 - 1:00am
Short Description: 
Live in Studio: BI MARKS

Portland's own BI-MARKS will grace our airwaves June 1st!

To learn more:

Life During Wartime on 01/19/11

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 01/19/2011 - 11:00pm - Thu, 01/20/2011 - 1:00am
Short Description: 
Defect Defect Live In Studio Guests

Portland's own Defect Defect will be our live in studio guests tonight. They recently toured Japan, and will be doing a Midwest and East Coast tour in the spring of 2011. Sneak preview here:

Life During Wartime on 01/05/11

Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Wed, 01/05/2011 - 11:00pm - Thu, 01/06/2011 - 1:00am
Short Description: 
Crazy Spirit Live In Studio Guests!

Crazy Spirit, from New York City, is not being allowed into Canada, so we get to have them as live in studio guests!

For a sneak preview, go to


Live in Studio: THE CLEAVERS

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Sun, 01/26/2014
This recording was made in 1980, way before LDW's time here on KBOO, but I did find the reel to reel tape, and transfered it to digital. Enjoy!
  • Length: 27:14 minutes (24.93 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Live in Studio: ABORTION REELS

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Wed, 01/01/2014
  • Title: abortion reels
  • Year: 2014
  • Length: 6:55 minutes (6.33 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


Life During Wartime
program date: 
Wed, 01/01/2014
  • Length: 10:52 minutes (9.94 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Live in Studio: DARK SLASH LIGHT

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Wed, 12/11/2013
So stoked for this band! Justin and Candy and Tarika from The Triggers, Justin Candy and Mary from Sleepwalkers RIP! Thanks so much for playing!
  • Length: 18:37 minutes (17.05 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Live in Studio: DAMAGES

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Wed, 11/27/2013
From LA!
What's Left For Us / No Another Day / Not Your Soldier / I got No Patience / Purgatory / Disease Called Reality / Impulse / Vatican Rats

Live in Studio: O INIMIGO

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Fri, 11/08/2013

From Brasil! Live in Studio from Last November... sorry we lagged, more photos to come, and the set list!

  • Length: 37:42 minutes (34.52 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Neo Boys Special

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Wed, 10/30/2013
Documentary on the Neo Boys featuring KT Kincaid, Kim Kincaid, Pat Baum, Pat Baum, Jennifer LoBianco, and Meg Hentges, and audio from their new retrospective out on K Records, Sooner or Later.
  • Length: 59:25 minutes (54.4 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Mono 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Live in Studio: FREEDOM CLUB

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Wed, 10/02/2013
Just before their west coast tour....
  • Length: 22:10 minutes (20.29 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Live in Studio: LAS OTRAS

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Thu, 08/29/2013
Las Otras from Barcelona! Amazing women, great show!

There was a tech glitch, but we edited it out for you... enjoy!

Las Otras / Mujer Ficcion / Tragedia / Imune / Paredes de Carne / Rutina / Fronteras / Civilizacion de Muerte / Esclavas

Live in Studio: ANASAZI

Life During Wartime
program date: 
Thu, 08/29/2013
ANASAZI From New York City! Thanks for playing!

Witch Cry / Sudden Illness / Desecration / Morbid Native / Loving You With A Knife
  • Artist: Anasazi
  • Title: live at KBOO
  • Year: 2013
  • Length: 22:39 minutes (20.73 MB)
  • Format: MP3 Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)


Life During Wartime playlist for 11/19/2014

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
American HateThe Best AdviceDead Squeeze EPNot Normal
Umbilical ChordWaters/t 7"video disease
Moira ScarSpace Trash
Kizza PingDen Nya
PlastixKonsumier MichDie Tödliche Dosis
De KiftDe DagKonkurrent
Big CruxLamento DementePonchitoNot Normal
Imperialist PigsCherub Faces/t 7"Fatal Erection
AjaxSecurityBleach for Breakfast Cassette
The Lowest FormExhaustionNegative EcstasyIron Lung
Big BlackKeroseneAtomizerHomestead
Failed MutationThe Greatest Questdemo
InserviblesRuido de MierdaGrabaciones 2008-2013
Pura Manía1000 Años Despues Del HombreRatas De Dos Patas demoCvrecs
DirtHiroshimaObject Refuse Reject AbuseCrass
Big BoysManipulationLullibies Help the Brain GrowMoment
VideoCult of Video7"No Good Records
NauseaSelf Destruct
Butthole SurfersBBQ PopeBrown Reasons to Live
Dangerous GirlsI Don't Wanna Eat Another Sunday Roast With The FamilyKilled by 7" #4Redrum
Descendents (by request!)I Like Food
InstituteGiddy BoysKatorga Works
Joyce McKinneyGreen Song
Sick ThoughtsFrustrated
TorsoCommunity Psychosis
DOAFuck YouBloodies but UnbowedAlternative Tentacles
Mike Rep and the QuotasRocket To Nowhere
Delta 5Anticipation
Synthetic IDEscapement
The War Goes OnThe Shittie Life
The RussiansAnything She Wants
Pig DNADom
VX GAS ATTACK Live In Studio!!!

Life During Wartime playlist for 11/05/2014

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
The DiskordsLife During WartimeBlame It On The KidsVinyl Warning
Honey BaneGirl On The RunYou Can Be YouCrass
The ScientistsFrantic Romantic7"DNA
Sleepwalkers RIPPlay Our Sound7"Dead Ideas
RamonesShe's A SensationPleasant DreamsSire
NecrosCaste System7"boot
The CrucifucksYou Give Me The CreepsS/TAlternative Tentacles
MasshysteriMasshysteri Del TvaS/TFeral Ward
The SpitsLife Of CrimeS/TIn The Red
Antidotereal dealthou shalt not kill
channel 3wetspotsfear of life
Toxic reasonsdrunk and disorderlyIndependance
Reagan Youthno class
Germswe must bleedWhat We Do Is Secret
Antidotesomething must be doneThou Shalt Not Kill
ejectedhave ypu got 10 p
blitzfight to liveall out attack
Gbhgeneralsleather bristles stud and acne
The SimpletonesI Have A Datebeach BlvdPosh Boy
The DickiesNights In White Satin7"A&M
Government WarningArrested7"Grave Mistake
The TemplarsYou're FreePhase IIVulture Rock
Gorilla AngrebLong Island7"Spild Af Vinyl
Olho SecoNadabotas, Fuzis E CapacetesNew Face
The Clash1-2 Crush On You7"CBS
the buisneswork or riotsuburban rebels
The Undeadthis place is burningriot city vol 2
Partisansarms racepolice story
cvhaotic discordpop stars
sex aidswe are the raod crewriot city vol 2
101erskeys to your heart
the boystenement kidsst
the boysliving in the cityST
Sex Pistolssilly thingsrock n roll swindle
ouitcastfrustrationoutcast by choice
Black Arabssex pistols medley
The MeteorsJohnny Remember Me8"ID
Social UnrestGeneral EnemyRat In A MazeLibertine
Naked RaygunVanilla Blue7"Sandpounder
FrenzyPower gamesNoizey TroubleDistort Reality
The CrampsCan Your Pussy Do The Dog?7"Big Beat
The Only OnesAnother Girl, Another PlanetSpecial ViewCBS
The RiffsComing Back7"TKO
Husker DuSomething I Learned TodayZen ArcadeSST

Life During Wartime playlist for 10/22/2014

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
RatkaSerpente7"nada nada discos
Satan anonskiOci U MagliHard Blood ShockSS
NegativlandYou Don't Even Live HereEscape From NoiseSST
Can Can HeadsSalmonella Riverkusisessions vol.2Kissankusi
The FallLie Dream of a casino soulHip Priest and KameradsSituation 2
The ejectedfast n louda touch of class
the templarsdont doi anything at allphase 2
slaughter and the dogsim maddo it dog styler
Sham 69I dont wanna
stiff little fingersalternative ulsters
The partisanskilling machinepolice story
The bruisersintimidation
The ejctedone of the boys
RatkaTake your time
The DickiesPoodle Party
WireThree Girl RhumbaPink FlagHarvest
Angelic UpstartsNever 'Ad Nuthin'We Gotta get Out Of This PlaceWarner Bros
Mary Weiss with The Reigning SoundStop And Think It OverDangerous GameNorton
Gun ClubThe LieDeath Party
BuzzcocksDont know what to do withDifferent Kind of Tensiona & M
Raw PowerState OppressionScreams from the GutterToxic Shock

Life During Wartime playlist for 10/08/2014

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers400 Fascists400 Fascistsbootleg
Electric EelsAnxietyThe Eyeball of HellScat
Comes?No Sidebootleg
NeosDie for the CauseHassibah Gets the Martian Brain SqueezeRatcage
VoidThinkFaith/Void-split LPDischord
NudesScaredNudesIron Lung
United MutationI Know a PlaceFugitive FamilyDSI
Blitznew ageTime bomb early singles collection
Sham 69I don't wannast
The Pistwe're the pistDestroy society 7'
The partisansput your money where your mouth ispolice story
The RiffsA million scarsA million scars ep
GbhSelf destructNo survivors ep
Peter and the test tube babiesVicars wank toothe loud blaring punk record
The OutcastsFrustrationoutcasts by choice
The TemplarsFreedom has its pricePhase too
The GuttersEventuallyThe Guttersgutters records
Good ThrobNo TasteFuck OffWhite Denim
Neo Boys`No VenueSooner or LaterK
Neon PissPeaceful AssemblyNeon PissDernaged
AdvertsWe Who WaitThe Wonders Don't CareGet Back
PagansNot Now No WayShit StreetCrypt
DictatorsStay With MeBloodbrothersAsylum
DiEExterminateVexedSonic Terror
NervBugUSA Off Earth Now!Lagerville
Bobby SoxxScavenger of DeathLearn to Hate in the '80sbootleg
The StoogesNot RightThe StoogesSundazed
The Velvet Underground and NicoRun Run RunAndy WarholVerve
UV RaceAlways LateHomoIn The Red
The CleanOddityOddity540
The cigarettesall we want is your moneywill damge your healkth
The Boystumble with meSelf Titled
Rubella BalletMoney talks
ProtexDon'y ring me up
Girls at our bestWaterbed BabiesPleasure
DiskurzRepellant7"Todo Destruido
Terrible FeelingsImpending DoomImpending Doom 7"Deranged Records
DezerterFAcetIle Procent duszy?Pasazer
Lowest FormExhaustionNegative EcstasyIron Lung
Una Bestia IncontrolableVulnerableObservant com el mon es destrueixLa Vida Es En Mus

Life During Wartime playlist for 09/24/2014

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

Life During Wartime playlist for 09/24/2014

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

Life During Wartime playlist for 09/24/2014

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 

Life During Wartime playlist for 09/24/2014

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
templarsvictimdans les catacombs
Menacescrewed upglc best of menace
Rezillossomebodys gonna get there head kicked incan;t stand the rezilolos
then nipsall the time in the worldthe tits of soho
cocksparertaken for a rideengland belongs to me
PartisansI never needed youpolice story
adictshurtsongs of priase
criminal damagepower of foolsst
Templarsskinhead alrightdans les catacombs
F.U.A.L.And The Birdie Said
Direct ControlWorld War 3Nuclear tomorrow epSorry State
Satan's RatsYou Make Me Feel Sick
Naked Lady WrestlersAccidents
The SaintsPerfect DayEternally Yours
Black RainbowHey Sailor, What Ship?Black Rainbow
The CrowdNew CrewV/A-Beach BlvdPosh Boy
The EyesDisneylandTAQNArtifix
The OffsZero DegreesThe Offs415
CrimeFrustrationSan Francisco's Still DoomedSwami
DilsYou're Not BlankDilsBomp
Middle ClassOut of VogueOut of VogueBorderline
The StainsSick and CrazyThe StainsSST
Zero boysHigh timevicious circle
Teenage headlucy potatoaint got no sense
The viciousI dont beleiver in christalienated
MotorheadI wont pay your priceOverkill 7'
Screamers122 hours of fear
Deaf WishThe Beat Of Nothing's Wrong
Piss TestHungerMutant Party 4Jonny Cat
Sado NationSee Through My EyesDisruptive Patterns
The CigarettesI Wanna Be Free
TyrannaBack Off Baby7"Bopppa Do Down
Flyin SpiderzCity BoyKilled by Epitaph
The MadDisgustingV/A-Killed By Death 2Redrum
Problems?Ei Taa Lama Paahan KayEi Taa Lama Paahan KaySvart
Nasal BoysHot LoveHot LoveSing Sing
NashiSlumNo Call a NameCrust War
Young IdentitiesNew TrendsNew Trends540
Hot NastiesI Am a Confused TeenagerThe Invasion of the TribblesUgly Pop
StiphnoydsAfraid of the RussiansV/A-Killed by Death 5Redrum

Life During Wartime playlist for 09/10/2014

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Total ControlSafety NetTypical SystemIron Lung
Venom P StingerAnd SuddenlyMeet My Friend VenomNo Masters Voice
The Birthday PartyCryPrayers On Fire4AD
Thought CriminalsMore Suicides PleaseFood For Thought CriminalsDoublethink
Sick ThingsWho CaresThe Sounds of SilenceShock
Michael PsychoPsychotherapyThinkSS Records
CremallerasCara Descompuestabandcamp
Neo PunksIf I watch the TVNeopunks &'la vida en us mus
Electric DeadsOrders/t 7"Electro Static Records
Gas RagIt's A GiftBeats OffBeach Impediment
Long KnifePossession in the alleyPossession 7"self
FrenzyAnesthesiaNoisey Troubledistort reality
FlipperLife is CheapGenericSubterranean Records
RaktaTake Your Times/t
DieLife Is Hateepsonic terror discs
Government IssueSheer TerrorLegless Bull Ep
Von LmoBe YourselfFuture Languagemuenster
DiatEverydayepIron Lung
the MinutemenParanoid ChantParanoid Timesst
Poikkeussysteemin paska
The ejectedhave you got ten p?noise for th boys
Gbhdiplomatic immunityCity babies revenge
The ExpliotedalternativeTroops of tomorow
NabatTroiailaida bolgna
youth brigadeviolencesound and fury
The ProletariatHollow victorySoma Holiday
Hank Wood & The HammerheadsI though i was a good manStay homeToxic State
GlueEnemyGlueVideo Disease
Terveet KadetA.L.I.E.N.HalloweenRock O Rama
JuggernautGun Gadinv/A-Goot From the Boot LPGonna Puke
Tercer MundoSer Nosotros MismosSer Nosotros MismosCintes Pepe
YDICategorizedA Place in the Sunbootleg
DeathwishTailgateTailgateLost and Found
DRII Don't Need SocietyDirty RottenR Radical
XenofobiaDesprecioMuerte en AmericaBam Bam
Stiff LIttle FingersWasted LifeStiff Little FingersRough Trade
The ExMaybe I Was The Pilot7"Ex
Good ThrobBag7"Pinball
ShoppingShopping ThemeConsumer ComplaintsMilk Records
Your FuneralI Wanna Be YouKilled By DeathrockSacred Bones
Annie AnxietyHello HorrorBarbed Wire Halo epCrass

Life During Wartime playlist for 08/27/2014

Program name: 
Life During Wartime
Air date: 
Hank Wood and the HammerheadsThis World Is BeatStay HomeToxic State
ReatardsYou Fucked Up My DreamsTeenage HateGoner
Chronic SickDress CodeThe Cutest Band in HardcoreNo Way
The CheifsTower 18Hollywest CrisisHaTE
The StoogesI Wanna Be Your DogThe StoogesSundazed
Husker DuPink Turns To BlueZen ArcadeSST
The CrowdLiving in MadridV/A-Beach BlvdPosh Boy
Screaming SneakersViolent DaysMarching orders ep
XexSaint Vitus DanceGroup Xex
The AlleycatsNothing Means Nothing Anymores/t ep
The VibratorsStiff Little FingersPure Mania
Noh MercyCaucasian Guilt
Killing JokeWardanceWardance EP
Poison IdeaFeel The DarknessFeel The Darkness
PagansI juvenileShit StreetCrypt
DictatorsStay With MeBlood BrothersAsylum
FlirtDon't Push Me7"Real
The AdvertsOne Shord WondersThe Wonders Don't CareGet Back
Long KnifeMr. PharmacuticalPosession7"self
Lebenden TotenSerene FuckersNearDarkFeral Ward
The Lowest FormexhaustionNegative EcstasyIron Lung
FleshworldNot a soula line in the wet grassIron Lung
WarthogFeralWarthogIron Lung
Citizens ArrestA Light in the DarknessA Light in the DarknessWardance
WarheadCry of DeathCry of DeathDevour
Anti-CimexGame of the ArseholesVictims of a Bomb RaidNada Nada
S.H.I.T.Generation ShitS.H.I.T.Lengua Armada
Crazy SpiritTooth and NailCrazy SpiritToxic State
Die KreuzenIn SchoolCows and BeerVersion Sound
Plasma AllianceMoveWe Can't WaitDepression
The UndertonesListening In
Delta 5TryTry ep
The ScreamersA Better WorldDemos 1977-1978
GG Allin and The JabbersBeat Beat BeatAlways was is and ever shall be
Total ControlHammerHenge Beat
The Dead BoysDown In FlamesYoung Loud and Snotty
membranesSound of the Suburbs
Good ThrobNo TasteFuck OffWhite Denim
The NixeCommercialThe NixePollymaggoo
The FallFantastic LifeHip Priest and KameradsSituation
NegativlandChristianity is StupidEscape from NoiseSST


playlist for 6/09!?!??!

argh. i really dug just about the whole 1st set but had to leave b4 i could hear what any of it was.  and i mean just the 1st 5-6 song set of tunes after the discords. i cassetted most of them, still sound great. [6/09/10]

if not the whole show, any way just those 1st few tunes could be listed here sometime? thanks!   stiv

or e-mail to me if you'd like:   

the present day punker refuses to die!  thanks for your show.




did you play a song last night called "fuck you dad"? i thought i heard it but didn't see it on the playlist... 


 Thank You Life During Wartime! Whoop Whoop you keep this old kboo listener happy!

xo pops croghan


wouldn't mind hearing some Annhilation Time

 Second that! Strung Up,

 Second that! Strung Up, Warkrime, Deadfall. Bay Area love

 Awesome show!  you guys

 Awesome show!  you guys should leave and party more often...just kiddin.




Fucking yes! Thank you, how come no one knows about the feederz. You just made my night!

thank you for filling the

thank you for filling the sucking void that is portland radio.

Life During Wartime

did Cower just play at 1:20 or somehwere around there? it was really good is there a way to get a tape of it? or should i ask the band for it, great radio station today was the first time hearing it great show:) KEEP IT UP:)
take care


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