La Ruleta

La Ruleta (The Roulette) is a music show, sometimes in english, sometimes in spanish, focused mainly, but not exclusively, on underground, hard to find, independently produced, non commercial,  limited edition recordings, mostly of Mexican, South American and Spanish origin. Ranging from many musical styles as classical, rock, jazz, experimental, avant garde, indigenous, blues, ethnic, electronic, free jazz, some poetry and theatre.

The Second and Fourth Friday of the month. From 10pm  to Midnight

Past shows can be listened at


La Ruleta es un programa, algunas veces en español, otras en inglés, de música principalmente, pero no exclusivamente, mexicana, sudamericana y española subterránea, no comercial, poco conocida, de producciones y compañías independientes, tocando géneros como el rock, el jazz, experimental, clásica, moderna, blues, jazz libre, indígena, electrónica, teatro y poesía.

Cada segundo viernes de cada mes. De 10 a 12 de la noche.

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Underground, alternative, non commercial, mainly Mexican, Latin American, Hispanic music.

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Episode Archive

Insane Music for Insane People #1

La Ruleta
Air date: 
Fri, 11/14/2014 - 10:00pm - Sat, 11/15/2014 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Insane Music for Insane People #1

In La Ruleta (The Roulette), on this new schedule, every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, from 10 PM til midnight, we are honoured to feature this new series of recordings by the Belgium label INSANE.
INSANE was, and is one of a kind label. There are 26 productions, all cassettes, except # 13, which is an LP. The contributions from their compilations stem mainly from Europen and American bands, such as Belgium, France, England, the U.S.A., Mexico, Italy, and many more.
On this, INSANE's first release, we can find recordings form the early 80's and 70's by Japanese Genius, Pseudo Code, Cortex, I Scream, Mecanique Vegetale, Bene Gesserit, Subject, M.A.L., and Human Flesh.

Remembering Capitán Pijama

La Ruleta
Air date: 
Fri, 10/24/2014 - 10:00pm - Sat, 10/25/2014 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Remembering Capitán Pijama
Jesús Bojalil, conocido en el medio subterráneo de la música electrónica mexicana como El Capitán Pijama, es una figura de suma importancia en la creación y evolución de la música electrónica en México.

A inicios del presente mes, Jesús Bojalil fallece en su estudio, dejando un legado musical inigualable. 

Homenaje a Gustavo Cerati

La Ruleta
Air date: 
Fri, 09/12/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Homenaje a Gustavo Cerati
This Friday September 12th, we will pay homage to Gustavo Cerati, who recently passed away. Vocalist and member of Soda Stereo since the 80's, Cerati kept producng and performing after the band's disolution.

An icon of highest regards, Cerati passed away last week, after being in a coma for over 4 years, he was 55 years old.

His pasing leaves millions of fans, and his beloved family.

Let the music speak.

Short Wave: Mexican 1990's POP with some much more!

La Ruleta
Air date: 
Fri, 07/11/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Short Wave: Mexican 1990's POP with some much more!

This Friday we'll feature Short Wave, a pop band fom the 1990's in Mexico; we'll have as guest Armando Olveda; drummer and founder of S. W., an artist on his own right, and a resident of Portland, Or, as guest to give us the history of this original band from San Luis Potosi. we will play some music from the state of SLP, as well, as some other music from the area and times.

La Ruleta: 4 Hour Special with Bardo Thodol, Syntoma, The Sacred Cheese and Aristeo

La Ruleta
Air date: 
Fri, 06/13/2014 - 8:00pm - Sat, 06/14/2014 - 12:00am
Short Description: 
Bardo Thodol, Aristeo

Join us this Friday the 13th on a 4 hour La Ruleta Special, for some never issued important recordings of the Mexican Underground: BardoyThodol and Aristeo.

We will play some of Bardo Thodol's latest recordings, we will have a guests to it members, Alex Eisenring and Carlos Vivanco on direct line from Mexico City.

We will play some of their most recent recordings, as well as a selection from their vast discography: Syntoma, the Sacred Cheese and Bardo Thodol. We will aslo play an unedited tape by Synthoma.

Also, some never played, recently discovered recordings by Aristeo: Heriberto Montes de Oca, "Frontier of Extremes", from the late 1970's - early 1980-'s.

Murcof, Los Nena.

La Ruleta
Air date: 
Fri, 04/11/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Murcof, Los Nena.
This Friday, April 11, 2014, on La Ruleta we will be playing music by Murcof, and Los Nena.

By Murcof (Fernando Corona, Tijuana B.C.N.) we will play its first CD: Martes (Tuesday, 2002).

Renaissance, Lucifer, Iguana

La Ruleta
Air date: 
Fri, 03/14/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Renaissance, Lucifer, Iguana
On La Ruleta we will be listening to three very interesting and important albums in the history of Mexican Rock:

Peck-Smyth & Off: "Love"; Compilation of Mexican Techno

La Ruleta
Air date: 
Fri, 01/10/2014 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Peck-Smyth & Off: "Love"; Compilation of Mexican Techno
This Friday, on La Ruleta, we'll be playing Peck-Smyth & Off: "Love". Album by this American band, recorded in Mexico in 1975, and released on the ORFEON Label at the time.
Little is known about this band, but their Psychedelic album became a sort of cult among collectors and such, so judge for yourself and enjoy this broadcast.
"Love" is about 40 minutes long, so after, we will enjoy a compilation bu Opcion Sonica by Mexican Techno bands from the 1990's, like Cenobita, LLC, Interface, 29, and many more..

Bardo Thodol and The Holly Cheese

La Ruleta
Air date: 
Fri, 12/13/2013 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
Bardo Thodol and The Holly Cheese
On La Ruleta we will be having a special special with Bardo Thodol.

Mexican duet by Alex Eisenring and Carlos Vicanco; these recordings are from this year, but they have been playing together for 40 years.

We'll also listen to some recordings by El Queso Sagrado (The Holly Cheese), precisely from 40 years ago, these recordings had never been available before

Arturo Romo from OXOMAXOMA on La Ruleta

La Ruleta
Air date: 
Fri, 11/08/2013 - 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Short Description: 
This Friday on La Ruleta we'll have as guest Arturo Romo, ex-member of the mexican cult band OXOMAXOMA. It will be a pleasant interview with music and experiences of this world Avant-Garde classical band.


ARTURO MEZA Entrevista KBOO 2a. parte

La Ruleta
program date: 
Mon, 06/28/2010

Agradecemos a Alfredo Funetes Feliciano por la edición.

Arturo Meza Entrevista KBOO 1era. parte

La Ruleta
program date: 
Fri, 06/11/2010


La Ruleta playlist for 10/10/2010

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
Milton NascimentoCertas
Milton NascimentoFilhoAnimaVerve
José SalazarEl Tun-KulPanorama MexicanoGAMMA
Ernesto Nazareth, Arthur Moreira LimaTenebroso (Tango)Brazilian Tangos and WaltzesPro Arte
Tino ContrerasEl Hombre del Brazo de OroJazz JazzTré
Gilberto GilRefazendaRefazenda
Milton NascimentoTeia de RendaAnimaVerve
Gilberto GilRetiros SpirituaisRefazenda
Milton NascimentoAs Varias Pontas de Uma EstrelaAnimaVerve
Gilberto GilJeca TotalRefazenda
Guillermo BriseñoLa EstacaViaje al Espacio VisceralUniversidad Autónoma de
Guillermo BriseñoFestival de TelarañasViaje al Espacio VisceralUniversidad Autónoma de Sinaloa
Guillermo BriseñoPresagio CharroViaje al Espacio VisceralUniversidad Autónoma de Sinaloa
Guillermo BriseñoLa Gata HidráulicaViaje al Espacio VisceralUniversidad Autónoma de Sinaloa
Guillermo BriseñoOjo de BallenaViaje al Espacio VisceralUniversidad Autónoma de Sinaloa
Casino ShanghaiHollow BodiesFilmWEA
Casino ShanghaiIf You DanceFilmWEA
Casino ShanghaiSexy
Zig ZagNoches de EstrenoZig ZagOrfeón
Casino ShanghaiLip to LipFilmWEA
RothkindI Wanna Be That

Audio for this show can be found at:

La Ruleta playlist for 09/24/2010

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
0.720 AleaciónCaifán0.720 AleacionAleación
0.720 AleaciónTarahumara0.720 AleacionAleación
0.720 AleaciónAntes Que Amanezca0.720 AleacionAleación
0.720 AleaciónDanzante0.720 AleacionAleación
TriánguloOasisTrianguloMelody / América
TriánguloAriaTrianguloMelody / América
TriánguloSaltarello No. 1TrianguloMelody / América
TriánguloEstudio No. 7TrianguloMelody / América
TriánguloDanza No. 1TrianguloMelody / América
0.720 AleaciónTemplo Mayor0.720 AleacionAleación
0.720 AleaciónCampana de Silencio0.720 AleacionAleación
0.720 AleaciónEl Corredor0.720 AleacionAleación
0.720 AleaciónPara Estos Tiempos Tan Ciertos0.720 AleacionAleación
TriánguloImpresionesTrianguloMelody / América
TriánguloDanza para el SenorTrianguloMelody / América
TriánguloRegreso a CasaTrianguloMelody / América
TriánguloSaltarello No. 2TrianguloMelody / América
TriánguloSarabandaTrianguloMelody / América
GalieOberturaGalieSol & Deneb
GalieGalieGalieSol & Deneb
GalieWadiGalieSol & Deneb
GalieSolapGalieSol & Deneb
GalieEl Ultimo Sueno de PaganiniGalieSol & Deneb
GalieLa FuenteGalieSol & Deneb
MandrágoraLa Gruta de las Mandragoras del NorteMandragoraPren, S.A.
MandrágoraMandragoraPren, S.A.
RothkindWanna Be That

This show focused on Fusion music by lesser known Mexican groups. Audio for this broadcast is available at:

La Ruleta playlist for 09/10/2010

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
Gilberto GilJeca TotalRefazendaWarner Music Brazil
Real de CatorcePajaro LocoTiepos ObscurosDiscos La MIna
Jaime LopezAy, Ay AsustameJaime LopezRCA
Gerardo EncisoDonde Estaran?TararaFugazi
Enrique Lizalde, Lino BalderasIn Xochitla, In CuicatlPoesia NahuatlVoz Viva de México
Enrique Lizalde, Lino BalderasTlayocola in IpalnemohuaPoesia NahuatlVoz Viva de México
Enrique Lizalde, Lino BalderasIn ChichimecaPoesia NahuatlVoz Viva de México
Real de CatorceUn Mediodia TristeTiempos ObscurosDiscos La Mina
Arturo Meza70 Centavos70 CentavosGente de México
Alquimia, Jose Luis Fernandez LedsmaEncineradaDead TonguesReR
HumusSome Blue CheeseHumusDabliu
Loch NessFace 1OxPeerless
Gilberto GilRefazendaRefazendaWarner Music Brazil
Enrique Lizalde, Lino BalderasIn TlamantiniPoesia NahuatlVoz Viva de México
Tamba TrioTambaTamba TrioPhilips
Rodrigo GonzalezAventuras en el D.F.Aventuras en el D.F.Pentagrama
Jaime LopezElla Empaco Su Bistec1era. Calle de la SoledadRCA
Los Teen TopsLa Plaga20 Exitos de ColeccionSony Latin
Real de CatorceAzulTiempos ObscurosDiscos La Mina
Tamba TrioRitmo DiferenteTamba TrioPhilips
Tamba TrioInfluencia del JazzTamba TrioPhilips
Enrique Lizalde, Lino BalderasIn TlacuhiloPoesia NahuatlVoz Viva de México
Juan BlancoCircus ToccataMusica ElectroacusticaEgrem Areito, Cuba
Enrique Lizalde, Lino BalderasIn Chichimeca Tlatcayo PehualiztliPosesia NahuatlVoz Viva de México
Armando Nava Loya, Julian CarrilloUnknownUnknownNone
TitoQuetzalcoatl (SIde 1)QuetzalcoatlDiscos Tixbi

La Ruleta playlist for 08/22/2010

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
Gilberto GilElaRefazendaWEA / Warner Music
Orquesta de QuinceoJi, komu Nitamatiska (Lastima que Soy Pobre)Ambiente PurepechaInvestigadores de la Cultura
Banda musical de ciudad NezahualcóyotlAlbarradasBandas Musicales ZapotecasInstituto Nacional Indigenista
Cayetano Torres y Luis VillafanaChicoteSacred and Profane Music of the IkaFolkways
MandragoraGutarra AcusticaMandragoraPREN
TriánguloOasisTriánguloMelody / América
Gilberto GilRafazendaRefazendaWEA / Warner Music
Gabriel López Chiñas y Martín Chacón CarrascoMi CorazónCanciones Zapotecas del Istmo,
UnknownSon de Venado y los CoyotesDanzas de los Indígenas Mayos del Estado de SinaloaDIFOCUR - FONAPAS
Luis O'CadizEntrada a TijuanaLuis O'Cadiz y Su GrupoTizoc
Luis O'CadizTu, el Mundo y YoLuis O'Cadiz y Su GrupoTizoc
Luis O'CadizMotelLuis O'Cadiz y Su GrupoTizoc
Gilberto GilRetiros SpirituaisRefazendaWEA / Warner Music Brasil
Luis O'CadizCampaña y CodornízLuis O'Cadiz y Su GrupoTizoc
Luis O'CadizTema de TelemannLuis O'Cadiz y Su GrupoTizoc
Banda de Totontepec MixesTotontepec MixesBanda de Totontepec Mixes OaxacaInstituto nacional de Antropología e Historia
Pedro Patricio y Pánfilo PatricioMúsica de la Danza de ChananscuaMaestros del Folklor MichoacanoPeerless
Coro de las Hermanas PulidoMale SeverianaMaestros del Folklor
Coro de las Hermanas PulidoMale BetuliaMaestros del Folklor
AstilleroChapulínLa Máquina del TiempoCREA - SEP
TriánguloSaltarelloTriánguloMelody / América
John ColtraneLoccomotionBlue TrainBlue

La Ruleta playlist for 08/19/2010

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
InterfaceConsideraciones MecánicasAutómataUnicornio
SizeLa Cabellera de BereniceEl Diablo en el
John ColtraneConfigurationsStellar RegionsImpulse!
Gerardo EncisoSalamandraTararáFugazi
Tony RayolaTony RayolaTony RayolaMagog / Momia
MasosRitoMúsica para Después de la BatallaNuclear
Loch NessFélixOxPeerless
Arturo MezaLa Ultima Batalla70 CentavosGente de México
Tony RayolaTrópico LocoTony RayolaMagog / Momia
Tony RayolaRayola's RevengeTony RayolaMagog / Momia
Tony RayolaBe Good To Me (Instrumental)Tony RayolaMagog / Momia
Evan ParkerMonoceros
Juan BlancoCircus ToccataMúsica ElectroacústicaEgrem Areito
Juan BlancoTañidosMúsica ElectroacústicaEgrem Areito
Juan BlancoEspacios IIMúsica ElectroacústicaEgrem Areito
John ColtraneSun StarStellar RegionsImpulse!

La Ruleta playlist for 08/13/2010

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
Silvio RodríguezYa No Te
Silvio RodríguezDonde Pongo Lo
Alberto CortezNo Soy De Aquí Ni Soy De Alla
Amaury PérezDame El OtoñoAcuerdate De
Alberto CortézCamina Siempre Adelante
Los YakiCenizasMis Años Romanticos Con los
Joan Manuel SerratMenos Tu VientreMiguel HernándezNovola
Joan Manuel SerratElegiaMiguel HernándezNovola
Victor ManuelDe Una Sola Manera Se Pronuncia Tu NombreGrandes Exitos
Victor manuelVerde
EmmanuelEnredadito Por Tu CinturaDiez Razones Para Cantar
EmmanuelSi Te Acercas Hacia El SurTú y Yo
EmmanuelMi MujerDiez Razones para Cantar
Guadalupe PinedaEn La Distancia
Celio GonzálezVendaval Sin
Javier SolísY Há
Armando ManzaneroCuando Estoy
Armando ManzaneroAmor de Mis
Agustín LaraTu RetratoSu Piano y Orquesta
NapoleónLeña Verde
Miguel Bosé
Charly GarcíaNoche de PerrosLa Grasa de los CapitalesSazam
Atahualpa YupankiQuiero Ser Luz
Atahualpa YupankiMilonga Triste
Pepe JaraYa No Estás
Los Teen TopsAnoche No Dormí
Jose Luis PeralesPor Amor
Los YakiLa Gloria Eres Tú
José JoséEl
Alberto CortézEn El Umbral Del Corazón

La Ruleta playlist for 07/30/2010

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
Dug Dug'sFelicidadCambia, CambiaRCA/ CAMDEN Mexico
Gerardo EncisoYa No Me QuedoCuentos del MiedoBMG/Culebra
Gerardo EncisoAireCuentos del MiedoBMG/Culebra
Gerardo EncisoA ContracorrienteA ContracorrienteIndependiente
Gerardo EncisoSol InhaladoTararaFugazi
Javier Batiz and the Famous FinksC'mon and SwimJavier Batiz and the Famous FinksECO
Javier Batiz and the Famous FinksCalifornia SunJavier Batiz and the Famous FinksECO
Javier Batiz and the Famous FinksLittle Coffee ShopJavier Batiz and the Famous FinksLa Ciruela Eléctrica
Los ChijuasEstan Cambiando los Colores de la VidaLos ChijuasLa Ciruela Eléctrica
Los ChijuasQue Bonito EsLos ChijuasLa Ciruela Eléctrica
Los ChijuasNo Llores No SufrasLos ChijuasLa Ciruela Eléctrica
InterfaceEl Mundo se Vino AbajoDictaduraNuclear
InterfaceArrullo de BarrancaDictaduraNuclear
SyntomaSortilegios IndustrialesSyntomaTropico Digital
SyntomaYe-YeSyntomaTropico Digital
SyntomaSoy de lo PeorSyntomaTropico Digital
Insolitas Imagenes de AuroraVoy Caminando SoloPrimeros TiemposHomework
Sombrero VerdeProfesorSombrero
Sombrero VerdeKitty PooSombrero
Chac MoolAdicto al AmorCaricia DigitalWEA
Chac MoolImagen LiquidaCaricia DigitalWEA
Chac MoolOfeliaCaricia DigitalWEA LATINA
Heavy NopalQue Feo EstoyLo Mas Prendido de Rockdrigo GonzalezDenver
Heavy NopalBuscando TrabajoLo Mas Prendido de Rockdrigo GonzalezDenver
Heavy NopalNo Tengo TiempoLo Mas Prendido de Rockdrigo GonzalezDenver
Loch Ness20,000 OjosLoch NessPeerless
Loch NessEl Apostol y el SapoLoch NessPeerless
KhafraRebelde SoyKhafraAvanzada
KhafraPteferimos MorirKhafraAvanzada Metalica
Los OvnisMurgeLos OvnisFungus
Los OvnisCuando Era NiñoLos OvnisFungus
Los OvnisInfinitoLos OvnisFungus
MaskSpiritual ConfussionMaskWEA LATINA
Jorge ReyesEl Rostro de los AbuelosNierikaLejos del Paraiso
Arturo MezaEterutAyunando Entre las RuinasGente de México
Arturo MezaTodo por AmorAyunando Entre las RuinasGente de México
Arturo MezaSin TituloSin TituloGente de México
Arturo MezaHasta El AmanecerAyunando Entre las RuinasGente de México
High Fidelity OrchestraPiel MorenaHigh Fidelity OrchestraMagog
Three Souls in My MindAnacroniaHigh Fidelity OrchestraMagog
Three Souls in My MindEl DineroD'MentesRaff
Three Souls in My MindLa Misma CancionD'MentesRaff
Banda BostikAl Diablo con mi SuerteEn Pie de GuerraDenver
Banda BostikLlamarada de PetateEn Pie de GuerraDenver
Botellita de JerezTon's que mi Reina, a que Hora Sales al Pan?La Venganza del Hijo del GuacarockPolydor
TrolebusAtletic Tepisn Sentido ContrarioPentagrama
Juan Hernandez y la Banda de BluesFue Solo un SueñoLa TormentaBlues Records
NaftalinaEl Mas Pendejo de la SecundariaHistoria del Rock en MexicoDiscos Transa
Tierra BaldiaMi Rostro en un AparadorTierra BaldiaPentagrama
Flor de MetalA Media LuzCiudad AzulPueblo
Flor de MetalReputacionCiudad AzulPueblo
Peace and LoveWe Got The PowerSuper Banda TJ MexicoDenver
Los XochimilcasLa MargaritaLo Clasico de los DanzonesPeerless
KerigmaAtrapaste El SolKerigmaPolyGram
Los SleepersOjos de ArañaLos Grandes Años del Rock&RollNevada
Los SleepersHay Buen Rock Esta NocheLos Grandes Años del Rock&RollNevada
Los APSONEl CarteroBailando y Cantando con los APSONECO
Nuevo MexicoEl talon de AquilesHecho en CasaORFEON
Nobilis FactumNobilis FactumSuite Natural Para EllaPentagrama
La TribuCorrecoyoteCuahutemoc Agulia SolarPentagrama
Jose Luis Fernandez LedesmaAl FiloAl FiloIndependiente

La Ruleta playlist for 07/09/2010

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
AristeoLa Máquina SagradaLa Máquina SagradaIndependiente
AristeoMonumento a la RazónMonumento a la RazónIndependiente
AristeoMonumento a la RazónMonumento a la RazónIndependiente
AristeoLuz de la TardeIluminadorIndependiente
AristeoRoca ImperialSonidistaIndependiente
AristeoMonumento a la RazónMonumento a la RazónIndependiente
AristeoMonumento a la RazónMonumento a la RazónIndependiente
AristeoGran ClaridadIluminadorIndependiente
AristeoMonumento a la RazónMonumento a la RazónIndependiente

For this evening, on La Ruleta, we listened to music by ARISTEO (Heriberto Montes de Oca), who is a musician from Nogales, Sonora.
In the late 1970's, early 1980's he put out a limited edition series of home made cassette tapes, recorded in Nogales, Arizona, wich are obviously vary hard to find.
My good friend Arturo Castillo, from Mexico City was fortunate to find them, and he amicably put them on digital format and sent CD's to me of the recordings.
I don't know whether they have been played on the radio before, but I would certainly consider Aristeo to be an impotant figure of  Electronic Music in the World.
Hope you enjoyed!

Para esta ocasion escuchamos musica de ARISTEO (Heriberto Montes de Oca), musico de Nogales, Sonora, quien a finales de los 70's, principios de los 80's saco una serie de cassettes caseros de musica electronica. Obviamente, estas grabaciones son muy dificiles de encontrar, pero mi amigo Arturo Castillo del D.F. los encontro y los paso a formato digital, mandandomelos en CD.
No se si hayan sido tocadas en la radio anteriormente, pero independientemente o no, Aristeo es un musico importante en el ambito de la musica electronica mundial.
Espero lo hayan eschuchado!

La Ruleta playlist for 05/21/2010

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
AristeoMonumento a la RazónPrivate
AristeoMonumento a la RazónPrivate
AristeoMonumento a la RazónPrivate
AristeoMonumento a la RazónPrivate
AristeoMonumento a la RazónPrivate
Antonio ZepedaTemplo MayorOLINCAN
Antonio ZepedaTemplo MayorOLINCAN
Antonio ZepedaTemplo MayorOLINCAN
Antonio ZepedaTemplo MayorOLINCAN
Jose Luis Fernandez Ledesma, AlquimiaAl Filo
Sun RaDisco 3000Saturn
Derek Bailey, Christine JeffreyView from 6 Windows
Jose Luis Fernandez Ledesma, AlquimiaAl Filo

Auido for this show can be found at:

La Ruleta playlist for 05/09/2010

Program name: 
La Ruleta
Air date: 
MaskBring Us The
Gerardo EncisoErosDemos 1984-1997Discos
Gerardo EncisoOscuroDemos 1984-1997Discos
Gerardo EncisoDesdeDemos 1984-1997Discos
GalieOberturaGalieSol & Dereb Records
GalieGalieGalieSol & Dereb Records
GalieWadiGalieSol & Dereb Records
Juan José CalatayudBolivar BluesTrio 3.14.16Tizoc
Arturo MezaMarcha FúnebrePlaneta MiedoFonarte Latino
Jorge ReyesNadie se Libra en TamouanchánComalaLejos del Paraíso
StockhausenAus Den Sieben TagenAus Den Sieben TagenHarmonia Mundi
Jose Juan TabladaEl Idolo en el AtrioLiteratura Mexicana No. 17Voz Viva de México
Derek Bailey, John Zorn, George LewisThe Warning TrackYankeesCelluloid
Alfredo del MonacoElectronic Study No. 2Electronic MusicCRI
Gullermo BriseñoAusencias e IrreverenciasAusencias e IrreverenciasFoton

First recordings of Jose Fors combined with some rock from Guadalajara; some jazz, progressive rock, and avant garde, experimental, improvised music. Then some Venezuelan elecronic music with more improvisation.

Audio for this broadcast can be found at:


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