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Heavy Metal Vomit Party is an attempt to provide an overview of heavy metal and its sub-genres, from its roots in hard rock from the late 60s to the more extreme modern style. Enough obscurities and detours to keep it interesting, but plenty of heavy riffs to keep you satisfied. Airs every other week after Life During Wartime.

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Heavy Metal Vomit Party on 05/21/15

Air date: 
Thu, 05/21/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
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Heavy Metal Vomit Party on 04/23/15

Air date: 
Thu, 04/23/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
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Heavy Metal Vomit Party on 04/09/15

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Thu, 04/09/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
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Heavy Metal Vomit Party on 03/26/15

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Thu, 03/26/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
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Heavy Metal Vomit Party on 03/12/15

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Thu, 03/12/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
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Heavy Metal Vomit Party on 02/26/15

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Thu, 02/26/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
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Heavy Metal Vomit Party on 02/12/15

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Thu, 02/12/2015 - 12:00am - 3:00am
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Welcome To Hell \m/

Air date: 
Thu, 12/18/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
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Just Riffs

Welcome To Hell \m/

Air date: 
Thu, 12/04/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
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Just Riffs

Welcome To Hell \m/

Air date: 
Thu, 11/20/2014 - 12:00am - 3:00am
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Just Riffs


XINR Interview by Dennis Dread

program date: 
Thu, 09/27/2012

Our good friend Dennis Dread did an interview with the surviving members of XINR at their official record release party on Saturday September 15th, 2012 at Portland's EAST END. Erin Yanke helped with the editing, and it aired on Heavy Metal Vomit Party on September 19, 2012. Enjoy!


Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 05/02/2013

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 
DeicideLunatic of God's CreationDeicide
NecroholocaustImpending Doom
proclamationNether Tombs of AbaddonNether Tombs of Abaddon
ArchgoatHammer of SatanWhore of Bethlehem
Black WitcheryDesecration of the Unholy KingdomDesecration of the Unholy Kingdom
Black WitcheryCrush the MessiahDesecration of the Unholy Kingdom
Bestial WarlustAt the Graveyard of GodVengenance War 'Til Death
BlasphemyBlood Upon the AltarGods of War
Judas PriestTyrantSad Wings of Destiny
Iron MaidenMurders in the Rue MorgueIron Maiden
ScorpionsBurn the SkyTaken by Force
QueensrycheQueen of the ReichQueensryche
CandlemassMirror MirrorAncient Dreams
Autopsycharred remainsSevered Survival
aura noirabaddonout to die
demolition hammerneanderthaltotured existence
exodusbonded by bloodbonded by blood
destructionblack masssentence of death
Nuclear AssaultFrom the AshesSurvive
razori disagreeopen hostility
WhiplashLast Nail in the CoffinTicket to Mayhem
Mentors4-F ClubYou Axed For It
Impaled NazareneApolokia IITol Cormpt- Norz Norz Norz
WeregoatNocturnal HuntUnholy Exaltation of Fullmoon Perversity
DismemberSkin Her AliveLike an Everflowing Stream
Necros CristosDemonomantic Lay on the Tombs of SaccothTriune Impurity Rites
Dead CongregationTeeth into RedGraves of the Archangels
IncantationEthereal MiseryDiabolical Conquest
knelt rotesuccumbtresspass

Antedeluvian- From Seraphic Embrace

Portal- Plasm

Inquisition- Empire of Luciferian Race

Gorgoroth- Odeleggelse og Undergang

Dark Throne- Unholy Black Metal

Demoncy- Hypocrosy of the Accursed Heavens

Watain- Endless Funeral

Bathory- Born for Burning

Deicide- Crucifixation

Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 04/04/2013

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 
BeheritBlack Mass PrayerThe Oath of Black Blood
Judas PriestFree Wheel BurningDefenders of the Faith
AcceptRestless and WildRestless and Wild
Demolition HammerGelid RemainsTortured Existence
Ozzy OsbourneDiary of a Mad ManDiary of a Madman
AnthraxMadhouseArmed and Dangerous
dIsembowlmentTranscendence into The PeripheraldIscography
Bone AwlBowing HeadsBowing HeadsKlaxon Records
Dark AngelMerciless DeathWe Have ArrivedMetalstorm Records
Dead CongregationTeeth Into RedGraves Of The ArchangelsNWN! productions
RepugnantHungry Are the DamnedEpitome Of DarknessSoulseller Records
aura noirabaddonout to dieback on black
incantationdisciples of blasphemous reprisaldiabolical conquestrelapse
ignivimousseventh seal gnosiscontragenisisnwn
antedilluvianfrom ceraphic embracethrough the cervix of hawwahnwn
archgoatwhore of bethlehemdesecration and sodomyosmose
impaled nazareneaopakiatol cormpt norz norz norzosmose
vassaforcraft of dissolutionobsidian codex
InquisitionOminous Doctrines of the Perpetual, Mystical MacrocosmOminous Doctrines of the Perpetual, Mystical Macrocosm
The Devil's BloodI'll be Your GhostThe Time For No Time EvermoreVan Records
Pagan AltarThe Time LordThe Time LordBuried By Time And Dust
Angel WitchSweet DangerAngel WitchBronze Records
DioDon't Talk To StrangersHoly DiverWarner Brahs
Black FlagAnnihilate This WeekLoose NutSST
Black SabbathUnder The SunVol. 4Warner Brahs
ScorpionsPictured LifeVirgin Killer
Wild DogsSiberian VacationReign of Terror

Exciter- Stand up and Fight

Iron Maiden- Stranger in a Strange Land

Raven- Hell Patrol

Quiet Riot- Don't Wanna Be Your Fool

Twisted Sister - Burn In Hell


Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 03/20/2013

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 
Bone AwlMake For Yourself A Last VisionNight's MiddleNWN! productions
FrostSoulFrostSouthern Lord
Desolation HymnPurgatoryPurgatory DespairingBlod.Fire.Death
AcephalixDaemonic SignInterminable NightSouthern Lord
DestruktorMeccademonBestial Mockery Splithells headbangers
KerosphorusThrough The Spiral VoidNecronautNWN! productions
tankardzombie attackzombie attacknoise
destructiontotal desastersentence of deathnoise
aura noirouit to dieout to dieback on black
dekapitatorunleash the dogswe will destroyhelss headbangers
golerssouth mountain stylesouth mountain styleunrest
ghoulgut bucket bluessplatterthreashtank crimes
mentorssleep banditsyou axed for itdeath
Parlamentarisk SodomiKlaebukronikene (De Anarkistiske Annaler)De Anarkistiske Annaler625
DRIBeneath The WheelThrash ZoneMetal Blade
Thin LizzyEmeraldLive And DangerousWarner Bros
Witchfinder GeneralQuietusFriends Of HellBuried By Time And Dust
candlemassat the gallows endnighfallnoise
incantationimmortal cessesationonward to golgotharelapse
black witcheryprofane savageryupheaval of satanic mightnwn
immortalGrim And Frostbitten KingdomsBattles Of The NorthOsmose
Iron MaidenProdigal SonKillers
Ozzy Osbournes.a.t.o.diary of a madmanjet
warlordDeliver UsDeliver UsMetal Blade
Christian MistressHaunted, HuntedPossessionRelapse
WitchfyndePay Now, Love LaterGive 'Em Hell
Electric WizardWitchcult TodayWitchcult TodayRise Above
WinterEternal FrostInto DarknessNuclear Blast

(starting after Winter... On the Playlist that is)


Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 03/07/2013

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 
slayerchemical warfarehaunting the chapel
dark angeldeath is certaindarkness descends
exodusmetal commandbonded by blood
atrophyviolent by natureviolent by nature
megadethholy warsrust in peace
nuclear assaultbrain deathgame over
kreatoeflag of hateendless pain
acceptfast as asharkrestless and wild
whiplashwarmongerpower and pain
helloweengorgarwalls of jericho
holy terrorno crucificitionmind wars
vikingmilitia of deathdo or die
razorenforcerviolent restituion
sepulturaprimitive futurebeneath the remains
rigor mortisthe hauntedfreaks
vio-lencekill on commandeternal nightmare
voivodchaosmongersdimension hatross
accuseddeceptionmarta splatterhead's maddest stories ever told
forbiddenparting of the ways/infinitetwisted into form
agent steelagent of steelskeptics apocalypse
wild dogsspellshockreign of terror
demolition hammerepidemic of violenceepidemic of violence
bathoryborn for burningthe return
midas touchlost paradisepresage of disaster
carcassreek of putrafacationsynphonies sickness
napalm deathmass appeal madnessmass appeal madness
asphyxverminthe rack
morbid angelmaze of tormentaltars of madness

Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 02/21/2013

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 
IncantationUnto Infinite TwilightDiabolical ConquestHell's Headbangers
Necros ChristosNecromantic NunDoom of the OccultSepultural Voice
Impetuous RitualCoalescense of EntropyRelentless Execution of Ceremonial ExcresenceBlood Harvest
GorgorthProfetens UpenbaringUnder The Sign Of SatanBack On Black
Longmont Potion CastleClown MotelLongmost Potion Castle 9DU Records
WrathprayerFrom the Depths of the PhlegethonThe Sun of MolochNuclear War Now!
GoblinSuspiria themeSuspiria
stonebrain damagestonemechanic
evildeadannihilation of civilizationannihilation of civilizationsteam hammer
mortal sininnocent tortureface of despairphonogram
Cloven Hoofshe's a woman... (scorpions)the underworldsteam hammer
Witchfinder GeneralLove And SmackFriends of HellBuried By Time And Dust
Chirstian MistressThe Way BeyondPosessionRelapse
WarlordDeliver Us From EvilDeliver UsMetal Blade
DarkthroneCircle The WagonsCircle the WagonsPeaceville
BathoryTwilight Of The GodsTwilight Of The GodsBlack Mark
KreatorStorming with MenaceTerrible CertaintyNiose
Sadistic ExecutionAstra AbortisWe Are Death Fukk YouOsmose
Bestial WarlustHell's MilitiaSatan's FistHell's Headbangers
no mercywaking the deadwidespread bloodshedsuicidal records
sacred reichdeath squadignorancemetal blade

Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 02/07/2013

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 
testamentEerie InhabitantsThe New Order
PossessedTribulationBeyond The Gates
HellhammerMessiahApocalyptic Raids
HiraxFear The War WithinBlasted In Bangkok
ExodusTil Death Do Us PartPleasures Of The Flesh
Nuclear AssaultCold SteelGame Over
death breathlycanthropylet it stink
P.L.F.arena of the gladiatorsplit w Nashgul
beyond possesiondying fastis beyond possesion
angel witchthe horlaAs Above So Below
legendchoicesdeath in the nursery
motorheaddead men tell no talesbomber
deathPull The Plugleprosy
SlayerRaining BloodReign In Blood
KreatorTormentorEndless Pain
AutopsyRobbing the GraveMental Funeral
XinrAll Hallow's EveSelf-Titled
Aura NoirWithheldOut to Die
Agent SteelGuilty as ChargedSkeptics Apocalypse
Charred Walls of the DamnedFrom the AbyssSelf-Titled
Grave DiggerWe Wanna Rock YouHeavy Metal Breakdown
terrorizerripped to shredsworld downfall
triacpolice story3 way split lp
judas priestmetal meltdownpainkiller

Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 01/24/2013

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 
MithotynKing Of The Distant ForestKing Of The Distant Forest
Axis Of AdvancePinnaclePurify
MoonbloodThen Came The SilenceTaste Our German Steel
BethlehemDie Anarchische BefreiungDu Sollst Dich Toten
DarkthroneThe Claws Of TimeRavishing Grimness
VassaforDissolutionObsidian Codex
ArchgoatAngel of SodomWhore of Bethlehem
BeheritSatanic ChaosBeast of Beherit
Grave DesecratorStared to HellInsult
BlasphemaphagerRitual of DisintergrationThe III Command Of The Absolute Chaos
Incantationeternal TortureBlasphemous Cremation
GorgorothForces Of Satan StormTwilight Of The Idols
SatyriconDark Medieval TimesDark Medieval Times
CrebainCold Black HeartLeviathan split
KriegBlack Ash SnowfallDestruction Ritual
MayhemDe Mysteriis Dom SathanasDe Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
MolestedThe Hate From Miasma StormsBlood Drum
EngorgedDear Uncle CreepyWizzard of Gore Comp
FalkenbachLaeknishendr...En Their Mean Riki Fara...
Dark AngelHunger Of The Undead`Darkness Descends
DrudkhSummoning The RainAutumn Aurora

Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 01/12/2013

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 

 Grateful Dead ~ 6.8.74 ~ Coliseum Stadium ~ Oakland, CA

1. Playing > Wharf Rat > Playing

Jerry Garcia Band ~ 9.10.89 ~ Great Woods ~ Mansfield, MA ~ Clarence Clemons sits in on sax

2. Run for the Roses

3. Deal

4. Tangled Up in Blue

Phil & Friends ~ 8.17.99 ~ Cuthbert Amphitheater ~ Eugene, OR

featuring Steve Kimock, John Molo, Michael Kang, Kyle Hollingsworth

5. Dark Star > Eyes

Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 12/13/2012

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 
kreatorflag of hateflag of hate epcombat
Accusedhalo of fliesmore fun than...combat
exodusa lesson in violencebonded by bloodcombat
blind illusionblood showerthe sane asylumcombat
crumbsuckersJimmy's dreambeast on my backcombat
pestilenceprocess of suffocationconsuming impulseroadracer
forbiddenR.I.P.twisted into formcombat
iron angelheavy metal soldiershellish crossfirecombat
metaluciferheavy metal drillheavy metal bulldozeriron pegasus
NMEblack knightunholy deaththe crypt
sacred reichdeath squadignorancemetal blade
testamentapocaliptic citylegacymegaforce
M.O.D.no glove no lovegross misconductcaroline
toxikheart attackworld circusroadracer
OVERKILLhello from the gutterunder the influencemegaforce
YOG SOTHOTSdestroyblack power metalNWN! productions
GENOCIDEhorrifiedthe stench of burning deathBuried by Time and Dust
DEADEAD CONGREGATIONlucid cursepurifying concecrated groundnuclear war now
angel corpsethe fall of the idols of fleshthe inexorableosmose
voivodsuck your bonewar and painmetal blade
dark angelmerciless deathdarkness descendscombat
CORONERmasked jackalpunishment for decadenceNoise
holy terrordamned by judgesmind warsback on black
laaz rockitinto the asylumnothing sacredcanyon international
demolition hammerpyroclastic annihilationepidemic of violencecentury media
Nocturnal Gravesrotten cremationsatans crossnuclear war now!
running wildwar childport royalnoise
tankardrectifierhappy bdayhr records
suicidal tendenciespledge your allegiencehow will i laugh...epic

Heavy Metal Vomit Party playlist for 11/15/2012

Program name: 
Heavy Metal Vomit Party
Air date: 
CauchemarLe Voile D'IsisLa Vierge Noire
WarlordDeliver UsDeliver Us
Knelt RoteUsurpationTrespass
Creation Is CrucifixionConfessions of A SoothsayerIn_Silico
Napalm DeathWalls Of ConfinementMentally Murdered
Eyehategodtake as needed for paintake as needed for pain
megadeththe conjueringpeace sells...
autopsypus/rotacts of the unspeakable
alice cooperbillion dollar babiesGreatest Hits LP
drunk injunsbad kidfrom where the sun now...
faith no moredeath marchintroduce yourself
D.B.C.outburstdead brain cells
BlasphemyGods Of WarGods of War
ImmortalNebular Raven WinterBlizzard Beasts
Celtic FrostNocturnal FearMorbid Tales
kreatorflag of hateflag of hate ep lp
deathmutilationscream bloody gore
coveniron dickblessid is the black
paulbeareran offering of griefsorrow and extinction
hawkwindmaster of the universeanthology vol. 1


not enough Nuge!!

....well like I said......Not enough Nugent.



is this show off the air

weres the fucking metal?

Rev. Pat Spatters Top 5 ALL TIME

VENOM- At War With Satan



IRON MAIDEN- Number Of the Beast



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